So I stood up on the car seat, and not just stuck out my head but squeezed half my body through the sunroof, then shouted, “Hey, I’m in that! I’m the princess!”

This certainly caused some interest, ranging from the scornful “What an asshole” variety to the “Do you think it’s really her?”

“I’m in that!” I repeated for those who hadn’t heard me the first time. Then, suddenly realizing what I had done and quickly fearing that some of these moviegoers might identify me, I slid back down into my seat and said to my friend, “Quick! Drive!” So she stepped on the gas and sped away.

– Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

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Peter cancels his date night with the reader for "stark internship" but forgets to tell her so she turns up at his flat and May's fuming that Peter did that to the reader so she's like "you like Thai food? I'm taking you out for Thai food, we can complain about my useless nephew together" and they have a girls night because they don't need no men to have fun

You bit your lip to contain your excitement as you stood waiting in front of the door to the Parkers’ apartment. It was yours and Peter’s monthly date night, and you were going out together to see a new superhero movie you’d been waiting on for months.

“(Y/N)!” May Parker sounded surprised as she opened the door and saw you, confusing you slightly.

“Hi May! Is Peter ready?”

The older woman bit her lip, sighing.

“Peter was called in to work, for his Stark internship. He rushed off, but he said he’d told you that he’d have to cancel tonight.”

Your lips parted slightly, and you tried not to look too upset in front of your boyfriend’s aunt.

“Oh,” you said quietly. “He…he didn’t tell me.”

May was furious; you were the nicest girl she could think of for her nephew, she saw you as another member of the family, and she couldn’t believe that Peter would let you down like that and not even tell you.

“I’ll just go,” you were saying sadly, wiping your eyes and starting to walk away down the hallway.

“(Y/N) wait!” May called, stepping out of the door. You turned to face her, desperately hoping that she couldn’t see the tears in your eyes.


She sighed, running a hand through her dark hair.

“Do you like Thai food? I’m not happy with my nephew ruining your night, so we could order food in if you like? Girls movie night?”

You smiled softly, wiping your eyes clumsily. “I’d like that,” you replied quietly. She grinned, holding her arm out to you and leading you back into the apartment.


It was almost eleven o'clock at night, and Peter was exhausted. Every bone, every muscle in his body ached and screamed in protest as he clumsily scaled the outside of his apartment building. He had expected to enter his bedroom to find a silent, sleepy flat, but he could dimly hear a movie playing in the living room, and two familiar laughs.

“(Y/N),” he breathed, suddenly realising what he had, or hadn’t, done that night. “Shit.”

He crept over to his bedroom door, trying to eavesdrop through the doorframe.

“…I know how important this internship is to him,” he heard you saying. “I’m so proud of him for getting it, but I never realised it would take him away from me so much.”

He felt his heart breaking in his chest; he thought that by keeping his true identity and job from you, he was protecting you. He hadn’t considered that you would feel as though he was putting his job above his relationship with you.

Realising that he couldn’t walk into the living room all of a sudden when you and May thought he was at Stark Tower, he picked his phone up off of his bedside table and began to type a text.

You were almost crying with laughter at one of May’s corny jokes when you noticed your phone screen lighting up beside you. May raised her eyebrows slightly, staying silent as you read the text from Peter.

Message from Peter P 😘❤️:
Hey beautiful. I’m so sorry about tonight, Mr Stark didn’t give me time to do anything but run out to his car. I promise you’re worth so much more to me than this internship or anything in the world, I love you so much. I’m sorry for being the world’s worst boyfriend. I love you (Y/N) xxxx

You smiled softly, your lips moving silently as you reread the text.

“Is that him?” May asked casually, folding her legs beneath her on the sofa. You nodded.

“He’s sorry. He says he’s the worst boyfriend in the world,” you added with a chuckle. “He isn’t, he could never be. I hope he knows that.”

Peter smiled slightly to himself, running a hand through his messy hair and replacing his phone on his bedside table. Maybe he wasn’t quite the worst boyfriend in the world, but he promised himself that after tonight he would be the best.

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How NCT 127 & TenSol would crush on you


Anon: Hey~ could you do a “How NCT127+Ten+Hansol would crush on you” ☺️ Like how would they behave if they had a crush on you. THANK YOU ! I love your blog~ ❤

Anon: Can i request a NCT hyung line + Mark reaction when they have a crush (how would they be like) thanks xx

Thank you for requesting! This was actually quite hard to do, especially to think of 11 ways of crushing on someone which is hard to write if you’ve never actually crushed on someone lmfao I just hope you will enjoy it!

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Pretty Lies - Part Eight

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight

Word Count: 1,734

Summary: You knew the truth, but still clung onto the pretty lies he told you.

“Delivery! One order of fried chicken for Y/N!” Namjoon called out in a sing-song voice, one hand holding onto the takeout while his other hand pushed open your front door. He kicked the door shut behind him, dropping the key you had given to him a while ago back into his coat pocket. 

You slowly made your way into the living room, offering Namjoon a weak smile before taking the takeout bag out of his hands and setting it on the table. He rose his eyebrow at your behavior- he had finally gotten you to laugh not too long ago but now you were back to the depressed state he had tried so hard to get you out of. “Hey, are you alright? You don’t look too good.”

“Jungkook came over a while ago,” you murmured, busying yourself with taking out the food. Namjoon’s eyebrows rose at your statement, still concerned with your neutral attitude. 

“Oh, what happened?” Namjoon carefully inquired, taking a seat at the table. His mouth opened but he hesitated, unsure if he really wanted to ask the question on his mind. “Did… Did he ask you to take him back?”

His eyes were trained on yours as you dipped your head slightly to confirm his suspicions. “What did you say?”

“I told him I’d give him one last chance,” you confessed, unsure as to why your heart was clenching at having to tell Namjoon this. He was your best friend, practically an older brother from how much he had to look after you. Maybe you felt guilty for causing such a big scene only to take Jungkook back? “A part of me isn’t sure if this is right but he said it was truly just a mistake. He said he wouldn’t do it anymore so I guess I just have to trust him.”

“What do you mean you’re just going to trust him? Don’t you remember the lies he told you? He cheated on you, Y/N! It doesn’t get more black and white than that, I don’t understand why you would just take him back. Do you have no respect for yourself?” Namjoon blew up, surprised at how riled up he had gotten from your words. In all honestly a part of Namjoon had expected this to happen and was prepared to silently let it happen and stay in the background, but the moment you confirmed his worst fears he couldn’t just stay silent and continue to support your decision.

“Think what you want but I want to trust in him,” you retorted calmly. “If I want him to trust me, I have to trust him. It’s a two way street.”

Namjoon looked helplessly at you, wanting to yell at you more to convince you of how bad things would turn out but he knew you were stubborn. You tried to hold your ground and Namjoon noticed the gleam of uncertainty in your eyes. 

“I hope you know what you’re walking into ‘cause I can’t just sit here and watch this happen.” Rising from his seat, Namjoon marched towards the door. 

“Wait, where are you going?” you cried out, catching his arm before he could go further. He slowed, turning his head slightly towards you. 

“I can’t just watch silently in the background as you get together with someone who has already hurt you so much. Jungkook might be like a younger brother to me but I won’t stand for this.” Namjoon grimaced, almost not wanting to finish what he had started but he knew it had to be said. “I just can’t stay as your supportive best friend when you’re gonna go back to him. I’m done, Y/N.”

Your face fell and the color drained from your face. Namjoon brushed your hand off him, shooting you another pained expression before stepping through the door, slamming it shut. 

Seokjin was known as the mother of BTS so it wasn’t surprising at all that he was the first person to approach Namjoon after he had stormed back into the dorm. 

“Namjoon, I’m coming in,” Seokjin announced before stepping into the room, concern clearly written all over his face. “What happened? I thought you were supposed to have dinner with Y/N.”

Namjoon stayed silent, face still deep in his pillow. Seokjin paused, waiting for a reply. Silence filled the room and just as Seokjin was sure Namjoon would not open up about his problem he turned his head slightly to mumble, “She chose him again, hyung.”

Confused, Seokjin took a seat at Namjoon’s desk. “What do you mean ‘she chose him again’?”

“I’m in love with Y/N.” Taking a moment to pause after the bomb he had dropped, Namjoon continued hesitantly, unsure how Seokjin would react. “Have been for a long time actually. But the only guy she’s ever looked at is Jungkook and I finally thought she would properly acknowledge me as a possible love interest but in the end she always goes back to him.”

“Namjoon,” Seokjin started, stunned by Namjoon’s confession. “I had no idea you felt this way. I’m so sorry, all along I’ve been cheering for Jungkook and I never realized you were also after Y/N’s heart.”

“The thing is I don’t stand a chance against him. No matter how I much I’m there for her or try to impress her, the only guy she’ll ever see is him. It hurts so much to know I’ll only ever be second best, hyung,” Namjoon declared, trying to brush the tears away. Seokjin was shocked, he almost never saw Namjoon cry and to see his leader break down like this was heartbreaking.

“Perhaps the time to move on has come,” Seokjin offered weakly, not sure what he could say to lift his leader’s spirits. Namjoon let out a sigh, shifting around on his back so he was on his back. 

“That’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since I knew she would never be mine.”

Everything had been going so well for Jungkook until he noticed the text Areum had sent him. Suddenly everything he had done to patch things up with you crashed to the ground when Jungkook saw the photo. 

If the photo got out, there would be no way of convincing you to stay with him. His second chance would be ruined and the media would have a field day at the thought of the maknae of such a successful group dating a trainee. 

Without hesitation, Jungkook dialed Areum’s number, praying that she wasn’t practicing. 

