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If you had control on ending snk, how would you end the story?

Well. I want Annie to get a fucking redeemption arc. Please god. Let her join the Eldians and be on the same team as Armin and Eren. 

But in general, like, a conclusion to the entire plot? 

The Marleyans and Eldians come to some kind of agreement where they stay on opposite sides of the world where they can live away from each other long enough to get over their generations of bitterness. 

They can’t settle their differences, fine, but I don’t want to see one side or the other get totally eliminated.

I want them to take a damn time out and try to share the damn world, and realistically, it would take a looong time to get over it. 

Christa lives a long and happy life as a queen and fucking, Isayama, give her a wife or so help me god….

Connie and Sasha are alive and well. They get married and work for the government, maybe in agriculture or management of food storage. 

Levi and Hanji are alive and they get married. They go on adventures together, even when they’re old. Hanji never loses that scientist’s spark and Levi would never leave his last remaining friend  and partner alone. 

Jean…well. I see him being some kind of politician or head in the military. But the military’s not fighting anymore, so he’s really in charge of helping people settle outside of the walls and adjust to the “Real” world. 

I see him getting married, but I don’t know if I see him getting married to Mikasa. He’s the jealous type. 

Mikasa, well.

I’d like to see her branch away from Eren and perhaps use her strength for other things. 

Since in this ending, the fighting is over, she’s now allowed to pursue other interests. 

She’s never cared about exploring, not as much as Eren and Armin. 

I see her…settling down somewhere, keeping to herself, maybe taking care of horses and animals on a farm. 

I don’t see her…chasing Eren and Armin.

Like I know she wants to “be by Eren’s side” but I feel like that’s only because it’s a dangerous world and she feels she needs to protect him. 

I feel like she would trust Eren’s safety with Armin.

Which brings me to my next and final dream snk ending.

Eren and Armin, if they can’t have a cure, go out on a last adventure together.

They know Eren will die.

Armin knows he’ll follow shortly after. 

But Armin wants to show Eren everything before he does.

They travel as far as they can in the time they have left, mapping lands and admiring the view and camping on all kinds of terrain.

They settle down when the time is near and Armin prepares for the end. 

And when Eren does die, he buries him out there, I imagine on a cliff overlooking the sea.

And Armin is alone now, but he’s still got a job to do. 

He writes the entire story, everything that had happened up until that point. 

He leaves it at Eren’s grave for someone to find.

He goes back home to Mikasa, tells her the news. They mourn together and Armin has to tell Mikasa that he doesn’t want her to be alone, to find other friends and family once he’s gone. 

Maybe Mikasa and Jean reconnect here, I don’t know.

I could see that, actually. Mikasa and Jean, old friends, reminiscing about the past and realizing that they’ve been through a lot together and they have more in common than they ever thought. 


When Armin dies, Mikasa has him cremated. 

She goes out, maybe with Jean, maybe with the entire surviving 104th squad, with Levi and Hange with them. 

They bring his ashes out to Eren’s grave and scatter them over the cliff and all of them pay their last respects. 

I don’t know if the book Armin wrote is still intact after years of weathering. 

But what remains of it is still there, near Eren’s grave, and Armin’s too. 

it’s the story of a boy who wanted to see the ocean. 

and the story of the friend who took his hand and lead him there. 

darkempressinfinitemind asked: How did you get into freelance?

The short version? Accidentally!

Longer version? It started with a friend hiring me to ghost write their memoir (before either of us knew what ghost writing was. Also he apparently had this awesome life before he knew me and never bothered to mention it before the idea of writing a book came along. Who knew? Random happenstance). I became more confident in the idea of writing for others, and then was referred to the site by a friend of mine, who was trying to pick up freelancing.

I applied for my first job there, and it was literally months before I got any bites. My first bite ended up paying me $3 an hour. I was desperate, so I took it. It gave me a reference, and I got a better job, and a better job, and a better job, until I had enough references to apply for REALLY decent jobs. Fast forward, and here I am with my own Wordsmithing business.

But you want advice, don’t you?

  • Find a Freelancing Website

There’s Elance, PPH, and a wide range of others. Pick one that works for you (or multiple) and start drumming up your profile there. Get samples out so people can see your style of work.

