People Have Asked Me This And So...

Reason why I would rather be a stepsister over a princess any day.

1. Let’s admit it, there are some days where we wake up and we feel like everything but a princess, it’s ok when your a stepsister, because part of your job description is being ugly.

2. Also part of said job description is flirting with all men, especially eligible ones. Also taken ones however, because for some reason girlfriends and wives give up their significant others like hotcakes if it mean embarrassing the hell out of them.

3. They just get to have more fun than princesses. They don’t have to be prim and proper all the time. If someone is being annoying you can pretty much straight up tell them they are being annoying or give them an evil look, because again part of your job description is to be evil. If you wanna sing, you can sing. If you wanna dance, you can dance. You can pretty much do whatever you want.

4. You can make the most ridiculous of faces in peoples photos (princess hands not required).

5. You get marriage proposals on a regular basis.

6. You still get to wear frilly poofy princess dresses, so really little kids probably just think your Cinderella anyways.

7. You get to be as loud and obnoxious as humanly possible. In fact, the more obnoxious and loud you are the better!

8. You get at least a sister, and potentially a mother with you on almost all occasions. You thus get to play off each others ideas and create memories with your “family”.

9. Most people do in fact like you in spite of the fact that you’re a villain.

10. You get paid to do this.

Also I have nothing against being a princess, or those who want to be princesses, but this is my dream.