i know we’re all freaking out over namjoon and how proud of him we are, but i’d like us to take a moment to thank wale: thank you for collaborating with namjoon. thank you for believing and falling in love with his talent. thank you for flying out to south korea to make an incredible song with him in such a short time. thank you for making namjoon’s dreams come true 


they did that, we did that.
I don’t have words to describe how im feeling right now, the only thing im going to say is: we are making history, they are making history, and i’m so freaking proud and happy for them. This is unbelievable, ‘we started with NO MORE DREAM…. and now we’re here’ Thank you ARMY, Thank you BigHit, THANK YOU BANGTAN. Let’s fly our wings forever with bangtan.

[A cold October afternoon.  4:00 PM.  Mrs. Watson’s office hours.  A small room with four desks, shared with three other professors.  A brick wall interior with carpeted floors]

[Gerald knocks on the half-opened wooden door]

Gerald:  Hi.  Mrs. Watson?  Um, I was hoping we could talk about my latest essay grade. 

Watson:  Sure, have a seat.

[Watson grabs chair and pushes it close to Gerald.  Gerald fumbles in his backpack for the paper]

Gerald:  Okay, so, I got a 99% on it and I was wondering what I missed because all you left for comments on it was “Perfect”

Watson:  That’s right.  I remember your paper.  It was very good.

Gerald:  Thank you.  So, I was just wondering what I did wrong on it.

Watson:  You didn’t do anything wrong.  It was a very good paper.

Gerald:  Then why didn’t I get a 100 on it?

Watson:  I don’t give 100’s. 

Gerald:  But you said it was perfect.  Doesn’t a 100 mean perfect.

[Watson quickly glances towards the brick wall to her left]

Watson:  I don’t give 100s.  In my class, a 99 is perfect.

Gerald:  Why is that?  Why isn’t a 100 a perfect score.

Watson:  Because I don’t give perfects.

Gerald:  But you just said a 99 is perfect.

Watson:  Yes, a 99 is perfect for my class.

Gerald:  I guess I’m not understanding why you don’t call a 100 a perfect score.

Watson:  I do not like to give 100s in my class. 

Gerald:  Okay thank you for your time

Watson:  Keep up the perfect work and you will continue to get 99s in my class

Gerald:  Okay Mrs. Watson.  Thank you.

[A fly buzzes in through the door as Gerald exits the room]

Watson:  You let a fly in.

Gerald:  I don’t think that was my fault.

Watson:  Don’t open doors and it won’t happen in the first place.

Gerald:  Okay, thank you for talking to me about my grade.

End Act I

Some Stuff I Love Abt the LEGO Batman Movie

- “Come on guys, you’re making me look bad in front of Batman!”
- The joker’s crying face (BATMAN YOU MADE HIM CRY)
- “You mean nothing to me. No one does.”
- The fact that the horn for the Batmobile is the old “nanananana BATMAN” song
- “Remember kids, if you wanna be like Batman, take care of your abs”
- The water effects!!
- “What is the password?” “Iron Man sucks!” “Thank you.”
- The bats that fly around whenever Batman comes into the bat cave
- The fact that Bats still wears his cowl around the house
- The warm lighting effects from the fireplace in Wayne manor!!!
- Batman denying that he was looking at the family photos
- “And that weird one [phase] in 1966”
- “Master Bruce, its morning” “HISSSSSSSAAAAAAA”
- “[Beatboxing] NO”
- Batman loves his dressup parties <3
- Bruce’s helmet hair
- Harley supporting the Joker when he’s bummed out about the breakup-I mean, Batman saying he’s not his worst enemy
- The orphans singing at the Winter Gala
- “My name’s Richard Grayson, but all the kids at the orphanage call me Dick.” “Well kids can be cruel.”
- “I mean, all I want is to get adopted so I can finally stop being…alone”
- Harvard for Police
- The fact that Barbara is a strong WOC love interest!!!
- The fact that Batman is still a master builder as a nod to The Lego Movie
- The scuttler is a huge doggo!!
- “Blink blink blink blinkity blink blink blink”
- “I’m off the menu. You won’t get to fight any of THIS anymore!”
- The Joker leaning into the shot during the interview
- “But we can’t just let him run around loose,,,in a prison,,,”
- The fact that Alfred reads parenting manuals and puts a parental lock on the computer
- “And I must say that I’ve grown rather fond of the young Lad” Alfred likes Robin D'awww!
- “Does Batman live in Bruce Wayne’s basement?” “No, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic.”
- “Dress up parties are for adults only”
- Robin still has no idea that Batman is Bruce Wayne
- Robin is totally excited about having two dads!!!
- “It’s raining Dads!”
- Robin’s stunned face after the Batmobile jerks to a stop
- The good ideas tracker
- “Don’t call me dad.” “Yes papa!”
- “I’m gonna have to make up an excuse to leave this party without anyone noticing…bye.”
- Batman in denial that he’s proud of Robin
- Batman shyly hitting on Barbara
- “Ooh, a briefs man! Me too.”
- The Joker is GAY

His Family Doesn’t Like You

She was nervous and he could tell. They had been dating for eight months when Harry asked her to live together. He bought them a house in LA, she wanted to stay in America and LA was the compromise. His family already hardly saw him and so when he made the move they weren’t happy. 

Then Anne read somewhere that Harry had paid off her loans, and he had. Anne had read that her son paid for the mortgage on the house all on his own, and he had. Gemma had read that her brother bought her a car, which he had, but none of them knew that she refused the car, the loans, the house. 

None of them knew how much she hated that Harry gave her everything, and she could give him nothing. They all saw her as a gold digger, which was far from it. She worked hard to pay off as much as she could before Harry got a hold of her loans, she hid the bills, she did her best. But Harry snooped and found them and paid them off, it was one of their biggest fights, but no one knew. Because if she complained she seemed ungrateful, and if she didn’t she was seen as a gold digger, she couldn’t win.

