Actually I have a suspicion that Dirk’s whole “I am the grownup, responsible one” persona might have arisen partly out of an attempt to distance himself from the AR’s flippant, trollish attitude (after they separated and Dirk realized how irritating that behavior actually is).  Or maybe he even felt in competition with the AR, with its incredibly advanced electronic mind. What if Dirk suddenly feared being overshadowed by the cleverness of his own brain clone, and started taking himself and his “projects” more seriously in an effort to establish his continued relevance?

I talked before about how a lot of the AR’s behaviors and relationships with the other alpha kids are a result of his need to establish himself as a unique and distinct person from the “real Dirk”.  But what if Dirk himself felt a similar need to distinguish himself from the AR?  Perhaps they both feel inferior with respect to each other – the AR because Dirk has a physical body and a better claim to being the “real” Dirk; and Dirk because the AR is obviously mentally superior and much better at all the string-pulling and manipulation that Dirk prides himself on being The Best at.