Imagine James and Sirius being perfectly fine with 5 year old Harry flying a broom, but when Lily gets him a bike for Christmas they’re freaking the FUCK out because of how dangerous they think it is. He’d be that kid with pillows duct taped all over his body, barely able to walk, his arms being too stuffed to push his messy hair out of his eyes.

“I still think this is mad.” Sirius gulps, his voice cracking with fear. James is standing, almost paralyzed behind him, what looks like tears are forming in his eyes. They were outside of their cottage on the side walk. Lily was standing next to Harry and Harry was staring at the beautiful red bicycle with amazement, never having seen anything like it before.

“James played a sport, that requires you to fly up in the sky trying to catch an almost invisible ball, while trying to avoid being hit by an iron ball, that is bewitched to severely injure you.” She retorts, looking between the two men. “Besides, I learnt how to ride a bike when I was five and barely shed a tear when I fell and skinned me knees.” Lily rolls her eyes as she places the little boy on the seat of the tiny bicycle.

“SKINNED YOUR KNEES?” He yells with disbelief, “ON THE DIRTY GROUND? Well that proves it then, that proves how you think placing Harry on a two wheeled death machine is acceptable.” Sirius huffs, his eyes are wide and places his hands on his hips.

“Sirius, you have a motorcycle. Those things are way more dangerous than a bike for a kid.” She counters.

“That is besides the point!” Sirius snatches Harry from the bicycle, “I WILL NOT HAVE YOU TRYING TO MURDER MY GODSON, LILY!!!” He grabs his broom and places the small boy in front of him and they zoom off.

Lily watches as they get further away and sighs. She looks over at her husband who’s mouth is hanging open and staring after them in dismay. “As if he really just kidnapped Harry,” answering the question she knew he was thinking, “He’s going to spoil him with sweets and tell him how “Mummy is absolutely insane!” because he’s a giant twit.“ She says walking towards the cottage door, "They’ll be back before bed time, you know how Sirius loves bed time.”

Only 3 out of 11 deceased Philippine Presidents are interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, not even a majority.

Aguinaldo is interred at Aguinaldo Shrine, Kawit Cavite

Quezon is interred at Quezon Memorial Circle.

Osmeña, Roxas and Magsaysay are in the Manila North Cemetery.

Cory Aquino is in the Manila Memorial Park.

Laurel is in Tanauan Batangas.

Only Quirino, Macapagal and Garcia are currently interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. If the descendants of the other deceased Philippine Presidents doesn’t see the need to transfer the remains of their esteemed ancestors to the Libingan, then why are we still pushing Marcos’ remains at the Libingan? I don’t see the need either. I just see another chance for the Marcoses to attempt deodorizing their place in History. Quirino’s remains re-assessed his presidency (or as Mayor Lacson would say, his Accidency).

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Hello I do not get the reason why Rae does not want people at college to see her with Finn? And do you think people nowadays do not look for love, they just want the attention, they just want to be popular. Thank you

I think her fear was being rejected by people and have them scrutinizing their private life. She was very aware of Finn’s feelings for her, that he wanted to be with her (no matter how many open doors he had in front of him), but deep down, when her old insecurities came back, she felt that people were not going to “get it” and in her messy way to avoid being criticized by her relationship with him, she just pushed him away. But still, everybody knew they were together and she couldn’t stand what she thought other people were thinking about them. And I think it broke her a little lot more when she realized not even Archie was above that, with him laughing at her along with Simmy and Macca.

And about what people look for nowadays… I would say people do look for love, all the time, but people are being more honest with themselves about what they want in their lives. Some things are not so important if other areas are not developed before and “self-fulfillness” can be mistaken as being self-centered. Shitty people still exist though, climbing the social ladder is pretty much what they do for living, and unfortunately that doesn’t disappear with age. 

Last… I want to apologize because I am replying like 2 weeks after I got this message. I haven’t been around much, lots of work and a bit of low-spirits. Anyway.. thank you for the message!

