for some reason RTX must have been in our town bc i was walking around after a panel and Geoff was in the street and i went to say hi and asked for an autograph and he started talking and then some people i knew from school were there and started laughing at my hair and stuff and i was like okay geoff i’m gonna go nice meeting you but he was like no????? come and get a drink with me and it wasn’t even alcohol like we had fucking milkshakes??? and i cant remember what we talked about except i remember mentioning sunday driving being cancelled because of that post i saw on here and then it was like it felt like 5 hours of conversation and then i woke up and i was like GODDAMNIT GEOFF WE SHOULD BE MATES

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could you briefly tell me about the drama healer? i just watched the first episode of it but i don't quite understand the story. thanks in advance! (:

Okay, I’ll try it. There’s this hot night errand boy, who’s a cool fighter, but is very socially awkward. He lives alone in a nice bachelor loft. He works together with a mysterious lady hacker whom he never personally met. His dream is to save up enough money to buy out an island and live there forever alone. So he takes a lot of shady tasks for money. One of the tasks he receives is to get the dna material for a paternity test from a seemingly random girl. The pay is surprisingly high. The girl is a cute reporter who acts courageously, but actually suffers panic attacs every time she witnesses violence. While he stalks the girl trying to get her hair, she catches his eye. As the girl starts unveiling evil doings of the villain politicians, he then receives a task from the same guy to protect the girl. He feels like there is something for him in this case, so he accepts it. So he starts working at her newspaper as an intern, and they become friendly. At night he secretly protects her as the night errand boy he is. He later gets to know that there is a twisted story from their parents’ past that connects him, the guy who gave that task, the girl and the main villains.

I had a dream last night that I moved in with my dad, who owned this super nice hotel so he was busy and I got high every night
But when I got high, this weird TV show would come to life and hangout with me so I wouldn’t be so alone
They were nice but always getting me into mischief.

I Can’t Sleep...So Have Some More Headcanons...

- He gets very emotional and cries when someone is nice to him and this makes him feel very embarrassed, which only makes him cry even more.

- He isn’t able to calmly walk through a dark room in the middle of the night, no what he does is he SPRINTS for the light switch as fast as humanly possible. He’s stubbed more than a couple of toes doing this.

- Sometimes if he finds one really cool song, he’ll play it over and over for hours and just be in general awe of how epic it is.

- Sometimes he will be completely unable to sleep for a 24-48 hour period, for whatever reason.

- He is very cute and needs a lot more love because he is gr8.

I have no idea if these are intelligible at the moment but I tried to make sense so hopefully I do.

i had a dream last night that sesshomaru was my boyfriend

and in the dream people i know in real life and characters from the show kept trying to break us up and tell us that we werent a good pairing. but we would just tell them no and/or fight them ( i punched one of my friends square in the jaw at one point lolol) and then once we got everyone to go away he took me out to go get sushi and it was a really nice time.

part 1: first impression of neil from dead poets society for the anon:

  • dark haired….good ✔️
  • average features but nice cheekbones. i could probably be into this because i’m trash
  • his friends are kinda assholes but he is Intelligent and High Achieving and Polite because he’s the main character. of course he is.
  • nice to the new kid because he’s a Good Person™ ?
  • lmao I predict Daddy Issues though because he’s a rich kid and well

part 2: further underdstanding

  • neil is getting really passionate about shakespeare! and about acting in a midsummer’s night dream! oh no
  • and he’s a natural leader…….
  • he cheered tom up on his birthday
  • fuck
  • shit

Okay so I had this crazy dream last night where I was going to another of Taylor’s shows in hyde park and I saw Calvin Harris getting juice so I went up to him and asked for a photo and he said sure it was odd because he was wearing a musketeers outfit! But anyway he was really nice and funny. Then I went to the show and somehow I got to the very front so I could almost touch Taylor it was amazing and then the show started except for it was more a play of her life and she just danced on a poll (not like a stripper though!) it was really weird and it only lasted five minutes and then her sister came on (obviously I know she doesn’t have a sister this was just a dream) but she came on dressed in a ballgown and started singing and it turned out that she was a Mormon, then I became Taylor sister but I would I didn’t get to hang out with Tay or anything then I went back to where her sister lived (she was actually a slave) and then I was in the garden and I suddenly saw Calvin Harris dancing to better than revenge and it was really weird then he took his off his trousers and ran around the garden then he was swinging from a tree like a bat it was just so odd anyway it was a good dream and it made me really like Calvin, so cool!

pros of the dream: I got a photo with Calvin and he was hilarious and I got to be front row to a Taylor concert.
cons of the dream: it wasn’t real.