“Hi Kookie! What’s up?” Areum’s voice chirped through the line and Jungkook’s hold tightened on the phone. 

“What is the meaning of this photo?” Jungkook grounded out, desperately trying to keep his control. 

“You don’t like it?” Areum whined. “I thought you looked so cute in it though.”

“Cut the bullshit, Areum! You know I love Y/N and what we had was a mistake. Don’t even think of spreading that photo around, delete it immediately or you’ll regret it,” Jungkook threatened, hoping the anger in his voice would be enough to intimidate Areum into leaving him alone. 

There was a pause on Areum’s line and for a second Jungkook wondered if she was shocked by his behavior. Until he heard her laughter float through. His eyebrows scrunched together as her laughter continued. 

“Oh that’s just rich, Jungkook. What can you do to me? I’m the one with the photo, I have the upper-hand here. It’s so cute how frustrated you get when you’re cornered,” Areum giggled. “No, you should be asking me what you should do in order for this photo to stay hidden.”

Jungkook gritted his teeth, wondering why he had ever been attracted to Areum. Her true nature was coming out and Jungkook was helpless against her blackmail. “… What do you want me to do? I’m not going to break up with, Y/N.”

“Oh, I don’t want you to break up with Y/N! I’m not a monster, Jungkook, I can tell she makes you happy,” Areum hummed, deep in thought. “I have a very simple wish, I just want you to take me out on a date.”

“A date? You just want me to take you out on a date?” Jungkook repeated, confused at the simple request. With Areum’s manipulative nature, he had expected her to demand he break up with you immediately.

“Of course. She makes you happy and you make me happy. As long as I stay happy, the photo won’t be leaked. Simple as that,” Areum purred, already knowing Jungkook was helpless to refuse. 

“Fine, I’ll agree to your terms but it has to be done in disguise. I don’t want Y/N to know of this at all,” Jungkook requested, praying Areum would agree to his terms. 

“Although I don’t think you’re in a position to be bartering with me, I’ll accept your terms. Be ready to go out this Saturday, I’ll send you the details later. I have to go to practice now. Talk to you later, babe!” The line was cut and Jungkook slumped against his wall. 

‘As long as I keep Areum happy, Y/N will never find out,’ Jungkook mused, conflicted with wanting Y/N to trust him again but knowing he would have to continue to betray her trust to keep Areum from exposing him. 

Areum was practically glowing throughout her practice which unsettled her group members. Although they were quite accustomed to Areum’s strange mood changes, it was still eerie to them how quickly her mood would turn from good to worse and vise versa. 

She hummed a tune as she went through the motions of her group’s debut dance, a bright smile dancing on her lips. She had Jungkook right where she wanted him. 

He thought that all she wanted was dates to keep her happy but she had a whole plan set out. Having him break up with Y/N would be too easy and there would be a chance the two could get back together. No, Areum knew she would have to completely shatter the trust Y/N had with Jungkook in order to ensure he stayed hers. 

Nailing her mini dance solo in the song, Areum continued to muse about her plan. Once Y/N was out of the way, Jungkook would only have her. As long as she had the photo, he was powerless to resist her. 

‘The fun part is just about to begin. Better be prepared, Jungkook.’

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“Too Good” Peter Maximoff x Pyrokinetic!Reader (Request)

Request: Hi! “Longish request” anon here! First, I just wanted to say your writing/ characterization is A+ Second, I wanted to request something with peter maximoff and reader. Like angst and fluffy stuff. I have this quote that I really like- “Women are forged of iron. My body it has bled and blazed and broken. But yet it beats on. I am iron. A little rusted perhaps, but still, I endure.” I have this head-cannon that reader is a really powerful mutant and she carries a lot of burdens from her past. And how she’s determined a lot of people’s fate. Anyways, peter and reader are dating And sometimes reader gets really depressed because of her sometimes uncontrollable powers. And peter isn’t the best at helping her during times like this. So one night she just goes off on him about what a big burden she carries and how she tries so hard to do good. But peter doesn’t understand the load on her shoulders. But peter explains that he understands and stuff. they make up, etc. Oh! And thank you for taking my request! ~ @captain-maaarvel

Warnings: Fighting, Self-Depreciation, Anxiety, Fire-Stuff, Kissing, PTSD?

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Hey there! So first off, I’d like to personally apologize for taking, like, five years with this fic. I’m not entirely sure this is what you wanted but I kind of like the way it turned out so I hope you enjoy it!! Sorry it’s a bit short. This was a really cool idea! I chose to give the reader pyrokinesis because this prompt really reminded me of a personal HC I have about a reader who struggles with their past. Fire is interesting because it’s incredibly destructive and I feel like mutants with powerful relationships with fire may have mixed feelings about their role in the X-Men. I also feel like pyrokinesis would be tough to deal with while one is learning to control it. Anyway, thanks for reading! Thanks for requesting! Have a groovy day!

(P.S. Shoutout to @actual–hobbit for requesting the “If I Could Tell Her” fic last week because I really liked the song and I ended up watching the full musical [Dear Evan Hansen] and omg now I’m obsessed and it’s ruining any hope of productivity and Evan is my SON and Connor is my baby whom I will protect with my life. My little sister is going to kill me because I’ve been singing it so much If anyone wants to talk DEH I’m down to party. hmu. Sincerely, me.)


It finally happened. Her fears were finally realized. She had burnt him.

She didn’t even think. She should have thought. It was just a combat demonstration. Fake or not, fear bubbled in her stomach. She should have known better than to be nervous.

One wrong move was all it took. She grabbed his wrist, blocking an uppercut when he quickly pulled his arm away. She hadn’t even thought about the temperature of her skin.

Peter let out a choked, cry of pain, falling backwards and grabbing his wrist in his other hand. Y/N swore that she felt her heart stop. Peter gave her a panicked look as he frantically tried to hide the large, angry burn that marked his arm. Y/N covered her mouth with her hands, suddenly registering what she had done. The blood drained from her face as horror soaked through her.

She used to have nightmares about hurting him. Peter would find her writhing in her sheets, her skin at 400 degrees. But even then, he’d wake her and hold her, hushing her until she calmed down. He’d blow cool streams of air into her face as her skin returned to its normal warmth and she fell back asleep.

She wished this was a nightmare. She wished she could wake up to see Peter’s concerned face, wearing nothing but his pajamas and his starry hair pulled back with a tie.

This couldn’t be real. She had never woken up. Logan had never held training in the Danger Room and he’d never asked her to do a combat demonstration and she had to be dreaming this whole thing.

”Oh my God…“

“Y/N, no. I’m ok. It’s just-”

Her stomach twisted with panic and self-hatred as she realized what she’d done. She stepped backwards, still trying to catch her breath.

“I’m…I can’t…I’m sorry-”

Tears welled in her eyes. Peter reached out and called after her.


Horrified, she turned from the boy and ran. He stood, trying desperately to catch her. But by the time he made it to the door, she was gone.


Charles said she would learn to control it. He said that she could do good things. That’s all she ever wanted. To do good. But fire wasn’t meant for good.

Fire was destruction. Fire devoured everything it touched. She was dangerous. No matter how hard she tried, everything she cared about was burnt.

Now, she had somehow managed to hurt the only friend that she had left. The moment replayed in her head like a movie. The sound he made when she touched him.

Something in her had known it was coming. From the moment Logan asked them to fight, she could feel a knot forming in her chest. She’d never forgive herself for ignoring it.

Peter was the only one who made her feel like she could learn to control it. In return, she had scalded him.

There was a small knock on her door. She buried her face in her pillow. The mattress dipped as Peter sat next to her. His hand glided up under her shirt, rubbing over her back slowly and tracing patterns there. She forced herself to move away. She couldn’t bear to hurt him again. Her powers spiked when she was upset. God knows what they could do now.

His eyebrows knit together. She glanced at his wrist. It and been bandaged neatly and he held an ice pack loosely in his fingers. She bit her lip, trying to hold back more tears.

“Y/N look at me…”

She struggled to meet his eyes. He cupped her face in his bandaged hand and craned his neck down to look at her. He felt his heart sink upon seeing her. Her tears had left tracks down her cheeks. She looked heart-broken.

“Hey, I’m gonna be Ok. Everything’s gonna be OK.”

He felt his voice break as ran his thumb over her cheek. She shook her head, burying her face in her hands. He pulled her closer and she let out a choked sob into the crook of his neck. He bit his lip a little. Just hearing the noise made his heart fall deeper into his stomach. He hushed her gently and ran his hand through her hair as he pulled her closer. She tensed a little and moved back, she was trembling.

“Y/N-” he begged.

“Peter, let me see-” She said weakly, pulling herself back to reality.

“Y/N, you’re scaring me. Look at me. You can touch me…”

“Let me see it.”

Peter swallowed and held out his wrist. She unwrapped it tenderly and ran her fingers lightly over the deep red marks. A tear fell from her cheek and onto his palm. She let go of his hands, still shaking. She turned away from him. Peter reached out, grabbing her shoulder. She flinched, pushing him away.

“I can’t hurt you, Peter. I won’t let it happen-“

“You won’t hurt me…”

“Yes I will. I hurt everything. That’s all I ever do. Hurt people-”

“Y/N…” he pressed a kiss to her forehead, desperate to find something that would ground her. Tears stung his eyes as he spoke.

“I want to touch you, Y/N. I just want you to touch me. God, Y/N…Why won’t you let me touch you?”

His voice was weak and shaken. He sounded terrified. Y/N’s stomach flipped. She bit her lip.

"Do you love me?”


“Do you love me, Peter?”

