Sex life with Ashton would involve (nsfw):

  • lots and lots of playing with your hair, pushing it out of your face, twirling it with his fingers, most likely braiding it and stuff when he takes you from behind
  • scrunching his eyebrows together and parting his lips when he presses his forehead against yours, holding your head and making you look into his eyes as you feel him hit your g spot over and over and you moan into his mouth
  • sweaty matted wavy hair brushing against your forehead and the bridge of your nose, watching his body roll into you and hearing him go “mmmm” every couple of seconds
  • it takes weeks to convince him to finally get a little bit rough, because he touches you as if you’d break all the damn time and you’re desperate, you make him spank you but he does it so awkwardly and lightly and pouts when you look back and give him a glare
  • “shhh baby, just let go, you’re safe with’ll always be safe with me..y-you know that right, please tell me you know that.”
  • okay but imagine grabbing his jaw to make him look up from his work and you hold on to it while riding him and his hair is in a bun and he’s wearing glasses
  • “i don’t swear often but, hot damn! That booty is excellent!”
  • “just kidding come sit on this fucking cock baby girl”
  • not knowing what the fuck to do when you’re the one on top, afraid to touch you so he reaches all around him and ends up breaking a lamp to cope with how good you feel sliding up and down on him, he pauses and sits up and insists to clean up the mess he made but suddenly stutters and forgets what he was going to do as soon as you bat your eyelashes at him and circle your hips
  • him comes after a long day at the studio, seeing you in bed waiting for him, he raises a hand to slowly push back his long hair, he’s probably wearing a sleeveless and exposing his armpit to you, pulling his lip between his teeth and using his other hand to unbuckle his belt, he whispers “spread your legs baby girl”
  • a lot of body admiration, you sitting on his lap facing him and he leans you back, running his rough hands up your ribs and lowering his lips down to kiss your belly and gently blow air across your hot skin
  • “I’m not much of a moaner, but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you aren’t making me feel good :)”
  • him biting his knuckle and moaning so fucking loud around it that he has to stop himself and try to stop shaking so bad
  • hot heated intellectual debates that end with him lifting you up onto the table, ripping your pants off and abruptly pumping his fingers into you, growling “you want me to say you’re right? huh? is that it?”  you respond with and uncontrolled moan and he nods his head, beginning to finger you faster almost to his knuckles, “yeah that’s what the perfect princess wants”
  • giggling and dimples and scrunching his nose and closing his eyes and blushing
  • fucking you after a show against the door of the dressing room, pulling down his pants just enough and lifting your leg,  sliding all the way in and pulling all the way out as slowly as you can as you feel down his sweaty back and he licks your neck, you both hear the boys just outside the room asking where he went
  • him fucking you from behind as you lay flat on your belly, massaging your back and shoulders, he bows his head and lets strands of his hair delicately brush down your spine
  • him reaching to carefully lift your thigh and rub between your legs when you’re on your side sucking him off because he always always wants pleasure to be equal at all times
  • you taking initiative a lot of the times because he’s so respectful and is aware of giving you space even when you don’t want it, so when you’re out with friends and he’s taking a sip of beer you reach over and discreetly palm him through his shorts and he slightly chokes on the liquid and looks over at you so timidly and innocently, eyelids hanging low and lips parting the more you feel him
  • probably him coming in wearing a snorkel with his hands on his hips saying “okay so i’m gonna try to do a backflip and land perfectly inside you because i’m bored are you ready?”
  • if you shiver in the slightest he’d jump off of you and find things to warm you, rushing back and tugging a beanie over your head and ears frantically, wrapping you in a jacket and his pajama pants, holding you so tight and just finding a way to stick his dick in the front of the pants, not wanting to shed any clothing off of you
  • him being so blushy when you start moaning his name because he’s just so good and behaved all the time that getting a girl to say it, and feeling your cum drip all over him as you lay under him and you chest moves with every pulse makes him feel like a bad boy
  • sex in the middle of the night, when you wake up feeling really sad, you see him coming back from the kitchen with a glass of water in only a baggy t-shirt and boxers, he’ll frown and ask if he woke you, you’ll wipe away a tear and whisper that you need him and he’ll come to you, and he’ll lay you down, cup your cheek as he hovers over you and whispers for you to look at him, at nothing but him as you feel him inside of you
  • “i don’t l-love a single thing more on this earth than y-you”
  • reverse cowboy in which he can’t stop squeezing and bouncing you ass in his hands, watching you wrap around him as his chest heaves telling you you look so beautiful with your boyfriend inside of you
  • grabby hands and big hazel eyes
  • telling him if he loves making videos so much he should film you fingering yourself right in front of him and whining for him, telling him you need his hands on you (but he knows you’re teasing because he’s not allowed to touch) and he nearly passes out from how much he’s quivering for you
  • riding his thigh as he sucks on your nipple and is so into it his jaw moves and his head softly tilts before popping it out
  • “tell me where you want it, you want it all over your ass baby? you want to feel my cum on that ass?”
  • “heh I mean, is that okay :^) i can do it off to the side”
  • when you both finish he lays beside you on his stomach, peaking past blankets and strands of his hair all shy, he stares for a few moments and slowly closes his eyes, he mumbles in the sweetest boyish tone “i swear… right now i can see the universe”

