tumblr theme park idea

-when u enter the park you have to have a tag on you that has your url on it
-all of the rides are based off of famous tumblr posts such as “Randy Your Sticks Ride”, a roller coaster where you get sedated and shoved into a giant oven
-mickeys dick smasher is there too
-a memorial statue to daddy david karp is on display in the entrance
-daily cs:go lan partys
-the tumblr theme park is also home to the most polluted lake in the world
-there are no bathrooms
-the music playing in the park constantly stops to buffer and just not work
-the giftshops sell firearms
-all of the rides are consistently out-of-service 
-there are fursuiters everywhere (with firearms)
-there is no exit
-there is no escape

God is your Father. He’s your best friend. You can talk to Him about anything - anything at all - and He’ll listen because He wants to. He cares so much. God cares about every aspect of your life and He’s going to stick with you through thick and thin because that’s the kind of God He is. He laughs with you in hours of joy and weeps with you in hours of sorrow. He’s there with you and He’ll never give up on you, ever. Because not only is He your Father, but you are His child. You are His own. You are the one He rejoices over with singing.

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yoooo but can you imagine how protective Harry would be over pregnant missus going the gym

Aw, he’d be so protective but at the same time want to encourage you to go when you told him your plans for the day so he’d insist that you waited for him to get back from work or something so he could go with you and keep an eye on you to make sure you didn’t over exert yourself. Even though he knows there are trainers walking around and helping people, it might not yet be public knowledge that you’re both expecting a little baby so they wouldn’t be watching out for any signs of pain or distress that maybe you were trying to ignore.

And so even though he HATES cardio “because it’s SO boring, my love” and usually sticks to the weights, he’d follow you around all of your cardio machines, running alongside you on your mile and half warm up, checking in with you to make sure you’re ok and then chatting to you while you both worked up a sweat on the rowing machines and going all around the equipment until a whole hour had passed and you both went to shower in the separate changing rooms.

he’d prefer you to do more gentle exercise so he’d be trying to get you to go to pilates to help keep your strength up and being the person he is would sign you both up for a couples pregnancy yoga class so you could both relax together and he’d just be the most encouraging person to have around when you felt like you couldn’t do a move because of the bump that’s in the way and he’d be there all “come on, you can do it, i know yeh can.”

  • APH Ladonia:Nice day, huh?
  • APH Kugelmugel:You always gotta have something to say, don't you? Ol' Nosey Nellie always gotta stick your nose in.

Auction #3

Basically just a huge pile of assorted tumbled stones. Super fun to stick your hand in there.. and possible your face. Ultra satisfying. 

Starting Bid: $5 (shipping is free if you’re in the US)

Auction End time: 6:55 pm, Pacific time

Place your bids by replying to or reblogging this post. All the auctions will end between 7 and 8 pm, Pacific time. I’ll message the winners right away and they must provide me with their emails. The payments are with paypal invoice. You don’t need a paypal account to pay, just a credit or debit card. The invoice gets sent to your email. You have 12 hours to pay before it gets offered to the next highest bidder. I know auctions are exciting, but PLEASE do not bid if you are not willing to or can’t pay. It’s not fair to me or the other bidders! Thank you.

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You guys being nude and sexual around your cat is concerning.

You thinking two people laying around with clothes on as sexual is concerning. How about you get the shaming stick out of your ass and stop projecting your sexual preconceptions on other people’s lives 💁🏻

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An angsty scenario where Taeyong cheats on his wife and goes home one day and confesses just when she was about to announce she's pregnant? ~Thanks ^^

Hello!! Thank you for requesting this!! I actually really loved writing this, I’m sorry it took forever. I had some friends from NWL help me edit this so thank you to everyone who helped! I really hope you liked this and if you don’t I will gladly rewrite it for you. Thank you for requesting!! - Maya
Pairing: Taeyong x (female) reader
Genre: angst, smut

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You stared at the little pink and white stick that was between your fingers. Positive. This was the third test you’ve taken. Your suspicions were confirmed now.

You were going to have a baby.

You walked to your room in shock. Before you knew it hot tears streamed down your face. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have a baby. You longed for a family of your own. You wanted someone to take care of and sing to. You wanted to change this two person family to a three person one. Early on in your third year of marriage you and Taeyong tried your hardest to have a baby. You were both ready to have a kid of your own to raise and nurture.

