im 👼 daddy’s ❤💦🍆 little fidget spinner💫 when daddy 💞 feels horny he lifts 🚚 me up☝️ and puts me on🔛 his huge 😩💦dicc🍆 and i spin 🌀 and spin 🌀 whirrrrrr 😳😳i get🉐 so🆘 dizzy💫 but daddy💞 keeps spinning 💫 me untill i squirt⛲⛲ leaving me all wet💦 and his cummies 🍼🍼 are all inside💠 me😳 god im such a😳 spinny 😵dizzy😵😵 little slut for daddy

What do you say? Pen pals for life? 

with love, from anonymous by @bechnaesun and @westiris

this fic is killing me but it’s also keeping me alive

just a sad dr flug headcanon

so yall know in the ep w/ like the security system for the house and all that? well, when you see dr flug running down the path, hes faced with many obstacles, one of them being this:

for a second or two, hes suddenly teleported to a snowy street filled with kids pummeling him with snowballs. this is an oddly specific trap, isnt it?
i think one of the precautions dr flug put in the security system was to make the intruder relive a bad memory. clearly, being bullied by your classmates would be a bad memory for anyone.
concluson: dr flug was bullied as a kid and is a Poor Soul who must be Protected at All Costs


KlanceWeek2017 : Day 7 : Free day (click for a better quality, the pic is full so you can zoom a bit yay)

I mean… They’re teenagers, in space, in a castle ; why the hell don’t they have big pretty windows open on space ?? 

Here have Lance and Keith chilling in Keith’s room ; i made the walls match the ideas of this one drawing and hc, also keith kept the Marmoran suit and bought smalls knives at the space mall. Darts on Lotor’s face are an usual game. Also keith is a bit galra. -  I love galra!keith shhh could you tell ? 

(also thank you to every single person that somehow liked and reblogged my mess for this week, it has been a Wild Ride and a Fun Time, I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did !! )


thank you chris wood, for an amazing first season of supergirl, thank you for playing our outer space stray puppy, thank you for making me smile every monday, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for making me cry. thank you for the little things you do and the faces you make and the way you deliver certain lines that show how much thought you’ve put into playing this character, thank you for it all. i hope you know just how much you are loved and appreciated for playing this part, and know that no matter what happens next season, i’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching mon-el, and it’s all down to you. you are awe and some!  (◕‿◕✿)