When Sakuya offered his help with babysitting, he seriously didn’t expect this many children…. no one does. Mahiru is gonna have to explain to World End later that Sakuya isn’t a criminal also. lol

Mahiru and Sakuya are actual childhood friends in this au btw, so they know each other weaknesses. For example, Sakuya being called Sakkun. (Which I based off this Servamp Drama CD again, where Sakuya CANONALLY gets embarrassed about Mahiru calling him Sakkun!! Go to 8:28 if you click the link) and Sakuya’s older sister is alive in this au too, in case some of you didn’t already know.  

I’ve been working this looooong comic for awhile bit by bit between other art asks. Cause I wanted a few things:

1.) I wanted to at least mention the servamp kids “parent”. (aka “sensei” or the “creator”) I mean who do you think actually provides for 8 children??? We never see him really either cause he’s always working or whatever.

2.) I thought since Sakuya is indeed Mahiru’s best friend in this au, I thought he would have to officially meet the Servamp family at some point. Lol the last time I introduced Sakuya, it became my most popular age au post. Amazing right? 

3.) One more thing, I felt like Little Tsubaki and Sakuya had to meet at some point. It the right thing to do. They still don’t get along well even at alternate ages. hhaaha. 

4.) I know, you people wanted more KuroMahi and some SakuMahi, (I read everyone’s tags so…. ehehheeh…) 

Anyways thank you to everyone who supports this au! I wouldn’t have posted this much if it wasn’t for you all! <3 

Seventeen at a Club

S. Coups: does a headcount when they enter and leave the club. Still fine after drinking 6 bottles.

Jeonghan: sets a world record for the most amount of shots downed in 5 seconds. No one expected it.

Joshua: criticising everyone’s choice of clothing. Orders water then becomes a tragic embarrassment on the dance floor. 

Jun: ignores the girls surrounding him and follows Minghao instead.

Hoshi: even though he doesn’t drink, he’d be taking over the dance floor as if he was drunk. Probably invents some type of dance and forces DK to do it with him.

Wonwoo: sitting alone because everyone is avoiding him. Probably leaves after 5 minutes and goes to a library or something.

Woozi: takes over the DJ booth but then leaves after 5 songs because the music was giving him a headache.

DK: starts befriending everyone, even the plants in the entrance. Becomes an embarrassing dancing trainwreck with Hoshi.

Mingyu: accidentally bumps into someone, being the clumsy person he is, and causes a fight. 

The8: gets drunk and pours his heart out to the person sitting next to him. 

Seungkwan: “My name is Boo Seungkwan and I’m from a group called Seventeen!! Do you know me?” Also takes over the karaoke station and sings his little heart out.

Vernon: probably drinking apple juice watching Sing Street because he’s underaged.

Dino: watching Michael Jackson videos under a blanket fort.


results of stream so far xD

so at first this started out as me shit posting cause i wanted to get outa a slump i was having then next thing ya know im doing full on pictures x3

1st is octi he gets so embarrassed when spell tells him hes so cute as an octopus

2nd sai playing the guitar  i wanted to do something for auhigh and this ended up showing up xD i think ill make sai help the choir or something with background music playing his guitar~

3rd is a request/ i asked her what to draw  for faa she wanted to see all her octopi bbys on me cause for some reason they love to hang off of me xDD thanks @furgemancs for helping me figure out what i was saying

4th another request/ i asked her what to draw for @foreverafterall she wanted lossi to give sai the raspberries but we thought it might be to hard so she chose hugs instead but i was able to get the raspberries in as well xDD

I’m so sad for Cody. He’s so sweet and kindhearted and now because of some shitty person leaking the video people are all over him for “dirty talk” as if the people criticizing him have never taken or sent a personal video and had someone talk sexy to them. It’s natural to do what he did and there is nothing wrong with the video or his “dirty talk” as people are calling it. He put trust in the person he sent the video too and sent it with respect and safety, and he was betrayed and disrespected. This is now causing him embarrassment and shame, things he shouldn’t have to go through and things he shouldn’t be ashamed off because it’s so natural and happens everyday, but because he is in the spot light people are now changing their opinion of him for something he had no control over. The video was private and personal something nobody should have seen except the person he sent it to who’s now betrayed him and know he won’t see this but I hope he is okay. Cody please know you are not to blame and you are not at fault here. You did something everybody does and the person you trusted has shown you they can not be trusted and should not be apart of your life. You are worth much more respect then this and know that your true fans are here for you and couldn’t give 2 shits about this, our love for you is just as strong as it was before. #werespectcody