  • Get Reviews at All Costs

Get people you know to write reviews. Take low paying jobs to get reviews. Take whatever jobs you can and get reviews, because they really are everything to a beginning freelancer. I started out with a GED (not even a high school diploma) and still got high paying jobs, because no one needs to see your credentials – they just need proof that real life people have given you a test run.

Degrees and all that? They’re to prove you know your stuff; that someone has tested you and written off on it. Reviews are the internet’s new degrees; be willing to invest some time and effort into them.

  • Take Any and As Much Work as You Can

Not only for the reviews, but for practice. There’s a new song and dance involved with freelancing that you won’t find anywhere else. Big companies are paying millions on Big Data to figure out what little nuances make customers happy. You don’t have Big Data, and you’re up against thousands of freelancers just like you – you have to figure out the key to standing out by hand.

Getting as many jobs as you can early on gives you a chance to test the waters and find your stride before you’re dealing with big clients that are less forgiving of your fumbles. You’ll learn something new from every job so you really ARE the top professional you claim to be.

  • Claim to Be a Professional

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I should give you advice about being honest and doing the leg work before you get started. But they say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. So act like the professional you want to be, not the one you are.

If you’re 18 and this is your first freelancing job, make your profile and all your correspondences look like you’re 37 and have been freelancing for 10 years (don’t lie, just be indirect. Talk like you’re older. Say you’ve been freelancing for several years, even if you’ve only been freelancing for a few months. If you’re living at home with your parents and the topic of family comes up, just call them “family;” the client won’t know if you’re a married mother of five or are talking about your dad). People will look right over you if they THINK you’re not capable, without even giving you a chance to show what you can do. If you take away that first – sometimes incorrect – assumption, your foot’s in the door and you can prove yourself.

Then after you have 300 five-star reviews and a client list as long as your arms, you can reveal yourself as 20 with three years’ experience, and people will believe you’re a prodigy. Then you’ll get hired for being the talented young professional who IS their target audience, so you’re perfect to create a product FOR their target audience.  

  • Be Ready to Put in More Hours

Once you’ve been in the game a while and have established yourself, you can make your weekends sacred with no work stuff. But before then, you need to be on call all the time. What’s going to make you stand out against the rest in the beginning is timeliness.

If it’s a toss-up between you and someone just as qualified, the client will decide on whoever replies the fastest and most coherently. Reply to messages as soon as possible. Talk back and forth on the weekends. Offer as tight a deadline as you can for every project, and if you can deliver early, deliver early. Once you have your reputation and your reviews, then you can tone it back to the same level as any other job; you work on your work days, and you’re gone from the planet on your off days.

  • Follow Your Heart – But Follow the Money First

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I hate web copy. Detest it. A client can have the coolest website idea ever, but having to don my promotional hat and describe their services to a target audience is tedious and unfulfilling as all get out. What I enjoy is blog writing, where I get to explore a concept and tell it (sometimes) in my own voice. I love product descriptions even, where I get to sharpen my description skills to be later used in fiction. But guess what? Web copy writing pays well, because it is difficult and it’s in huge demand.

Here’s a quick insider look at the market: Today, every style of business in existence needs a website. That means web designers are the key holders in a world full of locked doors. They’re making a killing, but every website needs CONTENT. They’re cranking out 15 websites a month but they’re just blank pages without some writing to make them REAL. That’s where my industry comes in, the Tonto to their Lone Ranger, to make their home pages, their about pages, their service pages, etc. so their website is a real website. So long as online business booms, web designers are Sauron and copy writers are the one ring to rule them all.

That’s where the money is. So even if I really hate web copy, I’m good at it. That’s what pays the rent, grows my business, and keeps my employees’ checks signed – giving me the financial security I need to then ALSO do things I like. Ghost writing, book editing, blog writing, working on my own stuff.

If you want to make it in freelancing, you need money for bills. But you also need money to prove to your freelancing site that you’re worth promoting. Be willing to do jobs you’re not crazy about, so you can grow to the point of having enough income to afford doing what you really love.

