this might sound so stupid and pathetic but if its confirmed i srsly dont know what i’ll do i’ve had this blog for years and every day i’ve been on it because i love the boys and i love this fandom but if louis honestly knocked someone up and really is a homophobic asshole and all this time i’ve been so wrong about all of it idk what’ll happen like this fandom - no matter how petty redundant and outrageous - has been my safe place for a long time and it might just be gone and im so scared i dont want it to end. not like this.


To shuukyo, whose tag ramblings got me really intrigued in the Tsukkiyama dynamic in the first place - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S A FOURTH PERSON TURNING TWENTY IN AUGUST IN THE TSUKKIYAMA FANDOM (that I know of anyways) PFFFT — 

You wanted them being science nerds, so have this lame comic about Tsukki teaching Yama how to love his freckles a little more through constellations LMAO IDK. IT ISN’T EVEN DONE YET. THERE’RE 4 MORE PAGES TO GO /CRIES FOREVER. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T TELL PEOPLE YOUR BIRTHDAY EARLIER, SHUU. I CAN’T FINISH IN TIME —

But I wanted to post something in time for your birthday, so have the first three pages pffft.

Also, please forgive any lousy, inaccurate constellation drawings LMAO 


In response to this confession: { x }

In no way way am I out to attack this confession, but to anyone that thinks Minah has a bad attitude, I would love to show you how Daisies see Bang Minah. Minah is sensitive, especially when her fans are mentioned and holds them close to her heart. She is caring toward her sisters even though she is the second youngest. She’s an incredibly hard worker and never misses the chance to express how much she wants to show in her performances. The most admirable thing about Minah is her optimism. No matter how little she’s slept, how intense of a diet she has, how much she’s practiced, or how busy her schedule is, she is always smiling brightly. If you truly want to be apart of any fandom, start by seeing them through the eyes of their fans. ♥

Big thank you to minahsday for helping me!

  • sasuke: *tries to kill naruto*
  • naruto: it's alright, i will never give up on you... because you're my friend!!!
  • fandom: SEEMS LEGIT! AWWWWW <3
  • sasuke: *tries to kill sakura*
  • sakura: it's alright, i will never give up on you... because i want to save you from your darkness and i love you
soul mate au where the most important thing your soul mate will ever say to you is written on your wrist

Yeah sure we can go for the obvious like “I love you” or “I will miss you” but what about real weird stuff like “Please accept the change, sir” or “Please play on, your music is lovely”. Then there is the straight up nasty stuff like “I promise I won’t kill you”

Feel free to add on

meanwhile at ABC headquarters

*muffled yells in the distance* “No one cares about Hook!”

“Aww, everyone’s talking about Hook. Better put him on the poster. Get those blue eyes front and centre. Hang in there Killian, Emma’s coming for ya.”

“Stop Once Upon A Captain Swan!”

“Oooh, ‘Once Upon A Captain Swan’? That sounds great. Someone write that down. Jimmy, write that down. That’s our new slogan. Love it. Man. Our fans are the best.”

  • Fandom: Hey crewniverse do you like Lap//idot??
  • Crew: Yeah! Sure! Love it yessss💚💙💚💙
  • Fandom: What about... Amedot???
  • Crew: whAT IS SHIP?!? SH i P?? WHATS AMERDOTE IDK WHAT THAT IS HAHAhahahaaaaa bye

Okay you know what? I am gonna just come out and say this because it has been troubling the shit out of me ever since Agent Carter’s season 2 has started.

Literally every week I watch the show and afterwards I go into the tags and I love looking at opinions and reblogging gifs etc. but I never see any gifs of Jason Wilkes or of his kisses with Peggy. Nor do I see anyone talking about how the interracial relationship is revolutionary or how it is portrayed within the show or even an analysis of how Jason’s status as a black man affected him in the deeply racist time period.

All I see is:

1) People saying he is evil when he has never shown any evil tendencies or ill feelings towards any of our protagonists from Peggy to Sousa to Jarvis to Howard Stark and has actually gone out of his way to help them in their investigations to the point of endangering his own life rather spectacularly.

2) People who wish he got less screen time because he’s boring etc. when his character is largely groundbreaking and his personality is ridiculously charming. He’s got a great sense of humour and he clearly cares a lot for Peggy. Their chemistry is undeniable and yet I hardly ever see anyone who stans for him or legitimately and whole heartedly ships him with Peggy. And as far as the boring thing is concerned, I see more stans and people demanding greater screen time for Jack Thompson who, quite frankly, is as interesting as a soggy lettuce leaf.

