Horoscope - July 1 2015

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Although your heart is drawn toward your family life, today’s Capricorn Full Moon highlights your 10th House of Career. You might feel as if everyone is depending on you at work and you don’t want to let anyone down. Meanwhile, those you love at home also require your undivided attention. Luckily, your newly found spiritual approach to problems enables you to advance professionally while still attending to your emotional needs. It’s impossible to go wrong if you keep a firm grip on your integrity.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Although you have thought long and hard about your goals, insecurities may kick in now, causing you to doubt yourself all over again. The hardworking Capricorn Full Moon brightens your 9th House of Big Ideas, complicating your goals for the future. Keep an open mind about your plans, even if you attempt to stick to your current agenda. Fortunately, you can dream your way right around any roadblocks today, real or imagined. Extending your imagination into the vast realm of possibilities is a powerful way to expand your horizons.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

It might seem prudent to exercise self-control today, but narrowing your focus won’t prevent your emotions from influencing your decisions. Your thinking is out of whack while the ambitious Capricorn Full Moon illuminates your 8th House of Intimacy, yet your feelings are revealing something significant about a current relationship. You could waste endless energy trying to find the logical in an illogical situation. Follow your heart now; you may need to throw caution to the wind before you can sprout wings and fly.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Your unacknowledged needs come precariously close to the shores of awareness, impacting your most important relationships. The earthy Capricorn Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners pulls directly opposite the watery Cancer Sun, stirring tidal forces from the depths of your subconscious. Luckily, you can create a safe harbor in your imagination that allows you to share your dreams and fears without worry. Rather than isolating yourself, consciously move closer to those who will support you through times of change.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Pressing responsibilities may stymie your attempts to dive into the luxurious and nurturing backwaters of your own fantasies. The Capricorn Full Moon shines in your 6th House of Habits, encouraging you to stick to your daily routine in spite of your desire to while away the time daydreaming. Ironically, you will feel more emotionally satisfied if you have something tangible to show for your efforts today. Just don’t get so swept up in a whirlwind of productivity that you forget to honor your unexpressed dreams, too.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Suppressing your feelings isn’t anything new to you since you understand the impracticality of emotions. Today’s goal-oriented Capricorn Full Moon spotlights your 5th House of Self-Expression, urging you to exercise good judgment if you want to reach your desired destination. But self-restraint isn’t always your most effective strategy. Push past your tendency to separate yourself from others by inquiring about their hopes and dreams. You may be pleasantly surprised by how easily a conversation unfolds once the words start flowing. Sharing your heart is the fastest way to true intimacy.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You could anticipate the future with such enthusiasm that you miss the most important piece of the puzzle today. Although you want to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you, the serious Capricorn Full Moon impacts your 4th House of Roots, anchoring your feelings to the past. You can imagine the amazing potential but still have a tough time making room for new plans. The key to resolving your current conflict is not about doing anything in the real world; it’s about changing your frame of reference. Sometimes living in the present moment is enough.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Taking an extreme all-or-nothing approach to fulfilling your needs can turn love into a complicated jumble of feelings. It’s not easy to stay comfortable in the middle of the emotional spectrum, especially when your fantasies are so vivid. Nevertheless, the calculating Capricorn Full Moon casts its light in your 3rd House of Communication, prompting you to consider the consequences of your message before telling anyone what’s on your mind. Establishing a healthy balance between expression and restraint may be enough to put you on the path to relationship success.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You might be concerned today if you don’t see an easy way to balance your income with your expenditures. Separating your financial worries from deeper issues about self-worth isn’t only a matter of numbers, especially while the responsible Capricorn Moon accentuates your 2nd House of Personal Resources. Instead of misdirecting your attention to what’s lacking in your life, concentrate on all the positive growth. Counting your blessings is a simple yet magical way to raise your self-esteem and, surprisingly, also your bottom line.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Your strength is being tested today as you ride the powerful emotional waves of the Capricorn Full Moon. Your life is even more complicated with surreal Neptune’s presence making it nearly impossible to separate reality from fantasy now. Balancing your feelings with the demands of the outer world is both challenging and invigorating. However, committing to a path of resistance will eventually exhaust you. Instead, dig deep and find the courage to push away from the safety of familiar territory. There’s so much to gain if you let go of your need for certainty and embrace the unknown.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Sneaking away for some personal time could become your obsession while the Capricorn Full Moon lights up your 12th House of Escape. Unfortunately, current obligations may still require you to adhere to your regular routine today. But don’t work yourself into a state of anxiety trying to complete everything now. Just do whatever is feasible while allowing time for short breaks throughout the day. Ultimately, the most strategic practice is to continue seeking the right balance between responsibility and recreation.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your commitments seem all-consuming but you also recognize your need to rest. The steady Capricorn Moon recharges your 11th House of Social Networking, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of friends and relatives. But you must stay vigilant and keep things in proper perspective while nebulous Neptune is also floating around in the picture. Swimming in your imagination can be tricky business when you don’t know which side of the truth you are on.