But no matter how much you tried you couldn’t get pregnant.

You didn’t understand. After trying again and again you decided to visit the doctor. You hoped it wasn’t what you thought it was. You wanted the opportunity to experience carrying your child inside of you for nine months. Holding them in your arms after giving birth. You wanted all of that, but if you aren’t given that chance then you will just have to live with it.

The doctor informed you that it was a case of infertility, but there was still hope. He told you that there could still be a chance of getting pregnant.

You held onto that hope.

Now here you are staring at the pink positive sign on the pregnancy test. You knew Taeyong would be so happy. You hid the pregnancy test so he wouldn’t find it. It had to be special when you showed him, this was important news for the both of you. You lifted your head at the sound of keys jingling outside the door.

“Taeyong?” You questioned hearing the door unlock.

You walked towards the living room to see your husband removing his suit jacket. His keys thrown over to the couch.

“Who else would have a key, Y/N?” He scoffed taking his shoes off by the door.

You stood against the wall in the hallway of your apartment. He’s been snappy with you lately. Although you didn’t know the real reason, you blamed yourself. Was he getting impatient with you? You watched him walk past you and head to the bedroom. You followed behind and wrapped your arms around his torso. Embracing him in hopes to relieve his stress. Apparently that wasn’t what he had in mind. Taeyong removed your arms from his waist and unbuttoned his white shirt.


He ignored you and climbed inside the bed.

“How was work?”

“Y/N, please don’t. I just want peace and quiet. I’m not in the mood.”

“I just wanted to know how your day was.” You replied quietly.

“I said I wasn’t in the mood to talk, Y/N.” Taeyong said turning his back towards you.

You sighed and walked out of the room to leave him be. What did you do wrong?

It’s been three weeks since you took the test. You decided that this was the time. You wanted to tell him tonight over a nice home cooked meal. You could only imagine how happy Taeyong would be.

You set the plates filled with breakfast on the table. Your elation making an appearance as you danced through the kitchen. Just as you finished setting everything up Taeyong finally emerged from the bedroom.

“Good morning! I made you some breakfast.”

“No thanks, I’ll eat at work.” He said while fixing his tie.

You tried to hide your disappointment with a smile. It was only breakfast. It’s not like you spent time and effort to cook his favorite food. Either way the important meal is dinner, you needed him to be here.

“I’m cooking dinner tonight.” You said sitting in your seat.

“I was going to go out with my coworkers tonight.”

“Well, can you go out another time? This is important.”

Taeyong rolled his eyes and adjusted his suit jacket. “You knew about this, Y/N. Why can’t you reschedule dinner instead?”

“This is important Tae, please be here.” You said standing up from your seat.

You made your way over to him and cupped his cheeks. His eyes staring into your own, but there was no emotion. You pecked him on the lips and then kissed his cheek.

“I love you.” You said softly rubbing the creases out on the front of his jacket.

“I love you too.”

He stepped around you and walked out of the door. Although he said it, did he really mean it?

Everything was ready. Dinner was cooked, the table was set, and the test was placed inside a box with a red bow. You wore your husband’s favorite black dress that hugged you perfectly. Showing off your every curve. You even wore lingerie to match just in case you both decide to have a little fun afterwards.

You sat on the couch and decided to watch t.v while you waited for Taeyong to get back. Your hand unconsciously running over your stomach. You couldn’t help, but smile. You were going to have a baby. The thought was still hard to believe. You were finally going to be a mommy.

“Daddy’s coming home soon and he’s going to be so excited when I tell him about you.”

You stood up when you heard the door of your apartment unlock. This was it. The time has finally come.

“You’re home!” You said excitedly. You went over to kiss his cheek while he hung his jacket in the closet.

“Well, you did tell me to come. What’s so important, Y/N?”

“Come sit down. I’ll tell you while we eat. I made your favorite, everything is preparing.”

No reply.

Taeyong sat at the table and began to eat. Why was he acting this way? You sighed and sat in your seat. If he was going to be like this then fine. Either way you still needed to get this information out.

“Taeyong I-”

You were cut off by the sound of his phone ringing.

“I need to take this.” He said reaching for the device.

“Is it that important?”

“Y/N, if I say I need to take it then I need to take it. I’m sure it’s more important than what you had to tell me anyway.”