  • Embrace the Uncertainty

One of the hardest things about freelancing is the irregularity. One month, you’re swimming in cash. The next, you scrape by. At the beginning of the month, you only have one project; at the end, you have 10. I’ve been at this for years, and I still have a mini panic during summer when I’m sure this is the year that my career finally ends. But it never has.

The upside to this uncertainty is you’re never sure when great things are going to happen. The security of a 9-to-5 lets you know exactly how much you will make, but robs you of the chance for those surprise miracles where a massive client falls in your lap and pays your rent for four months within two weeks. 

Take faith that a slow month is giving you a chance to rest up for when that tsunami of work comes in. Having a new client every week is giving you a chance to have fun before you have one client for an entire year (which can get boring at times). Freelancing can be a science, but you still need a little faith. It keeps you on your toes, it gives you unexpected bonuses none of your 9-to-5 friends can count on, and it gives you freedom.

Breaking into freelancing is slow going at first, but so long as you’re good at what you do, you will break in. There’s seriously never been a better time in living memory for it.

Hope this was helpful!

Holy shit I’m sorry but like. I started as an 18 year old weeb who cooked since the age of 9. And then I got a job at this fine dining Italian place, and I was so bad they wanted to fire me for like the first 3 months.

And then I got better and I learned all the stations and 2.5 years later I peace and start to work at the 3rd best restaurant in the world. And that’s just unbelievable to me to begin with. Like I’ve been working there for over half a year, I’m in charge of making all the bread and doughs, like my shit actually really matters, and I still can’t believe I got the job in the first place

And now we just became the Best Restaurant in the world. And I was a part of that. And that just fucking baffles me. This place that I didn’t even think I could ever work at is, due to the work of me and all my cooks and chefs and foh people, now the #1 REstaurant in the entire fucking WORLD.

honestly I have no fucking words. This is fucking wild.

Your creative fandom pursuits are not a waste of time.

I hand-coded a fansite in 2001. The results would make your teeth hurt today but I learned about HTML and CSS.

A piece of meta went semi-viral in 2003. That taught me about traffic and analytics and what the Internet likes. Consulting to improve web site traffic was a tidy side income for me last year.

I never made the leap from fanfiction to original fiction, or writing for novelisations of Star Trek and Doctor Who - but I have fandom friends who did.

I got my last job because of Wordpress and Tumblr. I explained what tags were as part of an information architecture demonstration. Yes, I know. Still: hired!

I got my current job because of the online content skills gleaned over 15 years in fandom. “You’re a digital native.”

Creating art, stories, meta, videos, zines, shirts, RPing, managing a series of stories, tracking your traffic, responding to comments and debate, being part of a community - it’s all good.

Your creative fandom pursuits are not a waste of time.

let me tell you about the story I’m not writing...

Some background to start, because of course the pairing is so far off the beaten path that there are *zero* stories with it on ao3.

First, there’s Paul Sevier, from Midnight Special. He’s an analyst for the NSA. And has apparently stolen Will Graham’s wardrobe.

Isn’t he lovely?  Why is nobody shoehorning him into things? He’s only tagged on three fics on ao3.

The other half of the pairing isn’t quite as rare in general. Caleb Smith, programmer.

This is not any kind of Kylux AU I have in mind for this story I’m not writing. Nope. Paul and Caleb are both geeks, and I think they would get along swimmingly.

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Kirk: Mr. Sulu - Mr. Spock and I are going down to the planet’s surface. You will be in command. Your responsibility is to the Enterprise – not to us. Is that clear? 

By putting Sulu in command of the ship, Kirk has allowed the Enterprise to retreat. If he were aboard, if his first officer were aboard even, they would be expected to stand and fight. 

The first officer holds the same title and responsibilities as captain in situations where they are in command, beyond the first officer there’s no designation in chain of command. Sulu is chosen often, but we also see Scotty take the helm often and there’s nothing in the series to suggest that Sulu has been given the assignment of third-in-command as a title or designation. He’s still Acting Captain, but that holds far less weight. If he were to make the ‘wrong’ move, it wouldn’t be his fault. Kirk knows this. Kirk knows that if he or Spock were commanding the Enterprise, they would be actors of the Federation, not crewmen of the Enterprise

Sulu’s responsibility is to the Enterprise. Not to Kirk and Spock.
Not even to the Federation. 