Source : Rick Levine

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anonymous asked:

After a cold conversation with my boyfriend of 3 years, we concluded that I have loved him more intensely than he has ever loved me. He loves that I love him. Do I stay with him? Do I let him try to get over whatever past-relationship-trauma is preventing him from feeling love?

No. You leave.

People who don’t love you are people who don’t love you. They are not people who can be rehabilitated, convinced, or debated or magicked into loving you. You are not the person they love. 

To love being loved by you is very convenient for him, as it allows him to reap all the benefits of love without any of the emotional rigor that goes along with loving in return. This is an unequal partnership. If you held the power, I might suggest sticking around and bending him to your will – maybe robbing a bank or two, maybe kidnapping the son of a prominent UN member – but as it stands, you are at a disadvantage. 

The hard and shitty truth of it is that if he wanted to get over whatever past-relationship-trauma is preventing him from feeling love for you, he would have done it already. He hasn’t; it’s likely he never will.

Go find someone who loves you. Or go off and use this as the justification for poisoning the beer of a man at a bar who looks at you for a tad too long. Whichever. Whatever you do, do it without him.

A Supervillain

anyway the one superstition I’ll always stick by is that if you don’t clear your bowl every grain of rice u leave behind will appear as a pimple on your face because I always finished my food and made sure my bowl was clean and I’ve always had clear skin whereas my cousin’s cocky ass was like nah that’s bullshit and she was a picky eater and never finished her rice and she went through a horrible acne phase so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

knowitalll asked:

Sorry if u answered this question already but your ghost MV really inspired me and I was just wondering how many frames per second you used?

As with most animations, Ghost was done in 24 frames a second. I don’t think people typically deviate from 24 frames per second in 2D animation very often for a number of reasons (such as the amount of extra frames that would add to traditional animation would be staggering). But if you are doing your own animations, yeah, I’d recommend sticking with that.

A tall nose

はな が たかい

The literal meaning of this is something like ‘a long nose’, but if someone in Japan says this about your nose, it means the bridge of your nose sticks out between your eyes.

The other meaning is “to be proud”. I think it’s generally used when you’re proud of someone else rather than your own achievements.

「すてきな むすめ を もって、おかあさん は はな が たかい よ!」
“I’m so proud to have such a wonderful daughter!”.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to say something weird: I would really enjoy watching you have a conversation with my father. It would be so interesting.. I'd have to bring snacks.

I Will Not Debate Your Libertarian Dad While You Eat Cheese Sticks


OK GUYS I FOUND THESE POSTER LIGHTS AT WALGREENSSSSSS! they come with one long strand with 20 LEDs on them and they are battery operated (they dont include the batteries so you will need 2 AAs). They have two modes, flashing and just regular and they are super bright IN THE DARK, but if you are in the light they are pretty dim so if your concert is outside or during the day, and not inside a dark arena like most of the shows, then these might not be the best choice but in the dark they are SUPER bright!! I bought one pack of these for 7$ but ill probably need more. I found them where all the craft stuff is in the store. This also comes with a wooden stick thingy to poke holes in your poster board so you can stick the light part in.


