@ppl who still watch teen wolf

where tf did sterek go who are all these girls being shipped w/ stiles

is derek happy whats going on i havent heard anything abt him

u g h sometimes i remember the times boys disrespected me and sexualized me and i get so PeEVED
bc i considered those guys friends and they just Uugh
quotes from them
“you’re fun, but you’ll never be SUPER fun”
“girls are dead weight”
“i only like you for your tits”
“dong on titties”
“semen on ur tits” (roughly translated)

and im still kinda mad and i never got apologies from any of them
wtf fam y u do dis

Advertising 101

You:  Hey!  That huge gaming / comic / nerd convention extravaganza is coming to town!


You:  There’s going to be all sorts of cool stuff to see and exclusive merch to buy!


You:  You’ll probably get to meet and hang out with people from all over!


You:  The Best Friend Zaibatsu is going to show up!
Me:  OH SHIT!!!

aam5ever asked:

My Brotp has pretty much turned into an otp now okay rage kilt has GOT to STOP because you can tell they are the supportive types that always have little sideways glances and "thanks" when they get support of an idea and always think it's a joy if one is on the other's team and they are the ones that I imagine kissing gently after the most cute, cliche date ever I'm sorry I just really like myan and apparently Michael is a slut for pain good god dude LOVE YOURSELF

why are you trying to hurt me like this, aam? talking about how supportive and sweet they’d be with each other and shit. how ryan would probably be really stutter-y around michael at first, unsure of where they stand, and michael would roll his eyes at him but find it endearing. how michael would be the first to initiate something between them. how he’d gently frame ryan’s face with his hands and pull him closer until their foreheads were touching and their nervous breaths would mingle. how michael would ask, so softly that ryan wouldn’t have been able to hear it had they not been so close, if he could kiss him. how ryan would nod, short and choppy and a little too eager. and it’d be soft, their first kiss, chaste and soft and so, so heartbreakingly sweet that they’d both pull away with heated cheeks and pounding hearts. and then they’d want more, ryan nudging his nose against michael’s and asking if he was okay, michael mumbling back in response that he’s fine while tugging on ryan’s collar a little too insistently. and then ryan would push forward a little more and they’d be kissing for real, tongue and lips and awkwardly bumping teeth. and it’d be just so much all at once that they’d forget their names and everything about themselves that wasn’t where their skin was meeting and where their mouths were touching and how they could feel the erratic beating of their hearts together from where their chests were touching and ryan’s fingers were splayed over michael’s throat :’(

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