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Tell us a story!

Okay I’ll tell an embarrassing story for you guys.

Alright, so in 7th grade I had a pair of these super skinny pants that I loved to wear because I thought I looked so cool in them, but eventually they started getting too small on me, but I ignored it and continued to squeeze into them time after time again. One day, in a rush, I put them on without thinking and raced to school, already tardy. Confidently strutting down the empty halls, I naturally felt good in my skin tight jeans, and when I made it to class, I strides all the way to my desk like I was on the runway. (Not really, but I felt pretty damn hot in those pants). Anyways, the teacher calls me up to her desk, which is in front of the entire class, to tell me that I needed to call my parents about forgetting to sign a report card, so I nodded and went to the phone, also in front of the whole class, and proceeded to try to call them. As I was facing away, my back to everyone in the room, I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I turn to see my friend who looks kind of hesitant to tell me something. “What’s up?” I ask, thinking nothing’s wrong. She kind of awkwardly smiles and gestures for me to lean in so she could whisper something in my ear, “There’s a hole in your pants” she says. I pull away a little confused, “What?” She motions quickly for me to come back, “I said, there’s a big rip in your pants–right on your butt!” By then, I was completely and utterly shocked. Not only had I confidently walked down the halls like I was hot shit, but I had stood in front of all me classmates with a gaping hole on the backside of my jeans! The make matters absolutely worse, I was wearing quite possibly to this day, the ugliest pair of underwear I have ever owned. I was mortified, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole and die. But, oh, the universe wasn’t quite done with me yet! I had tried to reach my parents for a change of clothes, but neither of them answered, even after countless attempts of calling and silent pleading for them to pick up. I was stuck wearing those torn skinny jeans for the rest of the day. Thankfully, my friend from before offered her jacket to tie around my waist, and although it wasn’t ideal, it was certainly much better than having to wear whatever extra pair of pants the nurse had! The rest of the day continued mildly horrible, but it took a final turn downwards when I realized that we also had a pep rally that day. Splendid! Now, not only was EVERYONE in my class going to see the suspicious looking jacket tied around my waist, but I’d be forced to sit out the entire time in effort to avoid anyone actually seeing the hole in my pants! Needless to say, it was a really awful experience, and I know now to double check my clothes before leaving the house.

@shunkuroichii is so dead.

Good luck against me, @apolleh, @tempestfury617, @whitefire321 and @sheephat.

Edit: @shulk-megami-tensei and Reina have joined the battle after he threatened Celica as well.

Edit 2.0: @bloodrawknuckle he slapped Hope. You better have a good supply of cans ready.

Edit 3.0: He’s attacked and attempted to seduce Elma. @noot-scoot and all the other Elma fans, have fun.

Other victims: Lin, Yelv, Mia…

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18. A kiss on the forehead, Adoribull. Because I am a piece of fluffy trash.

When Bull woke up, Dorian was still there. Not only that, but fast asleep. He had doused off a couple times before, after their most vigorous activities, but he never allowed himself to drop his guard quite this much. He had certainly never stayed so late that Bull could see the first sunrays entering through the role on the roof, far too late for Dorian to have any chance of sneaking out without being seen.

Perhaps, when he woke up, Dorian would try to play that off as a mistake, apologize and say he must have been more tired than he thought he was, but Bull knew better than to assume this was anything other than a deliberate move. He had seen Dorian waking up reinvigorated after sleeping at most a couple of hours, even when he was exhausted from fighting a dragon and subsequently taking advantage that that had on Bull, and sneaking out of the tent so he wouldn’t be there when Bull woke up. Which Bull allowed him to do, of course, since even a change in breathing was enough to wake him, but if Dorian wanted to leave while he was sleeping, he would let him believe he was doing just that.

And yet, there he was, still asleep, after a night that was no different from dozens they spent together before. Bull allowed himself a smile, and pulled Dorian closer to him, being careful not to wake him. Normally, by this hour he would he getting up and going about his day, starting with the morning training with the Chargers, but he didn’t want to waste the opportunity of seeing Dorian waking up naturally after a full night of sleep. He kissed Dorian on the forehead and leaned back so he could watch him from a comfortable position, the Chargers would have to make due without him that morning.

@scurvgirl but can we let banana be a little happier?maybe a lot? with…lots of snuggles? that vena can eventually feel? here are some messy doodle snuggles because you asked!

Vena feeling things is a question for his creator… @feynites

these two what an unexpected bit of happenstance @feynites they are a very unexpected happenstance, indeed. However I hope this is as fun for everyone else as it is for me. OwO

Remember that moment in the Soul Eater manga when Kid was in the book of Eibon and momentarily taken over by madness? And then Liz and Patti went in to save him because they’re his weapon partners who have a strong bond with him and they helped bring him back to normal?

