My piece for @logdatezine2016! Lately I’ve been enjoying Peridot’s casual sampling of clothing in the show. She may not be able to shapeshift, but she can change her appearance in other ways! Also gave me an excuse to bust out the momswap au outfit I designed for her haha

I hadn’t drawn a full-color comic in ages at the time this was made and it was quite the ordeal…… But! I’m proud of how it turned out and am glad it could be my zine debut!

Aah I’m so excited to finally be able to share my piece for @logdatezine2016!! It was submitted late but I was able to add in the little details with the extra time so generously given to me :’) 

This was dedicated to my IGCSE’s tutor years ago who agreed to give me private lessons to boost my grades, I would never have achieved A’s and A*’s without her <3 Peridot bonding with Connie through knowledge and helping her with her studies was just such a wonderful idea and I hope you enjoy it too! 

P.s. if you zoom in to the maths textbooks you’ll spot familiar names ;D