@flowercrownfairyprincess requested: Marichat vs Ladynoir 

I can’t pick between the two! They’re both too good.


Please give it up for @mxrdant who found the video of Dallon kissing Brendon’s boo-boo (which was on his lip.)


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I loved your short obikin fic recs, and I checked your tag and there wasn't any, I was curious what your fave overall obikin fics are, long included :D

ahhhh i’m so sorry I saw this late :///

Fever by TheCrackedKatana (36,779 words; 29 chapters, unfinished)

Basically sick!Anakin and fluffy Obikin. Very intense, and smut in later chapters. This is one of my favorites.

Return to the Point of No Return by theascetic (22,558 words; 10 chapters, unfinished)

Really hardcore Sith!Anakin, with a time jump. sort of a fix-it fic, and very descriptive. Lots of smut and stuff, of course.

Asylum by Spongyllama (52,810 words; 13 chapters, unfinished)

Basically a stucky/obikin crossover. anakin is bucky, obi-wan is steve. it’s sad, so prepare yourself. very violent, and descriptive. trauma, mental health and abuse TWs here.

Valhalla by erunamiryene (1,530 words; 1 chapter, finished)

redeemed!anakin, going home. it’s really cute, but anakin is so nervous and it’s so cute. mainly anakin-centric, but obikin at the end. this is what i based my ‘a blessed soul doth in elysium’ fic off of. if you liked that, you’d like this fic.

Walking the Fine Line by cupiscent (9,467 words; 1 chapter, finished)

sub!anakin, but he’s drugged so he becomes a sub, basically. he gets taken and obi-wan rescues him, but he’s wearing this collar and has this drug that can only be cured through sex, and by sex meaning he has to be a sub during sex. you can take a WILD guess as to where that fic leads. i loved it when i read it the first time. obviously explicit.

Obviously, these aren’t the only ones! You can check out my ficrec page, or check out my bookmarks on ao3!