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honestly i just started watching american gods and I never thought id get to say 'tender gay lovemaking on the astral plane actually genuinely happened in this show' but i do get to say that and i think it's beautiful

adhaisha ‘tender gay lovemaking on the astral plane’ is the best and most accurate description of that scene. 

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Who is marks alter ego the host? The one with the blindfold over his eyes at the table on markiplier tv

Yep that’s the host. He was once the Author but he met some tragic end and became the Host.
I believe thats what happened anyway.

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Can u explain to me the situation with owlturd? Sorry I'm just curious with all this discussion going on about him. I'm late 😣

owlturd made this comic which i commenting on calling him a milquetoast centrist fuck and as a reply he made this and then made a few other other posts like this which im assuming were inspired by me and he made some strange satire about antifa and centrists. i just recently went to his blog and everything was deleted tho so i dont have the antifa stuff. anyways all of this blew up and its the Hot New Thing on tumblr i guess. also a bunch of people think im bullying/harassing him cause i called him a centrist for some reason. im not gonna give him any more shit about this tho im just trying to answer all the stuff people are sending me but thats what happened

I can’t stop thinking about the wisecrack carrie fisher would make about debbie reynolds dying a day after her: the joke about her family, always bringing the drama, the ‘she couldn’t stand to let me have all the attention even when I had just died. I want you all to remember that I did it first.’  

I like to imagine her in the afterlife adding material to her stand up: ‘I’m really disappointed to be here tonight, I was hoping I’d get to haunt george lucas for that metal bikini.’ ‘do you know how long the line for this place is? I flipped off nancy reagan and fidel castro on the way in. ’ ‘when I said dear lord please don’t let me live to see that orange buffoon be president I should have been a helluva lot more specific.’

playing to a sold out audience, her mother in the front row. bowie and rickman at a table in the back. 

u know what i love about clarke though.. she’s a ~strong kickass heroine~ in a way that i don’t usually see. she doesn’t have to break boards with her fist, or be able to build something out of a pile of scraps, or make hilarious jokes ever 5 seconds  to be an interesting and lovable female character. and I’m NOT knocking those types of female characters AT ALL (because lordy knows i love those!), but I hardly see characters like clarke griffin. 

she’s a good female character because she is a complex person. because she’s uptight but likes to have a little fun now and then. because she makes difficult choices and cries about them later. because she is good at getting what she wants, but can also be swayed herself. because she’s a quick thinker but doesn’t have all the solutions. because she’s analytical and logical but also loves people so deeply that it tears her apart. because she’s ultimately a good person who sometimes makes bad choices. she’s been through a lot and yet still somehow finds it in herself to smile at a dumb joke and even make one herself now and then.

clarke griffin is a female character who is not a super genius person, or a super physically kickass person, or a super sassy person. but she is still powerful in a quiet, understated way that usually only male characters are allowed to be. i love That

can you believe that elias, who has known sana her entire life, who has seen her be on the receiving end of sexist remarks, who has seen women be on the receiving end of sexist remarks multiple times, who knows that people will be quick to judge and will hate on her for being on a russ bus, only wants what’s best for his little sister? can you believe that his thought process is not “you, as a girl, should not be on a russ bus”, but rather “you, as a girl, will get hate because you’re on a russ bus, as opposed to me, a boy, who won’t get hate because of it. it’s not something that i agree with, and it’s something i wish didn’t happen, but sadly it does. and i don’t want that happening to you, because i only want what’s best for you”


Ah, yes. Jane’s first love. I did say we’d get back to him.

“There’s a new wind blowing like I’ve never known, I’m breathing deeper than I’ve even done. And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do…And I want to love somebody, love somebody like you.“ - Keith Urban, “Somebody like You”


This ship hit me so hard?? From the first time that adorable red sunflower jumped off the tower and begged for Link’s help he was doomed. If I can’t have Mipha/Link than BY ALL THAT IS HOLY SIDLINK WILL RULE! *throws confetti*

Sidon is just a warm, welcoming, sweet and amazing, comforting presence that Link needs?! And he’s just so excited to see him?! And helpful and everything he needs?! LET HIM TELL YOU HOW AMAZING YOU ARE LINK. AND HOW THANKFUL HE IS.

I just wanted to draw them dancing? Link so overcome with happiness over something and just started spinning Sidon around, haha. Link doesn’t get enjoy himself much, and I think Sidon would be quite happy to dance along with his smol boyfriend