You watched Taeyong leave the table to answer the call. If only he knew how important this information was. You poked at your food and waited for him to finish his phone call. Your eyes kept veering off the box that sat on the table.

No, this couldn’t wait.

You stood up from your seat and marched over to your laughing husband. It seems like his call wasn’t that important after all.

“Hang up.”

Taeyong ignored you and continued his conversation.

Hang up the phone!

“Y/N, not right-”

You snatched the smartphone out his hands and ended the call yourself. After throwing his phone on the couch, you crossed your arms. You were sick of his cold behavior.

“What the hell, Y/N!”

“What is your problem?”

“I don’t have time for this.” Taeyong muttered and reached for his phone. You pushed his hand away to stop him from grabbing it.

“What happened to you? Is it something I did? You’ve been nothing but distant and rude to me! Am I really that much of an inconvenience to you? Answer me!” You exclaimed. Tears were starting to blur your vision. Was he sick of you already?

He scoffed and moved you over. He reached for his keys and stormed out of the door. Slamming it closed in the process.

Leaving you alone with his unknown child.

“Hey man! You made it!”

“Wouldn’t miss it, Jaehyun.” Taeyong said sitting next to him at the bar.

Jaehyun passed him a drink and rested his hand on his shoulder.

“What took you so long?” Taeyong’s coworker, Johnny, asked.


“Is she okay? You should’ve told us you two were doing something, we could have rescheduled.” Jaehyun explained.

Taeyong shook his head while he took a sip of his drink. He didn’t want to think about you right now. He wanted to drown himself in alcohol and forget. Forget about you, his work, how he couldn’t start his own family. He wanted to relieve himself of stress and enjoy his night.

“She’ll be fine.”

Taeyong downed the rest of his drink and ordered another one.

“Dude, Eunji’s here!”

“The new assistant?”

Taeyong chuckled to himself and kept quiet. Apparently everyone had an interest in the recently hired employee, but she had her eye on only one person.

“Taeyong, it’s nice to see you. Jaehyun, Johnny.” She said sitting at the bar.

“Eunji, glad you could make it.”

“What brings you here?” Jaehyun asked.

“I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Besides I didn’t want to miss out on getting to know my new coworkers.”

“You sure it’s everyone you want to get to know?”

Eunji smirked and ran her finger against the rim of her glass.

“Jealous, Taeyong?”

“Of course not sweetheart.”

Jaehyun and Johnny were called over by the others, leaving Taeyong and Eunji alone at the bar. He could feel the alcohol coursing through his veins. Seeping through his brain and fogging his thoughts.

“I didn’t think you would come. I thought your wife was gonna keep you in.” Eunji commented.

“I don’t want to talk about her. Let’s talk about you. I want to get to know you better, that is what you’re here for isn’t it?”

“Of course. I only came here for you. I think you and I both know that.”

Taeyong chuckled to himself and turned his head. He knew. He could see the looks she gave him very clearly. How her clothes seemed to get tighter day after day. The way she would sway her hips when she walked past him. He definitely knew.

“You know I’m married, Eunji.” He said setting down his now empty glass.

“Even better.”

Taeyong smirked and caressed her cheek. Eunji bit her bottom lip and leaned into him. Her eyes, her lips, her body. Everything about her was so inviting. The alcohol in his system only made it harder to say no.

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into, sweetheart?” Taeyong whispered seductively. His tongue lightly licking the shell of her ear.

“Show me exactly what I’m getting myself into.”

Taeyong’s hand traveled down from her cheek to her neck. His hand pressing against it to add pressure. Taeyong licked his lips and released her of his hold. Eunji whimpered at the loss of contact.

“Your place?” Taeyong asked trailing his finger down Eunji’s collarbone.

“Of course.”

What were you supposed to do now? Taeyong was off somewhere and you couldn’t contact him. His phone was left on the couch and none of his coworkers were answering their own. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. Tonight was supposed to be amazing. It was supposed to be personal. You changed out of your dress and into one of Taeyong’s shirts. You laid down and reached for your pillow.

“Looks like it’s just you and me tonight, little one.”

His hands were everywhere. His body pressed against her own. Lips latched onto her neck. Taeyong pushed her towards the bedroom and onto the bed. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. The sight of Eunji laid out for him did things to him, but he knew deep down that this wasn’t right.

“Taeyong, please. I want you so badly!” Eunji whined pulling him by his belt.