Sulu: Perfectly, sir.

Kirk: The Klingon fleet is in this quadrant. [We know Organa will be a target.] Should they emerge –

Sulu: We’ll handle them, sir.

Sulu understands that they are actors in a war. These men wear ranks and insignias, follow a chain of command – can you blame him? The United Federation of Planets is a governing body, and Starfleet has been used as a quasi-military organization. 

But it isn’t

Starfleet is a delegation of scientists and explorers charting peace – to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. 

Kirk: You will evaluate the situation. If there is a fleet of them, you’ll get out of here, Mr. Sulu.

Sulu: But, Captain –

They aren’t here to fight a war. They’re here, and they’ve been given their orders, but by no means does a single man or woman on this ship really want to go to war. It’s been anticipated – Kirk and Spock’s previous discussion showed this. 

Kirk: Well there it is – war. We didn’t want it, but we’ve got it. (…) War or not, we’ve still got a job to do – denying Organia to the Klingons. 

At this point, those are the only orders Kirk has been given. A declaration of war does not give combatants blind free reign to carry out attacks. There has to be some semblance of planning. Even a provoked attack can change the tides, completely change the dynamic at hand. Kirk’s here, the Enterprise is here to follow orders, and those orders are to protect a weak planet from occupation. (Not even to set a Federation outpost and occupy it themselves, I might add. Kirk has taken it that way as well – “deny” the Klingons the opportunity, not take it for themselves.) 

Kirk is telling Sulu to turn tail and run. 

Kirk: No buts. You’ll get back to safety and alert the fleet. You will not attack alone. Mr. Spock and I will be all right.

An attack against one Klingon war bird is one thing, and one thing they’ve just handled with minimal casualties. But an attack against a fleet of ships is another thing entirely. Even if they’re able to take out an entire fleet (which is unlikely, but not impossible), Kirk has made clear that the risk of destruction isn’t worth it. 

The Klingon’s attack was before they were officially at war, or at the very least before the Enterprise got word through the ranks. The Enterprise is the flagship. If she were to be lost in their first battle, it would set the tone. 

There are 430 people on this ship. They will not be the first casualties. 

Kirk references the fleet once, but returns to the personal level. “Mr. Spock and I will be all right”. People Sulu knows, respects. The interest here is returned to the safety of two individual men. 

Faced with war, Captain James T. Kirk’s thoughts are on the people.
The planet, Organa, isn’t just a prize to be won. 

Kirk: Another Armenia, Belgium. 

Spock: Sir? 

Kirk: The weak innocents. They always seem to be located on the natural invasion routes. 

War is too often seen as a game of chess. Kirk plays. This is different. They aren’t simply capturing knights and rooks – the Enterprise is not going to be a pawn in a black-and-white game.

So I was the idiot that wrote this question without realizing how hard it would be to answer it. There are so many key point dance moves that I love!! I mean I love all of them!! But if I must…here are just a couple in no particular order…

The sinsoki move. They’re going in such a rush that it’s just a blurry hand in your face. It’s so cute and simple and I always do it when I listen to “Rush” (and when I don’t) Also…I mean Wonho is just so flippin cute when he does it.

And of course as the follow-up, I like the car driving move too because look at Wonho’s cute little shoulders moving around waaah!!! Again, simple and really cool looking when they do it together. I think it’s one of Shownu’s signature choreo moves. I’ve seen it on “No Mercy and “Hit the Stage.” Go Shownu!

Ok, but of course I gotta talk about the “All in” chest hit move because it’s so badass but subtle. They gotta send a curve through their body from their chest down to their hips. It’s like lightning traveling through a chord. And then they step forward while they do it making them in sync and hitting the beat too. It’s “sexy” in a form I’ve never seen before.

And then…the “All in” back move. I’ve always liked backs and back muscles on “the man” and thought they were underrated. But Monsta X is my soulmate so…’nuff said.

This shirt grabbing move from “Stuck”…I mean really…

‘Cause I’m a fighter, fighter…this move is so masculine and bad ass–I mean they’re crazy fighters! It’s sooo cool; they’re just hanging their bodies like growling monsters and then nudging their knees to the beat.