"I wanna be more than just friends with you"

Atsushi would be lying if he said he didn’t develop some sort of attraction towards his superior. At first, he didn’t pay it any mind but later on he started to realize how differently his body reacted towards Dazai.

His tiger ears would always pop up each time he pet his hair. The man would find it amusing but it embarrassed Atsushi to the core. For some reason, his feline attribute would always show up around Dazai.

He sometimes would mew whenever he got to nervous, or purr unintentionally when he would pet his hair. Dazai would laugh it off, causing him to feel even more embarrassed. He tries to not spend a lot of time with him but he always seems to find an entertainment out f teasing him.

“C'mon, Atsushi-kun!” He called out for him, a laser pointer in his hand. “Catch the red dot.”

He moved it around and kept yelling out his name. Kunikida had given up trying to make him stop a long time, leaving Atsushi to deal with this himself. “I’m not a cat, Dazai-san.”

“Yeah,” Dazai leaned in uncomfortably close to him with a smirk. “Sure.”

He shone the laser on Atsushi’s hand. He sighed and decided to entertain his superior, placing a hand over the dot. The dot moved up his arm and his hand followed. It moved back down his arm and on his table, he followed.

The dot moved onto Dazai’s table and he felt his self-control dissipating. He quickly sprung onto his table, knocking down the papers on it. He heard Dazai chuckled as the dot moved onto himself.

Atsushi tilted his head to the side and moved his hands to Dazai’s chest where the dot was. It moved again, lower this time. All sense of reality being thrown out the window, he placed his hands on where the dot was shining at.

“My, my,” A finger pulled his chin up so he was looking at Dazai’s face, their noses only a few centimeters apart. “Aren’t you a bold little kitten?”

“H-huh?” He snapped out of his cat senses and looked down at where his hands were resting on.

It was directly on top of Dazai’s crotch.

He pulled away immediately, falling backwards. “I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to- I-I wasn’t going to touch-”

Dazai leaned closer to him, his eyes half-lidded and a smirk on his face. “Touch what?”

“I-I… I’ve gotta go!” He got up and sprinted for the door, face burning hot. He can’t believe he just touched his own superior’s…!

He found himself wrapped in his blanket, covering his face in embarrassment. He felt like hiding in a hole forever after what just happened. He couldn’t believe that his own hands had touched Dazai’s… whatever down there.

His thoughts were cut off by a knock on his door. “Atsushi-kun? It’s me!”

“Dazai-san…?” Atsushi sat up, pushing the blanket off. His brain decided to remind him about what happened earlier that day and caused him to cringe.

“Atsushi-kun, please open up! I want to apologize for what I did to you in the office.”

He slowly opened the door and peeped out shyly. He saw Dazai sigh in relief and flash a bright smile. He opened the door wide enough to let Dazai in “I-I should be the one apologizing…”

“What? For touching my di-” Two hands shot up to cover his mouth before he could finish his sentence.

“D-don’t say it out loud! It’s embarrassing…” His head hung low as he felt his face heating up. Dazai pulled his hands away and held them both by the wrist, making it unable for him to let go.

“What? Dick?” He grinned slyly as he leaned in closer to Atsushi’s face. He chuckled as his face blushed darker and leaned away. “It’s not that big of a deal, Atsushi-kun. Don’t tell me you’ve never touched one before.”

He whimpered and shut his eyes tightly, not wanting to look at him in the face. “I-It’s not that… It’s just that f-friends aren’t supposed to touch each other’s- U-Uhm….”

The hand on his wrists let go and suddenly he was being trapped between the wall and his superior, both hands beside him on the wall. He leaned into his ears and whispered in a low  voice. “What if I told you that I want to be more than just ‘friends’, hm?”