Taeyong leaned down to meet Eunji’s lips. He wanted to forget about you. He wanted to forget that you didn’t love him anymore. He wanted to forget how things changed between you two.

He needed to let go.

Taeyong removed her clothes from her body. His lips trailing down her neck while his hands touched every single inch of her bare skin. It was different from yours. It wasn’t as soft or comforting. That only made him want to go further.

Taeyong unbuckled his belt and removed his pants. He wanted to make this quick.

“Where are the condomns?”

“I’m on birth contr-”

Where are the condoms?” He asked harshly. His hand roughly rubbing against her soaked womanhood.

“I-In the drawer by my bed.” She whimpered.

He got up and and searched for them. He could leave. He could stop this and go back to you. He could listen to what you tried to tell him and spend the remainder of the night in your arms.

Taeyong stepped out of his boxers and put the condom on. He climbed on top of Eunji and pushed her hair out of her face.


“So impatient. How bad do you want me, sweetheart?”

“I need you! I’m so wet for you, Taeyong!” Eunji cried out, gripping onto his arms for support.

“Look at you begging for it. Whose are you tonight?” He growled in her ear. He lined his hips up with her own and grazed his lips against her jaw.

“I’m yours! I’m all yours!”

With that Taeyong slammed into her. He didn’t even give her time to adjust before he pulled out and thrusted back in. Her screams filling the bedroom. Sweat and alcohol poured from Taeyong’s being. His grip on her tightened as he sped up.

This was wrong. The way she held onto him, the noises she made, the way her walls clenched around him. It wasn’t the same.

She wasn’t you.

Taeyong looked down and stared at the silver band on his ring finger. She could never be you.

“I can’t do this.” He muttered before pulling out and taking off the condom.

“What? Taeyong!”

Taeyong rushed to put on his boxers. He needed to get back to you. He had to explain himself.

“This was a mistake, Eunji. This will never happen again.”

“Taeyong, wait! You don’t need her!” Eunji yelled.

“That’s my wife! She’s something that you’ll never be, a significant part of my life. This will never happen again, Eunji.”

Taeyong stormed out of the room and rushed to the door. He prayed to the gods above that you wouldn’t leave him.

“Y/N! Y/N!”

Taeyong after searching every room in the house, he found you sleeping in the bedroom. His heart softened at the sight. It only made him feel guiltier. He caressed your arm lightly. You were always so beautiful when you were sleeping. He was going to leave until he felt you stirring in your sleep.


“Taeyong? What time is it?”

“It’s- It’s 2:36 in the morning.” He muttered.

You must have fell asleep while waiting for him. “Why are you getting back so late?”

Taeyong paused and looked down. Would you leave him? Would you hate him even more than you already did?

“I made a mistake.”

You sat up quickly and examined your husband. There weren’t any bruises as far as you could tell. He didn’t seem too drunk. You stood up to examine him closer, but when you went to cupped his cheeks he turned away.

“What happened? Are you okay?”

Suddenly tears fell from his eyes. He wrapped his arms around your waist and laid his head against your stomach. What happened while he was gone?

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“For what? Tae, what happened?”

“I’m sorry. I thought you didn’t love me anymore, so I distanced myself from you. I’m sorry that I’ve been so cold to you. I’m sorry that I snapped at you every chance I got. I’m sorry for not staying with you tonight. I’m sorry for what I did.”

You sighed and ran your fingers through his hair. At least now you knew why he acted the way he did. But was it worth crying over?

“Taeyong, why would you think that I didn’t love you?”

“We changed, Y/N. I thought you hated me because we couldn’t have a family. I couldn’t give you what you wanted.”

How could he think that? You were the infertile one, not him.

“Taeyong I-”

“Please don’t leave me!”

“Taeyong, I’m not going to leave you over this! Taeyong I’m-”

“I cheated on you.” Taeyong blurted out.


“I slept with someone else. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I will do anything and everything I can to make things right!”

Your hands slowly released his hair and you stood still. He cheated on you. Your Taeyong betrayed your trust. He broke his vows. He was intimate with another woman.

“I’m pregnant.” You whispered.

Taeyong looked up in disbelief. You were pregnant? That was what you had to tell him? You two were finally going to have a child together. His hands moved towards your abdomen, rubbing your belly softly. He was going to be a father after all. He gave a small smile as he caressesed your stomach. 