Michael / Luke / Calum


You took off all your clothes and stepped into the steamy shower , little did you know Dunbar and Stilinski were watching you from a fallen tree. “ It looks like she’s taking a showe- “ Stiles began but was cut off by Liam. “ SOAP!” He said randomly. Stiles looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “ I hope she’s using soap if she’s taking a shower “ Stiles said sarcastically. “ It’s nice. It smells good “ Liam said as he took in a deep breath through his nose. “ What does it smell like ?” Stiles asked curiously.  “ Vanilla , lavender ugh it smells so good I could roll in that soap all day “ Liam said as his eyes basically rolled in the back of his head as he smelt the air again. “ Do you think she’ll notice us watching her ? “ Stiles said as he peered into the window, “ Nah she won’t “ Liam said with a shrug. “ Really … guys really “ Scott said as he looked at the two teen boys. “ what are you guys doing … “ Scott said slowly. “ Watching Y/N showe- “ Liam began , causing Stiles to hit him. “ We’re studying this tree! “ Stiles lied. Scott laughed a little. “ Y-yeah did you know the rings on the inside determine  how old they are “ Liam said as he rubbed his cheek.  “ Whatever guys let’s get home “ Scott laughed and dragged the two boys back to Stiles’ jeep.


You stared down at the three rectangular boxes. 

“You’re sure these are the right kind,” You asked, looking over to Dean. He nodded

“That’s what the guy at the store said. He was wearing a shirt that said SWAG across the front of it though, so… I guess we’ll find out,” He shrugged, pulling open one of the boxes. 

“Do you have the lighter?” Sam looked towards his brother, his own box pulled open. Dean tossed him a silver Zippo in response, handing you your own. 

“Count of three?” You looked over at the boys, and eyebrow raised. Both nodded. “Alright; one, two, light ‘em up!” The fuse on your fireworks sizzled as you lit it. You ran back a good ways, watching as Sam and Dean did the same. 

It didn’t take long for the three of them to come to an end, small sparks of light shooting in to the sky. Blues and reds and whites colored the night sky, the only colors Dean said the store had in stock. 

“Happy Fourth!” Dean called over the bangs and pops and whistles of the fireworks. You smiled over at him and Sam, grateful of your little family. 

Marry uncle Cal - Requested (Calum)

Anon: would you be able to do one were you are best friends with luke/calum and you fall pregnant but the dad leaves you and luke/calum steps up helping you and becomes the dad figure?

I took this in a different direction, hope you still like it. If it’s not at all what you wanted sent in your request again and I’ll try again.

Two big lips press down on your cheek. “I didn’t hear you come in”, you turn your face from the TV to your son. “Had a nice time with uncle Cal?” he comes round and sits down next to you on the couch.

“Yeah, we jammed and watched a movie. He wants to take me fishing with uncle Luke tomorrow”

“That sounds fun, but you know”, you raise your eyebrows.

“Yeah, no drinking”, he rolls his eyes.

“Well I know your uncles and you’re only sixteen”, you laugh pulling Alex in your arms. “Did you see Gini?”

“No, they broke up”

“Really? Yesterday they were still on a break”

“I don’t know what went wrong, uncle Cal didn’t really explain it”, he shrugs clearly not thinking much of it. 

“Gini wasn’t the girl for him, he will be over it very quickly”

“Why didn’t you marry uncle Cal? He said he’d asked you”, Alex looks you in the eyes. You swallow hard, not expecting the conversation to take this direction.

“Alex that was years ago”

“So why didn’t you? I think you and uncle Cal would be great together”, he smiles to you.

