okay but being luke’s girlfriend at the kca’s and after they close the show covered with slime and what not luke comes backstage to find you with a stupid, goofy smirk on his face and you’re confused until you start to catch on while your eyes widen and take a step back to turn and run but he just lunges towards you while you shriek but he’s too quick and wraps his arms around you really tight proceeding to get slime all over you and he nuzzle his face into your neck and breathes out something like pretty girl and runs his stupid slime covered hair and face all over you God I NEED THIS 

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Oliver showing Felicity how much he appreciates her body when she is feeling self conscious

“Oliver, no,” she said, shoving his hand away from her stomach.  Her tone was just shy of snapping at him, and it made him take a step back.  

“Felicity?” he asked, blinking at her in confusion.  

He just … he doesn’t understand.  And she doesn’t know how to explain it to him.  It made her wish Thea or Lyla or even Laurel was around, although both Thea and Laurel are rail-thin and their curves are muscles, not … flab.  

But Oliver looked so surprised and suddenly unsure that she started to feel guilty.  The reason he doesn’t understand is because she hasn’t explained it to him.  And maybe … maybe she should.  

“I … I’m feeling a little fat today,” she admitted, feeling her cheeks go red.  “I mean, I don’t have arms like Laurel or can rock a crop top like Thea, and even Lyla looks amazing and she’s had a baby and everyone knows a woman’s body isn’t the same once she’s had a baby.”  She paused, biting her lip, and decided she might as well tell him everything.  Avoiding his eyes, she spoke softly.  “And since my boyfriend looks like a Greek god or like that Da Vinci drawing, you know the one with the arms and legs outstretched—”  

“Hey, hey,” he said, cupping her face in his hands.  “Felicity.”  

“I know I’m being silly,” she said, keeping her head down.   

His thumbs stroked against her cheeks.  “It’s not silly if it’s how you feel.”  

That made her look up at him, her eyes wide.  “Really?”

Oliver gave her a small smile and a shrug.  “I spent years believing the voices in my head, despite what everyone else told me.  So I know what it’s like, how hard it is to ignore the voices.”  

Having him validate her feelings made her heart clench in her chest.  Because she loved him so much and she just … she doesn’t want to lose him.  Ever.  

“How … how did you stop listening to them?” she asked softly.  

“It was about how people acted.  Like kissing me on the cheek,” he said, gazing into her eyes.  

She feels a tiny smile on her lips at him bringing up that moment.  When even though there was Ray and Ra’s al Ghul and Malcolm Merlyn standing between them, they couldn’t deny their connection.  

“Was that enough?” she asked, searching his face.  

“Then?  Yeah.  Now?  No,” he said, a smirk appearing on his face.  “How about I return the favor by showing you how I feel about your body?”  

That made her straighten up.  Because she knew what he was going to do.  And he knew that she knew.  But she also knew that if she told him no, he’d ask her what he could do.  And he would do it, because it was her asking him.  

But right now … she liked the idea of her boyfriend making her feel beautiful.  So Felicity nodded slowly, and then, before she lost her nerve, stretched up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

After a few moments of kissing, as Felicity felt her skin grow warm and her mind going blissfully blank, Oliver stopped.  “C’mere,” he said, pulling her over towards their bed.  “Help me undress you.”  

It’s such an odd request—neither him stripping her clothes off or him asking her to undress—but she thought she knew what he was doing.  He was letting her keep some control.  Making this not about simply showing her what she looked like through his eyes … but making her know how she could do this on her own in the future.  

Felicity felt her heart skip a beat and oh, she loved him so much.

And as Oliver helped her take off her clothes, smiling at her as she did a little hip sway and kissing her neck as he undid her bra, Felicity started to feel it.  

She felt beautiful.  

But when he laid her out on their bed and proceeded to kiss her all over, she felt beautiful and loved.  And that was even better than just feeling beautiful.  

Lots of women were beautiful or hot or sexy.  But she, Felicity Smoak?  She had Oliver Queen.  And that was worth all the beauty and sex appeal in the world. 

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Ok so GOM+kagami+takao+kaamatsu +imayoshi seeing there S\O has a male bully, and the bully pushes her into the wall and she's so ready to fight back, what's there reaction?

Kuroko: He quickly gets between you two probably using his misdirection, he pushes the both of you back. Kuroko knows he’s not the strongest person and he’s not the best as fighting but he’s willing to fight for you if it was needed. 

Kise: He’s worried sick, he ran over to you, pushing the man away. Kise moved you back a few steps before going back to this bully of yours, “I won’t give you another chance, don’t ever try and hurt ________chii again.” 

