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Hittin’ the HighwayHe was on his dream trip heading to Sturgis for the big motorcycle rally. How could he know when he stopped in that small western town he’d meet someone who would change his life forever. Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene Romance / Drama.  21 Chapters Complete.

@mistertotem2 took an old mockup set of grips to Japan and had a real live Samourai Sword maker custom weave each tiny thread for us! It still amazes me. That was easily 5 years ago, it took 24 months to get them back and sat on the shelf preserved in a zip lock untouched for the last 3 years. In fact I couldn’t remember where they were for a bit there. The instructions are in Japanese of course so hopefully I put them on right! This bike wouldn’t event be near possible without Totem’s skill and dedication to the craft! Thank you my friend! #samourai #japan #motorcyclesasart #bikeexif #caferacer #honda #totem #fullermoto #sturgis #cycleworldbikes (at Fuller Moto Shop)

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How do you feel about accusations against J.K. Rowling about cultural appropriations of Native Americans? Do you think it's okay?

I’m kinda with Scholar Amy H. Sturgis, who is of Cherokee descent, on this one: 

“Discussing North America requires discussing Native America… It would have been unthinkable for Rowling to ignore the First Nations on this continent while building her magical history. 

That said, her treatment did not display quite the same careful research, respectful touch, and attention to detail shown in her past handling of other world culture. In that sense, I was disappointed.” 

Full article here:

I’m hoping in future updates, she’s consulted more people to get a better perspective, and be able to respectfully include Native Peoples (and even more cultures) to the Harry Potter universe.  

Charity foi a festa com sua fantasia de unicórnio, talvez tivesse exagerado com tal mas estava se sentindo confortável com ela. Não gostava de usar saltos, embora eles fossem bonitos não eram nada confortáveis quando se passava a noite em uma festa. Adentrou o espaço da festa, todas aquelas luzes e música alta a deixavam perdida em meio a tudo. Andou a passos lentou pelo local cumprimentando as pessoas que lhe chamavam pelo nome. Como sempre estava bem animada com tudo aquilo, esperava que aquela festa realmente animasse as coisas no castelo, todos estavam precisando daquilo.

Ela passou por uma bancada observando os apetitosos docinhos que estavam a disposição, até que uma bebida cor de rosa a chamou atenção. Será que era algum tipo de limonada? A loira observou bem o copo até que alguém tropeça na mesma, então ela se vira repentinamente. Não esta olhando por onde and…Stu?


Do you trust me?

My submission for Jily ship week! @hpshipweeks

Rating: T

Word count: 1,095


A/N: English is not my mothertongue, please be forgiving!

Disclaimer : JK Rowling owns it.

October 1978

Lily looked around her the second she Apparated. She was in a quiet scottish village, wearing fiery autumn colours. A river was bubbling nearby and carved pumpkins were smiling grimly in some gardens. She turned her to face James ; she could see him frowning even in the falling night. Emergency Order missions were the most worrying of all, as they were facing the unexpected. This time, Death-Eaters were attacking a Muggle-born family in hiding. Looking at the surroundings, Lily felt briefly her heart pinch : what was that like, a normal life ?

However, her thoughts were interrupted by the Apparitions of Dorcas and Sturgis. The fellow Order members greeted each other with nods before crossing the street, turning in a small gloomy dead-end. They were facing a small house, whose windows were strangely lit by red, green, blue lights. Lily drew her wand and glanced at James. It could be the last time they were looking at each other. James returned her glance, tried a weak smile and squeezed her hand as Dorcas was opening the front door violently. They followed her inside.

The young redhead wasn’t even sure of what she was seeing : there was no light at all, except the ones provided by curses. The atmosphere was heavy, and she could only hear shouts. Suddenly, she stumbled on something, which she recognized to be two stunned children.

Lily barely had the time to feel the horror spreading in her body when a wizard tried to hex her. She quickly deflected the curse and stunned him. Then, she grabbed the smallest child and tried to pull him outside the house. Her heart was pounding in her chest and blood was rushing through her hears.

Out of breath, Lily didn’t see the curse coming : she was violently projected against the wall.

Trying to get through the pain that was piercing her body, Lily was looking around her to determine the source of the jinxe when she heard a twisted laugh. Lestrange.

”Awwww !” she purred in a disgusting manner, “Ickle Lilykins was trying to help her fellow Mudblood !”

She paused before adding : “How cute.”

Then the mad witch narrowed her eyes, pointing her wand on Lily.  This one quickly grabbed her wand and cast a Stunning spell in some instinct of warning. It began a fierce and confused duel.

James was helping Sturgis against his opponent as he heard a very recognizable laughter. He instinctively looked for its root, and saw his Lily fly across the room. A cold wave struck his body as he saw Bellatrix Lestrange challenging his fiancé. He couldn’t feel his legs anymore and the room began to pitch slightly. When Lily struck back, James came to his senses and  run toward the two witches. He couldn’t let this happen, he couldn’t let his worst nightmares become true.