You slowly pushed him away, but he pulled you back towards him.

“Let me go.”

“Please… I need you. I’m so sorry. Please stay with me.” He begged, sliding down to his knees. He held you tightly as his his tears began to wet your shirt.

“Why? Why would you do this to me? Was she better than me?”

No! She was never better than you! She couldn’t even compare to you!” Taeyong exclaimed.

He stood up and attempted to pull you into his chest only to have you push him away.

“Y/N, don’t do this.”

“I have to go.”

You slipped on a pair of sweats and grabbed your phone along with your keys. You decided to go your mother’s house. You were positive you had spare clothes there.

“Y/N! No!” Taeyong exclaimed pulling you back.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch when you’ve touched her. Don’t talk to me when your
mouth was on hers. Don’t look at me when your eyes witnessed what she hid underneath her clothes. I hope you’re happy, Taeyong. Congratulations.”

You snatched your arm away and ran out of your room and out the front door of your apartment. Taeyong ran his fingers through his hair and sat on the edge of the bed. He went to lay down when he spotted a rectangular box on your side of the bed.

He untied the bow and removed the cover of the box. There lied a pink and white pregnancy test with a pink positive sign that was displayed.

You’re going to be the best daddy in world! I’m so lucky to have you as a husband! I love you so much! - Y/N

Taeyong fell onto his back. His hands covering his face. His tears blurring his vision. Not only did he lose his wife, but also his baby. If you didn’t hate him before, he was sure you hated him now. He ruined everything.

Now you were gone.

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Dude, I like your blog and all but don't want to read about you dating your wife. Stick to serving stuff.

How about I continue to do whatever I want? It seems to be working for me, and since you’re barely significant enough in my life to warrant a 2 sentence answer, you can simply fuck right off.

Fictional characters thing

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Fictional characters that represent aspects of Gwen’s personality. Hm.

1. Rick Sanchez - Mad scientist, alcoholic, depressed, likes to cook, will destroy worlds for the handful of people he cares about.

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2. Roy Mustang. Driven, ambitious, and confident. The most dangerous person in the room, although he’ll never prove it. When truly angered, his fury is an inferno.

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3. Asami Sato. Teaching people that beauty doesn’t mean she can’t kick your ass. Willing to help, but doesn’t stick her nose (too far) into anyone’s business. Deeply concerned about the future of her friends and employees. Has gauntlets that shock people by touching them. Rich as heck. Likes martial artist booty.

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Why are all my fictional characters from cartoons.

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“kick his ass for me.” w/ bucky

The sweat was pouring down your back, causing your shirt to stick to you in all sorts of unflattering ways. But that was the least of your concerns as Steve raised his fists again, and came sprinting toward you. It had been a long day of training and going up against the plethora of Avengers. Everyone watched as you were beginning to grow weak from over-use of your powers, but they wanted to see the extent of them as well. Steve knew every time which way you were planning your attack from, and you finally let out a defeated sigh as you stayed on the mat after he had pinned you for the final time. You took this minute to catch your breath, and shield your eyes from the fluorescent bulbs. 

Soon enough, Bucky’s hands were on your waist, lifting you off the mats and into his arms. He knew that you were worn out from the 4 hour session with them, and that using your powers took a certain toll on you. Bucky had seen it on missions when you decided to get everyone else out of a burning building while damn near sacrificing yourself. Matter of fact, the day that you had begun dating Bucky was after you woke up in a hospital bed from passing out after throwing a metal beam off of Sam when it had fallen. 

As you finally steadied yourself while still leaning on Bucky for some support, you whispered into his ear, “Kick his ass for me.” And as you pulled your face back from his ear, you kissed his cheek where there was already a smile tugging it up.

Bucky chuckled, “Anything for you baby.” 

Meet the Monsters

Hi, welcome! I’m so excited to get started here. I’m just going to do a short survey on the girls, and then at a later time I’ll do one for myself. 