He did buy their house, but she helped out. She paid bills, she paid for groceries and furniture, she really did try. And when Harry bought her the car she stood her ground, he claimed her 2004 Ford would only take her so far, and she reminded him as long as it took her from point a to point b she would be fine, when she had to reach point c they would talk.

So when their house was all set and it looked just how she wanted, Harry asked to have a house warming party. He wanted his friends to see his new life, he wanted to show off the house, the cars, but more importantly he wanted to show her off.When his family heard they offered to fly out, they wanted to meet the girl he moved across countries for, they wanted to meet the girl who was draining his bank account.

Harry could tell she was nervous, she stood next to him, her hand gripping her glass. She insisted on not drinking and settled for sparkling cider, she was never much of a drinker and she didn’t want to risk being buzzed or drunk in his families presence. Harry squeezed her hand, his free one gripping his beer, his friends and her friends were all gathered around in the house and backyard. The grill was up and running and Niall offered to be in charge.

“You’ll be fine Y/N, I promise. I love you how can they not love someone I love?” Harry smiled, his thumb rubbing circles on her palm. 

She took the last sips of her cider and set the empty glass down, “’m not good when I meet people,” she mumbled, “I get all shaky.”

“You’ll be fine, they’re lovely people,” Harry chuckled. 

“I know they raised you,” she smiled, going up on her toes to kiss his cheek. 

“Harry!” He heard his mother voice call, when he turned from his spot on the deck he saw her. 

Anne stood by the door with Gemma, a wide grin on her face. She rushed over hugging Harry, Gemma followed her actions, “thank you for flying us out,” Anne says, “we just left our stuff in the living room Jeff offered to take it up stairs, he’s a wonderful man.”

“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “mum, Gem, this is Y/N,” Harry tugged on her arm lightly, pulling her in front of him. 

She smiled softly, “hello,” she says gently, “I’m Y/N it’s so nice to meet you.”

“Anne,” Anne says, her voice isn’t as soft as it was when she talked to Harry, it was slightly cold and she didn’t enjoy the way Anne’s look seemed to have hardened as well.

“I’m Gemma,” Gemma faked a smile, holding out her hand. 

She shook it and the clamped her hands together, “how was your flight?” she asked. 

“It was fine,” Anne’s answer was short and simple. 

It was silent and the air felt different, she peeked up at Harry, “Y/N just got accepted to the medical program at Stanford, in just a couple of years she’ll be a doctor,” Harry says, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend.

“So I assume you’ll be working all the time to pay that off?” Anne asked, her eyebrow raised. 

“Oh-well-I got a scholarship-and uh some-”

“It doesn’t matter,” Harry cut her off, “baby will you get me another beer? This one is warm.”

She nods, “would you guys like anything?”


She turns making her way to the kitchen. She grabs the beer, taking in a deep breath. When she composes herself she walks towards the door but stops, Harry stands on the other side, his back to her as he talks to his family. 

“I just don’t get a good vibe from her Harry,” Gemma says softly. 

“She just wants money,” Anne whispered, “how can you not see that?”

“No she doesn’t-”

“Harry if a guy paid my loans, bought me a house, a car, medical school, and clothes I would stay with him as well, she likes you for your money,” Gemma says, her hand resting on Harry’s arm, “her intentions aren’t good. I’m sure she got into Stanford because of you, she’s using the benefits.”

“You guys don’t know her,” Harry snapped. 

And he was right, they didn’t know her. They didn’t know how she worked three jobs to save up to try and be the one to pay for their bill, they didn’t know how stressed Harry was every night you had a late shift. They didn’t know how much effort she put into school, into work, and then to come back home and help Harry cook. They didn’t know how Harry watched her fall asleep at the dinning table after she had worked, gone to school, worked another shift, and if she beat him home she would cook. They didn’t know how all of winter break she spent it working because she wanted to repay Harry for the loans and when she tried he refused. 

“I have money, I have so much I don’t know what to do with it, I paid your loans Gem, I have everything I need, I hate watching her work all the fucking time to pay off something I could do in a second. I hate her working three different jobs so she can buy a damn dress to show up to one of my parities when I could buy it for her and she can spends that time with me rather than serving some strangers in a diner or working at a clothing store,” Harry stated, “I love her and that’s why I do it. She doesn’t ask me for these things, I do them because it makes her less stressed. I do it for her.”

“Y/N is using you,” Anne whispered, “and now she’s taken you away from your family. Harry honey, I’ve been your age, I’ve been in love and I was blinded by it. Please just take a minute and think about it, really think about it.”

“She’s a gold digger,” Gemma says. 

And that’s when she’s break, the small sob that had been forming in her throat leaves her mouth, her hand reaching up to try and muffle it, but they all turn. She quickly turns, pushing through people and running up the stairs to their shared bedroom. She turns, locking the door behind her and pressing her back to it.

“Y/N,” Harry says softly, knocking on the door, “baby, please let me in.”

“I-I just need a minute,” she sniffled, “I-uh-I spilled something.”

“Y/N I know you heard,” Harry says, “please open up.”

She pulled open the door and Harry pushes it, forcing himself in. He frowns seeing her in the state, her eyes red, cheeks pink and puffy, tears are evident and she reaches up wiping them quickly. 

“We should go back to the party, I’m a little hungry,” she whispered, pulling the end of her cardigan and wiping the under parts of her eyes, “if my makeup smudged?”

“Baby,” Harry says, reaching for her, “I’m sorry. They have no idea what they’re talking about.”

“Please don’t,” she pulls away, “I just need-Harry it’s your family. I can’t come in between that I just-I can’t.”