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Ooo what if someone found Jordan crying somewhere and they were just like HOLY FUC K WHAT IS WRONG BB LEMME GET U SOME HOT COCO

i can see that going down two ways:

jordan just starts laughing because he thinks he’s pathetic but he’s still crying and that someone comes over and hugs him and he hugs back and just fucking breaks


jordan has my mentality of thinking he needs to do everything by himself or he’ll look weak so he tries to push this person way. they still try to help but then he up and runs and no one can find him for a while so everyone starts getting scared. eventually he shows up again by like his normal self and if asked about what happened he’ll just pretend to not know what you’re talking about

Bellamy Blake has fucked up so many times okay. And he deals with that struggle every day, and it wears at him, and he still pushes through and tries to do right by the people he loves. He makes reckless decisions in the heat of the moment that haunt him forever, and yet he’ll still do anything to save someone he cares about. This boy is so flawed and brave and fractured and human and I love him so much.

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Tori I Have been in a similar situation like you are in. It's hell I'm still getting hate from my ex and his friends even though it's been almost a year since I left his abusive ass. But stay strong Hun! I know it's hard as fuck but I believe you can get through this you are strong and beautiful! Hold on pain ends!

I’m still getting hell from the asshole who pushed me around for two years before Stephen 😓 I’m horrible at picking partners or I’m the problem blah

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Right now, there's some drama brewing behind the scenes of Passengers. The CGI company they hired is sorta low rent & is embroiled in a lawsuit that has forced them to stop production. Passengers is already an expensive film so they are deciding on whether to forget about the CGI quality, which will cheapen the look of the effects on the film but still get it out in 2016, or wait to push the movie to 2017, effectively dashing its Oscar hopes but would put out a high quality looking film.

Yeah, that’s what I just read in an article another anon linked me to…

I’m really hoping they can get everything sorted out. I really do. I’m hoping whatever decision they came to is the right one as well, because I would hate to see this movie tank. I’ve been really excited for it; a lot of others have been as well.


From my experience, people are so weird about kids who say they want to be an artist. I’ve always been a serious artist, I’ve worked on many freelance projects, a few webcomics, and I’m in the process of self-publishing my own book. Yet- I’m what a lot of people consider young still, and people, despite everything that I’ve done, still push doubts on me, and people like me. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has witnessed this situation:
A classroom full of kids, sharing to the teacher what they’d like to be when they grow up, one kid raises her hand, and says “I’m gonna be an artist!”
why is the response, always
“oh, you know, being an artist is very competitive”
“you should have a backup plan, because that’s not likely to work out..”
as if it isn’t the same way for the other careers? No-one questions the kid who wants to be a doctor.

You could argue that people respond that way because.
“Oh, well that’s because 90% of the kids who say they want to be an artist are just going through a phase” which could be true, but the same thing is true for most of the other careers too. People are going into all sorts of majors thinkings it’s easy and end up dropping out.

ALL careers are competitive! Starting a career takes work, that’s how it is with all of them…right? So why are people so doubtful to blooming artists? If we could be more encouraging to those talented kids, instead of  telling them their dream is out of reach, less of them would be hopeless, and discouraged, and more of them would feel confident about starting art school!
The world has high demand for art! Entertainment is good for people’s mental health, so why are we assuming that there will be less opportunities for people who want to provide that?

Why Renee Walker is Too Good for this World
  • Renee literally sat on Andrew during the talk show to make sure he didn’t personally launch his tiny body up there and murder Riko on live television
  • Lets Andrew beat her up during sparring if it means he can somehow let all of his emotions out
  • Tells Neil she’d like for him to trust her first before she tells him about her past so he can be comfortable (also is not offended that he is wary of her)
  • Keeps her cool in basically every single situation because if she doesn’t who will?
  • During the face-off in the banquet she just strolls up, links arms with Kevin I’m-Panicking-24/7 Day and politely introduces herself to Jean I-Cannot-Chill Moreau
  • Is always helping out when it comes to food, driving around and fetching all the athlete fuel
  • Without further ado supports Allison during her grieving while still giving her room
  • Does not push topics
  • Plays in a position she hasn’t been in since middle school (!!!) during one of the most intense games
  • Breaks up a fight between Matt and another guy just so she can beat him up herself
  • Always encouraging her team mates and cheering no matter how bad the match is going
  • After the game with the Ravens she hugs Andrew partly so that he can regain some sort of control over himself
  • I could go on and on but honestly this is enough evidence
basilton, with an s

i realised a few minutes ago that i’ve never written a coffeeshop au before.

so this was inevitable i suppose.

