• [Reyes and McCree are on a stakeout.]
  • McCree: I’m bored! We’ve been waiting here for an hour, boss.
  • Reyes: Get used to it, kid. Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. Know what a typical day in Blackwatch looks like? Like sitting in your dentist’s reception area twenty-four hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often, someone tries to kill you.
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Please don’t delete the caption on this particular post because ALL THE PROPS TO MOD TODO who did an excellent job making the Totty!!! Look at those feet! Perfection~ thank you so much! 

I love these outfits so I hope everyone likes the transparents (and the redraws I probs didn’t do even close to a good job LOL, I try orz it‘s not my favorite thing to do…)

1 Year and Counting

It’s April 27th. It was precisely a year ago -and- a day ago (I forgot to post this yesterday xD) I created my blog and got my frist notes on tumblr. I remember being at a friend’s house at that time, and getting a overly excited for reaching 70 notes on this fanart overnight <3.

This place has been hell. But mostly Valhalla ;) No matter if I got a scar due to the drama last year, the HTTYD community gave me reasons to smile and laugh. It is you who I have to thank, no matter if you are a distant admirer, a silent follower, a regular reblogger, or a crazy mutual <3 c:

Thank you for sticking with my possibly annoying appearance, haha :D

Let me link you to some things <3

“Special” posts:
-My first post
-My first animation (that has been posted twice (because I was still learning How to Train Your Tumblr))
-My first comic
-My most popular post (by notes)
-My personal favorite post
-The most meaningful animation I’ve ever done

My highlights

  > by @hello-em75 <3)
-The HTTYD calendar 2016
-JUST DO IT on my dash
  > I blame @tarched
 > @fifylou-berklife
 > @vixivalkyrie
 > @emmalennyeddie
 > @obsessedwithdreaming
 > @dragonpride99
 > @jennis41digsdragons
 > @raide-draws-fanart
-#tarffiewedding2017 (March 4th)
  > I blame @amare-sili (yes…I blame only one person :P)
-De Booty day 2017 (April 18th)
  > I blame @avataviking / @graphrofberk
-Discord in general (hell)
  > Sorry @angies-team, but I have to blame you :P)
-Meeting the neeeerd @tarched <3

INFO] 170427 Heechul involved in a minor car accident while heading to 'Knowing Brother' filming. No injury reported.

Super Junior‘s Heechul was involved in a car accident while going to his next schedule.

According to a leak, Heechul was on his way to the JTBC studio for a recording of Knowing Brother, when he was involved in a car accident.

The car accident was minor and there were no injuries for either Heechul or the other passengers in the car. Heechul and his stylist made the recording on time and there were no problems whatsoever.

The person who leaked the information to the press made the following remarks regarding the situation.

“Heechul was on his way to Ilsan to shoot for the recording of JTBC’s Knowing Brother. On his way to the studio, there was a minocr car accident but it was not a major injury. He got to the studio with zero to no delay.

— Insider


I gotta say, I read every single birthday message sent to me and I wanted to say thanks y’all for being so cool. Honestly, I appreciate every message that was sent to me. I don’t really know what the future of this blog will be, it’s already a corpse, but I do know that I have some of the greatest followers ever, so cheers to that, lads 

hi hello this is what I’ve said months ago, some fanmade swap!sensy

the swap!pap is still coming up, gotta finalize a few things before acually making the ref “9-9

i’m not the best at designing and stuff I’m sorry i’m a disgrace 9_9 also since sensy is your character you can go think up his personality, etc since I never thought of that stuff either ,-,

i’m submitting to see if you’d like it or smth and maybe wanna use it as the official swap!sensy design? IDK???? ;7;

i’m sorry I’ll leave now ,3,


Art by @deltryx

Mun: I LITERALLY THOUGHT THIS WAS ALTERTALE! SANS XDD THIS IS SO CUTE! I LOVE THIS!! And yeah sure! This could be an official design. I’ve been waiting for a design for NC!Swap!Skelebros for a while now. Since I haven’t properly introduced you guys to Papyrus yet in the comic, I would be glad to give him the personalities he need :3

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Your art is so damn beautiful and you need to know that you are loved and appreciated. That is all. Have a wonderful day.

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omgosh thank you so much ;___;

I feel really wretched that I don’t frequent my tumblr as often as I used to - it’s not for lack of wanting, I just don’t have as many hours at my disposal to browse my dash and answer messages (that and my time management has gotten lax since university), but I’m gonna try and improve on that!!

YOU are loved and appreciated too Anon, by me and many many others im certain ;u;