“They’ll come around,” Harry says, “I’ll talk to them. Don’t-I know what you’re trying to do.”

“I can still apply to live in campus and maybe this will give us space-”

“No!” Harry yelled, running a hand threw his hair, “please. Just-y/n baby, please don’t say that.”


“Just give it time, I can talk to them, they can see the real you, not the you the media portray’s,” Harry pleads. 

He reaches out for her once more and she doesn’t pull back. His arms wrap around her and she rest her head on his chest, “I love you,” Harry whispered, “and that’s all that matters.”

“I love you too,” she whispers into his shirt, “so much.”

“I know,” he nods, running a hand through her hair, “I know baby.”

They stand there, enjoying their embrace. Until she pulls away, tugging at her dress, making sure she looks decent, “we should go back,” she says, “I should probably take out the dessert so people can start to wrap it up.”

“I’ll talk to them,” Harry promises, “I love you.”

“I love you more,” she giggled, as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her, “Harry we have to go back downstairs!”

He rocks her side to side, picking her up, she laughs, “Harry!” 

“I just want you to go downstairs in a good mood,” he admits, setting her down, but keeping his grip on her, “why don’t you go help Niall huh?”

“Okay,” she nods. 

They make their way downstairs and she walks towards Niall at the grill. Harry leans against the wall watching her, “Harry,” Gemma says, walking up to him, a beer in her hand, “can we talk about this.”

“If you and mum are staying here, in our house, you will follow or rules,” Harry snaps, turning to the two of them, “treat her the way you want to be treated. You want to be cold towards her? Fine, but that will only create distance between us.”

Turns out I have a shit ton of headcanons about Noah Czerny pre-death and since I’m avoiding responsibility right now I’m going to type a bunch of them out:

  • Noah was part of a badass group of skater kids who all owned fancy bright colored cars but preferred to skateboard to school.
  • Him and his five friends lived in a huge house seven minutes (ten by skateboard) away from Aglionby. There was a bowl pool outback that stayed empty throughout the entire summer and a terribly built halfpipe that you had to be careful not to skate over the missing board. 
  • Pretty much all of them were the epitome of emo kids. Noah had the bleached blond hair that the Gangsey later wouldn’t understand wasn’t his natural color. The rest of his friends either had stark black long hair or spiky blond hair too- during the summer months, they would all dye their hair the bright crazy colors that didn’t meet Aglionby’s dress code requirements. 
  • If you wanted weed, they were the resident go-to dealers. And with every weed purchase, one (1) free cd featuring their garage band’s music was included. Noah played drums. The band was called “Prep School Scandal” or something equally as corny and they constantly sang about hating their school/town even though they were a bunch of privileged kids. 
  • They were constantly getting in trouble for skating the railings out front of Aglionby and had racked up enough detentions between them to cover an entire wall in their house with the slips. If it wasn’t for their parents’ money, they would have been kicked out a long time ago.

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Where She Went


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup before they both left oakland. four years have passed and fate (and a well-timed cello concert) bring them face-to-face.

warnings: swearing. that’s really it.

word count: 2,504

a/n: day three of @hamwriters write-a-thon is lit day :-) based on the novel “where she went” by gayle forman which is actually a sequel to “if i stay” but i do what i want. this is in Daveed’s POV because the original book is in the guy’s POV, and i’m planning on posting a second part on POV day so be on the lookout for that. okay love u happy reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your time in the Big Apple.”

Daveed unclips his seatbelt as the other passengers begin to file off the plane, standing to grab his carry-on from the overhead compartment. It’s the only bag he packed, because he’s only in the city for 24 hours. Tour starts in two days, and his manager had all but physically forced him onto the plane to NYC.

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1 - CS Modern Day AU

The Reason - Rated M

The three of them share a laugh before they all look to Emma. She has yet to comment on the new addition because she isn’t sure what to say. She usually doesn’t like change, they have a good thing going there, just the four of them. Plus, they all know him and she doesn’t, but she trusts their judgement, and she’s sure any brother of Liam can’t be all that bad.

So, with a shrug and a smile she says, “Welcome to Storybrooke, Killian Jones.”

Here I go again! I hope you all enjoy it :) Double line breaks mean change of POV

Special thanks to @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket who helped me look less of an idiot. <3

Chapter One

Emma sits on her fire escape sipping on hot cocoa as she looks down at the street below. It’s just after ten in the morning and Storybrooke is awake while she’s still blinking the sleep from her eyes. It’s funny, she’s lived in Storybrooke for three years now and she’s still not use to how early the town wakes up, or maybe it’s just her.

When she was a young girl and moving from home to home, sleep was something that didn’t come easily; she always had to watch her back, so maybe she’s still making up for lost time.

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Stars and Scars

A/N: this is only my second writing I have done for ACOTAR, but man I enjoyed writing this one. Feyre’s dress is based on Charlie Bowater’s (you know the one!) Let me know what you think!

Rhys’ POV

Ever since the war, Feyre hadn’t been herself. I knew she needed time to process the deaths and horrors she witnessed, but I could also see how the guilt was eating her away. I hadn’t seen her smile in months. She asked me for time, and I granted that request. I could feel her falling deeper and deeper into that pit of dispair, and it would soon swallow her whole. I needed to save her before it broke her completely.

She needed a distraction, something to break the cycle of guilt and greif. I sent a tendril of my power out to Azriel, asking him to return to Velaris. Currently, he and his shadows were gathering information about the mortal queens’ movements. He’d hate me for taking him from his duty, but he would know where to find what I needed.

I made my way lazily across the roof of the townhouse, pausing to unfurl my inky wings. I sat, content to let the sunlight warm them. Not long after I had called, Azriel landed breathlessly, a bead of sweat dripping from his brow.