(also it’s almost 4am. why do i do this.) (makeshalinasleep2k16)

Bazilton Pitch.

“That’s not even how you spell my name,” Baz says, making a face. He points at the messily scrawled z, squashed between the other oversized letters that are spread out across the cup’s blank surface. “It’s an s. Not a z.”

“But it’s Baz,” Simon says, across from him. They’re sitting at one of the small, round tables pushed into a corner of the coffee shop. Simon still has his apron on from when he left the relatively un-hectic counter to his coworker earlier, and the most adorable, confused smile lifts the corners of his lips as he regards his own handwriting on Baz’s cup. His hair has turned to gold from the sun coming in through the window. “Baz with a z.”

“That’s my nickname,” Baz says, rolling his eyes. “Maybe I shouldn’t have told you to call me that the first time, given you some time to learn my actual name.

“It’s not my fault your actual name is weird as hell.”

Baz feigns a hurt look. “I am offended.”

“Hi, offended. I’m Simon.”

“Oh, fuck you.”

“Not now. I’m at work.”

Baz squeezes his eyes shut and ducks his head. He hears Simon laughing quietly, and then a soft, warm hand envelops his around the cup. His heart beats faster.



“Why did you come here today?”

Baz looks up at Simon. Simon’s eyes are very, very blue. “Um - I’ve been coming here for the past six months?”

“Yes, but why today?” Simon leans in, closer. Baz’s eyes unwittingly drop to his mouth. (It’s an incredibly lovely mouth - the kind you can’t help but imagine being pressed against your own.) (Or maybe that’s just Baz?) (Surely not.) Simon nudges Baz’s knee with his own, under the table. “You have violin class today, don’t you?”

“I skipped.”

Fine golden eyebrows shoot upwards in disbelief. (Baz finds even Simon’s eyebrows attractive.) “You skipped class?” Simon asks, shaking his head as if to right the world into its proper position. “Are you sure you’re Baz Pitch?” 

And then, squinting suspiciously, he shifts sideways in his seat and makes a big show of looking behind Baz’s back. For what, Baz doesn’t know.

Baz shakes his head a little, trying to quell the smile that threatens to take over his lips. “What are you doing.”

“Searching for the goblin who’s possessed you.”

“There’s definitely some illogical flaw in there somewhere, but I’m not going to talk about that right now.”

Simon’s grin is back, wide and playful. It makes Baz’s heart stutter. “Why? I was just about to launch into my theory on the existence of supernatural beings on Earth.”

Baz says, “I came here today to ask you out.”

And Simon blinks. Baz’s whole world is blue and more blue. “Ask me out?” Simon repeats.

“As my boyfriend.”


“Yeah.” Baz doesn’t look away from him, though it’s hard not to. Simon’s hand is still around Baz’s around the cup. His grip hasn’t loosened or anything, so that’s probably a good sign.

“Well,” Simon says, slowly. “Where are you taking me?”

Is that a yes? Baz’s head screams. 

“London,” he says. “Tonight, if you’re free.”



“Yeah,” Simon says, biting his lip. “I’m free.”

“… Okay.”

Everything is hazy and golden and unreal in comparison to Simon’s eyes in front of his, the watercolour-blue suddenly obscured when his eyelashes dip. Simon moves his head so their noses brush and their lips don’t, not quite. Baz didn’t know human hearts could beat this fast, let alone his own human heart. 

Simon smiles, and says, “I’ll be your boyfriend, Basilton with an s.”