He gulped nervously, rubbing his thighs together as his sensitive ears turn pink. He pursed his lips, eyes still shut tight. He heard another chuckle before feeling a pair of lips being pressed onto his forehead. He gasped and snapped his eyes open, looking up at Dazai who was so close- too close- to his face.

“But of course,” Dazai leanedaway, placing his hands back into his pocket and taking a step back. “I won’t force you to reiprocreate my feelings. I just thought I’d let you know, that’s all.”

He smiled at him, but Atsushi knew his smile was hiding something. Pain, rejection and maybe even sadness, like he was ready for Atsushi to push him away after what he just said.

“Well, time for me to lea-”

“Wait!” Atsushi held onto his sleeve, pulling it before he opened the door. “W-wait, please.”

Dazai turn behind to face his subordinate, hands still in his pockets. “I’m waiting.”

Atsushi took a deep breath as he felt Dazai’s hard stare on him. His superior, his co-worker, his…. crush had basically just confessed to him. The man who had saved his life when he was on the brink of death, the man who gave him shelter, food and a place to work.

He… was grateful for him. He was always there for him even when he was at his lowest point. He always gave him a sense of security whenever he was around, always made him feel happy.

“I-I think I want to be more than just friends with Dazai-san, too…”

He loved Dazai Osamu.

He felt a hand cup his cheek and he felt his forehead being kissed once more. “You don’t know how happy I am to hear that, Atsushi.”

And Dazai Osamu loved him.

Just Do It ( Kurt Wagner x READER )

Title: Just Do It!
Rating; T for cursing!
Warnings: You’re a hot headed, fire mutant
Word count: 1926
Summary: You and Kurt fell in love at first site, but you are to in denial to think he likes you back. So, Charles, Scott, and Jean decide to step it

It was no lie to say that you thought Kurt Wagner was probably the most cutest person you have ever seen. Since the first day you saw him here, his cute, precious exterior and pure, sunshine interior just made you fall for him. Every aspect of him made you fall heads over heels for him. To his adorable, fangy smile that melted your heart to his awkward, embarrassing moments that caused him to teleport away. He was like a lost puppy to you who you wanted nothing more than to protect from all the bad and cruel things in this world of unfairness.

Some would call this, “love at first site”, which you’d agree with, but it’s only love at first site when the other feels the same way, right? You weren’t completely sure if Kurt felt the same way, the reason, as to why you have yet to confess to him. Of course, when he was around you, he always smiled and was a complete and utter gentleman; opening doors for you every chance he could and always had nothing, but nice, loving words to say. Your friends, such as Jean, tried convincing you millions of times that he liked you, but you just wouldn’t listen. Maybe it was because you were in denial or oblivious. Hell, it got to the point where even the Professor got in the middle and told you to just tell him already.

“I understand your reasoning, dear Y/N,” Charles said politely, rolling his wheelchair around his wooden desk, “but I seriously think you should go to Wagner and tell him how you feel.” You groaned at his words while you sat in the chair beside him. He had called you out of art class just to intervene in your love life. It wasn’t surprising though, he did this often with the other students and teachers as well. You just wished he’d at least leave you alone.

“I can’t just do that Professor X,” you said looking at him pleadingly, “I don’t even know if he likes me back.” It was pointless to lie to Charles because he could just read your mind and get the truth that way, but you didn’t want your mind being messed with more than he already does on the daily. It was his turn to groan towards you, rubbing the sides of his head.

“Y/N, I can read people’s minds, trust me I know if you confess to him, he’ll be very happy,” you felt a tint of hint cover your cheeks listening to him say that to you. Was Charles hinting at you that Kurt liked you back? Or was he just pretending so you’d just tell Kurt already? You weren’t sure, but you decided to play along.

“Okay, Professor, I’ll try sometime soon, but for now, I need to head back to class,” you said to him quickly before turning around towards the door and exiting his office. You knew that was rude and disrespectful of you to do that, especially towards Charles, but you were getting tired of people trying to intervene where they shouldn’t.