“What?” Was all the shadowsinger said, cocking his head quizzically.

“Hello to you, too,” I grinned, dipping my head. “Our High Lady is in need of our assistance,” I responded, Azriel lifted a brow in confusion, but stayed silent. “I need a favor….”


Feyre’s POV

The sun shone brightly upon the florists quarters, casting it’s warmth through the open air market that Elain, Lucien and I had wandered to. Elain had decided our home was bleak, and in desperate need of “a woman’s touch.” Thus, she took it upon herself to brighten it by way of gardening.

“How about these?” Elain inquired, pointing to a packet of gladiolus seeds. “They’re usually yellow, and they only bloom at night. I could plant them in the sill outside your and Rhys’ window,” she cooed, turning to me.

“That sounds lovely, Elain.” I mumbled, forcing a small smile to my lips. Lately, it had been difficult to feel happy. To feel anything really, besides the gaping hole where my heart had been. So many things weighted me down. Mor had said that war leaves scars, but I didn’t think it would be this painful.

“Feyre, you will heal. It will just take time,” Elain murmured, concern lacing her voice. “We’re all here for you. We went through it too. You can conquer it, I know you can.” My heart lifted the tiniest bit as I recalled the strength she and Nesta had shown in that final battle. Yes, perhaps I could learn to live with this feeling; could learn to not let it overwhelm me. I met her warm brown eyes as she took my hand and squeezed. “I know,” I told her. “Thank you.”

Her mate appeared from around the corner, his copper hair shining in the mid day sun. “Have you found anything, my love?” Lucien asked her, peering over her shoulder. She leaned into his touch, but shook her head.

“I think we should start making our way home. Will you join us Feyre?” Elain inquired, turning back to me. I gave her a ghost of a smile as I summoned my wings. “No, thank you. I think I’ll fly,” I answered, and with one powerful stroke of my wings, I was airborne. When I stole one small glance back at my sister before banking for the opposite side of the river, she was smiling from ear to ear.


Rhys’ POV

Several hours after my initial request, Azriel found me in the sitting room, his arms full of small glass orbs.

“I see you found what I asked for,” I drawled from my seat by the window,

Smirking, Azriel replied, “Took me three hours of flying around and I had to call in some favors, but yes, yes I did.” I quirked an eyebrow at him in surprise.

“I didn’t realize it would require so much effort. How horrible that must have been for you, to actually work!”

Azriel snorted, rustling his wings as he set the orbs onto the couch. Almost instantly, the orbs started to give off a yellowish glow.

“Good luck,” he taunted as he prowled out the door. I rolled my eyes at his back and set to work creating my mate’s surprise.


Feyre’s POV

Sweat pooling down my back, I gritted my teeth as I landed roughly on the roof. Exhausted from the flight, I remembered to vanish my wings moments before I slunk into a chair. I felt a rush of my mate’s excitement at my return radiate down the bond, but was too tired to recirocate it. A note appeared on the small table beside me, and I sighed before reading it.

“Come to the dining room,” was all it said. I felt a small smile creep onto my face at that, and summoned the strength to stand.

As I glided down the stairs, the first thing I noticed was the music. The beautiful, enchanting music that we had danced to at Starfall. The memory of that night, the time Rhys and I had shared, made my heart swell. And at the bottom of the steps stood my mate. Clad in his usual black dress shirt that hugged his chest, it was unbuttoned just enough to let the upper portion of his Illyrian tattoos show. I paused halfway down to drink him in.

When he noticed, he straightened and sent a burst of amusement through our bond. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh?” I crossed my arms, stubborn as ever, and he laughed. “I feel a bit under dressed compared to you.” Glancing down, he seemed to dinally notice my dirty tunic and plain pants. Rhys’ eyes crinkled as he waved a hand and my sodden clothes shifted into a mesmerizing, flowing black dress. The straight, shimmering skirts swept the floor. Silver whorls slid up the delicate sheer sleeves and across the fitted bodice. “Better?” He asked coyly.

“It’s beautiful,” I told him, smiling softly as I took his outstretched hand.

He led me toward the kitchen, with delight twinkling in his violet gaze. His next words came out in a rush. “Now Az and I both worked very hard on this, so I hope you’ll enjoy it,” He remarked, stopping me with a hand on my shoulder. “Now close your eyes.”

I did, and let Rhys’ gentle touch guide me into the dining room. The scents of rich, spiced wine and carefully cooked roast filled my nostrils. His hand slip from my shoulder as he moved in front of me. “Okay, open.”

Tears pricked my eyes as I gasped and beheld what was in front of me. Stars, at least a hundred of them, suspended from the ceiling of the dining room. They glowed brilliantly, flickering in the fading light let in from the window. Below them sat an elegant meal; two places set at the carved oak table.

Tenatively, Rhys inquired, “Do you like it?”

Pure joy flooded through me, the first I had felt in some time. “I didn’t need you to give me the stars,” I answered, turning to him, “but they do look lovely in my dining room.” Relieved, Rhys gave me a warm smile of his own.

“Actually, they’re glowworms. Azriel rounded them up from the caves outside the city this afternoon.” He pulled out my chair and motioned for me to sit. “The little things are actually quite picky; they only glow in places they feel completely comfortable.” Placing a kiss on my hair, he added sincerely, “I needed to see you smile again, Feyre.”

He took his place across from me, and I did just that. My old self was shining through once again. I now understood that my scars truly would heal, with help from those I loved.

Looking at him from beneath my lashes, I purred, “Well, obviously they love it here, so…. Can we keep them?” Rhys blinked in surprise, and his roaring laughter echoed through the townhouse.

“For you, Feyre darling, anything.”

