my biggest issue with the cop skin is that it came before like literally any canon material for her like I KNOW she’s cute blizzard and I also want to see her in a wide variety of adorable outfits but could you throw a guy a bone here and give her,,,,A Plot

i just want everyone that follows me to know you’re free to come to me whenever. if you’re having a bad day or feeling lonely or just want someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to message me. i love talking and meeting new people and even if we don’t like all of the same things, i’d still love to get to know you.

dailyhoppip  asked:

I demand a number 12 Gyro! We must see a bootleg version >:0 !

Bonus! Two whole bootlegs! (Because I couldn’t decide between the two!)

On the left, we have an unsettling Gyro the Girafarig scupture. Its anatomy is almost correct… almost. The colours, though, are almost painful to look upon. (Featuring a Pacman tail for extra Fake.)

On the right, we have a knock-off surrealist painting of some sort of strange, otherworldly and alien version of Gyro, that clearly bears little resemblance to the real thing…