"Christ, Y/N. Of course-”

“You shouldn’t.”  

She swallowed, pleading with herself to keep it together. She looked up at him for just long enough to register the fear in his eyes. That’s when she felt herself break. She sobbed into his chest. He pulled her into his arms, letting his hands roam over her the valleys of her shoulders and her back.

“You’d hate me, Peter. If you knew,” she whimpered, “You’d hate what I’ve done. I’ve ruined people, Pete. I can’t ruin you, too. I just can’t.”

He clung to her, drowning in the silence. She leaned back, looking him directly in the eye. She cradled his face, holding him a little too tightly

“You’re too good to ruin.”

Peter surged forward, moving his lips into hers and wrapping her in his arms. He backed her gently against the headboard, kissing the tears from her face. He mirrored her, nuzzling his nose against her neck and pressing soft kisses down her collarbone, lingering there. He was warm and he cared too much and she warned herself not to melt into him anymore than she already had. His lips stopped above her ear. His breath was hot against her neck.

“And you’re too good for me to leave.”


Too Soon - Finn Shelby

Request:Hey, could you please write a fic where your parents take u to abort Finn’s baby cuz they have never like you and him together, do wgat you want with how it ends.

Request: Hey can I please request a Finn Shelby X reader one where he’s been sneaking off for ages and finally John Arthur and Tommy find out he’s been sneaking off to visit this house and so they quietly break in but when they reach the upstairs bedroom they find him sleeping with a girl (he gets all startled and like points a gun at them and stuff) and then when he’s talking to his brothers down stairs she wakes up and they find out she’s also pregnant with his child? Sorry it’s kinda long… - @flowerandsparky

Too Soon - Finn Shelby

The makeshift boxing club that had opened in Small Heath seemed to be growing in popularity. Especially among the Blinders. Isaiah and Finn went nearly all the time. Finally after a couple of months, they persuaded Michael to join them. It became a ritual weekly event for the three of them. Get drunk, possibly do some Tokyo, and go to the ring. It was where you were sure to find them on an evening that Tommy didn’t require their help for something. You’d go along with them, watching from the outside of the pen as they sparred. 

Mostly Finn though. You would stand by whichever ring Finn was in, watching him box. He was crap in the beginning and Isaiah usually beat him, but he’d been getting really good. There was something oddly attractive about watching him beat some up.  

“You did really well tonight.” You held Finn’s hand as he walked you home.  

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A Deal’s A Deal, Part II-Peaky Blinders Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: angst and fluff

Originally posted by awhoreslies

    It was a cold, dreary afternoon in November when I walked into Alfie’s synagogue. Alfie’s men sat on the right side of the aisle while Polly, John, Arthur, Finn, Michael, Karl, and a handful of other Blinders sat on the left side. Ada stood near the altar with Alfie since she was my maid of honor. She looked good in the burgundy red dress I’d picked out for her to wear. The sides of the aisle were decorated with winter jasmines and I carried a bouquet of the flowers as I slowly approached my future husband. Alfie looked much more put together than he usually did in his coal black tuxedo. His facial hair was groomed for once and his hair was slicked back. He seemed a bit pleased with himself. The song the organ player played as I walked seemed more depressing than it had at weddings I had attended, but that may have been my own mind. 

    I had considered wearing a black gown to express my mourning but decided on a traditional ivory lace gown that fluttered into a tulle skirt that trailed behind me. The veil covered my face so no one could see how upset I truly was, though I had made my feelings about the nuptials clear during the planning process. My whole life, I dreamt about marrying the man of my dreams, receiving a dreamy proposal, and spending the rest of my life with my true love. Alfie Solomons certainly wasn’t my true love, but this was a business arrangement without love.

    Finally, I reached the altar and after that, the nuptials flew past me. I could barely hear the rabbi reciting Hebrew as he blessed our union but I could feel Alfie’s eyes training on me. Then, he lifted the veil from my face, crushed the glass, and kissed me. It was quick, but I still felt his hairs scratch my face. I managed to muster up a bit of a smile as we faced our guests and walked back down the aisle together. We got in a car outside that would drive us to the reception and it was the first time Alfie and I were alone since the marriage was arranged. I flicked the large diamond ring around my finger.

     “Big one, innit?” Alfie asked.

     “Yes,” I said. 

     I wanted to say that I didn’t care about the size of the ring, but that would have been a complete and utter lie. I was impressed with the fact that the ring was big but it didn’t weigh down on my finger too much.

    “Thought you’d like it.” 

    “It’s nice.”

     Alfie continued talking about anything and everything that came to mind, which was mostly him complaining about his men and talking about the reception. Surprisingly, he didn’t bring up the honeymoon which was both a relief and a bit alarming. We were supposed to go to Paris because I always wanted to have my honeymoon in Paris and it was one of my favorite cities in Europe. However, thinking about what would most likely happen in the lavish suite with Alfie made my stomach churn. It wasn’t that I didn’t find him attractive, because I did, it was just a bit of a damper that this was all arranged without my consent or input.

     Ten minutes later, I was gripping the sides of my chair for dear life as John, Arthur, Michael, and Finn bounced my chair in the air while Ollie and several of Alfie’s men did the same to him. A Jewish folk song was playing in the background and I couldn’t help but scream and laugh as the Shelby boys pretended to drop me several times. Then, I glanced up at Alfie and saw that he was clapping and there was a look in his eyes that I had never seen before, albeit I only met him once before we got married. He usually seemed so closed off and cold yet here he was, laughing and enjoying himself, but I suppose that was only appropriate behavior for a wedding. When we got set down, he helped me out of my chair and grabbed my face in his hands.

    “Mind if I kiss ya?” he muttered.

    “Not at all.”

     This kiss was much rougher than our first as husband and wife, making all the boys hoot and holler at us. I laughed as I pulled away and we sat down at the head table. The rest of our guests kept dancing as I nursed my second glass of champagne and Alfie picked at his steak.

    “Seems like a successful allying,” I said.


    I glanced at Alfie. “Well, seeing as Arthur hasn’t tried to kill anyone, John hasn’t pulled a gun on anyone, and Polly looks fairly content, it appears as though your alliance with the Shelbys is official.”

   “Ah, yes, it would appear so.” Alfie gestured towards my plate. “What’s the matter? You haven’t eaten anything.” 

   “Nothing, I’m just celebrating my wedding is all.” I downed the rest of my champagne. “See? Now, I need another.”

   “Might want to slow down, sweetheart, ‘specially on an empty stomach.”

   “Who says I haven’t eaten?” 

   Alfie shrugged. “Just eat the bloody food.”

  “Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t get to tell me what to do,” I hissed.

   Suddenly, the carefree man I had done the horah with had disappeared and had been replaced with the man I had actually married, the controlling, paranoid, large Jewish man. I couldn’t believe that for a moment, I had fancied him. 

     I snatched another flute of champagne from a passing server and began sipping from it.

   “I do if you’re too foolish to take care of yourself.”

   I glanced at him, set the champagne flute down, and began nibbling on the potatoes that came with the steak. “I apologize for being short with you earlier, I suppose I’m still in a bit of shock.”

   “S’alright, we’ll get used to each other.” 

   I hoped very much that what he said was true. Marrying Alfie meant that I was no longer worked for a gang but made me a gangster’s wife. His rivals would definitely come after me and if we ever had kids, it would get even worse. Plus, I had to move to London to live with him, specifically in Camden Town, which I never liked. Perhaps we could work out some sort of arrangement where I could live near Ada or something. No, if I was going to be married, I was going to do it the proper way no matter who my husband was.

     Eating dinner and dessert ended up being a good idea and put me in a better mood. I danced around with Ada and Polly and at one point, John pulled me into a dance with him.

      “Can’t believe it, little Y/N’s a married woman now!” he yelled.

      “Please, announce it to the rest of Europe!” I replied.

      “It’s gonna be a pain not seein’ you all the time and botherin’ ya at the shop.” 

       “I would’ve been so much more productive if you’d left me alone,” I teased.

       “Eh, doesn’t matter, you were still smart enough to keep up with Tommy and he never got mad at ya. Whoever he’s got lined up for your spot isn’t gonna match up.”

         “Yeah, suppose not.”

          After Tommy told me about my engagement, I hadn’t spoken to him. He went back to Birmingham alone and I stayed in London to plan my wedding. However, I was still concerned about little Charlie. Lord knows I loved that boy as though he was my own. Hopefully, he was being treated well and Tommy wasn’t distancing himself from his son. I would definitely have to check on the both of them once I cooled off.

          “Sorry if that’s still a sore spot for ya,” John said.

           “It’s alright, John, at least, it will be eventually.” 

          “If he hurts ya, I’ll blow his f-ckin brains out, alright?” John said.

           “I believe you.” I kissed John’s cheek and walked back to Alfie, who seemed less than pleased with my actions. “Don’t make that face, John’s like a brother to me.”

           “He doesn’t look at you like you’re his sister.” Alfie took a long sip of his champagne. “’S time for us to go.”

          “Already? Feels like we just got here.” 

          “Well, we need to get goin’ or else we’ll be stuck in England for our honeymoon.”


         Alfie stood, circled around the table, and grabbed my hand. He loudly announced that we had to get going and everyone followed us out of the venue and to the car. Ollie quickly opened the door for me and I gathered my skirt before slipping inside. Alfie was right behind me and I stuck my head out of the window as I waved to my friends as Ollie began driving us towards the train station. I didn’t stop waving until I couldn’t see them anymore and fell into the seat next to Alfie. It was then that it really hit me that my wedding night was approaching and I was a little short of terrified. Alfie was probably extremely experienced and was expecting me to match up and I was positive that I didn’t. It didn’t help that he was a little less than affectionate with me on the drive to the train and on the train ride. In fact, he only spoke to me after I basically forced myself to walk out of the bathroom in our suite in Paris, wearing the pink negligee Ada helped me pick out. He was sitting on the bed, wearing his white shirt and pants from the ceremony. He raised both of his eyebrows at me and rubbed his beard.