AU where phoenix and miles actually attend law school together

wow what a creative title

hello to all my new followers!! i’m sorry for being so inactive over the past month - uni started again and i’ve been a complete mess, prompting this study-themed narumitsu stress sketch; it’s therapeutic because it makes studying look sweet cause it ain’t irl. thank you all for choosing to fly with this trash blog i love each and every one of you.

I'll sacrifice for you

Read it on Ao3:

Written by: boozombie

Story status: completed

Words: 29,240

The Golra ships hallway was long, confusing, and unbearably dark. Do Golra have night vision or something? They must in order to navigate these dark halls.

            My bayard was balanced on my forearm as I checked yet another corner. Our source had to be right, Shiro had to be on this ship somewhere.

           What else could they be taking to the center of the central fleet could be so important to demand this many guards and heavy security.

“I don’t like this” hunk whispered honestly through the comm. probably pacing from where he had been left to guard our exit.

“This is a simply search and extraction Hunk” Pidge told him calmly from where she was hacking the ship, most likely the control center where I had left her. “We use to do this in the training deck back at the garrison all the time”

“Ya and Lance usually got us killed in those exercises” hunk rambled “oh god I’m gonna puke” hunk whispered more to himself.

“Look Allura knows what she is doing if she thinks I’m better as the distraction and Lance should be the one to get Shiro then we have to trust her judgement” Keith hissed acting mature once again. I gritted my teeth in an effort to remain quite and not blow the fact that I had remained unnoticed.

“Lance is an excellent sharpshooter and can be more stealthy than he seems” Allura raged from the castle probably coving Keith’s ass as he was the only lion fighting at the moment. I couldn’t help grinning at her praise “… probably the blue paladin before was at least and is a key factor in the blue lions personality” so she didn’t trust me. Great.

“Look guys as much as I love hearing you talk im trying to work here!” I hissed a little offended. I knew I was the weakest link in the team, they didn’t have to remind me.

          Everyone here was amazing. Pidge was a basic genius and could hack and figure out anything given the chance, hunk was brilliant with any kind of ship despite his motion sickness plus he was the unofficial chef, Allura is a badass princess that could probably take all four of us in a fight, smart pretty, powerful, not to mention brave, and then there was Keith, my first crush but soon as I realized how far above me he was I began to resent him and his pretty face. Keith basically belonged here in space he was a leader in training and had every ounce of talent I lacked myself.

Myself in comparison to the rest of the team was pretty much nothing. I know I have good points and after two years in space I myself could see them. But how do you show off how charming and diplomatic you are when all there is, is war?

So for now I’m sneaking. No one knew except Keith but ever since Shiro disappeared I had began to train more. Keith and me had spent hours in the invisible maze, fighting the gladiator, protecting each other in the shooting range. He helped me with my hand to hand combat and I even helped him with his shooting.

My crush on him didn’t help in close moments when we were locked in combat and it took everything in me not to flush as the way his chest heaved and he smiled at me, complemented my improvements.

Shaking my head I returned to the situation. Soon we would have Shiro back and everything would be back to normal.

“Lance I’ve located the prison on the grid just take two lefts and straight” Pidge told me calmly. I nodded my head and began making my first left.

Two lefts “guys something’s wrong, something’s kicking me out of the system” Pidge yelled suddenly panicked. I hesitated for a moment but continued, if we’ve been caught it doesn’t matter I’m too close to fail.

“Pidge what’s happening?!” Allure yelled concern in her voice. 

And straight… “THIS IS A TRAP” Pidge screamed. A metal wall suddenly blocked the passage behind me, I couldn’t get back the way I had come. “Lance get back here now!”

“Pidge I’ve been blocked in I can’t” I snapped feeling frustrated and angry at myself for not stopping when I had the chance “I’m just gonna have to go the only way I can”

“The system is complexly locked or else I could do something” Pidge sounded frantic. 

“Just get back to hunk I’ll find a way out” I told her not wanting her to stay where they knew she was.

“She isn’t gonna leave you Lance” Keith yelled and I sighed as hunk and Pidge agreed adamantly.

“It’s not leaving me it’s just retreating to a safe place to wait for me!” I growled starting my trip down the dark hallway once again “now go Pidge!”

“Fine but we aren’t leaving until you get back to the yellow lion” I could almost pictures her annoyed face, pitched in the way it does when something doesn’t go her way.

“I’ll be there soon!” I grinned as I shot at three guards that came running at me from down the hall.

Everyone became background noise as I concentrated on not getting cornered. Something was squeezing my heart and I just knew I had to get back as quickly as I could.

“Lance I’m back in the yellow lion” Pidge told me over the comm. I breathed a sigh of relief and immediately bit back a scream as I was hit right in the shoulder.

“Hurry back Lance!” Keith yelled worry evident in his voice. I slide across the floor my back slamming against the wall as I turned for cover immediately.

“I’m trying dude!” I yelled. the guards were getting hard to handle, I could duck and dodge down these twisting hallways forever and I only ever came back to the same hallway. I had no way to go. Shit well just great, I guess down the trap hallway I go.

The Golra seemed to thin out and if that didn’t just scream trap I don’t know what else did. The hallway opened up to a large room that looked as if it had been a lounge before the thirty or so Golra had rearranged all the furniture to circle the entrance of the room guns and swords ready.

“Guys I might be late for dinner” I tried to joke as everyone started yelling at me to explain. I didn’t have time. The Golra came at me shooting and swinging, I had to defend.

Kicking the first Golra to reach me he flew back knocking down three behind him, I turned and blocked a sword coming straight at my head with my shield, before he could pull away I punched my bayard into his open stomach and fired. One down 29 to go.

I was suddenly grabbed in my wounded shoulder and I couldn’t help crying out as I was thrown to the other side of the room. Great now I could get some space.

