Had a swings and roundabouts sort of day.

One client said she was starting to trust me and gave me a picture she had drawn for me to keep.

Another one had to go home when I told her I couldn’t allow her husband to come in the room with her. She can’t be in a room with a stranger alone which I can understand. It’s just not something I’m allowed to do- let other people in to the session. I said I would get my manager to phone them as it is a service policy and not something that I can decide. Emailed her afterwards asking her to phone them.

I keep telling myself- the limits of a service are not a reflection on you, but just an inconvenient sign that the service probably isn’t right for the client. But I still feel bad. I don’t want to make people feel alone and without help. But I can’t go against my placement agency’s policies and structures either as they are there for a reason and counselling is strictly one on one there.

Maybe my manager can sort something out for her. I don’t know.

Something that is almost always irritating to read: characters endlessly self-flagellating over things they couldn’t have done anything about and everyone rushing in to comfort them and assure them they are good and noble people. 

anonymous asked:

[How long have you and your gf been together? Do you live near each other?

Rae & I have been together on & off for a little over a year now. It’s a long distance relationship, she lives down South & I’m up North, but we do plan on meeting at some point or another. We’d have to do it in secret, though, or else the Northern Headquarters would behead me for falling in love with a Southerner :^)