Here’s some more color about the 6x platinum certification 1989 just received. Sales are normally counted as such: albums sold, 10 tracks=1 album, 1500 streams=1 album.

Brian Cantor, the editor of Headline Planet, believes that Big Machine and Republic are under-reporting sales - essentially leaving out track sales and streams - because Taylor’s camp only wants their certifications to refer to pure, full album sales in digital or physical form. That total therefore does not reflect any singles sold on iTunes, or YouTube plays and Apple Music stream.

This means that, if she was counting sales like her peer artists, she’d be just shy of 8x platinum at the minimum, but she’s opting to take a “cut” in exchange for integrity. That’s a bold move but I love her for it.

I am beyond happy. ASP is our queen. Jess is Jess and Luke is Luke. The Gilmore Girls are timeless and still talking fast and having town meetings. That kitchen scene was perfection. Seeing glimpses of Dean, Logan, Paris, and Lane! Can we talk about Kirk being at Friday Night Dinner?! And Rory being all of us- trying to find her place in the world. The Ben Affleck reference and the Pink coat being back.