“LANCE! Buddy I’m coming to help you right now!” Hunk yelled and I could hear pidge agreeing in the back ground

I went with the momentum of my body rolling and managed to catch my feet, jumping up to face my enemies “NO!” I yelled into the comm. my breath harsh and tired “dude I’m surrounded but at least thirty you aren’t going to change anything” my voice may have been a little too resigned.

No one talked for a long moment before allura suddenly asked “you have no escape do you?” Her voice shook.

I punched one of the soldiers that came running at me before shield bashing another “ya” I whispered trying to keep my voice light “I’m sorry guys” I shot at three behind me, only landing one non-fatal hit “I wish I was better, I know I’m a shit paladin and I’m replaceable but thank you for flying with me” I was shot in my leg and I bit back a scream and remained standing no matter how much it hurt.

“Lance stop talking like your about to die!” Kieth yelled, for now ignoring the realization that Lance didn’t think he was as good as the rest “were coming to get you!”

I was encircled again my breathing harsh and uneven my back against a wall. There was wounds all over me and I could barely stand.

“Alright men step back” a dark voice purred the twenty Golra soldiers stepped back to let a large figure through. My blurring vision cleared as I focused on him.

He was Golra alright but looked to be a little of something else. His skin was a lavender color while he had long white hair cascading down his shoulders, the hair was held back by small braids on each side of his head showing off his sharp face, pointed ears, and glowing yellow eyes. His face had two vertical scar like marking over his eyes that seemed to glow a blood red color. He wore a typical soldiers uniform but seemed to be different some how, more fancy as if he had just a bit more command.

I chuckled “come to finish up now that I’ve been cornered? Oh how scary you must be” I didn’t know who this guy was but I was gonna let this guy intimidate me.

“The Golra ships are too thick I can’t get it!” Kieth yelled over the comm. as hunk yelled about soldiers now flooding there way in.

The Golra in front of my smirked “oh little paladin your wit is amazing but it’s time for you to say your goodbyes”

“Lance what’s happening!? Please answer us”
I pushed myself from the wall I was supporting myself with and ran at the Golra. This time this fight was one on one.

“Hunk” I yelled slashing at the Golra with my shield trying to knock him off balance, before firing my bayard he only laughed as he dodged easily “get Pidge out of here” I yelled

I was met with a chorus of defiance from everyone and I ground my teeth “hunk remember back at the garrison” I kicked at him hoping to knock him off balance but only successful in knocking myself back I went with the sliding motion as I fired “when we all failed that lost cause simulation? One of the team get captured and you were suppose to leave them behind for the good of the team” I jumped up and ran in a large circle trying to create some distance. “Buddy we all died in that simulator. I can’t go on living if I know you died for me, please take pidge and FUCKING GO!” A sword slashed into my side and I screamed.

“Lance no way in hell am I leaving y-HUNK PUT ME DOWN!” I smiled knowing hunk was doing exactly what I told him. We had made a promise after all.

“Pidge hunk you guys are like family to me I’m sorry I was only ever annoying and useless” there was no way out I was simply trying to say my goodbyes and the Golra in front of me had no problems with toying with me until I finished “you two are geniuses and I’m so damn happy this was me and not one of you” everyone tried to say something but I was blocking them out until I was done.

“Allura you are like a big sister to me, I’m sorry I’m not as good as the last blue paladin” she tried to protest but I kept going “coran thank you for being the one to listen to me whenever I got homesick, you always cheered me up”

I was thrown to the ground my helmet flying off I reached for it desperately, tears in the corner of my eyes at the thought of Keith never getting to hear my last goodbye. I turned to the strange Golra, my eyes swirling full of emotion as I glared at him from the ground.

He stalled for a second briefly and suddenly a large smile graced his face. I was picked up by my neck and shoved against the wall. I struggled pointlessly but everything hurt and I was basically useless.

“Who knew paladins could be so pretty” he whispered in my ear and my body froze. Was that a hand feeling me up?! “Do all humans have such deep beautiful eyes?” I stuttered not quite understanding what was happening. wasn’t he going to kill me two ticks ago?

“Get off me you bastard!” I screamed and suddenly my world lurched to the side and my face stung. Did he just quiznacking slap me?

He smiled as my shocked look and locked a tear I didn’t realize had fallen down my cheek. “Bring me his helmet” he suddenly yelled.

The helmet was suddenly placed in his hand and held close to me. I could hear my team shouting for me. “Finish blue paladin, say goodbye to the life you knew” he smirked at me and silenced the screaming over the comm. with just a few words “paladins of voltron and my dear princess allura my name is lotor and I am heir to the Golra empire. I have decided to keep the blue paladin so please listen to his final words to you all.”

It was deathly quite and I wheezed out as he dropped me and the helmet. I landed on my knees and I grabbed at the helmet and held it like my last lifeline. “Go on pretty”

I refused to cry anymore so I began “allura move the castle and get out of here! Please do this for me, right now there is no way I’m getting out of this so please, please just run”

“Lance” allura cried and I thought I heard a sob. Yes she would cry but I knew they would find someone better to pilot blue. “I think of you all as my family, thank you for that guys”

After a silent moment I took a breath “Keith” I whispered knowing this one was going to hurt me.

“Ya dude I’m here” did his voice just crack?

“Back the garrison the very first time I was you I thought you were the most beautiful damn boy I every saw, I tried to flirt with you but you always thought I was picking on you and then I hated you for always being better than me but I’ve realized in this time being with you as a paladin that Keith” I looking up around me and lotor seemed to be mixed between victory and fury “Keith I’m in love with you” with that my head was grabbed by my hair and someone punched me hard, the last thing I saw was lotor’s smiling face as I past out.

Turbulence. (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I will proof read this again later.