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To any of those going to Anime midwest, my lineup will be ANNA, OPAL, and LATULA. I will be carrying a CosMedic bag with me at all times during the convention; a CosMedic bag has cosplay patch-it items including duct tape, makeup removers, basic medicines, safety pins, bobby pins and sewing pins. It also has 10 colors of the rainbow and different sized needles as well as chargers. Including this is a hot glue gun that heats up within two minutes, as well as LOTS of hot glue sticks. If you need me during the convention, text your name, location and how soon you need me to come help to this number:: 1-630-394-0850 The name’s Chris, or the CosMedic of anime midwest.
See you at anime midwest!

elixyrss asked:

Hi bby 💖 I was wondering if you had any tips for getting a flat stomach, like toning it? I don't have any access to a gym so preferably something I could do at home. I have a little pouch I would love to get rid of. Thanks love!

Hey doll  💖  I do work outs from fitnessblender on youtube I like them they burn which is good my stomach is quite naturally flat though because I’m tall and have a long torso so I’m bony but no matter your size someone with the flattest stomach in the world would still have a belly in anything tight, skirts and dresses, it’s inevitable because your stomach natural sticks out when your breath out and because of your organs, so there’s nothing naturally you can do that, It’s a given I know but most people forger that because everybody has a flat stomach on pictures but it’s called shoulders, back, chest out and breath in that’s what we all do in photos, and spanx is what people to stick it in to like kim kardashian :) so remember don’t be distracted by the fact you have a belly in a dress because it’s just the way it supposed to be.

Also drinking your daily recommendation of water makes the biggest difference to your stomach it helps digest the food properly, constant dehydration causes bloating, that’s why they say drink loads of water or take water tablets during the time of the month. Most people don’t drink enough water for them (everybody needs a different amount of water, I think it’s to do with weight and body type) and know what your eating, like for me anything wheat, bread, pasta they make me bloated if I eat to much for me so I don’t eat it often, make sure you not having to much salt or sugar, I personally don’t like the taste of salt anyway so i don’t add it in food like most people because most food has natural salt in it anyway, but I have sweet tooth so sugar is my problem. So I made slight changes I don’t have coffee anymore instead green tea with one sugar, I just drink water now, then have fruit through out the day so I don’t crave sugar, Strawberries are a good replacement for anything sweet and red grapes oh and mango :) so stock up on fruit so you don’r run out and feel tempted to eat chocolate or anything…..but I’ll have like a desert, Ice cream or a chocolate eclair and cream on a sunday because my mum buys them for us, you don’t have to starve yourself of what you want but most people just eat out of boredom not really because they want it, so yeah I hope that helps :)  💖

anonymous asked:

Cophine has me so fucked up I literally get so emo over them everyday, no other TV couple has me this messed up FUK

i feel ya buddy :( what the writers did to them was totally cruel and unnecessary. 

you should stick to reading fan fic and talking with your friends here on tumblr about it. we all feel the same. THEY DUN FUCKED UP.

Stormy Day with Harry Styles

A/N: I hope you understand how to play the game Uno.

“Ha! Take four cards! There’s no way you could win now,” you cheer in Harry’s face, and he rolls his eyes. You had just dropped a  wild and draw four card on Harry in the game of Uno . “The color’s yellow.”

“I could win, y'never know,” he shrugs and smirks.

“Nah,” you boast. “You have too many cards. I only have three left.” You stick up your three fingers and lift your head up high.

Board and card games were always a great activity to do with Harry. You two did not play often; but when you did, you had a blast. It never got to the point where you two would argue (Uno often ends relationships and Monopoly causes heartbreak); you and Harry were very easygoing. It’s just a game isn’t it?

You would only act competitive to annoy Harry, but it never did annoy him. He actually loved to see you get so worked up and excited over a game (he knew you were only trying to be annoying but he still found it cute). He would play along and act annoyed as well, sighing when you made him draw cards and rolling his eyes every minute.

Harry had come home about an hour ago, soaked from the rain. His clothes were darker from being wet. His shoes- these autumn boots that he always wore, absorbed and dispersed water as he walked. His long curls stuck to his cheeks and his nose was red. You hurriedly brought him a warm pair of clothes to change into, turned on the stove, and filled a teapot with water.

After he changed, you blew hot air into Harry’s cold hands and rubbed them with yours. Once he was warm inside and out, you suggested that you two play games.

