I’ve resisted introducing myself in tag for this past week - mostly for time-related reasons, but also because it was just fun to sit back and watch so many of you show your creative talents and support for this beautiful little roleplay my best friend created.

I know in the deepest depths of my heart and mind that Nikki created Before Harry with the absolute best intentions because that’s just how the best roleplay experiences are formed.

 I also know that she wanted nothing more than a fun, incredibly active group because that’s something she has always prized herself on establishing from the get-go of any of her roleplays. 

And, because I know Nikki and am lucky enough to call her my best friend in the world, I know that, throughout this all, she has been nothing but lenient, understanding, completely helpful, fully accepting, and amazingly beautiful, brilliant beam of light in a community so typically filled with terror and darkness. Truly, what I witnessed this week in Nikki has been a girl who is nothing short of the most excited I’ve ever seen her.

I have no qualms in saying any of this, and when you read this, know that I mean each and every fucking word: 

If you truly believe that you can continuously get away with being the fucking scum of the earth, you do not have any clue what is coming to you. Don’t you fucking dare try to demean, threaten, or ruin the entirely selfless gift that was legitimately created for people to enjoy and take part in with nothing but the best intentions. And how very fucking dare you to take advantage of someone’s personal fears like that. If this was any other roleplay where I had no trace of such a strong attachment and deep admiration for its creator, I would be upset and disappointed. Now? 

I am fucking livid. I am damn furious. I am outraged beyond measure.

I am every color of ferocious anger, every shade of hungry outrage, every hue of an incessant wrath - I am a tempest storm ready to fuck you up.

To put it in the simplest of terms: 

                        If you hurt my girl, you will respond directly to me. 

x Daisy

P.S: Call me Medusa, for this monstrosity is not mine to bear - but yours to fear.


alternative name contenders included: the Sad Orgasm, the All Night Long, and the Rich Sugar Daddy. Don’t ask me why.

3 oz cold brew coffee (I’m sure cooled regular coffee could work but cold brew preserves the drink’s integrity)
1 ½ oz coffee tequila (Sombrero Coffee? I don’t know if that’s the only brand but it’s what I used)
1 oz Russian standard vodka
The top off of a can of coconut milk
Sugar and cocoa powder for rim and garnish

1. Coat the rim of a glass with a mixture of cocoa powder and sugar. Fill with crushed ice. 
2. In a separate glass, mix together coffee, tequila, and vodka. Pour over ice.
3. Carefully spoon off the densest, creamiest part of coconut milk (can easily be found floating on top) and lay over ice.
4. Top with more cocoa powder and sugar and serve.

Review: Remember when I said no more drinks until I undrunked myself? Hahahah. Oh. How I lied.
Getting crunk and caffeine. Two of my favorite things. Nice. 
The important thing is that you keep the creamy/sugary top separate from the bottom. This way, when you drink it, you still get the no-nonsense taste of just straight fuckin’ alcohol and black coffee, without having to sacrifice the pleasant tastes of cream and sugar and chocolate.
I don’t know how to describe it. This drink tastes like after midnight black coffee. But it doesn’t suck like black coffee sucks. 

inspired by arena-guardian

so um i reached 1k….. never thought i would get this many!! thank you so much to my lovely followers you all make this fandom so amazing and i love you all so much! this fandom is literally the best and the nicest and that makes me super happy! so this is my first follow forever, i never thought id actually do one but turns out i was wrong. 

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When this guy first messaged me, he had the absolute bare minimum on his profile. Then when he edited it like he said above, it was obvious he’d put things on there that he thought I’d like based on my profile. Uber creepy. Besides, why the FUCK do we have to block men to get them to leave us alone??? This just makes me think that if he’d hit on me in a bar, he’d be that guy who spends the rest of the night standing five feet away from me, staring at me (which has happened to me multiple times.) No fucking thank you.