WARNING: Smut, Oral (Male on Female) 

Word Count: 2391

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“Boarding pass please?” The attendant asked me with a smile as she extended her hand expectantly.

I placed my pass into her hand and returned her smile.

“Thank you, miss.” She stood at a protium with a scanner built into the top. She flipped my boarding pass over to the side that has the barcode, scans it, and handed it back to me. “You’re all set. Here ya go and thank you for flying Air Canada.”

I smiled at her and followed the other guests down the large corridor that led to the plane. We were at a standstill as some of the guests weren’t sure where to go. I stood and waited with rest of them, but inside I wanted to scream. I had been away from home for two weeks. Two whole freaking weeks on business. My company was footing the bill for this trip, but nevertheless I was ready to be back in my own bed.

“Oh, Mr. O’Brien.” I heard the stewardess call.

A guy in khakis and a backwards baseball cap sporting the New York Mets emblem was next in line. He steps forward with very dashing smile.

“Just Dylan.” He chuckles handing the woman his pass.

“Yes, Dylan. Looks like you’re in seat F1, business class.” She’s blushing, I can see it even from here. But suddenly something clicks, Dylan O’Brien? As in the Dylan O’Brien. A huge wave excitement washes over me. The Mets hat confirms it, right? Dylan freaking O’Brien is on my plane! I suddenly find myself eternally grateful for being on this business trip.

I was a mess with anxiety when I finally got to the stewardess. I was bouncing from foot to foot wanting just a glimpse of the famous celebrity.

“Alrighty let’s see.” She smiles taking my pass from me and looking it over. “Looks like you’re in F2, a window seat.”

I barely heard her as I boarded the plane. I scanned over the aisles to find my seat, and admittedly Dylan O’Brien too.




F. I see my row and hurry along to not hold up the line any further. I don’t see anyone in the aisle seat only a backpack. I scoot into my assigned place next to the window. I’ve check my other luggage and only brought a oversized bag to hold my other things in. I set on the floor between my legs and pull out my phone, headphones, and laptop. I open up the tray of the seat in front of me and set up my little hub that will save me from of boredom.

Just as I’ve found the perfect playlist of songs to listen to, my companion for the next few hours makes his appearance. He lifts his backpack up and replaces himself in the seat. I look over at him and give a polite smile, when my heart leaps into my mouth. It was him! I couldn’t freaking believe it. He returned my smile with a smile that showed all his teeth, but I do notice him take a quick survey of the rest of me as her does. I was sure I would faint any second.

“Yellowcard? Love them.” He says looking from my phone in my hand to me again.

“What? Oh yeah! They’re one of my favorite bands.” I say, my heart beating so loud I’m sure he’ll hear it.

“Yeah, they’re pretty great.” He replied stroking his chin and looking away with a smile.

I think the conversation is over as he zips opens his backpack and pulls out his own phone. I face forward again, and send a quick text to my mom.

“Have you ever heard of this band?” He asks as he leaning closer to me our arms touching. I look at his screen and read the name, I’d never heard of them. I shake my head at him answering his question.

“Ooh! You’re missing out.” He chuckles and hands me an ear bud. I take it from him, sticking it in my ear. He hits play and the sound of drums, guitars, and bases fill my ears. It’s a upbeat song and I bob my head with the easy beat.

“Good right?” He asks excitedly. I look over at him and he’s already looking at me. Our faces our inches away, and I watch as his eyes flicker from my eyes to lips and back again. I don’t think I was suppose to notice but I do.

“So good!” I say nervously.

“Ladies and Gentleman, can you please shut off or put on airplane mode all devices as we will be taking off shortly.”

Dylan and I separate from each other, me a little more reluctantly,  and settle into our seats. The flight attendant goes over all the safety precautions and flight details then a few minutes we’re moving. I squirm in my chair a little nervous for take off, which in my opinion, is the worst part. It slow at first, just driving around to get in position, then without warning we begin to speed up. I bite my bottom lip, squeeze my eyes shut, and grasp the armrest so hard I’m sure I’ll break it. Just as I feel the plane lift from the ground, a warm hand covers mine and gives it a gentle squeeze. I don’t even open my eyes too look at him, somewhat embarrassed but his touch calms me down a little bit.

“Breathe.” He whispers into my ear, and my body obeys him. Exhaling a breath I didn’t know I was holding. The plane levels out and like that it’s over. I look over at him and smile.

“Sorry.” I say.

“For what?” He asks confusion making a physical apperance on his face.

I shrug because I’m not really sure what it is I’m sorry for.

“You don’t have to be sorry about anything. Flying sucks. I get it.” I could grab his face and kiss him for being so understanding. He removes his hand from mine and I’m a little sad that he does.

“So what you to Vancouver?” He asks as he set his backpack under the seat in front of him.

“Who says I was in Vancouver?” I tease.

He laughs. “Okay, what brings you to Canada?”

“Business.” I reply vaugely. “What about you?”

“Business as well.” He answers.

“Oh really, What is it that you do?” I smirk, although I already know the answer.

I sense that he picks up on this from the smile he gives me.

“Oh, I do contruction.” He winks at me.

I’m almost lost for words at the motion, but try to recover quickly.

“Oh really?” I say with feigned interest. “I hear that a booming buiness now aday.”

“Yeah! Like you wouldn’t beileve.” He laughs raising his eyebrows as he does. “My name’s Dylan, by the way.” he adds.

“Oh, I’m so rude. I’m-”

“Nice to meet you. I’m So Rude.” He smirks cutting me off.

I act hurt, placing my hand on my chest. “Fine, you don’t get to know my name now.”

“Oh come on, I’m So Rude. Don’t live up to your name.” He leans in a little closer to me and bats his lashes.

I slap his chest playfully, pushing him away from me and laugh.