While walking towards class, the bell rang loudly through the halls, signalling the end of classes for the day. At least you could go back to your room and be left alone. Stating that, you turned around, as the halls became cluttered and the classes became empty. You were walking up the stairs when you heard a voice from behind you call your name in a beautiful, thick german accent. Oh no.

“Y/n!” the voice called out to you sweetly making you turn around to see the beautiful blue skinned Kurt Wagner. He was wearing a nice pair of blue jeans along with a black trench coat over a golden shirt. He looked so beautiful; you couldn’t help, but squeal inside your head. Gulping, you stepped back down the stairs to come closer to the beauty, being slightly anxious and awkward after the talk you just had with Charles. You now stood a few feet in front of him and you could see all the markings on his skin, his stunning eyes, and the bright smile that was plastered on his face. If anyone was the definition of masterpiece, it’d be Kurt.

“Hey Kurt,” you said slowly, smiling to him, as you moved a piece of hair from your face to behind your ear. Usually, you were this sarcastic, hot tempered person who was to say, violent at times, because of your fire power, but somehow, Kurt was always able to make you calm and relaxed. He was like your water to your fire. Before you could explode and destroy, he stopped your rage until you were nothing, but tiny flames. He was your polar opposite, but you loved him more then anything.

“Hello Y/N,” Kurt said sweetly, smiling towards you, as well, “do you want to go to the mall with Jean, Scott, and I?” Despite his dark blue skin, you could see a slight blush spread across his cheeks and nose. You looked at him confusingly because of it which he knew by covering his face with his hooved hands. “Of course, you do not have too, I just thought it’d be n-nice to ask you. Y-You know because-”

“Kurt, I’d love to go to the mall with you guys,” you looked up towards him deeply, you’re beautiful, e/c eyes looking up towards his crimson, red ones. Understanding, he nodded. The two of you headed towards the car garage where Charles stored his expensive cars, which Scott and Jean, leaning on the side of one car, we’re kissing.

“Okay, we get it you both are a couple,” you said annoyed, snapping the two of them out of their senses. Scott simply laughed at you while Jean acted like nothing happened and Kurt was looking the other way, obviously not wanting to see the intimate moment.

“Well by the end of-” Scott tried to say, but Jean cut him off by a light smack to the head, glaring at him while he mouthed a, “oh yeah.” You felt like they were up to something, but you simply ignored it. “Are we just taking one of professors cars or did you get permission this time?” This was a stupid question to ask, as you knew Scott didn’t. He was the most rebel student in all of the school, excluding Peter, who had the knack for pranking and screwing with everyone.

“Fine, nobody answer,” you said, scolding when nobody answered you. Instead of getting heated because of it, you looked at Kurt who was getting into the back seat behind the passenger. My god you loved that man more then anything.

In a flash, the four of you had parked outside the mall and were inside adventuring around. Seeing an shop full of varieties of things, you all decided to go look in there first. As usual, Scott and Jean were flirting with one another, discussing things they’ll buy for the other. Kind of upset and jealous you couldn’t do that with Kurt, you decided to maybe try it. You found Kurt in the back of the shop, looking at nice, shiny necklaces that even you liked, despite not liking jewelry.

“You seem to like that one; I can buy it for you,” you pointed at the dark, black one who had a beautiful, jeweled rosario on it. It was expensive, but if Kurt wanted it, you’d buy for him. You loved him that much. Kurt, shocked by your sudden appearance, jumped out of his skin with a yelp.

“I-I thought you were with Scott and Jean,” he shuddered once more, extremely nervous. You started to get highly confused, as to why he’d be so nervous so far. Plus, he was only looking at necklaces, what’s wrong with you coming over?

“Those two lovebirds are too busy being lovey and dovey,” you said rolling your eyes, crossing your arms, “but seriously, I can buy that for you if you want.”

“No thank you,” he said nicely which made you sad. You seriously wanted to buy it for him, but if he didn’t want it, then there was no point doing so. You walked away from the precious boy towards the entrance of the door. It seems you were being a bother, so you just figured to wait for them. After what felt like ages of waiting for the slow people, Kurt came running towards the entrance happily with a small bag, but only him alone.