“You know we’re just friends Alex. We’ve been best friends for almost thirty years”

“So? Or did you always wait for dad?”

“No, I never waited for your dad. I never wanted him to have another role in my life then being your dad”

“Good, cause I don’t want you to be with that asshole”

“Alexander! You’re still talking about your father”, you warn him. “But he’s a bit of a prick, yes”, you smile ruffling your hand through his hair.

“He isn’t really a dad now is he. I should call uncle Cal dad instead of him”

“We’ve been lucky with your uncle Cal, he’s been there for you from the day you were born”

“So do you think you will ever marry him?”

“Yeah would you?” you turn your head, seeing Calum with a huge smirk on his face. “You left your phone in my car Alex”

“Oh thanks”, he jumps up. “I’m gonna take a shower”, he says fast not wanting to be in between you and Calum. 

“Okay love”

“Yeah see you tomorrow mate”, Calum taps Alex on his shoulder.

“You want some whine?”

“Sure”, Calum sits down on the sofa and you get another glass.

“I heard you broke up with Gini”, you try not to look too smug.

“Yeah, it wasn’t really working. We wanted different things”, you nod, holding in your smile. “Don’t”, he points his finger to you. His forbid only makes you guffaw.

“I told you, I told you Calum and you wouldn’t listen”

“Yeah, yeah I know, she was to young and only wanted to party, blah blah blah”

“Both single again”, you laugh at Calum’s face. He’s annoyed he had to amid you were right.

“Do you remember that pact?” his eyes drift away thinking about the memory. 

“Do you?” you ask surprised, you think back to that night. You and Calum sitting together in your backyard, promising if you were both still single when you turned thirty you would marry each other.

“Of course, how could I forget that?”

“I don’t know, we were Alex age”

“Yes and then you took off with that fucker”

“Cal”, you sigh at his language. 

“What I thought he was a fucker back then and I still think he’s a fucker. I never got what you saw in him”

“I was young and stupid”, you shrug. You’ve wondered it many times yourself.

“And why didn’t you say yes when I asked you to marry me?” his deep brown eyes look right into yours.

“Alex was just born, we were both feeling ecstatic I thought you weren’t thinking straight”

“Come on (Y/N), I asked you a few times if I remember correctly”

“I didn’t want you to ruin your life. Alex was my mistake, I mean he was the best mistake I’ve ever made, but I didn’t want us holding you back”

“You wouldn’t have hold me back”

“I didn’t want you to give your life up for us. Cal we were so young and you had your whole life before you. The band was doing good, you were partying and meeting girl. Marrying me would have ended that”

“That wouldn’t have been so bad. Look at where we are now, meeting all those girl didn’t give me a wife”

“No, but it did give you lots of sex”, you smile upbeat.

“Marriage needs to be consummated too”, he winks. “What do you think (Y/N)? We already missed our deadline of the pact, why wait any longer”

“Is this a proposal Calum?”

He gets up and sighs knowing what you’re on about. “Okay let’s do this right”, he lowers and gets down on one knee. He takes you hand in his. “(Y/N), will you marry me?”

“Calum get up”, you pull him up, feeling your cheeks heat up. “I don’t know Cal, this could be the worst thing ever”

“Or the best”


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i also forgot to answer this omg

  1. dandeliondick you fucking tool you’re wonderful and ridiculous and funny and you usually always keep me happy x
  2. pikashton my twin you’re smart and beautiful and wonderful (bc you take after me obviously) AND SO CREATIVE AND JUST WOW 5/5 FOR YOU
  3. lolbuturnotmichaelclifford GG YOU’RE MY NUMBER 1 SOURCE OF HEARTACHES FOR MICHAEL YOU BITCH but ily you’re great and hilarious omg and i will always be jealous of your eyebrows and eyes
  4. softashton CALLY CAL you’re my cuddle buddy and you ain’t getting outta this any time soon lel x also you’re always awake at weird times like me when everyone else is asleep so it’s great to talk to you <3
Dan’s Livestream // 6.30.15

He’s wearing white today

Talked about his new twitter header

YouNowception (goddamit Dan)


Talked about the ballet incident

“Wowza needed to go”

His new icon is from the TABINOF photo shoot

“Now only am I peace-signing, which is unacceptable, I’m double peace-signing” 

He said he traveled with Phil to spend time with Phil’s brother

He talked about the horse “retirement home” and feeding the horses

“They really go to town on your hand”

“Grinning and looking happy isn’t my style”

He talked about the eyebrow

Talked about the last metal album he listened to

“Dan I’m not saying I listen to your liveshows but you have to stop forgetting about what you’re saying halfway through the chat” -Phil

“Hey YouNow did you base your llama with a fringe off of me?”