Anyway, Harry takes four cards from the drawing stack and side-eyes you. You place down a yellow card with the number 5 and wait for Harry to put down a card. He looks through his entire stash and furrows his eyebrows.

“You can’t find a yellow or a five with all those cards you have?” you are shocked but you can’t help but snicker.

“Oh, I do, I was just trying to see if I have any cards to  prevent ya from winning. Guess not,” he puts down a yellow with the number 3 on it.

“Ha, that sucks,” you place down your second-to-last card, which was a green 3. “Uno!”

Harry looks at you and pouts. “Why are you so good at this game?”

You raise your eyebrows and shrug. “Don’t know.”

“Not good enough,” he mumbles. Harry puts down a green draw two card, a wild plus four card (the color he choses is blue), and puts down three skip cards, two of which are blue, and the last is yellow. Harry puts down more plus draw twos and plus fours and wilds and skips and reverses.

Your mouth is agape and your eyes are wide. You do not pick up a single card because you lost track. "Is this even allowed?“

"Uno!” Harry says loudly and places the last card he had, which was another wild/draw four. “Oh and the color is red!”

He takes all of the cards and chucks them towards you.

“Harry stop!” you laugh.“You lied! You said you didn’t have any cards to prevent me from winning!” you cover your face to protect yourself from the flying cards.

“I suppose I did lie,” Harry stops throwing the cards. He waits for you to uncover your face.

You slowly uncover your face when you notice he’s stopped. Harry gets close to you and brings your body close to his. You relax.

“Loser,” he teases you.


Harry gets up to go the restroom in the midst of you two cuddling. You pout and Harry assures you that he’ll be back fast. Seeing you whine over him leaving makes him smile to say the least; he loves the feeling that you don’t want him to leave and he can’t explain why.

As he flushed the toilet, the lights in the bathroom flickered. He washes his hands quickly. A loud roar of thunder is heard throughout the house and he thinks he hears you whimper. The thunder is accompanied by a flash a lightning and the flickering lights become dead… and so does every other source of electricity in your house.

“Harry!’ you call his name.

You were not fond of the dark and the thunder did not stop. Harry slowly opens the door of the bathroom and you can only tell because it creaks, which you somehow heard over the obnoxious thunder.

"Come here,” you say.

You want him to respond but he hasn’t. Not that he could really say much to what you said, but you are dying for a simple “okay”.

A minute passes and you become paranoid. The bathroom is seconds away from the living room and you don’t know why he’s taking so long.

Did he hit his head? Is he unconscious? Is someone else in the house? 

No, the electricity just went out a minute ago; for any of that to occur would be unreasonable.

Or, it could just be that he’s searching around the house for candles. But no response yet. You reach for your phone on the small table next to you, but you realize that it’s charging upstairs.

You whimper again and curl up into a ball. You close your eyes because you are more comfortable with that darkness, rather than darkness of the night.

Two minutes pass and it feels like a decade. The sound of thunder eased a bit, but you did not. You felt anxious but your paranoia made you realize that something could have happened to Harry and you’re just laying here like a baby.

So you slowly move your legs from their current position and sit up. You open your eyes and look around. Complete darkness.

“Harry, please,” you almost whisper.

You touch the furniture around you and slowly make your way towards the bathroom, hearing your heart beat. You make it to the bathroom, and walk inside. You do not see him in there, but at the same time, you can’t see at all.

“Harry?” you say. “Baby, you’re scaring me.”

Your own voice makes you petrified and you would feel more comfortable lying back on the couch, although that offered no safety.

You hear a bang which sounds like something hit the wall. You locate the sound to be in the kitchen but you’re too afraid too check. Now your hearts skipping beats an your breathing becomes irregular.

Before you sink to the ground in frustrated tears, you feel something poke at your sides with an “Boo!” following it.

You scream and fall to the ground. The sound of laughter fills the room and you sigh. You feel a rush of shame for falling to the ground - if this was a serious situation falling to the ground is a poor choice because you’re vulnerable.

“Harry that’s not funny,” you groan. Harry tries to help you up but he can’t see you. You get up yourself and almost bump into him. He touches your arms and face because he can’t see you.

“Sorry baby,” he said in-between laughs.