        “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. ‘M not gonna force you to do nothing with me,” he said.

          Yet, you forced me to marry you, I thought semi-bitterly.

          I slowly walked over to him. “Then, that makes me look a little ridiculous right now.” 

          “I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking all day and I don’t like it,” Alfie said. “The last thing I want is for you to be unhappy and as long as we’re married, I’ll do my best to keep you happy.”

           He grabbed my hand and pulled me so I stood between his legs. Alfie stared at my hand as though he was surprised at how small it was compared to his.

          “Thank you, Alfie.” I pursed my lips. “Can I ask you something?”


          “Why did you want to marry me? I didn’t think there was anything special between us when we first met, no offense.” 

          Alfie hesitated. “When I first saw you, I thought you were like a bird that needed protecting or something. You were quiet, but when you spoke up about something Tommy said, I saw that you were a bit of a force to be reckoned with. Never met a woman who could do both and…you’re the most stunning bird I’ve ever seen.”

        “Th-thank you, Alfie,” I whispered.

         “But I probably shouldn’t keep a bird in a cage, eh?” he said.

         I forced him to look up at me. “With time, I could come to fancy you too. You are a bit softer than you’d like other people to know, especially your men. As for tonight,” I bent my head down towards his, “I fully intend to consummate our marriage.”

         Just after our lips brushed, Alfie grabbed my hips and tossed me on the bed. I didn’t even have a chance to react as he climbed over me, kissing me and holding my face.

       “You’re gonna be the death of me, woman,” he muttered in my ear.

       “I wouldn’t say that just yet,” I mumbled back as I ran my hands through his hair. “The other women you’ve been with are a bit more…practiced than I am.”

        Alfie paused from biting my neck and looked at me. “Don’t be nervous. Those women don’t mean nothing to me, I didn’t marry ‘em, did I?”


        It wasn’t as perfect as I thought it would be, but it made me feel closer to Alfie. The next day, I had a good feeling that maybe this marriage would be better than I thought. 

Movie Night

Spencer x reader

We really shouldn’t be doing this, Y/N.”

You shot your best friend a look as you finished linking your laptop up to your TV.

“Look, it’s me that’s streaming it, not you. No one even has to know that you were here.”

You knew he was worried about watching a movie online because of where he worked but you’d had a random urge to watch Tomb Raider all day, and of course it had to be one of the few movies that wasn’t available on ANY of the legal movie streaming sites. So you’d gone down a different route. It wasn’t like you were downloading it, just watching it. You had your popcorn and huge home made milkshakes ready and you were just waiting for it to finish buffering before you settled back and watch Angelina Jolie kick some butt.

You looked back at your friend sitting on your couch, an unhappy look on his face.

“Oh come on Spence. Don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad… I just don’t feel overly comfortable watching it this way. I’m not bailing you out if anything bad happens.”

It wouldn’t… Hopefully. What he didn’t know if that his friend and colleague had set your laptop up so that it ran through so many proxy servers that some one would have to be Penelope Garcia herself to trace the fact that you were watching movies illegally, back to you.

The movie finished buffering and you smiled triumphantly, hitting play but accidentally sliding the cursor halfway across the screen so that the movie started a few minutes in.

“Shit.” You scrambled to set it back, stopping when you heard strange moans coming from the screen.

“Harder baby, that’s right. Raid me, raid me hard.”

What the?

You stopped and glanced up at the screen seeing a naked woman with her hair in a pony tail and her legs clad in combat boots, being screwed from behind.

“Y/N… That’s not Angelina Jolie.” Reid pointed out, a light flush on his cheeks.

“Nope… It’s not. And neither is that other girl.” A second nude female had just entered the shot and lain down next to the pair, her legs spread as she touched herself.

You sat back in your seat next to him, not stopping the movie yet, intrigued as to where this was going.

“Come on…. I mean, does she even know them? Or has she just stumbled upon them and decided to join in? Who does that?”

Reid glanced at you and shifted in his seat. “Well I guess since we’ve started the film at…. Wait really? This is only seven minutes in?”

You laughed at him. “Seven minutes in and that dude is a lucky fucker.”

The two females had now started making out, their hands roaming over each other. Looking over you could see that Spencer was trying to avert his eyes from the screen but they kept drifting back.

“Are you gonna turn this off or what?” He asked you.

“Nope. Not yet. Let’s just watch this bit.”

“You seriously want us to watch porn together.”

“Friends who watch porn together, stay together.” You told him, grabbing the popcorn.

“I’m fairly certain that’s not how it goes.”

… An extremely frustrating hour later…


“Well indeed. I think I’m gonna go.”

Spencer stood to leave, picking up his messenger bag and holding it strategically in front of him.

You’d ended up watching the whole movie together, commentating on the ridiculousness of some parts, and sitting in a strange silence at other parts.

Watching a porno with your handsome best friend. Interesting…..

“Gonna go have a cold shower, Spence?” You asked him teasingly.

He shot you a withering look.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna do the same.”

You stood up and followed him to your apartment door, getting ready to let him out.

“You actually… actually found that….?”

“Hot? Some parts yes. Trust me Reid, if you weren’t here I’d have definitely had my hands down my pants.”

His jaw dropped slightly which surprised you. You figured by now that he’d be used to your lack of filter.

“What about you. I know you’re not holding your bag directly in front of you for no reason.”

You made a joke grab for it but your lunge startled him and he dropped it which resulted in your hand brushing against his crotch. His very hard crotch.

“SHIT! Oh fuck… I’m sorry.” You exclaimed, suddenly feeling warmer than you had done the whole movie.

Reid didn’t say anything, he just bent down and picked his bag back up, his cheeks on fire.

Okay… Make a joke. Kill the atmosphere.

“Although I gotta say, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me.”

NOT that kind of joke! For fucks sake woman!

He laughed at the stricken look on your face when you realised what you’d said.

“Y/N… I’m always pleased to see you.”

He furrowed his brow when his own innuendo set in and you both just stood there shaking your heads at each other.

“This is going well. I sure do know how to make movie night interesting. Make you watch porn, grope your junk and then have you tell me that essentially, I always make you hard. We should just fuck now and get it over with.” You gave an uncomfortable laugh.

“Should we…. ”

Hold on..

Hold on one second. There was no uncomfortable question there, just a statement.

You met Spencer eyes and you both stared at each other for a minute before he dropped his bag again at the same time as you moved towards him, your mouths suddenly against each other.

… Thirty minutes Later….

“We really should move off your floor, Y/N.”

You were both lying flat on your backs by your apartment door, clothes strewn everywhere after one of the best fucks of your life.

“Okay… In a second…. ” You breathed out, still trying to catch your breath.

“I guess this is the wrong time to ask you on an actual date?” Spencer rolled over on to his side so that he was looking at you.

You laughed.

“Spencer, we’re beyond dating.” You turned to face him, the hard wooden floor now beginning to hurt your back.

“So what? We just pretend this didn’t happen?”

He looked hurt for a second, and you pressed your lips to his, softly.

“Fuck no. I just meant that we’ve been friends for so long, we wouldn’t need to date. We already know everything about each other.”

“So what happens now?”

You sat up on your floor, smirking as Spencers eyes went to your bare chest.

“Well… We could try to find the sequel…. And then maybe tomorrow we can update our relationship status. Or you know…. Something equally as silly.”

“I’m a fan of both of those ideas.”

“Sequel first?” You asked him.

“Sure. But can we move to your bedroom please. Your floor is killing my back.”

Razorblades And Lemon Juice (pt. 8)

Cracking your eyes open you couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.

A deep rumbling purr was vibrating up beneath your ear with each exhale of the man beneath you.

You must of fallen asleep.

But how the hell did you wind up on top of him?

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9. Prompted: “Do you miss me?” “Hardly.”  [ROOMATE AU.] (764) (NSFW if you squint.)

Blaise and Hermione had gone out, leaving Draco at home with Pansy and Ron. Harry having left last Sunday. Draco was doing better, now, the first few days had been a struggle for the man. He had been all over the place, just laying around waiting for Harry to call.

But he hadn’t yet, Draco wanted to assume everything was okay but he was nervous. He didn’t want anything to happen to Harry. He jumped up when the phone rang sprinting to it just as he did every time it rang.

“Draco Malfoy!” He said in a rush, waiting.

“Hey,” Harry’s voice eased through the speaker and Draco sagged in relief sinking down against the wall to the ground, “still there?”

“Yeah,” Draco swallowed quickly, “uh.. h-hey.”

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing. I was uh, watching TV with Ron and Pansy. What about you?”

“Finally got a few minutes to myself, thought I’d give you a call.”

“Right, yeah. Been busy?”

“It’s been amazing, Malfoy! I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks it’s hard to believe.”

“Good,” Draco nodded, shutting his head and resting back against the wall.

“Miss me?”


“Hm,” Harry’s smile could be heard through the speaker, and Draco smiled to himself at the sound, “I miss you.”

“What about me?”

Harry laughed and Draco could hear him moving, before the line went quiet. There were muffled voices through the phone and then it was picked back up, “still there?”

“Yeah, what are you doing?”

“I moved to my room. Its suite styled.” Harry explained to him, “where were we?”

“You telling me how much you miss me.”