OMG SO I had a dream last night in which Tyler was working at like McDonald’s or something and I was watching him from outside in his little cap and apron and stuff and he was typing on a really small tiny phone and i felt so bad that I went inside and bought the most expensive thing I could thinking he would magically get a better phone and I went back outside and looked back through the glass and his phone like enlarged and warped into a really nice one and I was so happy like and then he looked at me and came out and smiled so small and coy I was so nervous and scared but he looked just as nervous and scared and he said “I’m Tyler” and I was like “I’m Hannah” and he smiled really big like when his eyes crinkle and he looks kinda worried but he’s actually really fricken happy and we hugged and we had a silent moment and then he went back inside I’m so happy right now

I had a dream that I met Sebastian Stan last night. It was at some kind of big premier in an auditorium and someone was on stage getting ready to speak and for whatever reason, Seb was standing off to the side with literally no one else around him so I slipped up to say hi, and he said he couldn’t do any pictures at the moment, but he signed something for me (i think) and then I just got to stand next to him for a while and chat and idk it was really nice

So I finished Catherine and I got the True Katherine ending when her and Vince get married. I love that girl so I was happy I got the ending!!

But then I had a dream last night….idk if it was because of all the puzzles I did in the game but I actually had a dream of me climbing that wall like Vince. And when I woke up out of that nightmare, I woke up (still in dream). I actually had a nice boyfriend who was a sweetheart and kind but we weren’t 32 I was my age now and he was 20 and we were so happy. Then I woke up. And now I’m here sad cause that was the first good dream I had since it’s been a couple of years since I’ve even had a dream for me to remember. Long story short, im a lonely soul who dreams about a good future for myself

nOPE! I had the worst dream ever last night! so it started out cool and nice, fun activities happening in the neighbourhood and then I get home and I look out my bedroom window and I see this creepy person with a mask on tearing up people’s gardens with knives and shit, and it looks messed up. then he walks towards my garden and somehow gets in my house and attempts to murder me. it’s wild for a fee minutes, my brother almost gets killed but I’ve got my dad’s gun by then and I blow the psycho’s head off and then spend 30 minutes trying to find reception to phone the police and it reaches the us even though I’m dialling 999 but anyway the cop comes, yeah just one and he’s in a suit.. like the men in black and our house is cleaned up and the body is taken away.

not a good dream to have when you’re home alone for a week.

I had a dream where garrus was my boyfriend and I kept sneaking into this big building every night but I kept getting caught by the police?? but it was all fun, like the police would never arrest me they’d just be like, lol orla. anyway then someone started poisoning the food of our planet by putting blood in the trees (?) and it made the food amazing for turians and humans but it killed everyone else and then I realised that garrus was behind it all!!! and he said he just wanted me to have nice steaks so I forgave him. but then there was sort of an apocalypse situation because everyone who wasn’t human or turian died and we all only had 10 days to live so me and garrus reunited with my family in this floridian resort and garrus put suncream on my back also it was a nude beach?? and then I woke up

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1984, Maltida, A Midsummer Night's Dream (part of knowing what to do is knowing what NOT to do :) )

1984: Do you keep your online life seperate from your real life?

Not particularly. I’m not going to go around sharing all my deepest, darkest secrets, but at the same time, I don’t mind if people online know who I am in real life and I don’t mind if people in real life know who I am on the internet. I’m the same person in both fields. No super secret internet life for me :D

Matilda: What magical power would you like to have?

I’d like the ability to stop time.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: What is your worst dating experience?

One time, one of my friends set me up on a blind date. She thought we would be good for each other because we were both huge video game nerds and don’t get me wrong, he was nice, but he was super creepy. When I’d make feeble attempts at conversation, he’d just stare at me for a long period of time before saying-for the 6th freaking time in the past 10 minutes- “God, you are just so beautiful.” Before grabbing for my hand again. He didn’t even answer whatever weak question I had asked. So, though I was flattered by all the complements, I was highly uncomfortable with all of the ignoring of my attempts at conversation. Then I made the dumb decision to get into his car-praying to God that he was going to drive me back to my car so I could go home- so while he got into the driver’s seat, I was digging through my purse to get my phone so I could text my friend to give her a piece of my mind for setting me on this date, when I heard him call my name. I looked up and suddenly he was kissing me. And let me tell you, I haven’t had a lot of kisses in my life, but I know that was the worst one I’ve ever had. Obviously, before he kissed me, he had licked his lips so it felt wet and slimy and then before I had time to react, he had forced my mouth open and started frenching while pressing me against the car door. Then, I pushed him off me, pretended to get a text from my mom telling me to come home. I lied and said that she said it was an emergency. Reluctantly, he drove me back to where my car was parked and tried to lean in for another kiss, which I dodged by bending down to grab my purse. He insisted that he wanted another kiss before he let me go, but I said that it was an emergency and I had to leave. After a lot of convincing, he finally let me go, and I proceeded to nope all the way home. Until I could safely flop on my couch and send death threats to my friend. And that was the worst date I’ve ever been on :P

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Your muse is having a night terror and accidentally hits my muse in their sleep. Send ☠ for my muse’s reaction .