Talked about the new phone case 

“Don’t take it so seriously” !!!


Talked about how it was all over his timeline and how he say Virgin America’s tweet and thought it was iconic

“I mean there’s nothing wrong with anal sex”

“This tweet is so funny so I favorited it.”

About 5 hours later he was with a friend and she pointed out the fact that he favorited it

“Oh fuck. OH FUCK.” (his reaction)

“I don’t expect any of you to let this go… To be honest it’s just a classic Dan Howell moment.”

Talked about how huge Love Wins was

*sirens* “Guess the crime”

Going vegan is going great for him and he’s feeling great

Dan and Phil went to an event to explain what YouTube gaming is

There were YouTube branded cupcakes (Phil convinced him to have one and he felt awful)

“It’s a vertical photo because I’m a shitlord”

“Phil the satan snake”

Talking about the awfully hot weather

“Where’s your pillow? What pillow?”

“Stop denying your pillow. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Talked about Ask Paper Towns

Talked about how lovely John, Nat, and Cara are

Cara and Saint Vincent are his OTP

He saw the Winnie the Pooh petition (one of his friends that works at Disney showed it to him)

He asked Siri what 0 divided by 0 is

To Siri “I didn’t need that you twat”

Talked about childhood TV shows he watched

Talked about his favorite Disney princesses (he loves Merida and Mulan)


They’re planning on a world tour

They filmed “another thing” today???


“I’m enjoying how diverse my life is at the moment”


“Can you be my dad? I can adopt you, legally. Are you willing to hand feed me popcorn when I’m feeling sad in the evenings?”

“Time. It’s slipping away. We’re all dying.”


He hasn’t watched Shane’s video yet

He went to go get water and played us instrumental music for us

He may or may not be wearing pants??

He’s currently watching True Detective 


Kanye talk

“If the term my fav is problematic has applied to anyone, it’s me”

He talked about how brave Kanye’s set was with it being so simple

He kind of wished it was like his Coachella performance 

Talked about how difficult merch is to make 

“#RIPwowza it’s a big thing”

Left to go get some food

“Stay happy”

Mentions of Phil: ||||| ||||| ||||

anonymous asked:

hi your art is incredible! i adore your hannibal art, i have never seen anyone get such a bang-on representation of the characters! i saw your tutorial about proportions and shapes of features for realistic faces, and i was just wondering how you go about taking the same proportions and unique features of a certain character and transfer it into a more cartoony style (like hannime lol)

Ahhh thanks! Q__Q I think it’s just taking the stuff from that tutorial and applying it to your art. As long as you keep the shapes in mind people should be able to make the connection between the stylized face and the actual character. Recapping from last time:

Other notable Hannibal characteristics to look out for:

- ridiculous cheekbones

- ridiculous lack of eyebrows

- ridiculous hooded eyes

- his mouth is kinda pouty i guess

And yeah just draw with your checklist in mind

And take it further if you want to go to kawaii land

That’s interesting

Tumblr sent me email asking me to take a survey. “We’re hoping you have a sec to answer eight questions about brands on Tumblr. It’ll be fun.”

First question, the usual age/gender demographic. After I clicked the “female, over 35″ option, I was told “thank you, we don’t need any other information!”

Sooo, older ladies not your target demographic? Sorry, there’s a LOT of us on here.

vkook taking a shower
  • Taehyung:jungkookie !!
  • Jungkook:wait what the fuck are you doing in here im taking a shower hyung get out
  • Taehyung:but we're late and I really really really don't want to smell bad /pouts/
  • Jungkook:no stop—fuck hYUNG STOP THIS IS MY PRIVACY
  • Taehyung:/slides into the shower/ why, is little jungkookie embarrassed
  • Jungkook:what do you mean little jungkookie-
  • Taehyung:of course little jungkookie here /points at Jungkook's head/ and little jungkookie down heeerre~ /wiggles eyebrows and points at-
  • Taehyung:you're cute awe little jungkookie is so cute I want to tie a bow around him
  • Taehyung:you're right, it does. it kinda sounds like I'm talking about your little-
  • Jungkook:nOT little but okay okay stop just—take your stupid shower and get out
  • Taehyung:okay just let me reach for the shampoo- /reaches his arm over Jungkook's head, leaning into the other's chest/
  • Jungkook:stop stop too close man- /presses his hands on Taehyung's chest and leans into the wall/
  • Jimin:/bursts through bathroom door/ jEOON JUNGKOOKIE IM COMING IN-
  • Jimin:/drops towel/
  • Jimin:/gasps dramatically/
  • Jungkook:oh
  • Taehyung:hi jiminnie it's a little squished right now you can come back next time !!
  • Taehyung:oh shit