“Are you in the hallway?”

“I am.”

“Just right down the way from Ron and Parkinson?”

“That’s the one.”

He could practically feel Harry’s laugh and smiled to himself again, “I miss that about you, so much.”

“What’s that?”

“Your attitude, and your smile. I miss that so much, and how you look at me when you think I’m not paying attention.”

“I’ll have to stop that, hm?”

“If you can, I’m rather good looking Malfoy. It might be a hard habit to break.”


“You’re needy. I miss that about you too and your hair. I just want to run my fingers through it, I miss how you smell and how you look when you’re waking up and how you press your cold feet to my legs and how you drink my coffee so you don’t have to buy your own.”

Draco chuckled, “I sound like a dream.”

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For this year’s FFVII Fanworks Exchange - my gift for @chofitia. Hope you like it Chofi! I actually have something else planned… something else much larger… but since that particular something else prob won’t be done until like, idk, NEXT YEAR or something, this will have to do in the meantime.

FFVII meets Pacific Rim, with a heavy dose of NGE.


Tifa and Cloud - invincible copilots of the Jaeger Ultima Fist, Midgar’s finest creation - had been with the Program since its inception, having joined shortly after watching their hometown being decimated to rubble by one of the earliest Category III monsters to rise out of the sea. It seemed, for a while, that surely no Kaiju could endanger the world while they were leading the fight…until the first Category IV hit landfall around Junon.

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Joker Imagine - Project 6277 *PART 1*

Originally posted by grysamobojcow

Your P.O.V.

The music was blasting loudly through the club. It smelled like alcohol, especially behind the counter in the bar. The white and golden club was mostly black since it was so dark. All the lights were on the dance floor of people grinding against each other and having a good time.

I was one of the bartenders here. Most people that worked here were men expect the dancers. I guess I was tomboyish so I was here in my blue flannel, black vest, black jeans and some black boots. I was wearing a name tag on my chest that just had my first name, Y/N. My Y/H/C hair was straightened and I had a little makeup on, some eyeliner and I had done my brows. I enjoyed my job, but I wasn’t planning to be here forever.Next year I would go to vet studies and become a real vet.

But for now I worked here at the club owned by the most wanted and feared man in entire Gotham city. Out of the millions of people that lived here, my boss was the worst. I had seen him just once or twice, but I had never been close to him. He scared me to be honest. My boss was the clown prince of crime AKA Joker. He had green hair and super white skin. I think he had blue eyes and many tattoos. When I saw him I think he had a purple jacket and many golden rings and necklaces. Did I speak to him? No. I kept my distance just to be safe.

“A vodka!” A drunken man yelled and snapped me out of my thoughts. I heard a familiar song ‘Gangsta’ by Kehlani blasting now. “Sure” I smiled and then grabbed a glass. I put a couple ice cubes in it and then filled the glass with strong vodka. I handed it to the man who left the money on the table and walked away. I sighed and then put the money in the grey cash register. My co-worker Rick was talking with some customers further away. Rick had blonde hair and brown eyes. He was a couple years younger than me, but we were good friends. Just as I was about to go over and speak to him, I heard someone clearing their throat. I looked behind me and saw one of Joker’s henchmen standing behind me. He had black clothes and his brown skin was mostly hidden. He had sunglasses on so I couldn’t recognize him at all.

“The boss wants to see you..” He stated and then looked at my tag. “..Y/N” He finished his sentence. The man had a very thick Gotham accent and a low voice. “O-Okay” I stuttered and decided it would be better to follow him. God help me if I would’ve said no. Suddenly my body felt weak. Had I done something wrong? Would Joker shoot me?

My palms got clamp and I felt how my knees went weak as I followed this man. He led me out of the bar and to the VIP area. People gave me strange looks since everyone knew that this man was Joker’s henchman. I took a deep, shaky breath and then tried to gather myself. The man opened a door and then I saw a big room with lights on. It had golden tables and all kinds of beautiful decors. Then I noticed black leather chairs and black tables. In the middle of the room I saw Joker. My heart jumped to my throat.

The henchman left us here and I realized that we were alone. Our eyes met and I felt shivers running down my spine as I saw those icy blue eyes meeting my E/C eyes. “Hello Y/N” Joker smiled and I heard his voice for the first time. It was deep and raspy. “Hi” I replied barely louder than a whisper. I stood by the door that was far away from him. “Why don’t you come closer?” He tilted his head and smiled widely so he could flash his metallic grillz. I shut up and walked over a few steps. My mind was running in circles as I tried to figure out what the hell was happening. As I did so, I looked at Joker. I had never seen him this close. He was wearing a white button up shirt that was left open. I saw that he had many tattoos on his chest including 'Ha ha ha’ written over and over again.

“You’re probably wondering why you’re here” He chuckled and then played with his purple and golden ring. I nodded shyly and then held my wrist with my sweaty hand. I felt so naked as he watched me so intensely. Also knowing he was a psychopath scared the hell out of me. “Oh I am a little lonely.. I don’t feel like going out there. Too many people there tonight” He sighed and then stopped playing with his rings. That’s when I noticed a special gun on the chair next to him. Dear God. Fear made my gut twist and I felt lost. “Wanted a little company. I’ve heard good things about you Y/N” He let me know. My eyes widened in surprise. He had heard things about me?

“I hope that’s good” I tried to speak instead of standing here like a mute flamingo. “Indeed” Joker spoke warmly. My breath nearly got stuck in my throat as I stood there. “Come here. Take a seat” He told me and patted the empty spot next to him. I didn’t dare to say no so I walked closer and then sat down next to him. I couldn’t deny that he was incredibly sexy. At least I thought he wouldn’t kill me so I tried to relax. He looked at my face silently and it made me feel vulnerable again. What the fuck was going on?

“I can almost feel your heart beating..Why are you so scared?” He questioned me with such a raspy voice. It only made my heart beat faster, almost jumping out of my chest. “I..I don’t know” I tried to answer him truthfully. Joker’s lips were parted, but he wasn’t smiling. “Oh dollface I won’t kill you unless there’s a reason to” He suddenly spoke with a hint of joy in his voice. “I just wanted to see you Y/N. I think you have something special in you” He admitted and then touched my jaw. He was wearing white gloves so it felt very silky against my skin.He ran his fingers from the corner of my mouth and up closer to my ear, almost as if he was sketching a smile.

“Does this pretty girl have a boyfriend?” He asked me and his choice of words made my cheeks burn. “No” I admitted a little awkwardly. Maybe it was a lie, but then again I didn’t want to call him my boyfriend. I  used to date Daniel, a rich boy from the better side of Gotham. We moved together and that’s when things went downhill. He started to drink so much that he lost his job and got financial problems. It got so bad that I couldn’t study. Yes Daniel was handsome. He had chocolate brown eyes and dark hair in a quiff, but he was rude as hell. He started abusing me mentally, telling the things like how fat I was, the fact I was such a slut. Then he hit me a few times. I broke up with Daniel, but he still thinks we’re together. I moved away to an apartment in the city, but he comes there a little too much. He scares me to death.

“Really now?” Joker wanted to be sure. I didn’t want to open up now and get deep so I just nodded. I wasn’t sure whether he believed me or not, but he didn’t ask me about it anymore. “How about we two have a drink and then talk?” He suggested with a cheeky grin. Why the hell did Joker want to have a drink with me? “But I’m working..” I reminded him a little nervously. As soon as I finished my sentence, I regretted it because I knew Joker didn’t like to be told against. “I’m your boss. I’ll let you off tonight to be my company” He smiled devilishly. I just nodded and tried to smile back at him. Better keep him happy.

“You have a beautiful smile” He breathed out and kept his eyes on my lips. Just then there was a knock on the door. I turned to look at the door that opened and Rick was coming with a tray of drinks. He looked scared as heck. I bet everyone that worked for the Joker were scared to see him. If they did one wrong move, they could die. Rick noticed me and I saw the surprise in his eyes. Joker’s hand was on my jaw and we were sitting very closely.

But he didn’t say anything. RIck placed the tray on the table silently. Then he just nodded and walked away. I noticed a couple henchmen guarding the door from outside, but then it shut and we were together. “Now pretty doll let’s have some fun getting to know each other” He smiled and grabbed two drinks. I recognized them immediately. Two vodka martinis. Joker handed the other one to me and I grabbed it with a quick thank you. I was still nervous and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Joker brought the drink to his lips and he took a sip. I focused on the background music that blended with the bass from the club. The song that was playing here was an older jazz song. Thank God there was music or else this would be more awkward. “Now beautiful tell me this one thing..’'Joker started and looked at my flannel. I crossed my legs and took a small sip of the strong drink. ” you get asked to strip often?“ Joker finished his sentence with a curious looking smile. He was hot, I had to admit it. But he made me so nervous. In a way it turned me on, but I had to calm down.

He was my boss.

’'Not really..” I admitted and then looked into his fascinating eyes. “What a surprise..You’re very good looking dollface” He let me know again with a mischievous look. But before I could say anything, he laughed out. “You’re too innocent. Oh I can’t wait to see the real you” He grinned and then ran his hand trough his green hair. I couldn’t help but to smile. I started to feel a little better sitting next to Joker. Then I finished my drink and felt it burning my throat. Joker looked at me intensely with a small smile. “Wow wow we have a beast here” He joked and then finished his own drink. I knew for sure I would get drunk even of this amount because I hadn’t had anything to drink in a long time thanks to fuck face Daniel.