    “Geez Rin! I don’t know what the hell you were dreaming about, but don’t take it out on me alright?”

    It had been a warm day. The nice breeze had been enough to lull them both into a gentle sleep. However, Rinoa’s dreams most have taken a terrible turn from nice to bad in a matter of seconds. She nailed him good iwth that fist of hers. He was able to get her awake, but had taken a few more blows while doing so.

The Other Sister

had a weird dream about being the “other sister” (dark haired, hidden from the world, abused) and getting nervous about meeting someone outside the home because the only time I ever left was when father rubbed it in my nose that my real father was a Jew and that his (adoptive father’s) household was Nazi. He’d show me the swastika and pork assembly lines as if “look if it weren’t for me you’d be where your father’s at.” 

That night when my mean sister was being nice (as if i was retarded) and trying to make me put on a dress and comb my hair and show myself off as a princess like her… I still didn’t want to meet the guy in the living room who demanded to see me.

Woke up then, and realized she might be trying to sell me into Auschwitz.

This all came down as if it were in a musical, btw.  

Last night my dreams were in two parts I guess? And first part - I was done with cj but we were still talking and I saw Alec from nowhere and we started talking and reminiscing and it was so nice. We decided to get back together but I felt bad because of cj. Then, he took me to his house and nicc just kept on saying mean things to me about he doesn’t like me bc of whatever reason. And that got me feeling really sad. Then next part was I was at Bucknell and someone was giving a presentation and then it was time for lunch. Everyone was walking to get food and as I was walking up the stairs, Michael c just stuck his hand underneath my skirt and grabbed my ass and I was like wtf and yelled at him and walked off. Couldn’t go to any place to eat or I’d run in to him and so I was sitting outside and thy came up to me and asked me what was wrong and I said I was hungry but didn’t wanna eat where there was a crowd. So she was taking me around the school and found us a pretty deserted spot and I told her to watch my stuff while I got food and Myatt came and was like you’re not supposed to be gone for long or something as I went and looked for something to eat I saw Melissa Zhao?? And there was no more food in the hotel bar and I was just so confused and hungry. Then I woke up. Wtf kind of dream did I have?

i am so over my life right now. like i feel like i have hit the deep depths of winter again and i don’t know how to get out.  so earlier this summer this boy asked to be hookup buddies over the summer and i was for it and he was a super nice guy. and after my first night hanging out with him i woke up the next morning and for the first time in my life my reality was better than my dreams.  I had an ok dream that would have been nice any other day but after that night, i felt on top of the world.  all of my friends kept saying that jack was making me such a happier person and that he needed to stay around for a while because i was acting like my usual self. so i went a week without talking to him and i was somewhat confused so i texted him and we hung out again but it was no where near as cute as the first time.  so then i texted him the other day and we had somewhat of a short conversation but it was a good one and then i asked him a question and he just didn’t respond. like ever. and he had his phone. so then my friend texted him and she asked him what was going on between the two of us and he said “hahah idk I’m kinda talking with another girl as we speak” and he said that we barely talked and he thought that all i wanted was a hookup. first off, typing this makes me cry. i either try too hard with boys and they think that i am psychotic and crazy for wanting anything more OR they move onto other girls because they don’t think i want anything. IM SORRY. I AM NOT THE ONE WHO SUGGESTED BEING HOOKUP BUDDIES OVER THE SUMMER BECAUSE WE LEAVE SOON. THAT WAS ALL HIM AND IF THAT SCREAMS I DONT WANT A RELATIONSHIP THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT DOES. I AM SO OVER BOYS. LIKE I EITHER TRY TOO HARD OR NOT ENOUGH AND I AM SO OVER PEOPLE TELLING ME THAT IT IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT IN COLLEGE BECAUSE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE BECAUSE BOYS AND BOYS AND THEY ARENT ALL OF A SUDDEN GOING TO CHANGE IN COLLEGE. I QUIT TRYING. I PUT MYSELF OUT THERE WAY TOO EASILY AND EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL I AM DISAPPOINTED.  NO MATTER WHAT EVER SINCE THE FIRST GRADE I HAVE BEEN CRUSHED BY BOYS AND I AM OVERRRRRRRR ITTTTTTTTT. I ALSO JUST RESEARCHED SOME OF MY MENTAL SYMPTOMS ONLINE AND IT SOUNDS LIKE I HAVE BIPOLAR DISORDER!! IF THAT DOESNT RING IN THE BOYS THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT WILL!! I FUCKING QUIT GOODBYE MALE RACE YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME TRY FIRST EVER AGAIN.