How Dan and Phil probably broke up #46
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made up fic title: In case of emergency

(omg I totally spaced on finishing these, I’ve got this one and three more, I’ll finish the rest tomorrow!!)

This makes me think of emergency contacts, so like…maybe Steve forgets to change his emergency contact after Civil War? Or, he “forgets” as in he doesn’t want to but he also doesn’t want to admit to himself/anyone else that he doesn’t want to so he “forgets”

Some time passes, during which the phone never rings no matter how much Steve stares at it or holds it or wills it to

One time he starts thinking too hard about how badly they (he) fucked everything up and winds up clutching it so tightly he breaks it, PANICS RIDICULOUSLY and freaks out the entire two hours it takes to get it replaced, so now when he’s really sad he convinces himself Tony called/texted while it was broken and just couldn’t get through, cause that’s better than him never having tried to contact Steve at all

Anyway Tony never calls but eventually Steve & the Secret Avengers (or whatever the Wakandan group is calling themselves) go out on some mission and Steve gets his ass handed to him and winds up in the hospital

One of the hospital staff calls the emergency contact number, expecting Sam or Natasha or even T’Challa but instead gets Tony Stark spitting “go fuck yourself, Steve” in their ear. He doesn’t hang up though, so they explain that they’re not Steve and why they’re using his phone, which makes Tony go eerily silent until he eventually says something vague like “okay, thanks” and hangs up

They assume he’s not coming because he didn’t ask for directions or anything, but some time later (where’s Wakanda on a map, anyway?) Iron Man shows up, and, after a brief standoff with the Secret Avengers where they all stand around glaring at each other until it’s clear none of them actually want a fight right now, he drops into a chair by Steve’s bedside. Nobody says anything for an extremely uncomfortable amount of time. Eventually Clint tries goading him, gets nothing. Sam tries glaring some more, nada. Natasha attempts a peace offering of food, he doesn’t take it. Turns out Tony’s been up for like six days straight but took off for Wakanda the second he got the call anyway and is now sleeping in the suit (bonus angst points: he won’t take off the suit cause he doesn’t trust them enough to sleep around them anymore)

Anyway Steve takes a stupidly long time to come to and when he does he has an internal freakout because Tony’s sitting?? right there??? is he dreaming???? While he’s busy freaking out Tony gets up, pats his arm, and leaves without a word

for a while Steve doesn’t know what to do with that but eventually Sam gets so sick of hearing about this fucking nonsense that he takes Steve’s phone, dials Tony’s number, shoves it back into Steve’s hand and all but smacks it against the side of Steve’s head because he’s so Done

“go fuck yourself, steve”

“that’s…probably fair, I guess, I–”

“hey, it’s actually you this time. so are you dying in a ditch or what?”

“um, no, but I thought maybe–”

“k bye”

“tony, wait–”

dial tone

Steve would never put himself in danger on purpose, obviously, that would be silly, but their line of work is very dangerous, of course, so it’s totally normal to get put in the hospital six more times over the course of two months

Tony keeps coming & stays longer each time, at first to bitch Steve out, then to bitch at the others too, until bitching turns to mild tolerance turns to genuine discussions of how things could’ve been handled better turns to compromises and everything goes back to the way it ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN if Millar/the Russo bros/Marvel in general could’ve just left well enough alone for once

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Hello Mod! I have Volume I of TPoH and I love it soso much. I would love to throw money at you for a second volume. Is that something that will ever happen? I know you're busy doing art! But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Have a great day!

I really hope so, but I am still trying to find someone who can distribute the books! the manual effort of parcelling and carrying them to the post office is getting too much for my hands to cope with and a second volume would make a huge surge in work on that end- if all else fails I’ll self publish again like with Volume 1 but I am really hoping to find some pro help for the task


                                               I’ll drink to that.