Before I knew it, Joker and I were drinking our second drinks and talking a lot. Way more than just twenty minutes ago. I found him asking me personal things, but in this state of mind I didn’t even care. I just let him know anything he wanted which was probably bad.But deep inside I knew he wasn’t asking me things for fun. Little did I know what this insanity was planning inside his mysterious mind.

“Come here” He purred and then patted his leg. I smiled and sat on his lap so I was straddling his waist and adding pressure onto his crotch. I didn’t feel fear or shame at all. Joker’s hands were on my hips and he looked very happy. The alcohol hadn’t reached his mind yet. “You’re such a good girl Y/N” He chirped and I felt his hand on my bum. “Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught” I sang a with giggles. It was lyrics from a song I heard a couple years ago. “It’s hard to imagine you doing bad things” Joker teased me.

“Why imagine?” I raised my eyebrow and then unbuttoned my vest and took it off. Joker seemed very pleased with my new attitude. “Someone’s horny” He spoke deeply and I saw a much darker look in his eyes. I just smiled and unbuttoned my flannel so my chest was exposed to him. I was wearing a red bra underneath so I wasn’t completely flashing my chest to Joker.

It’s funny what alcohol does to people…

Suddenly he grabbed my choker and pulled my face close to his. We didn’t change any words. I just shut the gap between us and pressed my lips against his into a hot ,steamy kiss. As I kissed the most dangerous man I could imagine of, I grinded on his lap and felt a tingly sensation in my lower stomach. Our tongues danced and saliva was changed in this hot make out session. Joker’s hands cupped my boobs and then he bit my bottom lip and tugged it. A small moan escaped my mouth and I shut my eyes. Suddenly someone walked in, but I didn’t care. Joker sighed, but kept me on his lap.

“Sir we found him” A man said with a serious voice. “At the worst possible time’'He growled with a very annoyed voice. I pouted and looked at him with a sorry look. My head was spinning and I knew very well that I was drunk. ’'I’m sorry sir” The man apologized with a voice full of fear. “Get the car ready” Joker growled a demand and then the man walked away. Our eyes met and he seemed very serious which made my heart flutter. “I’m sorry love but the fun ends here. I have to go” He explained slowly. “Aw but it just began” I slurred and it was obvious that I was drunk. Then I stood up and nearly stumbled as I hit the table behind me. “Careful” Joker chuckled as he stood up. He was in front of me and I sighed as he buttoned my flannel. “We’ll meet again” He promised and then put the vest on me. “But now we both need to go. I’ll get you a ride home dollface. We don’t want anyone to hurt you now do we” He spoke mysteriously.

I just hummed along the song that was playing and let him grab my hand. Then we walked out of the room and back to the crazy club life. The henchmen looked very serious as we walked past them. I was struggling to keep my balance, but Joker led the way and I was kind of forced to stay on my feet. “Drive her home” Joker told someone and pointed at the man with his gun. “Y-Yes sir” The man gulped and I laughed. Oh why were they so scared? Joker was a nice man! Haha..



Originally posted by newtpotters

“Cassian, no!” You whispered harshly.

“Why not, sweetheart?” He asked you innocently.

“Because we’re on a mission!”

“Doesn’t bother me,“ Cassian mumbled as he nipped at your neck.

“Cassian, we’re in the middle of a mission… hiding in a storage cupboard,” you said, rephrasing yourself.

So?” You could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

You didn’t know why, but Cassian loved showering you with even more affection while you were on missions together. You thought it was inappropriate. He thought it was romantic.

You tried to push him away from you, but the cupboard was so small that Cassian easily dragged you along with him.

“Come on Y/N,” he lowered his head, “What…else…is…there…to…do?” He asked as he placed delicate kisses along your neck and up your jawline.

“Cassian…please,” you couldn’t help the small moan that escaped your lips as he continued peppering your skin with kisses.

You signed, finally caving in. Eagerly, you ran your fingers through his hair as you pressed up against him. He responded with a grin, his lips melding with yours as they moved in perfect synchronisation.

His hands snaked around your waist as yours trailed under his shirt, eager to take it off.

But before things could escalate, you heard another voice speak. “Captain Andor? We have eyes on the target. You and Y/N are cleared to leave hiding.”

Cassian sighed before speaking into his comms device, “Copy that.”

“Well that was fun,” he chuckled as he kissed your forehead.

You crossed your arms as you caught your breath, suddenly realising what you had just done. But this wasn’t exactly the first time Cassian had gotten his way during a mission…

He gripped your hand, “Ready?”

“Wait–” You said, releasing your hand from his, “You should go out first.”


You rolled your eyes, “Just in case!”

“Alright, alright,” he said as he opened the door carefully.

You waited a few moments before emerging from the storage cupboard, quickly straightening out your clothes.

Now that you could actually see Cassian properly, you let out a laugh.


“Oh, darling you’re a mess,” you giggled as you took in his appearance. His hair was all over the place from when you had run your fingers through it, one side of his jacket collar was turned up and the shirt underneath was now crinkled. He looked so… dishevelled.

“Well whose fault is that, sweetheart?” He grinned playfully.

“Good luck explaining this one when we get back to the Base,” you teased.

“I suppose I’ll have to explain this too,” he smirked as he ran his finger across a small bite mark he had left on your neck.

“Oh Captain, you really are something else.”

“Hmm, and I’m all yours,” he grinned, kissing your cheek.

A Warm Diana Chapter Two: Check the Temperature

A Warm Diana Chapter Two: Check the Temperature

(A/N: Diana and Akko try to figure out where they stand in a relationship…. Or what kind of relationship guro… And I had always wished to see Akko with hair down.. then the Diana arc with Akko in a dress happened… and her hair! My wish came true… for a couple seconds at least. Enjoy?

~Shintori Khazumi)


Call it brainwashing, but Akko could figure out no other method on how to deal with all her disappointment building these past few days.

She told herself that it was not in a particular Heiress’ best interest to steer clear of her every time they walked the same hallway, she just remembered something and had to go run to retrieve it.

Diana didn’t keep their gazes every time their eyes would meet because she needed to blink away the dust that had settled on her lash suddenly. (For more than fifty times this past week.)

Even the lessening, nearly non-existent tutor sessions, or tip-off talks they had every once-in-a-blue-moon, Akko chalked it all up to just having a larger, more important workload to finish.

Akko tried to convince herself that Diana was just embarrassed about what had happened. It wasn’t as if she was trying to avoid Akko, she was probably incredibly busy, just as she always was. Yes, that was it, exactly it.

-Or at least that was what the brunette told herself.

After their little incident on the beach, followed by their dual colds subsequently, Akko had been hoping that that would have given them the push they needed to get even closer.

She guessed she was wrong.

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 29

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Sitting in a lifeboat watching an entire ship get swallowed up by the ocean had to be the worst thing Sarah had ever witnessed. She couldn’t think about anything but what would be happening inside. Furniture turned upside down, cargo and food tossed around, plates falling off tables and shelves. Shattered glass, twisted metal. And the people. God, she couldn’t get them out of her head. There was no way everyone had made it out. The men who had been working in the boilers at the time, what had become of them? Had they all been swept away?

And where was Davey?

The last she’d seen of him, he’d been heading down into the bowels of the ship. What if he’d never made it out? He and Jack could have gotten lost or trapped, could have died long ago. But she had to believe that wasn’t true. Still, where did that leave things? Was he one of those voices in the water? Was he in another boat?

She tried to pick his voice out from the cries of desperation she could hear from where the ship once was. The darkness was blinding and she couldn’t make out bodies, but she knew they were out there. The cacophony of torment proved it so. It was chilling and she wanted it to end, but she knew that when it did it would be because hypothermia had claimed hundreds of lives. And, more likely than not, her little brother would be among them.

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Skinny dipping-TW preference

Request: can you do a skinny dipping one with all of them preference ?

Warning : some bad language and slight smut mentions. but not actual smut.

A/N: I had so much fun writing this ! But it was long and now my fingers hurt. so enjoy :) 


You weren’t really prude or anything, but knowing Scott is a just wanted to take things slow. Though Scott was a teenage boy with testosterone overflowing his head so you did not know exactly how he defined ‘’slow’’.

Scott was keeping the location of your date a secret and that kind of made you nervous. You spent the whole car ride trying to remember if you had shaved or not and let out a loud

‘’YES!’’ when you remembered you had. Scott parked the car and allowed you to open your eyes. But along with them you also opened your mouth, taking in the view.

It was beautiful. There was a fire, right in the middle of the beach and a thin line of light , reflected on the dark water. You took in the sound of the waves on the sore and he smiled seeing how in awe you were.

About an hour into the date and after you had talked about your day and other stuff Scott got up looking at the water.

‘’Scott?’’ you asked as he breathed in the salty air, taking off his shirt. You stared as the muscles of his back flexed and he walked closer to the water.

‘’what are you doing ..?’[‘ you asked laughing. He turned to stare at you, taking off his pants and you blushed harder than ever trying not to avert your gaze from his eyes.

‘’I think I’ll go for a dive…’’ he smirked and turned his back to you again , walking even closer to the water.

You saw him , in his boxers, staring at the water and you smiled to yourself, waiting for him to get into the water. But he didn’t.

He slowly bent down and took of the only piece of clothing that was left on him.

‘’OH MY GOD !’’ you let out , bringing your hand on your eyes, and looking away. He let out a chuckle, entering the water.

‘’hey ! it’s warm !’’ he let you know as you waited a couple of minutes until he would be fully into the water to re open your eyes.

‘’good to know’’ you let out . God now you were thinking of his perfect bum. You wanted to go in there as well and he could hear your desire.

‘’it’ll be warmer if you joined me..’’ he smirked.

‘’ yeah if I pee…’’ you said and he laughed.