3) Peggysous shippers who wish he’d go away. Now I don’t want to start a ship war. I don’t care who the hell you ship on the show; that’s your choice. However I will say that it is unacceptable that Peggysous shippers want Jason to go away because it interferes with their ship. I’d like to point out that I definitely see why people ship Peggy and Daniel. I lowkey ship it myself. They clearly have feelings for each other but let’s face it. Jason and Peggy have kissed twice. She is deeply attracted to him, admires him, and has worked extremely hard to keep him safe and restore him to his tangible self. I would feel like there should be an equally strong fanbase for Peggy x Jason shippers as there is for Peggysous shippers but there isn’t! There should be heaps of gifsets of the Peggy and Jason kiss but there aren’t! But there are literally heaps of the Peggysous hand hold + Peggysous almost kiss. In fact, if you go in the Jason Wilkes tag, a large majority of it is people who wish he’d go away and being annoyed that he kissed Peggy.

The fans asked for a diverse cast and even though more white dudebros were added, the addition of Jason Wiles is extraordinary. He’s a black man in a period piece and he isn’t a slave or a servant or someone of a lower socioeconomic class. He’s a reputable scientist and someone who has charm and talent. He is an example of fantastic representation. However, the fandom really doesn’t give a shit about him. I feel like they have asked for representation and they have received it however what they really wanted was a token black character who’s quiet and and stays out of their way so they can ship their wholly white ship. They want their token black character so they can feel satisfied that they are Not Racist™ and that they have officially solved the problem of anti blackness in media and fandom.

Quite frankly, I hate this love triangle. It’s unnecessary and Peggy Carter deserves a more original romantic subplot but at least it has revealed the insidious anti blackness within the Marvel (and specifically Agent Carter) fandom. This isn’t new. We all know how Rhodey and Sam and even Nick Fury are treated in fandom (fanart, meta and fanfiction included.) We know that there is a severe lack of women of colour within the franchise of a whole (especially in feature films). I just wished it would be different for this fandom. One which prides itself on being feminist. One which went out of its way to create dialogue with the creators of the show to demand better representation. But I guess I should have known better :/  

idk about you but after seeing all of those colors and that rainbow flag getting rubbed on Chris Martin on tv when he went near the fans and all of that love and uptown funk and all of that positivity from that half time show made me feel so much better like ive been through hell in this fandom for months and sometimes as a gay fan i feel attacked & unwanted (these past few weeks have been the worst) & like i just- i reallyyyyy needed that reminder that im loved and cared for no matter what so thanks to coldplay & co. for using their big moment to spread love & positivity to millions :)

Brain: You know whats a smart thing you can do?

Me: Even though I never do anything smart, I am curious.

Brain: You should fucking go to sleep, or if you’re not sleeping at least be productive and do your homework or some shit like that.

Me: Gee that does sound smart buuuuuuut…

Me: *goes to all of my otp’s tags, reads every fanfic about them that I can, dives headfirst into all of my fandoms, and cries for no particular reason*

Brain: *screams*

Sleeping Beauty (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve x Reader


Word Count: 1, 838

Warnings: Swearing (I think), saddness/grief, angst (I guess), possible Civil War spoilers (idk, I don’t remember)

Notes: Don’t even ask me about the title. Also, let’s just pretend everyone is happy family, okay? Okay. I really enjoyed this, I hope you guys do to! xx

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idk what this fandom could do that we haven’t already to show our appreciation and love for Eliza even more. I really can’t put into words how incredible she is. I love how you can tell that she doesn’t think she is above her fans; you can tell how much she appreciates and supports us. There is this palpable feeling of a mutual love between us all that is so refreshing. Her message about body positivity is something that is so special to me. I LOVE how she is using her voice to let people know that noBODY is perfect and to love yourself. Eliza is truly a beautiful person, both inside and out. 

Eliza deserves the world universe. 

anonymous asked:

Hello~ I was wondering if you ever thought what the MysMe characters would sound like if they spoke/ sang in Japanese. Do you have any personal voice hc with the Mysme characters and Project B / Uta Pri? If you don't, that's fine~ Just wondering, haha. Lovely blog btw 💕


Ahem. So let’s get started ^^ As much as I LOVE the korean voices for the mysme characters I’ve always wondered what they’d sound like if they were japanese? Also at least half of these don’t belong to either B-Pro or UtaPri so I’m really sorry about that ;;;;. Anyways here’s my JP seiyuus headcanons for them ^^

Yoosung Kim - Kensho Ono. Idk why myself but I can’t ever think of Yoosung without having KenOno’s voice playing in my mind. Reference - Natsuyuki Tooru (Starmyu) & Hakuryuu Ren (Magi)

Zen - Nakamura Yuuichi. This guy has played some of the best narcissistic/arrogant characters and at least in my opinion he is the best fit for Zen’s role. Reference - Tetsurou Kuroo (Haikyuu!!)