Yea, that’s my favorite part of the manga as well.

before bedtime

“i can go to the drugstore tomorrow if you need a refill.”

shaking his nearly-empty bottle of pills as though it’s a maraca, mulder admits, “that’s probably a good idea.”

she needs more cholesterol pills anyway, so she makes a mental note to add that stop to her commute tomorrow. luckily, her workload isn’t too hefty at the moment; she can afford to plan stops along the way. after having case upon case pile up at the hospital, she’s content to slow down, to spend more time than she usually does on little parts of her day. she even came home early enough to help mulder with dinner, something she typically can only do on weekends.

when they renovated their home, they put a double-sink in the bathroom, and ever since, she’s loved their little nighttime ritual alongside each other, close enough to chat but far enough not to feel crowded. his sink is always messy, an errant bottle of aftershave strewn to the side while the regular toothpaste remains uncapped, and though her sink is equally haphazard, she claims a method to her ways. the makeup stays in the bag, her toothbrush and sensitive-formula toothpaste are in line with the sink, the cleansers are on the right, and the lotions are on the left; it’s cluttered, but it’s organized.

“scully?” he asks, wetting his face in his sink.

humming a response, she looks toward him, squeezes face wash onto her palm.

“do you ever realize how strange all of this is?”

rubbing the soap between her palms and starting to massage it onto her face, she frets, “you’ll have to be more specific.”

“the day-to-day, the domesticity,” he elaborates, picking up his toothbrush. “dogs don’t do it. foxes don’t do it. why do we do it? and furthermore, do people on other planets do it?”

“first of all, i know one fox who does it,” she points out, “and second, i’m pretty sure people on other planets do it. otherwise, those planets wouldn’t be populated at all.”

“ha ha,” he huffs sarcastically. “in all seriousness, scully, do you think other people out there hover over their sinks and chat with their spouses every night? do you think they enjoy it? does it bring them a sense of cleanliness, of self-preservation?”

“does it bring you any of those things?”

“yes, of course,” he says. “i just don’t know how things like this could transcend galaxies when they can’t even transcend species.”

“but you want things like these to transcend galaxies,” she adds.

“of course i do,” he says while she washes the cleanser off of her face. “it’s the little things, you know? i want them to know how good our little things feel.”

“why?” she asks, patting her face dry with a towel.

“because i like doing this.” he motions with his toothbrush, circling the room. “i like talking to you at the end of the day. if i can feel joy from that, then i hope extraterrestrial life can too.”

she looks down, smiles to herself. if she wanted to, she could deadpan a response, some sarcastic way of saying that that’s the most romantic thing she’s ever heard, but she keeps quiet. her routine finished for the night, she pads over to him, stands on tiptoe to that she can kiss his stubbled cheek.

“brush your teeth, mulder,” she says, walking out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, “just like all the aliens do every night.”

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Not fighting, just curious how Dorian fits in gryffindor in your opinion, I can see where the others fit

Not gonnna lie, my first instinct was to put him in Ravenclaw, but @eugenideswalksintoabar helped me see the light.

Consider: Dorian Pavus is the same type of Gryffindor as Hermione Granger.

Sure, he loves knowing things, but he wants to use his knowledge to help himself and other people. He learns about the blight and researches time magic with Aliexius in part to help save Felix. Some of his first words to the Inquisitor in the future are that he’ll protect them and that they shouldn’t be afraid.

And if you pick the Templars to close the Breach, he runs from Redcliffe to Haven to warn you about the army– on foot, through the snow, in unfamiliar territory– pretty courageous, don’t you think?

When Vivienne asks him why he joined the Inquisition, he responds: “I’m not here on behalf of my nation’s reputation, Vivienne. I’m here to do what is right.” Sounds like something a Gryffindor would say.

Gryffindor’s main traits are courage, chivalry and determination. He’s definitely brave (my Inquisitor will never pick another dialogue option post-Halward). Chivalry, at its best, is about defending those weaker than yourself, and so is Dorian, at his best. And determination… well for one thing, if he didn’t have a strong will, he’d have succumbed to a demon long ago.

So sure, he’s a nerd, but he’s not just collecting knowledge. And he’s ambitious, but his ambition is to make Tevinter a better place (after he helps save the world). And he’s loyal to his friends, but even more loyal to his ideals, since he goes back to Tevinter even if the man he loves is still in the South.