“I bought this for you!” he exclaimed joyfully, handing you the bag. You raised your eyebrows at him, as you opened it only to see a silver necklace that had a fire lock it at the end. It looked so nice; you almost cried at the thought of him buying this for you.

“Thank you so much, Kurt,” you hugged him tightly, feeling so happy about this. Now, you understood why he didn’t want you to be by him while he looked at the necklaces.

“Wait a moment,” you recalled, looking around the store, “Where the fuck is Scott and Jean?”

“I couldn’t find them, so I thought they were with you,” Kurt responded, turning his head slightly with confusion. He definitely was like a cute puppy, you just wanted to hug him. Taking in the events of today, you almost punched a wall. Charles had told you to confess, then Scott and Jean take you to the mall with Kurt and suddenly leave? This was not happening. They all were trying to match make you!

“Fucking-!” you yelled, stomping the ground before leaving the shop quicker then you came. Your body started to steam with anger. Couldn’t they just leave you alone and mind their own business? This was your biggest pet peeve and honestly, you were getting tired of everyone putting their heads into this. Slowly, but surely, your hands started to form small flames. Your anger was off the roof and you didn’t care if you destroyed a few shops.

Grabbing your shoulders, Kurt turned you around to face him, his face in pain by his hooves touching your burning skin. Seeing his face in pain made you snap out of it and to calm down. You’ve burnt his hands! Small tears dripped from your eyes onto your cheeks, your heart hurting because never in your life did you want to hurt Kurt.

“Oh my gosh, Kurt I’m so sorry,” you pleaded, taking his hands to see the burn marks. You wanted to cry your eyes out seeing how you just hurt him. You felt so guilty and terrible, how could you of done this? Kurt, seeing how you were feeling, took your adorable cheeks and looked at you dead in the eye. 

You let out a small laugh. 

“T-This is very embarrassing to do,” he shuddered his words, looking around, as a mad blush appeared, “but I think this would be a good time to do this, as you figured it out.” Did Kurt just admit to knowing how everyone was trying to match make them? Was he apart of this plan? You couldn’t ask because before you could Kurt had quickly placed his lips on yours, your eyes going wide as the whole earth. Everyone began to cheer the two of you on causing Kurt to become highly and even more embarrassed which made him teleport away into thin air.

You stood there love struck until somebody passing by said, “You should’ve confessed sooner.”

That little shit of a professor.


You were in your living room reading a book when you heard someone knocking on your door. Opening the door, the Salvatore brothers stood before you. “Hey guys.”

“Hey Y/N,” Stefan said. “Caroline told us you weren't feeling well so we wanted to be good neighbours and check up on you.”

“Yeah, we even bought you a teddy bear,” Damon added, playing with the stuffed animals hands. Stefan looked away in embarrassment which caused you to laugh.

“She stopped by and brought me lunch, there’s still some left over pizza if you guys want,” You offered. They politely accepted and you walked away forgetting one important thing. “You can come in!” You shouted from the kitchen. You put two pizzas on a plate and walk into the living room.

They were looking around at your pictures and decor. “Y/N, who’s this?” Stefan held up a picture of you and your mom. You walked over to him and took the picture, stroking over her face.

“My mother,” You said in a soft tone. “She died when I was 18 so it was just me and my dad until I moved here,”

You look up and catch damon and stefan exchanging weird looks. “That’s our mom,” Damon said. “That’s Lily Salvatore,”

“What?” You say sitting down. Your mom had other kids that she never told you about. She had many opportunities but not once did she mention having another family.

“’re my half-brothers,” You stated. “That’s nice,” You said after awhile. “I never had siblings,” You smiled at them. As weird as your neighbours turning out to be the brothers you never knew about is, you were excited for whatever happened next.

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I Know What you did last Summer!

Originally posted by wonhobe

wonho x reader


590 words

@stonewashdenim nymph wished– Can you write #104 with wonho please xx 

Hi dear! Thank you for your request! It actually took me a minute to figure out what to pair this one with! 0,0 lol, so I do hope you like it ^^ 


#104 - Remember that really embarrassing memory you told me to never speak of again?