“As a what?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows. “A stripper Y/N, look I can’t do it and neither can Dean…this vampire takes strippers” Sam said explaining it to you. “I don’t even care that I’m being used as bait, but a stripper?” you huffed as you plopped down on a chair. You looked from Sam to Dean and saw the smirk on his face. “I can help you pick out the clothes” he offered, the smirk growing. “What’s a stripper?” you heard Cas ask, a confused look on his face. “It’s a Y/N” Dean teased. You opened your mouth shocked at him though you knew he was messing. “Oh, well Y/N is a beautiful stripper” Cas nodded smiling. 


“I need answers.”

Dean blinked at you, his eyes wide and innocent. Too innocent. “Answers?”

 “You let me have the last piece of pie yesterday,” you said, “You didn’t have a heart attack when I told you I wanted to take your car for a ride,” you added, “This morning, you actually made me breakfast - like, honest to God, genuine pancakes. Dean, I need to know…”

He shifted in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest. “Need to know what?”

“Did you mess something up?” you asked, sighing, “Did you take any of my - wait. Is it one of Uncle Bobby’s cars? Do you need me to cover for you, or something?” 

“What? Why -” He frowned. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Are you planning to?” 

“No!” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Yes. Maybe. Depending on how you see it, I suppose.”

“Lay it on me, Winchester.”

“Well,” he said, standing up and pacing a bit in front of you, “It has to do with one of Bobby’s, err, rules...”

You knew it. The guy might be the world’s toughest 22-year-old but when it came to bending the rules, especially Bobby’s rules, he was basically a child; the man has taken both of you in despite both being children of hunters he owed absolutely nothing to. “Which one, exactly?”

Is it the No Customer Cars rule? Or maybe the No Solo Hunts rule. Yeah, that sounded more like him. Did he find something exciting? You’d been talking about maybe going on a salt-and-burn somewhere far away on your own. Or maybe it wasn’t a ghost, maybe it was a creature. Oh, that would be - “I want to take you out.”

“Like, in a fight?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Yeah,” he said, “Like I need your permission to kick your ass.”

You grinned. “You probably do.”

He rolled his eyes. “Whatever. No. I want to take you out, like, on a date. A real one. With, err, I dunno, flowers and shit.”

His tone stumbled so many times during that sentence it was hard not to laugh. “That is so romantic.”

His cheeks darkened and he cleared his throat. “Look, I just really like you.” He crossed the distance between you and slowly, hesitantly, brushed your fingers with his. “All I’m asking for is a date. One date. If you -”

You cut him off with one hand on his cheek, the other holding his fingers. “Shut up,” you said, “and kiss me.”


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anonymous asked:

you wear so much makeup and you're probably really ugly without all of that so please stop posting selfies unless you're going to show your real self

i assume you’re talking about these pictures?? yes i look hella cute don’t i?

that, my friend, is a makeup removing wipe

there, it’s all coming off!!!!

and THIS is what i look like without any makeup. yes my skin is red and irritated. yes my skin is oily. yes i have non-existent eyelashes. yes i have scars and acne and dark circles.

BUT these eyebrows are still on fleek.

AND these cheekbones are still defined af.


so please take your irrelevant opinion elsewhere because i am just as cute without makeup as i am with makeup.



Requested by cant-handle-my-rebel-sass

You are a person of few words. That’s one of the first things people learned about you. You keep to yourself, and only talk when needed. No particular reason for that, you just were never one for much socializing.

But of course when you joined the Avengers, one Avenger in particular seemed to take issue with that.

You were in a briefing before a mission, and you were listening quietly to Steve explain how the mission would be run. At the end, as usual, he opened it up to suggestions and questions.

You felt a poke on your arm, and you looked over to see Tony poking you with the back end of his pen. You raised your eyebrow at him.

“Have anything?” Tony asked.