‘’I mean cause you’re hot y/n…’’ he smiled at you and you slowly got up.

‘’close your eyes’’ you instructed him and he obeyed as you stripped off of your clothes.

‘’okay they’re off now wait till I get into the water!’’ you said and he just opened his eyes , staring at you and smirking. As a reflex you ran into the water to hide yourself and he laughed.

‘’I TOLD YOU TO WAIT A-HOLE !’’ you said getting close enough to punch his head.

‘’yes. In the ending of a sentence that begun with<< okay they’re off now..>> can you blame me ?’’ he asked and you pecked his lips.



You always had a crush on Stiles and you had tried everything to get him to notice you. Dropping hints, spending hours before deciding what to wear, laughing at everything he said-not that you actually had to try for that one- but he just did not seem to get it.

One day you and Stiles, were hanging out at the beach. Scott was supposed to meet you but he hadn’t showed for an hour so you started thinking he might not come at all. To which you were thankful.

You talked and talked and talked with Stiles until the sun started coming down. You just stared at the water, the way the orange shades colored it, it was simply beautiful. You looked into Stiles’ honey brown eyes and saw the sun reflecting in them.

‘’you okay ?’’ he asked bringing you back to reality.

‘’what ? oh yeah ..yes,’’ you stared at the water and saw how the waves ended up on the sand. You took of your shoes, not fighting the urge to feel them. Stiles chuckled and followed your lead.

‘’are there crabs here ? y/n if I end up having some weird allergy from crab bites I am having my father arresting you. ‘’ he warned and you chuckled feeling the cool water against your skin. You ran your fingers through your hair and Stiles was the one to stare this time.

He scanned your body and watched the little droplets against your calves, the dry salt on your thighs. He took off his shirt and jeans.

‘’Let’s get in’’ he suggested and you turned to look at him laughing as he was struggling to undo his belt.

‘’ what? the sun will go down ! we’ll bloody freeze. ‘’ you chuckled.

‘’YAY I LOVE HARD NIPPLES !’’ he cheered in a high pitch voice and you playfully punched his head. He did not really believe you would ever agree, so his jaw dropped when you allowed the strands of your dress to slip off your shoulder, He stared at your every move as if his life depended on it.

‘’ oh my god this is …this is happening ..’’ he let out and you smiled getting into the water with your underwear. Stiles took off his t-shirt and run into it as well with his boxers.

After thrity minutes of singing part of your world and hair flipping you both started freezing and yes, Nipples got hard. Stiles tried not to stare but failed, and you smiled.

You got out of the water and realized you had no towels.

‘’great. We’ll just die’’ you said and he laughed rubbing your shoulders in an attempt to warm you.

Then you put on your dress and Stiles was about to say something when he saw you moving your feet. Your wet panties dropped to your ankles and you elegantly took off your bra.

While he just stood there, knowing you were completely naked beneath the cocktail dress you were wearing. He put on his shirt and jacket and then had to take off his boxers before putting on his pants.

‘’aren’t you gonna turn around ?’’ he asked.

‘’no I’m good. ‘’ you smirked.

‘’can you at least close your eyes?’’

‘’ah…will it make you feel less awkward?’’

‘’yes ..’’

‘’then no’’ you smirked and he sighed.

‘’alright alright but if you get to see the dinosaur I should see the peaches.’’ He pouted.

‘’oh my god are you a nine year old ?’’ you asked and he laughed. Of course he was only kidding , but his eyes widened when you allowed your dress to fall to your ankles as well.

He stared in awe.

‘’are you going to kiss me or should I wait for the crabs ?’’ you said and he shook his head blinking a few times before allowing his lips to peck yours.



You were walking your way home, along the beach when it started raining. You were already having a pretty bad day so you just stopped in your tracks and looked up, letting the rain drops fall onto your face.

‘’thanks big guy. Really, I appreciate it ‘’ you whispered to God and kept walking for about ten more minutes. You were a soaking mess, when you heard a car pulling over.

‘’HEY ! Y/N !’’ you heard Isaac’s voice.

‘’hello Isaac’’ you said straightly and kept walking in the rain as he run to you. He eventually caught up to you.

‘’hey,. What are you doing ?’’ he asked noticing your state.

‘’going home.’’ You replied.

‘’you’re pissed at something and really wet.’’ He said.

‘’you’re good at making observations. ‘’ you said sarcastically and he chuckled.

‘’why ?’’

‘’because it’s raining’’

‘’no ,. I mean why are you pissed ?’’ he kept walking with you , getting wet himself, as strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

‘’get this.’’ You begun. ‘’ I’m working my ass off at part time after school and this lady comes and she is like hey I want to buy a dress to my daughter she is about your size might trying this on ? . so I try it on and then she is like no, it does not look similar you’re a bit too chubby.’’ You said and Isaac let out a loud laugh.

‘’well don’t laugh !’’ you said still pissed.

‘’okay okay. But now that you mentioned it, is it just me or is that third button of your shirt struggling a bit too much.’’ He said in order to mock you but you got even more pissed and started walking faster.

‘’oh come on y/n I was just joking !’’ he tried to excuse himself as the rain got heavier.

‘’apology declined. ‘’ you kept walking.

‘’I only said that cause your shirt is all wet and stuck on your body and the third button is holding back your purple bra which I can perfectly see by the way..’’

You stopped taking in what he had just said.

‘’so I’m not chubby ?’’ you raised an eyebrow.

‘’I can’t tell you that , I’ll have to see for myself’’ he said sarcastically but you did not hesitate you needed an objective male opinion. You took off your shirt and skirt and remained in your underwear.

Isaac stared at you.

‘’…woah..’’ he stared even harder.

‘’so ? am I chubby ?’’ you asked.

‘’yeah. In all the right places.’’ He said unable to take his eyes off of you.

You suddenly realized what you had done and were abou to pick up your clothes when Isaac started taking off his.

‘’what are you doing ?’’

‘’you mean what are we doing ? and the answer is we’re swimming !’’ he winked and walked closer to the beach as you followed him.

‘’ISAAC IT’S RAINING !’’ you said reaching up to him .

‘’good that means you’re already wet ‘’ he said slapping your ass softly to lead your towards the water.



‘’Y/N I am sure this counts as breaking in..’’ Liam whispered as you made your way to  the swimming pool.

‘’what makes you think that ?’’ you asked.

‘’uh I don’t know maybe it’s because it’ night and nobody else is here, or because we are whispering OR THE FACT THAT WE BROKE INTO THE SCHOOL !;’’

‘’well we’re not whispering anymore’’ you cheekily said.

‘’remind me why we’re doing this again ?’’ he asked you as you finally arrived at the pool.

‘’it’s called revenge. Hold this’’ you said handing him the bag with the sprays.

The school’s swimming pool was great. All besides one member. Your ex boyfriend Harry.

‘’please tell me you’re not going to poison the swimming pool..’’ Liam begged and you laughed.

‘’nah. I’ll just graffiti something mean about coach and sign it as Harry. ‘’ you said.

‘’that guy’s a dick’’ Liam added and you got to business. You made this huge image of coach naked and signed it as Harry, but by the time you were done you were both exhausted and sweaty.

You took a look at the swimming pool.

‘’DUNBAR !’’ you yelled and he dropped his spray(berry HAHAHAHH I’M SORRY)

‘’yes y/n ?’’ he said partly annoyed from all the hard work.

He walked closer to you as you were both now at the edge of the pool.

‘’you’ve ever gone skinny dipping ?’’ you asked smirking,

‘’ what is the answer that gets you to ask me to ?’’ he said and you smiled.

‘’this ‘’ you chuckled taking off all of your clothes. Liam stopped for a second taking in your image. God had you not just broken up he’d take you right then and there. He watched as your body sank in the chlorine water, your smooth skin contacting it. He wanted to touch you.

He took his clothes off as well but hesitated with his boxers.

‘’Relax it’s not like I haven’t seen a penis before’’ you joked.

‘’I believe I should lower your expectations’’ he shyly said causing you to chuckle and throw water on his boxers.

‘’hey !!’’ he whined.

‘’ooops. Now they have to come off. ‘’ you chuckled and he eventually took them off diving in.

‘’DUN DUN DUN DUNBARRR!’’ you announced as he entered and he laughed out loud.

‘’the things I do for you y/n…’’ he breathed out and you approached him wrapping your hands around his neck.

‘’ I can think of a few more..’’ you said and he gulped.

‘’I am sure you don’t mean it, It’s probably the recent break up’’ he said shaking his head and laughing.,

‘’or the fact that you’re naked against me..’’ you said.

‘’you’re naked against me too… you don’t see me making inappropriate suggestions !’’ he said and you laughed leaning closer your lips almost brushing against his.

‘’clearly one of us is the man here and it ain’t you’’ you chuckled aginst his lips.

Then you felt his erection against your thigh and he leaned in closing the distance.

‘’okay okay I take it back’ you said. Kissing him again.



You were in the woods with Derek running when he suddenly stopped shifting back into his normal form.

‘’Derek? What is-‘’ you were about to ask but then you looked to your  front to see him staring at a beautiful river-lake in the middle of the woods.

‘’ how come we’ve never seen this before ?’’ you asked and he shrugged his shoulders as you walked next to him.

Derek took off his shirt and rest of his clothes in a sudden move, slowly stepping into the water. You stared at the dimples that formed on his bum as he walked.

‘’aaaand you’re naked’’ you said.

‘’shouldn’t waste it’’ he answered as he disappeared under it. A minute later you saw him rising back to the surface. His hair slicked back from the water and drops all over his firm torso.