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I watched Fantastic Beasts yesterday and it was amazing! The beasts were sooo cute and it was such a nostalgic experience with all the hp references! The cast was great and Eddie is such a cutie ☺
And to those bitching about Johnny Depp’s performance I say how the fuck can you judge a performance from 20 seconds? Jesus, just admit you just don’t like him cause of Amber’s unproven allegations and be done with it. Stop acting like some kind of professional critics cause you only embarrass yourself!
Anyway, theater was full and everyone had a good time, can’t wait for the sequels!!!

anonymous asked:

A scenario where's sekizan's s/o realizes how lucky they are to be with the tough looking yet soft puppy, and they absentmindedly say "holy crap, I'm his partner, me, someone like me." In front of him. Just imagine his blushing face I'm ㅜㅜ

We were walking together in the park as I held Sekizan’s hand in mine. It was a pleasant sunny day and a few clouds were scattered across the sky. Suddenly Sekizan stopped surprising me as I turned to look at him. He stood there with his eyes glaring and his cheeks dusted pink, I looked to where he was staring and spotted an ice cream truck. I giggled causing him to jump in realization of what he was doing. “Sekizan, could you get us some ice cream? I’ll find a place to sit!” I said cheerfully as I gave Sekizan a little push towards the truck “R-Right, no problem..” he was a bit embarrassed because he knew that you knew he wanted the ice cream. I sighed happily as I found a bench to sit on, I watched Sekizan as ge bought our ice cream smiling. ‘He’s like a Rottweiler, looks intimidating but is an adorable puppy in the arms of the right owner.’ He jogged back over to me with a small smile as he handed me my (flavor) ice cream. “Thank you Sekizan!~” I sang as I dug into mine as he nodded to me and watched me with a loving smile. Suddenly he carefully held my chin turning it so I’d face him, his face was flushed red as he lightly sweated. His eyes refused to meet mine as he moved closer. My cheeks were aflame as well as I felt his thumb run across my cheek. “Y-You had some ice cream on your cheek..” He stuttered as he backed away. In your head you chuckled realizing that he chickened out on kissing you because of his shy nature. ‘God he’s adorable…What did I do to deserve a wonderful partner like you Sekizan. Whatever the reason I’m glad that I’m yours..’. I thought as I suddenly heard a *splat* I turned towards the noise to see that Sekizan had dropped his ice cream and he was staring at me eyes widened and face burnt red. “W-What?” He breathed out as I tilted my head in confusion before I realized something… don’t tell me I said all of that out load…

My face burned red as I stared back at Sekizan. “I-I was just wondering what I did to deserve you, and that regardless I’m happy that I get to be yours.. I-I didn’t realize I said all of that out loud..” Sekizan once again took my face in his hands and this time he did close the gap between us, his actions surprised me so much that I almost dropped my ice cream but Sekizan held his hand around mine not letting it fall. When we parted his face matched his hair, I smiled and brought the ice cream in front of me. “Looks like we’ll have to share this huh?~”

I hope you like it!!

~Mod Mochi

Mcl Lysander Headcanon:
•Lysander is not formal at all when he is with castiel
•Sometimes when they hang out together Lysander wears a pair of jeans and a t-shirt because he doesn’t have the time to put on all of his usual clothes and he knows Castiel does not mind
•He occasionally even says ‘bad words’ 'cause he is so used to Castiel saying them that sometimes some of those just slip, then Castiel teases him about it and he gets a little embarrassed

((I Like to think that Lysander can be carefree whe he is comfortable enough, and considering that he and Castiel are pretty good friends…
Aaaand this is the first time I post a headcanon be gentle with me please))

anonymous asked:

heyyo i hear you do ships here sooooOOO could i get some fluffy jally / stevepop hcs? either or both is fine w me! sorry if this sounds demanding!


