I JUST remembered I had a dream last night or should I say a NIGHTMARE I met zac efron and I asked to get a picture with him but only my dad was with me so he had to take it and he kept fucking up and the first pic he took was really unflattering so I was like Sorry can we try again and zac efron was so nice but my dad kept messing up and like zooming in on my arm somehow and I kept tripping when I went to get the camera from him to see the picture and the camera kept falling out of our hands and all of a sudden two hours had passed and I was sweating and crying and I was like wait i have to touch up my foundation a bit zac! and he was clearly not happy but he’s too kind and he just stayed there with me for two hours and watched me sob trying to get my dad to take a good picture of us and he never did I was so embarrassed

What Steven Believes In

I really love this fanart of Steven dreaming about Lapis (gif warning at the link). We see the two of them flying through the night sky, holding hands, smiling at each other, friends being friends.

I love it because even though Lapis is a vengeful, traumatized, largely self-interested person following a dark road to despair, this is exactly the kind of thing Steven would dream about.

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the signs as wildest dreams lyrics

aries: you see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night

taurus: he said let’s get out of this town, drive out of the city, away from the crowds

gemini: say you’ll see me again even if it’s just pretend

cancer: say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe

leo: he’s so tall and handsome as hell, he’s so bad but he does it so well

virgo: I can see the end as it begins, my one condition is

libra: nothing lasts forever, but this is gonna take me down

scorpio: I said no one has to know what we do, his hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room

sagittarius: I thought heaven can’t help me now, nothing lasts forever, but this is getting good now

capricorn: someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around

aquarius: red lips and rosy cheeks, say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams

pisces: and when we’ve had our very last kiss, my last request is

Just a trial and error stage atm.

this is just what I picture Aeneas to be. Honestly its suppose to be unknown how the gods look like. however bc Akane sees him in her dreams every other night, she gets a good glimpse of how he looks like.

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How do they sleep?

(Sleepy boys! Ahhh~ Thanks for your request; this was so much fun to write!)

Sleeping Habits

  • Noctis: You could describe Noctis’ sleeping as “all the time”, really. Any chance to sleep or nap is eagerly taken. Once he settles down for the night, he’s a moderately heavy sleeper, so don’t expect him to budge without a vigorous shake. He sleeps soundly, and will occasionally have nice lucid dreams. If not woken, Noctis has been rumored to sleep for up to 16 hours straight.
  • Ignis: Ignis can easily wake up at the sound of a pin drop, which while useful, makes it difficult for Prompto to rummage for a midnight snack without getting a stern whisper and a pillow thrown from Ignis. He’s the first one up, often because he’s the first one to settle in for the night. However, as Prompto knows all too well, waking Ignis when it’s untimely to do so is borderline dangerous.
  • Gladio: Gladio will sleep anywhere and everywhere, with loud, heavy breathing like a bear. He often snores, but its never so unbearable that it disturbs the other guys. What they do watch out for though, is his habit of stealing pillows and blankets to ball into his fists and cling to for the night. If your blanket is in Gladio’s armsreach, consider it now his blanket. Ignis will occasionally lowkey throw something at Gladio if he’s snoring too much, and then settle back down for sleep before Gladio even knows what hit him.
  • Prompto: Prompto will constantly kick and toss and turn, and he wakes up easily and often. He’s a restless sleeper, and has vivid dreams often. He’s known to talk in his sleep, speaking in one-worded murmurs. He’ll often find himself awake and hungry, and will rise to rummage through the supplies in hopes of finding dried rations he can munch on. He’s sort of afraid of the dark though, so if food isn’t close by, it’s no longer worth it.

Sleeping Positions

  • Noctis: On his back or side, with his head lolled to the side, covered with cobalt hair, and with his arms sprawled away from his side. Will occasionally roll over and change positions, but not often.
  • Ignis: On his back, with arms folded over his stomach, with head tipped back. He sleeps so still, that he could probably just rest his glasses on his chest and wake up with them there for easy access, if he for some reason thought it necessary.
  • Gladio: Usually on his stomach, grasping a pillow or otherwise in his arms. He’ll only occasionally flip over, and for the most part remains a still, snoring heap until he flips to another position or acquires a new blanket from a neighbor.
  • Prompto: There are not words that describe the ways in which Prompto is known to sleep. The horrible alternating twisted positions plus the constant turning and stretching and kicking makes for something that could be mistaken for a 9 hour yoga session. 