Jaehee Kang - Ohara Sayaka. It’s kinda not easy to find many voices like hers and I think it goes really well with Jaehee’s maturity/occasional fangirling phases/annoyance towards her boss and his cat etc etc. Reference - Tachibana Sakuya (God Eater) & Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Jumin Han - Umehara Yuuichirou. Tbh the first seiyuu I had in mind for his role was Daisuke Ono. But thanks to Ichijouji (Magic Kyun! Renaissance) having too many similarities with Jumin, I can not think of anyone more suitable for this role. Reference - Ichijouji Teika (Magic Kyun! Renaissance)

707 - Miyano Mamoru. Anyone who knows me here for some time now, must have seen this coming ^^ Why can I imagine Mamo-chan’s voice for Seven’s role? It’s ‘cuz a lot of his roles are very happy-go-lucky ones and most of the times it’s just a façade to hide his real emotions which are much colder caused by a dark past. Reference - Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs) & Hayato/Tokiya (UtaPri)

Unknown - Kishio Daisuke. Everytime I think of Unknown/Saeran the one guy who pops up in my mind is Azusa from DiaLovers, except Saeran doesn’t drag out his dialogues. Other characters of KiDai, like Ryuuji (B-Pro), Kasuka (DRRR), Shinobu (Junjou Romantica) etc. really stuck with me too so yeah ^^. Reference - Azusa Mukami (DiaLovers)

V - Daisuke Ono. Tbh there’s no particular reason why I chose him for this role. It’s just V’s kindness, forgiving and gentlemanly nature really reminds me of Tomohisa (B-Pro) and some other characters played by DaiOno ^^. Reference - Tomohisa Kitakado (B-Project)

Rika - Ai Kayano. She had always been one of my most favourite female seiyuus. I think the contrast between her high pitched and low pitched voice creates an oddly accurate image of how Rika’s character actually is. Reference - Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown) & Kyouka (Fairy Tail)

My favorite thing about the steter fandom is that there isn’t a lot of drama (at least from what I get out of it) mostly it’s just some random person being like “Steter is disgusting and wrong” and we’re like…well you aint wrong, here’s 100k of sick daddy kink, serial killer!peter, and near non-con!

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do zach dewall and dan clermont know that they're loved and appreciated? there's so many posts everywhere about maxx and cody but zach and dan are just as amazing as they are, do they know that we all love them? do they know just how talented we think/know they are? do we, the fandom, show enough appreciation for them? idk but man i love dan clermont and zach dewall and they deserve the best and they deserve so much appreciation and love and support and i love them so much

Normally, the “drama” that happened today (it’s not drama, let’s be real, but gotta love this fandom and it’s tendency to create drama no matter what) wouldn’t spark me to write something but as usual shippers have been thrown under the bus. Because everything wrong with this fandom is our fault, duhhh. And, not gonna lie, I got a wee bit frustrated with Sam & Cait. I talk constantly about how it’s not their fault but also they must know every time shit like this happens their most loyal fans get the shitty end of the stick? ANYWAY. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here because thinking about all this led me to thinking about human decency and the utter and honestly horrifying lack of it in this fandom. 

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For real, am I the ONLY one who will be happy as fuck if CS DOES get married at the end of the season?

Cuz I honestly can’t think of a single thing I’d be happier about tbh.

IDGAF about the timing of it … if it feels right, it feels right, and the writers have done this couple SO BEAUTIFULLY thus far, whatever they decide is going to be perfect, IMO.

Reckless [Sleeping Beauty, Part 2] (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve x Reader


+ SO MANY MORE, part one here.

Word Count: 2, 108

Warnings: Cursing (maybe), explosives, sweaty Steve, not much…

Notes: Omg, this has taken me forever! I wanted it to be good, but idk how I feel about it, I really hope you guys like it though! Please let me know what you think, and yeah, I’m sorry if it sucks! xx

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i remember adri being one of the hugest emma stans ever and her tag for emma ever since hook came into her life is “she is loved” and that’s all i can think about adriane rn while reading all the messages about/for her from all the people in this fandom she has touched. she is loved. and she will be very much missed.