I like Monsta X’s choreo because of their subtle moves–the small movements like a turn of the head or the tick of their arms and just like little rolls of the body but when they all do it together it looks really fucking cool. The “Beautiful” move where they lean back, bounce on their feet from side to side, and move their arms up and down is good representation of that subtley–matching the beat with little movements. It’s the illusion of when you put your thumbs in the little front bands of your pants or when you put your hands in your pockets. It’s so hard to make this move look cool ‘cause it has to be just right but they pull it off.

The “Beautiful” orb grab to the heart and then smooth sweeping underneath the wings of their coats. Yes, my boys…yes…very nice. Well done again, leader. It’s also really fun to do!

Shit…I should probably stop before I do all of their moves. The non-key point dance moves are gonna be even more difficult…and twice as long. Sigh…

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (5) Favorite Key Point Dance Move

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Pls help I am in desperate need of a restaurant au with waiter bitty + ZIMMBITS

When Eric moved to Providence for college he really hadn’t envisaged being a waiter. Sure, he knew he’d need a job - don’t even get him started on the debt he was going to end up with by going to this school - but for whatever reason he’d never imagined that he’d end up in a little French restaurant, serving dishes with names that he can’t even translate. 

Honestly, he thinks he’s damn lucky he was even hired what with his lack of experience - the owner seems to have a soft spot for him though so Eric’s not going to complain. He’s been working there for just over a week now, finally settling into the habit of balancing plates on his arms and not causing a ruckus every time a customer requests something even slightly off the menu. He’s just dropped off a dessert bowl for a couple when he spots a new customer sitting alone at a table. 

“Hello, I’m Eric, and I’ll be your waiter for today. Can I get you something to drink?” He tries not to make it sound rehearsed, but truthfully he’s a little tired because he’d spent last night writing an essay into the early hours in the morning. When he properly looks at the guy he’s serving, he realises with a funny little flutter in his stomach that he’s - well. He’s hot.

“Uh…” says the customer, “Just some still water, thanks.” He’s got a heavy Québécois accent which is actually not that common for Providence even though they aren’t far from Canada. 

Eric thinks it’s fucking adorable. 

“Sure,” says Eric, “Do you need more time to decide on your food?”

He watches, fascinated as the man pulls his lower lip between his teeth and bites for a second, before answering. “What would you recommend?”

It takes Eric a moment to process his words, which is kind of embarrassing and he really hopes he’s not blushing. “Err - the croque monsieur is really good.” He knows he stumbles over the French and he really wishes he was fluent because his customer is smirking just a little bit at him now.

“Okay. I’ll have one of those, please?” He passes Eric the menu with a smile that makes Eric’s insides go all warm and squishy. He feels like facepalming or pulling out his phone to tweet about his new cute customer but resists the urge.

“Merci,” The guy says, and his eyes flicker down to Eric’s shirt for a second and he smiles, and in that same accent, “Eric.” 

Eric definitely blushes. (He also swears loudly once he’s back in the kitchen, but that’s not so important.)

Eric’s waiting aimlessly by the kitchen door when it happens. The cooks are talking to the waitress and he catches a bit of the conversation when the door opens.

“Jack Zimmermann, yeah!”

There’s a pause and then Eric hears, “Fucking hell, bro, that’s awesome!”

He frowns but thinks nothing of it, instead goes out to the restaurant and picks up a few empty plates before he goes to check on the cute guy by the window (again). 

“Everything okay?” he says, trying not to sound to eager. 

The customer smiles. “Yeah, it was really good, thanks.”

Eric hovers for a second while he takes Jack’s plate. “Do you wanna order anything else or…?”

“Wha - oh, no, sorry. I - um -”


It looks like the guy is having some sort of internal struggle before his shoulders sag. “Just the check, please.”

Eric smiles and fetches it for him. When he comes back, the guy is twiddling a pen between his fingers and there’s another guy who he’s waving at that’s walking away from his table with a huge grin on his face.

Eric looks between the two and raises an eyebrow. “Company?”

“I - uh -”

“Sorry, sorry,” he says, “None of my business.”

“No, it’s okay,” the guy says, looking embarrassed. “Just an autograph.”

