Oh boy, it’s a meme thing. Thanks @manwee
Birthday: March 21
Gender: death
Relationship status: screaming
Zodiac sign: Aries
Siblings: yea
Pets: three opae ula shrimp, ones pregnant, turtle, betta fish
Wake up time: 10am or lunch
Love/Lust: What does this mean?
Lemonade/Ice tea: depends on the day
Day/Night: whenever I can sleep
Text/Call: call
Met a celebrity: I see one every day in the mirror
Smile/Eyes: you can’t eat a smile
Light/Dark: don’t matter I’ll still sleep
Short/Tall: i am smol I think, I’m 5'4"
Last song I listened to: idk man
Current location: Grandmas with random duck that’s friendly
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Pathetic. She had thought to herself. Just as everything else went–locked in her thoughts till she reached her twin’s side. Lorelei had never been the outgoing twin, she’d never liked being around people, and she certainly wasn’t planning to start now. She’d wondered if it was due to her upbringing. If somehow her experiences in life to this point had led her into this shell of a body. She shrugged, she didn’t care.

This place was everything she hadn’t wanted mixed with a room she’d have to share–with another girl no less. Never having a room of her own wasn’t the problem, truly the issue was the anxiety that chewed at her as she sat there, unmoving, waiting for the moment her brother Niklaus would walk in. That moment didn’t come.

She she sat against the headboard, her plain white sheets beneath her. They’d told her she could bring her own blankets, her own pillows, even sheets if she so wished, but she didn’t have any. She hadn’t had much, only the few clothes she had been able to acquire over their journey here. To the castle. That’s what Niklaus had called it. Pathetic.

She wondered if her brother was shaking with worry. He’d never been away from her, not since they were in the cells back at the camp. But he seemed… almost happy here. That made her sick. How could he leave her in this room, with a crazy girl for a roommate, without any indication that he was going to come to see her, ever. She shook and without realizing, her nails began to dig into her skin and her eyes clenched shut. A migraine started, and she knew she’d have to calm herself. Somewhere deep inside of her tried, only to fail. The shadows of events that hadn’t happened formed before her eyes, Niklaus falling to the floor. A gun shot? Perhaps, or even just a lack of breath. She didn’t know, but she crawled to the end of her bed and held the illusion, she coddled it, whispering sweet nothings as the door opened and he was gone from her arms.

Lorelei was quick to wipe away her tears, pulling the sleeves on her sweater down to cover the scratches on her arms. She didn’t speak, and she wouldn’t, not unless the other spoke to her first.

blueossa replied to your post:w…t…f…happened to my theme….

Hmmm… what’s happening to themes? You’re the second person to post about it, but I’m still not sure what’s wrong…

girl I dont even know. I didnt even think ti check my blog until I went kosmokhaos’ blog and was wtf happened to her cool theme?! 
thus I checked mine…. and taadaa none for me, too. I think I’m the 5th on my timeline….
between those audio ads and vanishing themes I’m totes annoyed. Annoyed enough to just drink coffee and make this blog post.


Running low on cash and you’re not done with Christmas decoration shopping yet? I understand, really. My husband we have a lot of family members; therefore, we don’t usually have much left after buying gifts. Well, my mom, sister and brothers lives in a small apartment. They don’t ever celebrate anything if I don’t go over and make them party! However, I’m running low on money and it’s a crowded space for us to do much. If you know me, you’ll know that I am big on creativity and decorations! I went to Michaels and they always have such fancy paper plates for an affordable price. I went to the thrift store and found a dinner table runner for under a dollar. Wash it clean, please. From the thrift store, I also got 3 candle holder for $1.50 total. Bought glitter candles from Michaels and taadaa! I got these gorgeous decoration trees for $4 each at the thrift store. I bought little ornaments from Michaels and hung it on the branches. These were used as center pieces (Other than holiday usage, you can hang necklaces on it as a jewelery holder)! Thrift stores: Arc Village in Brooklyn Center, MN | Salvation Army in Fridley, MN or downtown MPLS.