I had a dream last night that I was watching a Let’s Play with Ryan and all three Lads. Geoff was there too but he wasn’t playing. It was kind of like a 2D Super Mario 64 but the physics in the game were all fucked up and Ray was getting really pissed.

Then Gus walked in and was off-mic, yelling at Michael to “Stop sucking Geoff’s dick in the bathroom already!” 

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I had a dream last night that I went and got a tattoo with breb and it was like this tiny word on the outside of my forearm and I think it was like one of his song titles and then he drove me home and my mom was there and she got really mad that I got a tattoo so I just left with him and then I went and got more tattoos and he was holding my hand it was really weird

it sounds nice. if ur gonna get a tattoo make sure u get it with bredbo, kids

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Hey! I myself is suffering from GAD and Social Anxiety, its pretty hard since my thoughts keeps me awake at night but what keeps me calm is hugging a stuff toy or maybe imagining myself pursuing my dreams or something, I sometimes just sing my favourite lyrics of the songs I like in my head. Keep Calm and have a nice night x

Thank you for the advice, I like to listen to ed Sheeran bc he’s calming. I hope you’re well and that you’re getting through it alright, I wish you the best x

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ah i saw the other anons message about her fob dream and i had one last night too lmao. i went and met andy and he was like "we should go out sometime" but then i was like hey buddy im still underage you gotta wait a year. so then he was like fine fine and he gave me this riddle thing that i had to solve to get his number. it was pretty intense.

i jsus t actually burst out lau ghigng “hey buddy” LOOOL omfg! nice one tho glad to see ur responsible and legally conscious even in ur dreams?? B) getting asked out by andy via riddles tho. what could be better than this. LITERALLY the dream.

// ignore if you want but I have to say this. Some of it maybe NSFW-ish maybe

last night I was dreaming I had to marry this prince, he was nice and handsome and damn I was considering marrying him (which is werid cause I never want to get marries) until like this evil dragon like serpent (and no it was not an asain dragon he was a bit short on length) Then the dragon cursed me about I had to marry him…and then I was acting all…da faq why? So anyway, I find myself falling for the dragon by time and ts werid cause I usaully fall for the beast more faster….my brain is so werid. So apperently I learn about the dragon more really he was cursed himself and no he was not human (thank god) he was atullay a good dragon but some bitch ass witch used to be an old lover of his but he cheated on her or something like that and now he is forced to do evil things (see this was a dreamI don’t remeber half of it.)

so then I had to take some sort of bath and then little shit sneaked in and use’s the excuse of “I wanted to see you,” bull shit and I was a blushing mess freaking out and covering myself trying to make him leave but noooooooo he won’t.

I don’t remember anymore of it buuuut I wanted write this down so I can remember it and it gave me inspiration to write a story. Sooooooo….sorry wasting your time.

I had a nice dream last night in which Kelsey & Cas were in a library having a civil disagreement about the contents of a bunch of ghost books

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May I request a nsfw Kenpachi scenario, nice blog, and welcome.

At the current moment I was flustered, Kenpachi woke me up in the middle of the night and told me I was moaning and calling out his name. He seemed to enjoy that, but I was embarrassed.

“There’s no way…” I said while covering up my blushing face

He chuckled in a low husky tone

“Damn, your getting me all riled up when you act in such a way”

He shifted over to my side of the futon, and he got on top off me, his large body hanging over me. Thoughts of my dream came flooding back to me and suddenly I could feel my body heat up at the thought.

“Kenpachi…” I said softly

“I swear if you keep acting like this, I won’t be able to contain myself” he said suddenly getting closer to my face.

I reached up with both hands and clasped them on his cheeks bringing him closer. As the small space closed, our lips came together in a surge of heated lust. We took short breathers and then kept going back in for more.

His hands wandered to my pajamas and he began to unbutton my top, he was teasing me by taking so long. But it was also probably killing him as well. I quickly bit on his lip meaning that.

“Wait my little fox” he said chuckling

Finally all my clothes were removed, he hasn’t touched any part of me yet because it was now my turn to undress him.

“Now you have to wait, just like I did” I spoke in a sultry tone

I got off my back and kneeled in front of him, I could tell it was hard for him to hold back. Thankfully he usually only went to bed with just pants. I slid my hands over to his sash which kept his pants up and slowly undid it which made him groan.

“We’re almost there…” I spoke while slightly stroking his bulge.

Then in the next second I pulled down his pants revealing his large erection. I looked back up at him and smirked, there was a tad of pre-cum on the tip of his manhood. I wiped it off with my index finger and then placed it in my mouth sensually.