Jally headcanons:

-Dally has never been a super romantic or affectionate guy, but with Johnny oh my god

-they cuddle so much

-like everyday

-and Dally always makes sexual jokes about Johnny which causes him to get all blushy and embarrassed but Dally thinks it’s adorable

-they’ll be with the gang and Dally’s like “ayy boy what that mouth do (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

-and Johnny’s like 0_0

-but Dally never goes too far (he would never make him uncomfortable on purpose)

-for Johnny’s birthday Dally steals him a silver ring and he loves it

-did I mention that Dally would fight the entire world at once for Johnny

-when Johnny’s parents are being rough on him Dally will sneak in and stay with him until morning

-or if he can’t then they’ll stay on the phone until Johnny is calm

Stevepop headcanons:

-when the socs drive around the DX and pick on Soda Steve is LIVID AND WILL FIGHT EVERYONE

-they’re also huge cuddlers don’t lie to yourself

-sometimes Pony will come home and Soda and Steve are on the bed asleep in each others arms

-Darry was a bit disapproving of their relationship at first but now he sees how happy they are together

-Stevepop and Jally go on double dates sometimes and no one can convince me otherwise

-Steve will creep up behind Soda in his car and honk the horn to scare this shit out of him

-it works

-every time

-they go on dates all the time

-people used to harass them but at this point everyone knows they’re together and no one cares anymore

-sometimes they’ll kiss just to piss off the socs who always try to pick fights with them at the DX

-half of Soda’s jackets belonged to Steve at one point

-on their one year anniversary they wanted to get small matching tattoos but since they were underage and poor af, they decided to do a stick and poke

-bad decision

-Soda couldn’t handle it after the first 3 pokes

-so he just has a tiny line on his ankle

-Steve got about halfway through when he couldn’t handle it

-did I mention Soda’s hand is really unsteady so he had half of a squiggly heart

-the gang teases them about it to this day

-and of course it’s still there

Okay that’s all I can think of for now but omg I had fun with this so feel free to request any other ships or if you wanna see a one shot about one of these let me know :)

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Team Flare Boss Sycamore is giving an evil monologue and Professor Lysandre doesn't know if he has the power to stop him. Then he makes a rash choice to sit on him!


“APOLOGIZE!” Lysandre’s voice booms in the chamber. His rump is planted firmly on Sycamore’s back, forcing the smaller man to cough from the force (and the dust.) 

Sycamore’s face is bright red from rage and embarrassment. Sure the Professor was tall and muscular, but he never planned for him to actually ever use that strength on him in such a horribly dehumanizing way, “NEVER! I HAVE NOTHING TO APOLO-”

Lysandre bounces and presses Sycamore more flatly on the concrete floor, it causes the Flare Leader’s voice to fail, “APOLOGIZE!” He yells again and while he is sure their current positions look silly and childish, he persists. 

With their shared stubbornness, the standoff lasts for some time. 


I was just about to take a nap, but I’m glad I saw this ask first. Flareboss!Sycamore messed up. (ok, now it is nap time.)

i really headcanon raimundo to be the sort of guy that’s into health and beauty products. skin care, hair, lip balms, hand creams. “you have really soft hands for a boy”. all that sort of stuff. and he’s not embarrassed about it, not like when he was younger.

but imagine jack raiding the temple, trying to steal some shen gong wu back at night or other while the monks are out finding a new wu, and he ends up at the monk’s rooms after trying to sneak back out, after nearly getting caught. 

and he’s just ‘???’ cause why is kimiko’s stuff in raimundo’s room.

then it just clicks, “oh my god, they’re totally dating, i knew it”.

so jack ends up thinking they’re both together, and rai ends up going red cause jack keeps teasing him and referring to kimiko as his girlfriend/etc at their next showdown. probably trying to get back the wu jack stole.


He had seen you laugh before. Had watched the way you would sometimes cover your face with a hand in embarrassment. Had noticed the way you giggled at your own lame jokes. Usually harder than anyone else in the room. But for some reason, tonight, when your laugh came soft like a chuckle and pushed out your small dimples, Barry was stopped in his tracks.

