FT Ended

And I liked the ending.

It was mostly open ended, which I think goes well with the theme of Fairy Tail.

The title of the manga is Fairy Tail, an irony in and of itself. And people are so used to fairy tales ending happily ever after, but in the last chapter, there was a lot of room for interpretation. That’s the irony, after the fairy tale ends, then what happens? Is it really the end?

No, “it’s an endless adventure.” (Wait should I make a pun here about END being gone?)

Anyways people say that Mashima doesn’t care for his fans very much, but I don’t think that’s the case. For me, the ending feels like an invitation of sorts, for the fans to write their own ending, their own story, just like Lucy. Fanfic and fanart brings fans together, and if things actually ended.. the fandom would separate and there would be chaos.

Mashima is smart, not the sharpest tool yeah, but he knows what has happened to other fandoms. In his own way, he’s telling us to cherish the friendships we’ve made creating our own stories, and to not let our expectations narrow the possibilities and destroy the friendships we’ve made.

It’s a great, but also exhausting ending. It stays true to the theme, which I’m glad for because I started reading Fairy Tail due to the adventure aspect of it (the endless possibilities of the imagination), but it also means anything could happen now. While it tires me to see a generally open (and unexplained) ending, it also excites me just as much.

Thank you, Mashima, for Fairy Tail.