Bamon Remembrance Week→ day 2: the moment that made you ship Bamon

”You know that’s [the necklace] mine, don’t you?“
"Not anymore
"Funny. I’d like it back, please.”
“I’m not giving it to you. I’ll give it to Caroline, and she can give it to you if she feels like it.”
“Or I could just take it right now.” -
Episode 1x7 (Haunted)

I saw “the sparkles” in their very first dialogue. At first what attracted me to this pairing was the supernatural element present here. There was something so compelling about watching a “big bad vampire” and a “stubborn teenage witch” interact… Something that was different from all that I’d seen before. The writers really fooled me made me think something was going to happen between Damon and Bonnie. Obviously when I first watched this scene I still had no idea how much in love I would be with their banter and pretty much everything else about them. They became OTP to end all OTPs later but this moment right here is where all the pain it all started.

I think Fitz-Simmons just became my OTP to end all OTPs because I just watched the season 1 finale and just everything that happened with those two broke me.

Seriously, I was crying so hard that I was shaking and I had to pause the episode for like ten minutes so I could calm myself down.

I have never done that for any of my ships before.

I love them.