It was so fast he almost didn’t see it. Almost didn’t recognize the feeling. But he did see it and he did recognize it. And when he did it was like a door opening and causing everything to flood in. But it didn’t feel like it was drowning him, instead it was like he was being filled. 

Thanks to that short but heart-filled laugh that echoed through the room, Barry Allen realized he was head-over-heels in love.

YOU: Hey, Bare, you okay?

BARRY: Wha–um. Yeah, I’m good…..Great actually.

*****thank you to @riverlethe1 for requesting this!

comic-rust  asked:

Hey got a question chronic what inspired you to the the recent bunny character if I may ask?

Well, honestly, I’ve been drawing this character for a couple of years now in my multitude of notebooks, and I never really wanted to show him off.  In the beginning he wasn’t a bunny… I’m honestly not sure WHAT he was, but over two weeks ago I decided to revamp his design, FINALLY give him a steady name (I kept changing up the name to whatever I thought fit him at the time), and show him off like my my other OC’s.

But what inspired me to actually go forth and finalize this OC and go crAZY with his story (i thought i was gonna stop with the sketch I did here, but nopE)… was because of @piranhebula and her ability to create the most aMAZING FLUFF ON THE PLANET WITH HER CHARACTERS GORO AND KITO (allheroc’snotjustthetwohhhhhhhhh).  Seeing her stuff inspired me so much and gave me a huge boost in confidence that maybe… maybe I can post my own cute alien characters and make my own fluff and not feel embarrassed about it.

I dunno

K but consider: autistic nico

•his special interest is mythomagic. he’s embarrassed by it cause its ‘childish’ but secretly spends all his time thinking about it and runs at least 2 blogs

•communication difficulties. sometimes words just. dont happen??? will, hazel and The Squad™ do their best to give him space and make him comfy

•nico who has eating problems because of ~sensory issues~ like he cant stand the texture of some food or it smells too strong. Will helps hims find foods he can Tolerate 

•The Boi stims with his ring!!! hazel gets him one o those fancy spinner rings as a gift and nico loves her so much……….. he puts it on the finger next 2 his skull ring and it makes him Happy

•Nico never really knowin how the people around him feel and worrying that he upsets them and they just dont say anything

•nico with executive dysfunction!!! i Yell

•nico w a Very Specific Schedule. he wakes at 6:00 every morning to get coffee and bring it back to his cabin before everyone else gets up. if someone else is in the dining pavilion everything is Fukt™.one time chiron gets a new brand of coffee and Hoooo Boi Nico is ready to Stab A Bitch for a full 24 hrs

i could go on tbh. autistic nico brings me Life


So I was wandering Walmart when this sudden Blitzstone thing came to mind.

So this is how it would go down.

So the whole ordeal starts with Hearthstone having a nightmare about his parents (or maybe Fernis wolf? Take your pick) and wakes up crying his eyes out but doesn’t release how loud his crying is, cause I don’t know, he’s deaf? So Blitzen was having trouble sleeping, so he decides to go do some projects until he gets tired, and hears Hearth , so he goes and check on him in his room, and his heart SHATTERS when he sees Hearth, so he marches straight to him and hugs him, and under different terms, Hearth would blush, but he just buries his face in Blitzen’s shoulder. So eventually (and to Blitzen’s embarrassment) Hearth falls asleep, and Blitzen’s only option is to roll them down so they were cuddling.

(P.S - Hearthstone woke up first and thought he was being attacked, but when he realized it was Blitzen he just sort of fell back asleep.)

Exo reaction to when they come home early and their gf is just in underwear


*stares at you, judging you*


*sexy smirk*
“I’m liking the view”


*baby panda covering his eyes*
“omg! I didn’t know you weren’t wearing cloths.. i’m sorry.. I’ll leave”


*gets embarrassed and nervous causing him to blush up*


*finds you strange and unique and loves you even more”


*sassy queen*
“gurl put on some cloths… I brought pizza”


“well.. someone’s been naughty”


“But why aren’t you wearing any cloths?”


“your gonna get a cold gurl”


*my style*
“I think I just feel in love again”


*so done*
“sooo… I brought the members… btw”


*pretty satisfied*
“this is new”

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