Kak’s gone on vacation for the week, he asked me to watch over for him while hes gone. You better be on your best behavior while im here.

//Meet Heath, she’s one of my oldest oc’s and one of my favorites so im glad to have the chance to “introduce” her for this event. She is one of Kakyoin’s friends from college and they see eachother as siblings. And while she may be a bit intimidating, with her strength and prowess, shes very kindhearted.
Her stand is SPACE ODDITY; with it she has control over the gravity of objects/people that are within its sight. As long as space oddity gets a sight of a target she could leave the situation whilst the target is being slammed too and fro against floors/walls. She only really uses this for self defense or to protect others though. But it also has the ability to heal as long as she is in contact with the person/animal. She doesnt know the extent of this ability yet though, but its come in handy way to many times than shes willing to admit..


further proof that she belongs on this team Fu give her back the miraculous

me: watches stranger things
me, who was not alive in the 80s: god this really brings me back