Dealing with annoying people

Throw lamps at people who need to lighten up

Throw hands at people who need to get a grip

Throw refrigerators at people who need to chill

Throw scissors at people who need to cut it out

Throw straws at people who need to suck it up

Throw bridges at people who need to get over it

Throw knives at people who need to be stabbed

stupid music video idea

what if there was a green screen background and the band was wearing green body suits… then they played their instruments so it looked like the guitar was floating and moving and parts of the mic were floating. then as the song went on the band started stripping some of the body suit so it would be a floating arm playing a guitar etc. at the end of the video, it would be the whole body shown.

or you can just have the green body suits neck down so it would be a floating head playing the instruments.



The first tune is “The Glasgow Reel” for (hey, what do you know) theglasgowreel, thanks for being an awesome supporter! The second tune is “ Siobhan O'Donnell's” one of my favorite tunes for all my fantastic followers! The final tune (still untitled) is an original that I wrote for my dad as a late birthday present, for being the coolest dad ever!

p.s. crowdfunding campaign coming soon!

you know, i don’t understand something. almost all 5sosfam forgives bryana and believe “she’s changed”, but why the fuck can’t you do that to hey violet’s ¾? this is so humiliating, you know, and a really dumb thing to do. they’ve probably changed as well, and since you don’t know any of them personally, how could you say they’ve changed anyway???