‘’ come in’’ he encouraged you but you denied. You knew your own limits. Being this close to a naked Derek was not gonna end up well.

‘’No I’m good thanks’’ you smiled sitting down at the banks of it.

‘’your loss’’ he commented and about five minutes later you saw him struggling.

‘’everything alright ?’’ you questioned

‘’yes I think- he was cut off by being dragged underwater.

‘’DEREK ?’’ you suddenly got up worried. He came out the water and shook his hands.

‘’I think something’s got my leg’’ was all he could say before being dragged beneath the surface again. You did not need to hear more.

You took off your jacket and run into the water, jumping right into it.You opened your eyes beneath it, searching for Derek you eventually had to come up for air.

When you did you opened your eyes.

Derek was behind you smirking.

‘’there is nothing grabbing your leg is there?’’ you said in realization..

‘take off your clothes y/n or I’ll take them off for you..’’ he whispered and you smirked as well.

‘’oh I dare you to try’’ you said and as he tried to get closer you splashed water all over him , the fight between you kept growing un til eventually he got close enough to grab both your hands and pull you close.

‘’you’ll be the death of me..’’ you whispered and he smirked.

‘’then you might as well let me kill you softly’’ he said leaning in to kiss you.



Skinny dipping with peter wasn’t really a choice , and it wasn’t really your fault.

Peter was still weak and conveniently captured by two hunters. When he howled you were one of the firsts to hear him so you rushed without even knowing why.

You hoped the rest of the pack would hear him as well and come hlp you but they were taking too long and you could hear Peter screaming in there. So you decided to enter anyway and try save him. Which you did, but after setting him free he grabbed you and started running into the woods with you.


‘’why are we running !?!?’’ you asked as you felt the wind slap your cheeks due to the speed, tree branches scratching and hurting you as he run.

‘’there’s three more of them. And apparently you were stupid enough to take them on your own instead of waiting for the others so congratu fucking lations. They’re after us’’ he said and kept running.

‘’i can’t believe I’m getting told off for saving your werewolf ass’’

Peter kept running dragging you behind him when all of a sudden he stopped.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ you asked.

‘’I’m stuck..’’ he told you.

‘’what ? you tried getting closer but then you felt it too., Your legs sort of sinking. You looked down to see mud waters and heavy rocks. You tried moving your feet but you couldn’t. Peter’s black coat was getting too heavy due to the mad so he left it behind as he struggled.

‘’if I get bitten by a crocodile I’ll never forgive you Hale’’ you mumbled and you suddenly saw him making a few steps in the mud.

‘’how did you do that ?’’ you asked and he smirked.

‘’I took off my pants, they were heavy’’ he said and you raised an eyebrow in disbelief but then you unzipped your own and stepping out of them you were able to make a few steps being lighter.

‘’shit !’’ you said hearing the hunters approaching.

‘’SHOES. Take them off!’’ Peter told you and you followed his lead. With your shoes off you could move a few more steps. The water was up to your breasts but you could see the grass again,

Then you saw Peter taking off his –neck and finally making it to the other side.

You stared at his firm body covered in water and mud and you knew why you had tried to save him.

‘’COME ON THEY’RE CLOSE!’’ he said impatiently.

‘’I am not taking my shirt off in front of you Hale.’’ You argued.

‘’why ?’’ he questioned,

‘’cause..i..well I was going for sleep when I heard you howling so.i may not be wearing a bra..’’ you said embarrassed and he chuckled, turning to walk away , leaving you stuck in there,


‘’y/n if flashing me is worse than being murdered to you suit yourself. I am not staying for dinner when I know I’m the main course’’ he said walking away.

‘’fucking asshole’’ you cursed under your breath taking off your shirt and struggling your way out. Peter was way ahead of you so you were glad he would  not see you at least.

‘’I can hear them bouncing’’ he said to make you feel bad and it worked. You secured them against your hands as you kept walking and he smirked.

‘’I hate you’’ you said .

‘’gotta give me all you got y/n… ‘’ Peter said pushing a branch out of the way.

;’’cause I can take it’’ he smirked.

‘’fine. You twat. I saved you and instead of a thanks I get sexist comments about my boobs ?’’

‘’you’re the one who called me twat…’’ he turned to finally look at you and he blinked once.

Your hair were messy and slightly wet at their ends, Your thighs and waist covered In mud, the moonlight illuminating your body.

‘’ aaand now you’re thinking the dirty dirty’’ you announced being able to hear his heart beat. He got closer slapping your hands off of your chest, taking a good look at them and you gasped. He smirked.

‘’you’re thinking it too..’’ he said.

‘’are we just gonna think about it or- before you could finish your sentence his lips were on yours for a hungry kiss.

It Feels Like Rape [Guzma Drabble]

Not quite choking, not quite drowning. Not quite apathy, not quite anger. The numbness is what gets to you after a while. Do you listen to the lies they told you or the lies you told yourself? Which ones were worse?

Her silk sheets felt like sandpaper on prickling wounds, deep gashes running down his back. She would throw a fit when she saw the stains. That would be like her too, cut your throat and then complain when you bleed on her shoes. It was so tense around her now, like any move could be a wrong one. It was playing with matches until she got what she wanted and she always did…she always did.

The hardest part was reliving all your regrets morning after morning, rolling out of her bed and staring at the wall because you can’t bear to look at her for some reason. Why did she scare you so much? Why does the thought of her hands on your skin make your guts crawl? It didn’t used to, but you can’t say you were jumping for joy either.

19 was a good age. Still technically a teenager but just enough an adult to get what you want. World at yer finger tips… unless you were on your own and broke as shit. She had wafted into your life like an angel on the breeze. You couldn’t believe her when she said she was over 30. She showered you in gifts and compliments when everyone else saw a punk and thug hanging with all your small time thug buddies and your newest babe. Though could you really call her that? Much as you like her she doesn’t seem too hot on you. What a shame too, so comfortable with her. So warm and familiar. You’ve known Plum for years and yet somehow you just can’t make it work. Not the way you want.

It made it so much easier when she drifted in.


“You can call me Luz.”

When she said that it was like watching the plates shatter. Her porcelain face because very human in that moment and for a second you thought maybe she was just as vulnerable as you. At first it was all rainbows and sunshine wasn’t it? She gave you everything. Money for you and your friends, to help more kids just like you. Call it a charitable endeavor.

Maybe she got jealous, she seemed like the type to get jealous easy…but you were always so busy with your new pals, gaining momentum and a name for yourself. You were getting stronger every day! At least it felt like it, turning from a boy into a man.

She wasn’t getting what she wanted from you anymore. Sure you started doing her favors around town. She always had a pretty good reason for it, so what was little bit of back scratching between buddies? The queen deserved everything she wanted for what she was giving them. For what she was giving YOU. All those things you had so desperately wanted to feel you felt in her. Like the mom you never had.

She wanted more.

It wasn’t like you hadn’t done this kind of thing before but this was the last place you expected it to happen.  Somehow it didn’t settle right in your gut. The sterile room, the music, hell she had even poured wine. You gotta give her points for class but what she was asking just sank into your skin like ice in water. Something about it felt like venom in your veins.

“L-Lusamine you don’t wanna waste your time, trust me. Ain’t you marri-”

“Call me Luz.”

It had shut you up hadn’t it? She was human again and it was just the break she needed. She poured you full of syrup and misery. Spoon fed you sob stories about being alone and lonely.

You love her don’t you?

You care about her don’t you?

What about what I did for you?

Isn’t that proof?

Why can’t you stand to see her so disappointed in you? Why do you look up to her so much? Suddenly something you had once done as naturally as breathing felt like drowning. Her skin felt like plastic in your hands and everything tasted of sand. It was like everything in your body had shut down. Your mind left your body leaving nothing but a hollow shell to give her what she wanted.

She couldn’t even let you have that. She had to take you back in again and again.

Biting, clawing, scratching. Her hands felt like a ghost on your body, even when you tried to keep her from touching you. Somehow they felt so wrong during the act and kissing her made you feel sick. It was all so unnatural. The first time was always the hardest. She swore you to it was just a lapse in judgment… she wasn’t ready to leave her husband.

All that for nothing. All that to just play a character in her melodrama. There was a certain level of emptiness to you when you slept hat night. All dreams felt shallow and except for her approval everything else felt empty.

When she called to apologize you felt ecstatic.

Until she asked youto come over again. It became a ritual. Lather rinse repeat. Shed touch you until she felt she had gotten what she wanted. It would feel like a phantom in your body while you floated somewhere around mars. Why is looking in the mirror so hard.

Why is seeing yourself so hard? Because you don’t know who you’re looking at. You wouldn’t let someone do that to you. Make you do nothin’ you didn’t want. You’re Big bad Guzma! You’re the boss! You run this show!

Until she calls again.

You really thought you were fucked when she said she was pregnant didn’t you? You assumed the worst and some how it was even more disgusting when you found out they weren’t yours. Somehow thought of sharing her body with her ignorant husband made you want to vomit…and you did. It had just made you so sick.

How did you end up back here again?

Bleeding on her sheets again. You always said yes, you never said no. You heard your voice say yes. You’re only doing this to yourself right? Ain’t nobody getting hurt? Then why does it feel like you’re already dead?

When shes got you all used up inside and whats worse is nobody would believe you. you’re not only her little secret, everything you have is hinged on her bein’ happy with you.

You got a family dependin’ on you.

She was a beautiful wealthy woman and you were some street punk, you should have been grateful for this experience, this chance. Always seeking the love of a parent in the wrong places, nothing can be innocent anymore. That was gone a long time ago.

You’re so afraid to admit

It feels like rape.