*Middle School Presentation Voice* And that’s why I think Dorian should be in Gryffindor! 

off the wall theory

what if the explosion we see in centipeedle’s and lapis’ flashbacks wasn’t just a weapon but a gem itself

the mural showed rose against a diamond with a diamond shape between them

what if the light and sound was the other diamonds destroying one of their own

what if that’s why there isn’t a pink diamond anymore

what if centipeedle knew this from what happened and thats why she only drew 3 diamonds instead of the 4 we know there used to be

especially since she came to earth on a pink themed ship (or at least on of those ships was pink themed last time we saw it) so there had to still be 4 when she arrived

what if the sound/song she heard was the death cry of a diamond

there is going to be at least a paragraph if not several pages in my thesis devoted to the poppysmata cunni poem by Martial

wild times

(this is the one where he says that a woman is a pretty good all-rounder - hot, smart, charming, etc - and he would go for her except that she always queefs when they have sex. It’s looking like it might be the most censored of all of the poems, but I’m not quite done yet in this stage of the research… so watch this space)


i saw my check for this week and im screaming, thats what happens when u work 2 extra shifts! as soon as it hits my bank account im ordering all of this i love etsy, and i found a cute bed finally! i might order that on friday as well

also i went and applied for a loan so hopefully i’ll have a sofa set this weekend, but i dont have my fingers crossed i always get denied for everything

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Casses face in the last panel of the comic is me when i first romanced him in the game. I was so like Holy shit! ♥

Lol me too…I had to kind of lay down for a bit to process what just happened. Unfortunately, I don’t think me making Cass just slowly walk over to the Rexford and fall in a bed in shock would have worked…well maybe…well okay, you guys can assume thats exactly what happened afterwards x3.

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"We also know that Serra’s Realm was destroyed" is inaccurate. Urza intentionally destroyed Serra's Realm. It would've been fine if nobody messed with it.

you say it right there that it was destroyed

I get what you are going for, but the point I was making was for more of the idea of Eldrazi as a Clean Up Crew. What happens in the Blind Eternities to a Plane thats been destroyed? What does that SEEM like? How would it appear to a creature of the Blind Eternities?

My point was not to say that Eldrazi destroyed Serra’s Realm, it was to say it WAS destroyed and Eldrazi may have shown up to it at the end, when it was all done 

They’d know of its untimely destruction and then fix whatever caused that, whereas with other planes perhaps they see “okay, it is time for this plane to die, lets wrap it up”

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So, storytime. i was telling my fiance about tpi, to explain why i was moping a bit. she looked me dead in the eye. she isnt really into undertale. she IS into south park. "thats what happened in the craig/tweek episode."

i’ve never watched south park lmao

what part of tpi is like the episode? fake dating? rejection a la “you is my coolest friend?” the constant stream of embarrassing moments? :D

What happened to us?

What happened to kpop fans? Why do we fight all the time? Why can’t we just get along?

Why can’t we just be considerate of other peoples feelings? Why do people have to bash other groups or single out members just to get noticed? Why do we have to make this a hug deal that make not only the performers feel uncomfortable, but the fans themselves. People leave their fandoms because of people’s crude ‘jokes’ and lack of consideration to other fandoms.


Who or what gave people the right to say things like this? To judge an idol on their skin color, race, personality, body physicality, role in the group, eating habits, or any other minuscule thing about them. Idols are people too, they have feelings and they have their limits. They see what people write, good or bad, and it can affect them. 

I’m not sure as to why people do what they do, downgrade idols and such, but I really hope they stop one day, not for the sake of the fandom but for the sake of the entertainer themselves.

A very long time ago, on this one variety show, Strong Heart I believe, one of the idols from the show revealed about a close idol friend that began to have suicidal thoughts due to the amount of disrespect and hatred that he was receiving from ‘fans’. This idol had to coax his friend to not chose the wrong path and take his life, and this breaks my heart. Sure I have no clue who this guy is but, people can go to far sometimes and not really realize it until its too late.

Please why can’t we get along? Why can’t we just all be a joined community instead of grabbing at each other’s throats.

We want out groups to be proud of our fandoms, not ashamed of them. We want our groups to not be afraid of reading comments because they are ‘too vulgar and inappropriate”. Let’s have some peace.


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

david karp sits at his desk at tumblr headquarters

“what’s this,” he says to himself, scrolling down his dashboard. it’s a picture of johnkat, his most hated ship in all of homestuck.

“DON’T YOU KNOW DAVEJOHN IS CANON???” he screams, flinging his no whip soy white mocha off of his desk

it hits the servers

tumblr goes down