“No,” you replied simply.

After the meeting, Tony made sure to walk out of the room with you.

“So what do you like to do for fun besides glare at me?” Tony asked. You of course glared at him for the comment, which only made Tony smirk. You rolled your eyes.

“You know I’m not going to leave your side until you talk,” Tony said.

And sure enough, he kept that promise as much as he could. During the mission, he couldn’t bug you, but as soon as it was over, he was right back to bugging you.

“What do you have against conversation?” Tony asked, repeatedly poking you in the side.

You’ve had it.

“You know what Tony, shut the fuck up!” you shouted, startling Tony into jumping back. “I can talk as much as I fucking feel like. Stop bugging me!” Admittedly, half of your reaction was actually just trying to startle Tony into stopping, which seemed to work.

“Sorry,” Tony mumbled before scurrying off.

I’m with the Alpha

“Ho!” Owen yells watching the four raptors come to a complete stop below him, “eyes up here, Ladies!”

You  couldn’t help but raise an impressed eyebrow at how well Owen handled the raptors.

“Y/N” a voice yelled, “what brings you out here?” your lips curl into a smile as you see Barry jog over to you. Barry was Owen’s friend and one of the few people to actually take you seriously when it came to training carnivorous dinosaurs.

“Miss Workaholic sent me,” you smirks giving Barry a high-five before he pulls you into a hug which you welcome.

“You need to come by more often. Owen misses you.” Barry chuckled. You roll your eyes at the statement knowing very well that Owen did not miss you. He had Claire while you had your work.

“Blue, eyes up here!”


“She doesn’t like the you bossing her around,” you comment striding up the steps onto the catwalk. Owen turned to look at her and rolled his eyes. You can’t help but grin as the two of you start laughing.

“Of course you would know that,” Owen teases, “what brings you to my neck of the woods?”

“Claire sent me to discuss her newest asset.” you reply not meeting his eyes. You hate talking about Claire because you know the two have their history.

“Speaking of assets, you have a mighty fine one yourself.” he purrs wiggling his eyebrows at you. Your eyes widen as his meaning sinks in.

“Owen Grady, you get your mind out of the gutter!” you snap blushing crimson. Owen chuckles enjoying the fact that he could fluster you so much.

“Hate to break it to you, Sweet Cheeks, but my mind is always in the gutter.”

“Men!” you huff rolling your eyes.

“Rawr!” You glance down to see Blue looking at you curiously. You spend most of your time with the aquatic dinosaurs so it was need to see the velociraptors for a change.

“I think your girls are unhappy about you flirting with me,” you state looking back up at Owen.

“Well, they should get over it because I like to flirt with you.” Owen grins wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you up against him.

“Owen, what are you doing?!” you squeal trying to pull away. You probably would have had better luck trying to pull yourself out of cement. His grip never loosened.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? Don’t want to be with the Alpha?” he rumbles nuzzling your neck. If you weren’t stunned speechless you would have burst out in hysterical laughter. Did he really just say what you thought he said?

“Owen, are you sick?” you ask pressing the back of your hand to his forehead then to your own. Nope, no fever, you think. Owen looks down at you with a slightly hurt expression.

“I just confess I want to have a relationship with you and all you say is ‘are you sick?’ Way to kill a man’s pride, Y/N.”

“But you can’t be in love with me! You are in love with Claire!” you stammer. Owen’s eyes furrow in confusion before he understands.


“This isn’t funny, Owen!” you snap glaring at the man doubled over in laughter.

“Oh Y/N,” he chuckles trying to get a grip on his hysterics, “me and Claire…never in 65 million years.”   Your mouth just flops open and closed like a fish as you try to form words in response to his statement.


“Shhh, Y/N,” Owen murmurs placing a finger to your lips, “the only girl I want is the one standing in front of me.” Then, his lips meet yours sending a volt of electrify though your body. Instinctively, your arms wrap themselves around his neck tugging him into a deeper kiss.

“Yeah you get him girl!”

“Ow Ow!”

“Show her who’s alpha, Owen!”

You bury your face in Owen’s chest embarrassed at the whoops and hollers coming from his coworkers. Owen just grins and kisses your hair.

“Sorry boys, but Y/N belongs to the Alpha.” Owen smirks. You giggle and look up into his dazzling eyes.

“Yep, I’m with the Alpha.”                  

starkravingchristian asked:

42 + Bellarke

“Okay, I swear this was an accident,” says Clarke.

