Mark, Ethan, Tyler, and Jack were all in YouTube rewind and that made me so happy! It was so cool to see all of them have a part, although I still think the gaming side of YouTube needs a bit more representation than just those quick 15 or so seconds, or at least have some of the gamers reappear in some other scenes, like the scenes where they were just dancing around. I still liked the video a lot overall!

    HEADCANON #3: Dancing

    Guzma’s mother taught him a lot of TRADITIONAL Alolan dances when he was young. He took to it quickly and enjoyed the activity, as it let him spend time with his mother (arguably, his favourite out of his parents) and let him keep active as well. The part he didn’t like about golf was that it was boring – but dancing let him get all of his energy out. 

     As he grew older, he started getting more into different styles, and has of course come to love hip hop and break dancing. He still likes to tie his Alolan roots into his moves, though, so it’s not uncommon to see him performing some sort of fusion of the two. 

    He’s a pretty flexible guy, as a result of all of his dancing. Quick footed, and with fast reflexes, all his slouching and lazing about belies a well tuned sense of rhythm and the skill to keep up with even the best of dancers.

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like


goddamn this took way too long

This is filed under: “things that seemed like a good idea when I thought them up”

Completely stupid, random headcanon with no basis in anything other than my own amusement.

OK so, post-Fury Road, the War Boys still settle disputes as they always have– with physical aggression. Fistfights, whatever, etc. But this irks Furiosa and bothers the former-wives. They’re trying to steer the War Boys towards a more peaceful existence. One day, Cheedo is meeting with some of the War Boys working in some part of the Citadel, so she can report back to Furiosa. A fistfight breaks out and she freaks out and begs the fighters to stop.

“He insulted me!” snarls one of the Boys that’s fighting. “How else am I gonna settle this?!”

Cheedo, intimidated and panicking a little, blurts the first thing that comes to mind and squeaks out, “D…dancing?”

So. Imagine. Imagine the War Boys settling their differences from then on. With. DANCE BATTLES. Imagine that. They’d get way too into it of course and go 10000% overboard with it. It starts with solo dance-offs and then it evolves and gets out of control. Dance squads forming, squad alliances forming, choreographed routines unique to each squad, dance wars that last for like hours. Coma and the taiko drummers have a new job– dance battle jams.

The number of broken noses and black eyes at the infirmary goes way down– but the number of twisted ankles skyrockets.

Cheedo, seeing what she has spawned, is just like, “…..Well, at least they’re not hitting each other anymore? Ha ha….”

Bonus extra headcanon: War Boys keep challening Nux (who’s totally still alive) because they’re like “LMAO it’s Nux he’ll fall on his ass watch this it’ll be hilarious.” Plot twist: Nux is a natural at it and has the sickest dance moves out of all the War Boys. No one can out-dance Nux. He is invincible. Pretty soon no one challenges him anymore except really arrogant youngsters and the older Boys are like “DO YA WANT TO GET YA FECKIN ASS KICKED HE’LL DESTROY YA”. Capable is the world’s proudest girlfriend. The only one who can out-dance Nux in the entire Citadel is the Dag.


Music: Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

I get so lost in my head sometimes. I can’t stop thinking about what makes people fall in love with each other, and why people can fall out. I wonder how many people in the world are running away right now and how many people are coming home. I think about how somebody’s worst day is just somebody else’s Wednesday. But mostly, I like thinking about happiness. I like seeing people holding hands on the streets or sneaking a kiss while they’re waiting for the light to change. I like romantic comedies I’ve seen a thousand times because the guy always gets the girl at the end. I like those songs on the radio that everybody knows but claims to hate even though they still sing along to every word when they dance. I like that girls are so nice to other girls in bathrooms when they’re drunk. I like happy endings and soul mates, and somebody’s definitely getting married right now somewhere.
—  November 26th, 2015 (K.P.K)
Im Jaebum

I’m here to talk about the little shit that is ruining my life with his whole existence 

None of the pictures/gifs are mine so, let’s begin

So he looks cute here and I just wanna squish and cuddle him

But then he does this and I’m like what is the truth


A dork

Remember the red suit?


Any kind of suit

Especially white

No thank you

His long hair was beautiful

We were blessed with this outfit and his smile

Now we’re moving into the ‘what the fuck does he thing he is doing’ section

What a day this was


Just right was such a great era, fucking fight me

I am still immensely affected by the I Like You dance practice videos 

Shout out to Dream High 2 for making him do this shit



Look at his fucking shoulders

Not what I signed up for at all


I am so turned on

I’m annoyed by the hat but I still love him

His butt and thighs, holy shit, why isn’t this discussed more often

I’m in love with his smile

A gift from Lucifer himself 

Hi boyfriend!jaebum

I don’t appreciate that smirk

Boyf jaebum back at it again

Goodness, I’m so in love