Hey sweet buns! I have reached 1.1k+ tomodachis~

Am I dreaming? All I do is reblog like crazy and get praised for it.

You guys always make me laugh, cry, blush, and feel so special(//// V /////)  THIS IS HOW SWEET YOU GUYS ARE ;u;

I just feel really blessed to able to talk and be friends with such wonderful people. AND TO BE NOTICED BY ALL THESE WONDERFUL PPL

So…thank you for giving me a BILLION REASONS to keep going with my blog and have online social life on tumblr.  

ICE CREAM FOR EVERYBODY OuO (green tea’s mine tho~)

Also, this is just a way for me to appreciate the magical buns I follow.



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omg i am so stupid this is like the third time i forgot to post my URL
i’m going to do it right now before i forget it again ..

Well first of all nice to meet you all, 
I’m Sem and i live in the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise. 
Now don’t be like: oeh she smokes weed and all that stuff because i quit smoking it :D i just do it sometimes to give my mind a well deserved time out. 

I have a cute companion named Happy (my kitty) she is so sweet, she tends to kill big spiders and drop them next to my head so when i wake up i get a heart attack :D 

i love laughter, animals, talking to people, talking with tourists, helpen others ( not always tho lol) enjoying nature, eating healthy, and exercise. 

i hate jealousy, i hate it when you cut of my freedom, i hate it if you don’t trust or believe me, i hate lies. <3 thats what you should know.
ow i also don’t like people who eat meat everyday! it’s to much 

i eat meat once a month now and thinking about going vegan. 
doesn’t mean my future gf had to be too, but just a little les meat would me nice :D 

omg lol i talk wAAAYYY to MUCH :O 
quick talk to me <3 
p.s i work fulltime so if i answer late my apologies <3 
oh shit i forgot my name: Sem
and age:19
oeh and country: The netherlands 

byeee i’m late for work because of this lol xD 



I’m sorry I’m posting this pretty late (I saw a few already otl) I hope I’m not too late tho but!! it’s Jin’s bday and also the time to reveal myself for the secret alpaca event to @minseokjin ♥ it’s been such a great time talking with you, you’re so sweet and cute ahh I loved talking with you and I hope you received my latest reply too! I was always afraid it might get lost ;; since you said you liked Jin during Danger jpn. Ver I made this gifset for you, I hope you’ll like! I also hope you’re having a wonderful day and weekend! good luck for your last few weeks in school~  (and remember to take care of yourself and enjoy your vacation ♥)

also shoutout to @jinseok-net and their wonderful admin @jinpout for doing this lovely event, it was a lot of fun and I got to meet two lovely people through this! I’m looking forward to what else this network has in store in the future ♥

gh0stiy-v0id  asked:

going of that last anon tho; i imagine frank being really sweet and protective over you bc he knows your insecure or smthn and always hugs you from behind around your waist and is the type of person to randomly tell you you're beautiful bUT THEN during sex he grabs and bites and licks everywhere because he adores you and is constantly telling you that in a low voice (sweet but dominant frank is life bless)

like he’d also go from the sweetest and cutest compliments ever to the dirtiest talk ever

princeros  asked:

[kicks your door down] ok i'll take any chance to compliment ur ass that's what bfs are for but you're always very sweet and honest to people. like, pretty much everyone i know who talks to you thinks you're so cool, and funny, and talented. you always put a ton of effort and work into your blogs and it always pays off because you write and portray your characters so beautifully. like your viktor is so good :( everything u do is amazing :( im gay

wtf this was gay :(( okay but i value honesty so much in this business since like, idk, shit is just extra if u aren’t straight up with people and tell them what’s going down. ur awesome tho ily dont sendme this shit in publci again ill ki llyou i cant handle this

yurisgay  asked:

hey! do u have a youtube channel where you upload your streams??? u always livestream at times where i cant watch it but i rlly want to 💖💖💖

OMG!! i do have a youtube channel but unfortunately ive only recorded one of my drawing processes!!! this is so sweet though omg!!!!!  <333

(posting this publicly in case others would like to see my streams!)