“Now I really can’t hold back” he said excitedly

I laid back down and he followed but as if he couldn’t wait any longer he had his hand groping my breast and his mouth was connected with my neck. I could feel a heat growing in between my legs. His free hand moved down and suddenly he clutched at my pleasure button.

“Kyaa!” I called out arching my back from the sudden burst of pleasure

Kenpachi made his way up to my lips and we began to furiously make out while he toyed with me down there.

I reached down and started to stroke his manhood which made him groan into my lips. Then in that next moment he slipped two fingers in and started to pump them in and out rhythmically. I cried at in pleasure, Kenpachi moved his mouth over to my breasts and started to ravage them with his kisses and bites. Making me cry out even louder.

“I need you now…ahh…” I said while caressing his cheek

He slipped his fingers out and brought them to his lips where he licked them.

“Hmm you taste delicious” he said

Then he positioned himself in between my legs and rubbed his erection against my entrance making me shiver.

“You sure are wet” he chuckled

“Ahh…please just put it in..” I said breathily

Suddenly he rammed it inside as soon as I said those words. I could feel myself close around it and tighten.

“Ooo, your really tight, it feels great…” He said

He positioned his hands above on the sides of my head and leaned down to kiss me.

“Are you ready?” He asked

I nodded happily

And as on command he started to thrust into me making me moan like crazy. He made sure to fully go in each time which made me go crazy, right now they were long and deep. Then quickly they became faster and faster making me call out his name.

“It feels so good…” I said drooling

“S/o you feel amazing on my cock” he spoke to me

Then suddenly he started to go slowly which made me whimper. But he started to do that in patterns.

Finally after a good amount of time I was nearing my end, I was going to climax soon.

“Kenpachi…I can’t hold on…” I said

“Same here…” He replied

Then his thrusts started to get faster and faster, and he wasn’t slowing down one bit. My mind was going blank from the massive amount of pleasure. Then in the next moment I could feel the large knot in my stomach unravel, and a arsenal of fireworks started to go off inside me.

“Ahh…I’m coming!” I moaned out

Suddenly as I was finishing my climax, Kenpachi’s rhythm became sloppy and he sudden gripped my hips and shoved his manhood in as deep as he could get. He groaned loudly. I could feel his hot semen shoot out and feel up my womb. He pulled out and collapsed next to me.

Both of our breathing patterns were heavy-laden, I moved over to him and got on top of him with my legs on either side. I just laid my head against his chest, listening to his heart.

“I love you s/o” he spoke

I looked up and crawled forward a little bit and smiled down at him.

“I love you too” I said while going in for a kiss which I happily received back.


There you go Anon I hope you enjoyed!

#bleach #thesoul-queen #Kenpachi Zaraki #nsfw #scenario

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I had a dream last night that I married Dante. It was a nice wedding, a pretty one and the dream was all too many kinds of romantic (too much cheese and mush). The thing is while I like Dante (He's aged like a fine wine, and not just talking about the looks only here), I didn't quite like him in that sense. But ever sense I woke up my heart feels like it's fluttering and it gets worse anytime I see him! Why this all the sudden? XD


I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU, MAN. I have no idea what to tell you about this omg.

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ツ ☯zzz☁❖

ツ = Does the character steal the covers or has the covers stolen off them?

Both, depending on the weather and whom is sleeping next to him.

☯ = Any odd sleeping habits?

No odd sleeping habits.

zzz  = Does the character snore? What does it sound like?

Occasionally and like a kitten. Soft and non offensive.

☁ = How often does the character dream?

Every night and he usually keeps notes of his dreams. He gets his best ideas that way.

❖ = Does the character lucid dream?

All the time, especially toward the morning after a nice nights rest.

I just had a dream where Sam texted me some cryptic shit and then said he was coming to get me, and I ended up meeting him at this restaurant. But anyways, he wanted me to go see what the surprise was, and I was anxious, so I put out my hand and he took it, and it was a board game night. And this is all really gross, but I was disappointed to wake up.

I really love when Allen sleep over because even though here we can’t sleep in the same bed/room (mostly for my dad’s peace of mind and the fact the only place that would fit us is on the other side of the house) it’s just nice knowing that he’s here. It’s so comforting when I wake up in the middle of the night that I know exactly how to get to him if I need him because it really stresses me out when I wake up from a bad dream and realize I couldn’t even get to him (it’s really bad at school because the bus stops and the cabs won’t come).