You don’t respond because your heart is still racing and you’re annoyed with him. Harry takes out his phone from his pocket and turns on the flashlight.

“Let’s get some candles, okay?” he manages to say; he’s still laughing.

“I thought you were hurt! First you trick me into thinking that you’ll lose Uno, then you make me think you’re injured or unconscious because you wouldn’t respond to me and I heard a bang, but instead you scare the living shit out of me!” you scold him and playfully hit his arm.

He wraps his arm around your waist when he finds it. “I won’t leave your side nor scare you again, okay?”

You kiss what you think is his upper arm. “Is this a promise for today or for forever?”

“Forever,” he smiles. “Now let’s go light this place up.”

He remains holding onto you as you go around your house and gather candles and light them.

anonymous asked:

I am a weird reader I guess....I love Shakespeare and a bunch of old day books. But I should get more into modern day books, do you have any suggestions? I really like sad books, thrilling books, horror, most in that genre

Not a weird reader, probably a pretentious reader. There is no “should” eh. There is no such thing as some general should. Your sentence feels false. I say stick to what you love. Stick to what you love unless that “should” of yours becomes pure and when it’s pure you’ll notice because it won’t be should any more and you won’t be asking a random person for recommendations you’ll be already on your way to making your own choices. Also: I don’t read horror books, most contemporary lit leaves me cold and I wouldn’t really like to personally recommend you anything rn 

anonymous asked:

Y/n is eating a Popsicle and Louis gets turned on, on how she is eating it then he starts saying dirty things in y/n ear and starts touching her inappropriately and let's just say y/n doesn't get to finish her Popsicle

(this isn’t smut per-say, but it’s borderline so forewarning if you don’t want to read it!)

“What do you have there?” Louis perked up when you appeared from the kitchen, pink fruit bar between your lips. Placing your hands on the stick and pulling it out of your mouth slowly, your lips made a suctioning sound as you plopped down next to your curious boyfriend. 

“What does it look like?” You mocked, licking your lips to savor the extra flavor that was leftover. 

Louis leaned forward. “Can i have a taste?” Reaching over, you let him have a lick, but that was all he was allowed to get. 

You focused back on your popsicle, licking all around the edges, bringing your mouth all the way to the tip and sucking off the extra juice. Next to you, Louis swallowed hard. While you had been savoring that strawberry goodness, Louis had been keeping a close eye on you, unconsciously leaning forward, watching your mouth’s every move. Your eyes found their way over to his, staring straight at him while you continued your motions, knowingly making Louis uncomfortable. 

Slowly, you took one last lick of the popsicle, visually seeing goosebumps appear on his skin. Suddenly, he leaned forward, taking his tongue to your ear lob, the stubble on his face tickling your skin. “You’re a bad girl, aren’t you darling?” He whispered, low in your ear. 

Taking the popsicle between your lips, you pulled away from Louis, nodding your head and dragging your lips against it seductively. His hand crept up your thigh like ants, sending a spike of shivers throughout your entire body, a chill running up and down your spine, making your shoulders wiggle. 

When the popsicle was just before your mouth, before you could place your tongue to it, Louis’ lips collided with your own in a sloppy manor, making your drop your popsicle on the ground. 

As his hand continued to work its magic, you paid no attention to the pink, strawberry mess that you would have to clean up when you were finished…if you ever would be. 


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Hey meowrailed I made you a gemsona both as a thank you for the one you made for me and because I was already working on it by the time you posted mine.

The gem is Blue Topaz because its a symbol of calming and peace, and is said to help soothe frayed nerves. It is also said to aid communication and creativity. You always seem so calm and collected on the outside, and that calm often spreads to the people around you which has a pretty soothing effect. The placement of the gem is in connection to the mind, since it represents mental clarity and inspiration. As for the outfit, I made sure to have something with lots of nestling places perfect for sugar gliders (yes thats Lulu’s chubby butt sticking out of your pocket and Pip’s head sticking out of the bag). As for a weapon, it was originally going to be a club or staff, but youre more built for outwitting opponents and speed rather than force, so twin blades seemed a bit more fitting in terms of technique and fighting style. The ends of the blades are supposed to be tilted like exacto knives but i dunno if it looks like that.