Bellamy raises his eyebrows at her. “That’s not how I like conversations to start.”

“Do you ever just–start arguing with someone and say whatever it takes to win the argument even knowing it’s a terrible idea and you’re going to regret it but it’s too late to back down?”

“I know you do. All the time.”

“Anyway, you’re coming to my mom’s wedding as my date.”

“How do you accidentally decide to take me to your mom’s wedding as your date?”

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Dating Calum would include...
  • driving around together in the middle of the night
  • never getting work done bc he distracts you all the time
  • so many hiCKEYS
  • sex all the time
  • having hundreds of random pictures and selfies from him after he stole your phone
  • him probably forgetting anniversaries and dates ://
  • never being able to stay mad at him for forgetting those anniversaries and dates
  • him being jealous but you love it since he looks hot when he’s pissed off
  • HELLA pda
  • him raising his eyebrows and grinning after you giving him a look cause he grabbed your ass
  • tweeting off each others accounts
  • him trying to take off our clothes like 10 seconds after you guys starting making out
  • hugs from behind
  • bringing home gifts for you bc “my princess only deserves the best”
  • you guys just hanging out naked all the time
  • really really cheesy pick up lines
  • “baaaaaaabe pay attention to me”
  • fucking everywhere in your apartment
  • him pretending to be annoyed when you stole his clothes but loved it bc you looked cute as hell
  • cuddling 24/7
  • so many cute dates to the beach, local diners, etc
  • eating so much junk food together as you binge watched late at night
  • being everyone’s otp
  • tracing his tattoos while you guys are laying in bed
  • traveling the world together
  • him asking “can we get a puppy?” constantly
  • being the most suggestive couple and never having shame
  • him taking you to see your favorite bands and then meeting them after the concert
  • so much banter it’s ridiculous 
  • Fifa competitions and he says he lets you win cause “not everyone can be as good as I am” but really it’s cause he got distracted by looking at you
  • “come back to bed and cuddle with me” with puppy dog eyes
  • cheesy pet names that you annoy each other with
Indelible Ink

“Over my dead body,” Oliver says in a disturbingly accurate impression of his old voice modulator.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Felicity murmurs under her breath.

Although the glare her husband sends her way suggests that it wasn’t nearly as quiet as she thought. Or it could be his terrifying observational skills. Yeah, that’s it. She’s super stealthy, he’s just hyper observant.

Shooting him her best innocent look, and earning an extreme eye roll in return, she focuses on the matter at hand.

“Aliza, what your father means is that he,” cue the signature Oliver eyebrow, “WE think that 16 is a little young to get a tattoo. Sweetie, it’s going to be on your body for the rest of your life. Don’t you want to take some time to think about this? ”

“You are such hypocrites! Both of you have multiple tattoos. How can you sit here and tell me it’s a bad idea?”

While Felicity admires her daughter’s righteous teenage indignation, Oliver has a decidedly different reaction.

“Because our tattoos aren’t the silly whims of a teenager. Ours were hard fought and won, and sometimes not even our choice. They represent struggles and victories, and joy you haven’t experienced and pain I pray to God you never will. So no Aliza, you will not get our permission to mark up the body we created, that your mother worked for 43 hours to bring into this world, that I would give my last breath to protect. Because you haven’t earned the right to blemish what we made with a goddamm butterfly.”

There’s a heavy silence in the room as father and daughter stare unblinking at each other.

“Do you even want to know what I want to get,” Aliza finally says in as small a voice as she’s ever heard from her daughter, “what I want to put on my skin forever? ”

The eyebrow raises again, and Aliza slides a folded up piece of paper across the table. Oliver opens it reluctantly, and she hears his breath catch.

When she looks at him, he’s staring wide eyed at their eldest daughter, the paper hanging loosely in his hand.

She takes it and can’t help but gasp herself.

It’s a beautiful drawing of an arrow, inscribed with various numbers. Numbers she quickly recognizes as the dates they lost many loved ones.

For the first time ever, Oliver finds the words first.

“How did you -”

“Figure it out? If it’s on the Internet, I can find it.”

That’s it, she’s getting a pony for her birthday.

Oliver half successfully smothers a smile.

“Okay, but I have some conditions.”

Three months later, Aliza has straight A’s, perfect attendance, zero tardies and a pony she never asked for. And Felicity watches father and daughter walk out of the most reputable tattoo parlor in the city with matching tattoos.

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