“Fine, Dylan. I’m-”

“Exsuce me, Ma’am and Sir. What would you like to drink?” The attendant asked interupting me.

She blushing as she asks the question, doubtly becuase of Dylan and I roll my eyes.

“What do you got?” He asks.

“We have Coke products, Grape, Apple, and Cranberry juices. As far as alcoholic beverages, we have vodka, red and white wine, tequila, and Jager.” She lists.

Dylan screws up his face like he’s actually going to throw up at the sound of the last two options.

“Ugh, just ginger ale for me.” The sound of disgust still evident in his voice.

“I’ll have a Sprite, please.” I laugh.

She nods as she heads off behind a current at the front of the cabin.

An hour into the flight Dylan and I are properly accquaintened. I know both of his dogs name, all about the Mets, the plot to all of the Star Wars movies, and most importantly that he is single.


“But you’re like hot. There’s no way guys aren’t all over you.” I laugh and cover my face with my hand.

“I am not “hot.” I said pulling my hand from my face to use air quotations. “And I didn’t say guys weren’t all over me, I said I haven’t found the right guy.”

“Who’s the right guy?” he asks finishing off the last of his fourth ginger ale.

“Someone that can make me laugh, and loves to be outside but also enjoy days in…” I go on but Dylan rolls his eyes sarcastically and looks down, shaking his head. He’s only playing with me but I decided to have some fun of my own. “…And someone that can fuck my brains out.”

His smile vanishes from his face as he whips his head back up to look at me. I bust out in uncontrollable laughter. “Too easy, O’Brien.”

He smirks. “You couldn’t handle someone fucking your brains out anyway.”

I stop laughing almost instantly surprised he’s keeping this perticular conversation going. He has a satisfied smile on his face like he thinks that he’s successfully stumped me.

“I could take that and more.” I challenge, cocking an eyebrow at him.

“Doubt it.” He says seeming bored and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh whatever, you scream vanilla.” I tell him.

He looks at me and gaps. “Me? Vanilla?” he points to himself with his index finger.

I nodded trying to contain the smile slipping passed my lips.

“Your idea of fucking is probably so missionary, you might as well start knocking on people’s doors.” He retorts.

“Oh, little vanilla Dylan. Your idea of fucking only last two seconds.” And I have succeeded in making him speechless. I smile triumphantly at him, my nose in the air with pride. He rolls his eyes at me in annoyance.

“Have ever even been fingered?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Um, yeah.” I say as if it were obvious.

He considers this as rubs chin along his exquisite jawline.

“But did you come?” He asked finally, and my pride is swallowed up then replaced with timidness.

“Uh, well I mean…like technically-”

I’m cut off by his snickering.

“Technically?” He mocks, humor coating his words.

“Oh like you’ve truly ever made a girl actually come.” I say defensively.

“Yeah.” He replies without hesitation and full of arrogance.

“How do you know they were faking it? Most girls fake it.”

“Have you?”

“All of them.”

Dylan’s eyes widen in surprise. “No.”

“Mmhmm.” I nod.

“That’s not possible. You can’t tell me you’ve never come before.” He said in complete disbelief.

“I’ve made myself come, but no one ever been able to.” I shrugged.

“Refill Mr.- I mean Dylan.” The flirty stewardess interrupted. M

He turns to me, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. What is he thinking?

“Yes, Allison. If you don’t mind.” He hands his cup over to her and she basically skips away with glee.

The second she disappears behind the red curtain, he shifts his body so he’s once again facing me. He quickly lifts the armrest that separates our two chairs and gives me devious smile.

“I bet I can make you come before she is back and it’ll be the most mindblowing orgasm you’ve ever had.” He says his eyes alive with excitement.

My mouth drops open, he can’t be serious? He glides his hand to my knee and begins stroking it gently with his thumb. Instantly my panties are soaked. He licks his bottom lip and anxiously looks over his shoulder for the stewardess return.

This is fucking Dylan O’Brien! I would have to completely out of my mind to say no to anything he offered me.

“You’re on.” I say spreading my legs a little wider, giving him better access.

He slides his hand up from my knee beneath my skirt and to my soaked panties. He smirks at me as he rubs slow circles into my clothed sex. He looks so sexy, his eyes dark unlike his usual burning amber and even though I know I should be resisting him it’s not easy. I bite down hard on my bottom lip doing my best to contain a moan. He doesn’t tease me long as he put my lacy fabric to the side and slips one finger into me, and I jolt forward nearly crying out.

“Shhh.” he hushed me but I can feel his eyes watching me intently.

I cover my mouth muffling my whimpers as he long finger pump in and out of me faster and faster right over my sweet spot. He found it so quickly and attacked so smoothly I had to say I was impressed. A fire starts to burn deep inside me, and I’m astonished that he might actually accomplish his goal.

“Fuck.” I whimper as quietly as I can manage.

“That’s right.” He coaxes. “Come for me baby.”

I shake my head, refusing to let him win. But he initiates another attack by snaking his other hand up my skirt and returning his torturing rhythm on my clit, circling faster than before pushing closer to my climax. I see rustling among the red curtains, I know that I only have to last a few more seconds. But just as she emerges, Dylan bites down softly on the spot just beneath my neck, my sweet spot. I can’t hold it any longer, and I come. Hard and intense, it’s taking everything in me not to scream in pure pleasure. Dylan sits right in his seat as she comes over handing him his ginger ale.

“Thanks Allison.” He winks at her, I think she might melt right there.

She looks over at me with an odd expression making me realize the ridiculous grin that plastered on my face. I’m on too much of a high to even pretend to be normal. She walks away to check on the other guest, and I’m sure she’s convinced that I’m crazy.

“Now,” he says taking a sip of his drink. “Tell me, how fake was that?”