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long emotional post of the day

move along by the all american rejects just came on a playlist im listening to and it made me tear up a little bit. whenever i hear it, it reminds me of my brother singing along to this song in his passionate, tone deaf way in the backseat of my moms car on our way to his chemotherapy treatments. he was probably around six years old??
but i think this song helped that kid a lot with the emotional pain that cancer brings. he’s been cancer free for around 8-9 years now! it’s just sad to think back to those days and everything he went through. but yeah move along was basically his fight song. he would never pass up the chance to sing along to it and it was honestly so sweet

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( Heyo! Forte here! I just came by to thank all of you for helping me reach a milestone and, of course, roleplaying with me. I’ve improved my writing a lot thanks to all the people who have roleplayed with me or want to roleplay with me. )

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anonymous asked:

please imagine modern au hawke teaching fenris how to drive, fenris being utterly terrible at it and yelling at the other drivers while hawke just cheerfully gives him feedback (sarcastic but not quite sarcastic enough that he'll just get out and walk away right then and there) and not being fazed in the least by the way he keeps alternating between flooring the gas and flooring the brake every three feet

alternatively imagine fenris deciding hawke is a terrible teacher and going to the other companions, aveline having even worse road rage than he does and actually managing to stress him out, isabela actually being an alright driver but having absolutely no idea what any traffic laws are, sebastian smiling at, waving at, and waiting for everyone even when he has the right of way, and fenris just going back to hawke and apologizing because clearly he took hawke’s teaching expertise for granted

(he tries going to varric at one point. varric reminds fenris he doesn’t drive because it’s bad for the environment and offers him a bicycle instead. fenris doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle either.)

(and after several months of attempts he resigns himself to the fact that not even hawke can actually teach him properly and gives up. then while they’re on the run after kirkwall it comes up in casual conversation that he can’t drive. carver is appalled, sits him in the driver’s seat, tells him matter-of-factly what to do, and manages to teach him in less than a week.)

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After a few hours of attempting to draw something to show my appreciation for your blog and your amazing character, I settled on re-imagining a certain drawing of yours. Here you go :)

Haha, ninjade returns! I knew I should’ve been suspicious when she started visiting ninja equipment stores online~