Unfortunately, two cloaked men blocked his way to challenge him. He eyed Lily, who returned briefly his gaze as she was deflecting another curse.

Getting rid of these two was the best and only option in order to help Lily. They seemed to be weaker than Lestrange, but warding off two enemies at the same time didn’t let much time to fight back.

He wasn’t still able to reach a weakening Lily when a loud blast blew them away. A tall and white man had Apparated in the room, studying cautiously the scene with his blood-shot eyes. He made a discreet gesture, dismissing Lestrange and her stooges. She looked highly disappointed, but retired with a bow.

“James Potter. I am very pleased to meet you,” he said with his cold voice.

The young wizard didn’t say anything, struck by a renewed fear. Where is Lily ? Heart pounding in his chest, he looked for her frantically before finally seeing her a few feet away, curled up and panting, but looking sound.

“I have been told that you were fighting for old Dumbledore,” the Dark Arts Master continued.

“I believe it must be a terrible mistake. Such a brilliant Pureblood like you. Something must be done,” he added with a joyless smile.

“Join me. Serve me. And I may spare the Mudblood lover of yours.”

James remained speechless. Betraying Lily ? His friends ? Everything he stood for ? Death was far preferable.

“Why do you even try to recruit me? You already know the answer, don’t you ?” he finally said.

A heavy silence fell in the room. Voldemort slowly drew his wand toward James. This one heard a muffled sob from Lily. He turned his face to see her ; tears were running on her cheeks. The young man stared at her, engraving her fair features in his mind. He wanted her face to be the last thing he remembered.

The Dark Lord was now pointing his wand on him. James silently articulated “Run!”


While James Potter widened his eyes in horror as he understood that Voldemort wouldn’t kill him, another shout was thundering:


The curse rebounded against the shield and made a noisy explosion, leaving the dark wizard knocked out. James looked at Lily with awe : she was disheveled and covered with dirt but her eyes were sparkling with a wild anger. She had a gift in Charms, indeed. Heart pounding from pride, relief and fear, he reached for Lily’s hand.

They began to run, enjoying a chance to escape. The front door was guarded, so they looked for another exit. They briefly heard Dorcas shouting for retreat from another room.

It must have been almost midnight, since the darkness was inscrutable. Neither of them dared to lit their wand, fearing to be seen. James and Lily were already hearing Voldemort yelling orders, orders to chase them and take them, dead or alive.

They finally entered an unoccupied room on the first floor. Moonlight was slightly falling on  the wood flooring. A tiny bed was set on a corner. James peered through the window : the river was cheerfully bubbling under. He opened it : the height seemed reasonable and the depth of the watercourse sufficient.

Suddenly, the couple heard heavy footsteps on the staircase. Lily grasped James’ hand and locked her gaze in his.

“Do you trust me ?” he said.

The redhead managed a brief smile. She took that decision long ago.


And they jumped.

Duty Calls


The stronghold’s halls were bustling with squires and staff, reaching to their next destination. Quite cramped as a few groups stood to the side and chatter before their next assignment. For Rosanna, she paid no mind to any of her Sarafan siblings; too occupied with the matter at hand.

Lord Moebius recently assigned the young cleric to aid their Executioner, Solus, in hunting a ferocious beast of Sturgis, a manticore. She made sure to stop by the library to obtain the bestiary for further study, doubtful she’d be able to excuse herself from his call. To be safe, it was best to inform Mortanius of the dangerous venture.

The time of day was difficult to predict where the Necromancer was. First and best place to start was his privet study. In front of the sturdy chamber door, Rosanna gave a few good knocks, “Excuse me, Mortanius? It’s Rosanna. May I come in?”

How could she explain the situation? Moebius claimed the Circle demanded it, which meant Mortanius would’ve had a say in this. If anything, he could enlighten her on the hunt she and Solus would par take in.

Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (2001)

The last of the four cool real monster Scooby movies, the gang is sucked into a video game to defeat a virus that can come into the real world. The video game is about them, and they advance levels by finding the Scooby Snax. The final level has them meeting the video game versions of themselves, who’ve been lingering there because they don’t want to progress further. The video game versions are designed like the older versions of the Scooby gang, except Scooby and Shaggy are wearing different colors - Shaggy is in a red tee like he wore in the 80s, and Scooby’s wearing a different collar. This one is more entertaining than Alien Invaders, in my opinion, but still not as good as Witches Ghost or Zombie Island. I owned this one on VHS when I was younger, too, and I cant believe the things I remembered from it. I hadn’t seen it for years.

Rating: C. This is the last Hanna-Barbera creation, because after this, Warner Brothers absorbed them entirely.