Eric is taken aback by that - is this guy some famous celebrity that he’s never heard of? (Maybe he needs to catch up on his tv.) Still, he’s got a job to do so he shrugs it off and thanks the guy when he hands him back the receipt with money and a very generous tip.

It’s only when he gets to the kitchen that he realises there’s a note scrawled onto the bottom of the receipt:

You can totally ignore this but my friends say I need to get out more. Also, I think you’re really cute. - Jack (401-555-0147)

Eric would like to say that he’s an independent man who don’t need no boy but he can’t help letting out a little squeal anyway.

this au <3 thanks! send me writing prompts :)

so, i made the monsters on ts4. look at them nap. what a sight to behold.

things that have happened:

  • aaron died. andrew pleaded for his life
  • neil and andrew have had sex in the sauna, and proceeded to flirt with each other afterwards which, gross
  • andrew’s aspiration is to be a public enemy but i still got him a job as a detective
  • the first thing aaron did when he got to the hospital for work was eat
  • neil hides in nicky’s bed when he’s hiding from everyone. aaron does the same in neil and andrew’s closet
  • nicky has:  1) set fire to both himself and aaron 2)broken the coffee maker 3) broken the gaming console. all of which i had aaron repair.
  • kevin has walked in on all his roommates while pissing. aaron only manages with andrew and neil for some reason

in short, they are all a Mess

Hi there! I could do with your help. I’m still having issues with the landlord who has caused me problems since summer. I can’t get out of the tenancy so I’m paying two sets of rent still. I’ve got a full-time job as well as being a student, so I will soon get money to pay for the next final months. But my gas, electric, and the two sets of rent come out of my account and I don’t even have enough for one set of the rent. If you could please help me out by sending money to on PayPal I would be really grateful. If you would like something in return like a drawing/painting pls let me know. Also, if you would like me to pay you back then please give me your details in return. Happy to share anything of yours if it would help you out because I’m in so much trouble if I can’t cover all of this. Anything would help right now because I’m low on food too haha! There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but it’ll take a bit too long to get to if I don’t ask for help. If you can’t offer monetary help, then please share it to someone who might. I’m really in a pickle right now. Thank you for reading and sorry that I’m asking! 

Three Months

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Graylu

Rated: T

Summary: Fresh out of a bad relationship, Lucy lashed out at the one person she needed the most. Fate was a funny thing-and Lucy quickly learned to never leave things unsaid. 

Word count: 3850

Written for Graylu-Angst week! sorry if there isn’t enough angst it’s more hurt/comfort and based off a few prompts, e.g., stars, guilt/regret/apology

I actually struggled so much with this I usually don’t struggle with angst.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Happy ending?? Read to find out ;)

She’d always loved the stars.

They were a constant companion of hers, always there for her when she got lonely. She would gaze up and find her favourite constellations, tracing them out with a finger, smiling as she watched them twinkle.

But now she found it hard to look at them.

They no longer gave her peace. They gave her sorrow, because they reminded her of him. And that made her sad, yes, but more than anything it made her angry.

She’d never shared her love of stars with anyone the way she had with him. And he went and messed it all up. He’d manipulated her, cheated on her, and worst of all, he’d said he loved her.

She wiped away the tears that started to fall from her eyes as she looked out her window, the stars especially bright tonight. A sob ripped through her chest, unable to stop it now that it started. She was hurt—she had trusted him. Loved him. Opened herself up to him.

But no more.

Lucy rose from her window sill, almost numb as she gathered up her coat and bag, needing fresh air. She couldn’t stay in her room. Couldn’t be surrounded by a constant reminder of him—of them.

Slamming her door behind her, she walked to the nearby park, almost as if on autopilot. She didn’t want to feel anymore. She didn’t want to think. Briefly, she thought it was probably cold out, but she couldn’t bring herself to care.

She sat down on the park bench, bringing her legs up to cross them, tilting her head to the sky.

How she longed to look at the stars and not feel the pain in her heart. The stars were the only thing left she had of her mother. And now she couldn’t even have that.

She groaned, pulling at her hair as she sobbed, tears streaming down her face, stinging her cheeks from the cold. She wanted to scream, to let everything out and to try to find some peace.