Full name: Sarah Elise Morgan 
Age: 2 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 4 days. (woah)
Favorite food: Chicken nuggets
Favorite snack: She’s a big fan of lil’ crunchies.
Favorite drink: Apple juice.
Favorite book: Goodnight Moon
Favorite toy:  Anything that makes noise.
What makes them mad/upset?: Not being able to do something (like stick her fingers in the electrical socket.)
What do they call your parents/partner’s parents? Mimi and Pops.
Comfort item (if they have one): Stuffed bunny - Hops. She’s had it since birth, it was a gift from her birth mother.
Favorite Activities: Coloring
Bed time/nap time (if they nap)?: Bedtime is 8pm. Naptime is after lunch, usually around 1, for an hour.
What makes them a little hyper?: She’s is pretty calm, but when her sister gets going she’ll go with her.
What makes them awesome?: Everything about her is awesome!


Full name: Sofia Quinn Morgan
Age: 2 years, 10 months, 3 weeks, 4 days. (seriously, my babies are almost three?)
Favorite food: Grilled cheese sandwiches. Lately she has refused to eat them unless they are cut into a fun shape.
Favorite snack: It’s a toss-up between yogurt melts and go-go squeeze pouches.
Favorite drink: Milk
Favorite book: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Favorite toy:  Dolls and blocks
What makes them mad/upset?: Having her hair in her face. Not getting her way. Her sister being upset.
What do they call your parents/partner’s parents? Mimi and Pops.
Comfort item (if they have one): Stuffed elephant - Ellie. Also a gift from her birth mother.
Favorite Activities: Anything messy and outside.
Bed time/nap time (if they nap)?: Bedtime is 8pm. Naptime is after lunch, usually around 1, for an hour. She will occasionally wake up a little before her sister. 
What makes them a little hyper?: Pretty much anything. Getting new crayons. Having her favorite food for lunch. A new book.
What makes them awesome?: Like her sister, everything!

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fish stick pizza is actually pretty good. put some fish sticks on your pizza

why must you lie to your ol auntie bea

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Can you please help me cum like your gifs are?

I’d love to do that, to stick my head between your legs and my tongue in your pussy and suck you until your hole body shakes and you grab my hair and cum in my mouth. Let me suck you.

Acting Naughty includes:

~ Being really loud when Daddy is on the phone.

~ Throwing a fit when Daddy says no.

~ telling daddy “No”

~ Disobeying Daddy’s strict rules then pretending you did no such thing (playing innocent)

~ Giggling when daddy is mad.

~ Talking Back.

~ Calling him something other than Daddy to make him angry.

~ Cursing on purpose.

~Jumping on the bed.

~ Sticking out your tongue at Daddy when he is scolding you.

~ Rolling your eyes at Daddy.

~ Throwing a tantrum/ fit when you don’t get what you want.

~ Calling Daddy names like meanie when he tells you No.

Feel free to add more that you personally do down in the comments i need more ideas lol gotta stay creative and switch it up ( he will never know what hit him * inset evil laugh*)


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Lmfao from the religion of peace. You white trash go read your disgusting bible. Gays are to be stoned according to your religion go educate your Dumbass with your nasty hoe tongue sticking out u 10 year old

At least I don’t send people anonymous hate over the internet.

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i never intended to get it in the tag and im sorry for that but u should acknowledge that bn is real fucking problematic and people have valid reasons for hating it? sorry once again, u can block me now.

Again, I thank you and appreciate your apology, but … no, I don’t have to acknowledge anything about buckynat being problematic, because that’s just not true in my eyes. I could write a whole essay here about why buckynat isn’t at all problematic, but what’s the use trying to change your opinion? It’s your opinion, and as long as it doesn’t invade the buckynat tag, it’s fine. You guys can stick to your opinions and buckynat shippers can stick to theirs, okay? Nobody has to fight about this if people could just stick to their ships and not insult people who ship something different. And that’s really all I’m going to say about it.     

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I just remembered, yeah, Aladdin didn't leave his world to save Jasmine, but Beast did to save Belle. :) I would like to see more of this. Characters defying rules and stop being prisoners of their own worlds and lack of keyblade-wielding. Right now, Maleficent and her minion Pete are the only Disney villains doing something and what they are doing seems pretty lackluster to me.

Yeah, Beast is a total…well, beast. <_<

He’s one of my favorite Disney characters in the series, just because he knows how to get shit done.

Broke out of his own world to rescue Belle? Yup. Had your back when bitch-ass Riku stole your Keyblade and gave you a fuckin’ stick? Of course. Helped defeat an Organization XIII member? You damn well know it.

The Beast goes hard, son. We need more of him in KH3. Even though…I guess he’s not a beast anymore?