So she did.

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Same anon, again, I just wanted to know if there are any opportunities for employment after having just a Bsc in CS.

Hey again!

I don’t know much about the job market in the US, but technically a B.Sc. should give you enough skills/knowledge to work in the industry. I think it all depends on where you want to work (development, game industry, more research oriented…) on what possible employers might want from their employees. Doing a lot of coding and building up your own “code resumee” (i.e. your private projects hosted publicly on e.g. github for employers to look through) will definitely help. BUT: I didn’t do any of that and still got a job (in Germany and with a master’s, but still).

Any of my US-based followers with an overview of the job market there? Please help this anon!

Let Me Help Pt. 1

Summary: AU where you grew up with the Winchesters because your dad was John’s best friend. After they die on a hunt, Dean spirals into self-hate. You can’t take it so you take off. Sam helps keep you grounded through texts/phone calls, also keeping it from Dean. Four years later, you are a counselor for civilians during the day and run a side business for hunters when your past comes back to haunt you. ( I REALLY SUCK AT SUMMARIES. I apologize for that!)

Word Count: 1,433

Pairing: Sam x Reader (friendship/practically siblings), Dean x Reader 

Warnings: angst. Right after John dies timeframe. Fluff. 

A/N: Okayyyy. So. Back when I still thought I wanted to get my masters in counseling I was talking with @dustycelt one night and this brilliant idea came to be between the two of us.  A story about the reader hating the fact that Dean couldn’t handle the death of his dad in a healthy way and her leaving to get her degree in counseling so she can help those who also need help. I give Steff tons of the credit for this because we sort of co-wrote it. We hashed out all of the details (summary for me is 1,000+) together and then I kind of went off and started writing it. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH STEFF!!!!! Tags at the end

Let Me Help Master List

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me chilling, going through my day: 🙂
My mind, suddenly: *replays the kh III trailer* “How to you expect to bring Roxas back–”
me: ITS 👏🏽A 👏🏽GOOD 👏🏽DAY 👏🏽TO 👏🏽HAVE 👏🏽A👏🏽 GOOD 👏🏽DAY👏🏽🙌🏽😩😭💯💯👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✔️✔️

Shoutout to the time I sent an email starting with “Hellow!” to my prospective boss

We Don’t Talk Anymore (Part 2)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,240

Summary: Everything was going perfectly for both of you, but then he changed.

Author’s Note: Enjoy! :)

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You and Chanyeol had known each other for three years before you began dating. You met sophomore year of high school. He was that one really good friend you had but never really made plans interact with outside of school. That didn’t change until senior year.

You had noticed he would go out of his way to make more contact with you in the first few weeks. You were really beginning to enjoy his company a lot more. You began hanging out a lot after school as well, having late night study sessions over at your place.

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My second favourite sleep talking story that I have is- I had gone on two job interviews and it went great!

Unfortunately, when my new boss called to tell me that I got the job, I was asleep. I answered the phone and immediately starting singing “My little pony, my little pony…”

…..Thankfully I still got the job, but I definitely had to explain how I sleep talk.

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Whats your take on Patton.

American bravado personified, a no-nonsense man that knew how to fight a war but not how to keep friends, a great commander that had a knack for lack of self-restrain, but that still got the job done, well-deserving of his fame, but no at the expense of Montgomery’s, as it sadly happened after the movie of the same name came out. 

But overall, my favorite American general of the war is Douglas MacArthur, as his contributions far outweigh those of Patton, begin a commander in the battlefield that was truly won by the americans, The Pacific. 

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Okay, I've tried fitting pieces together, but I need a run down on your JamHam fam.




JEFFERSON - (what do u call it when ur wife is dead omg)/REMARRIED, 39-40, SHITTY DAD BUT GREAT HUSBAND, STILL A DICK










JOHN - FIFTH CHILD, 13, DICK WEED, CARES TOO MUCH ABOUT GENDER NORM/SEXUALITY (not in a good way,,,), “im not homophobic but i don’t know why our dads should hold hands in public” kind of dude, GREAT WRITER, GETS HIS ASS BEATEN BY MARY BUT HE DOESNT KNOW WHY, HATES THOMAS