Midorima: He doesn’t want to fight, he tries to stay calm but his outside demeanor gave away how angry he was. Midorima stepped behind you, pulling you far back from the man, leaving with you as soon as he got the chance. You weren’t aware, but he confronted the guy the next day, he wouldn’t be picking a fight with you anytime soon.

Aomine: He couldn’t just sit back and watch this scene. He stormed over to you, using a hand to push you behind him. He shot the man an ice cold stare, He wouldn’t try to start a fight but if it  was going to lead to that he wasn’t going to back down. “Stay away from _______.” He threatened.  

Murasakibara: He came quickly over to you,  his hand violently shoving the man away. You tried to drag him away from the scene so it could just be in the past but Mukkun turned to threaten him one last time, Dark purple aura as he stands in front of the bully and says, “I’ll crush you if you hurt _____-chin.”

Akashi: His first concern being you, he  quickly got you a father distance from the man. Once you were a little out of harms way he acted, he wasn’t about to go fist first attacking his guy though he really did want to, but instead he chose to let his intimidating aura was words scare him away. “Don’t ever let me catch you laying a hand on _____ ever. again.” 

Kagami: Tigers claws are out. He catches the guys attention by yelling across the street, “HEY! GET AWAY FROM THEM.”  He pushes you behind him slowly, trying to get you out of the way if it led to a fight between the two boys. Upon seeing how pissed your boyfriend had been, the man immediately backed down. “Don’t come near them again.”

Takao:He sprinted over to you, using one arm to push the bully down and the other to edge you backwards. In the time it was taking for the man to get back up, takao was checking on you, asking if you were hurt badly or if you thought you had any serious injuries. When the man was back on his feet, takao turned and guarded you. “Leave _______-chi alone, this is your last chance.”

Kasamatsu:  He doesn’t even attempt to keep his cool. He’s well aware that this bully has kept up with this behavior around you but this was way too far. He was boiling over the top, and it was visible, when he’d come in between you and the man. Kasamatsu shoved him back with one arm while the other made a fist, ready to swing if your bully was going to retaliate. “Stay the hell away from ______! Understand!?!?!”

i don’t have the energy to try to save the world

it takes so much effort just to save me

most of the time i can’t even do that

and i have to cast my burdens on the Lord

but it’s not my job to fix every mess

and it’s ok to sometimes take a step back and focus on me

because no one will ever love me like i love me

so i have to take care of me

above all else

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SPN dream team: Carver, Edlund, Thompson, Gamble (who was a shitty showrunner but she DID write some great episodes). All of this "bring back Benny 2k15" stuff NO more like bring back Edlund 2k15. That's it. That's the SPN wishlist right there. The rest would solve itself. Crowley!Cas would be a go, canon bi!Dean would be completely believable and we wouldn't have to all sit around and dare to hope while trying not to get shat on. We could have faith in something again, and live without fear....

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Quintis, #10. (Because we all need something cutesy to take away the pain atm.)

Thank you for this prompt! It was such fun writing something fluffy with that wrench we were thrown in that promo. 


He set the vase onthe corner of her workbench and smiled. After a minute of him just watching her, she lifted her welding helmet and put the blowtorch on the table behind her. “What’s with the flowers?”

“Eleven yellow roses, my dear,” he clarified, eyes sparkling as he inched closer.

“Is that supposed to mean something?” Her mouth twitched into a smirk and she took a step back, laughing when his hands rested on her hips and pulled her to him.

“Yellow roses symbolize the promise of a new beginning. It symbolizes everything in this world I am grateful for, and that is you Happy Quinn.” Toby hugged her tightly, a smile on his lips as he leant down to kiss the top of her head. “And there are eleven roses because that number is meant to assure the recipient she is truly and deeply loved, which you are.”

Happy shook her head at his sentimentality before pulling the shrink down for a proper kiss. It was deepened as she hopped up onto the workbench. Her legs wrapped around his waist and they continued kissing.

When she leaned back for air, she spoke. “You don’t need to keep getting me things, we’re good now. Besides, you know I can’t be bought with something so trivial as flowers.”

“No one would ever think that of you.” The intensity with which he looked at her made her look away. Seeing the vulnerability in her features, it pained him to think how it took over a year to rebuild her trust in him, for her walls to be let down again.

“I got the roses because they made me think of you. I think of you quite a lot, you know.” He was playing with her hair and his other hand cupped her chin to bring her gaze back up. “I never stop thinking about you.”

“Feeling’s mutual, doc.” Happy brought him closer, her legs still around him. His eyebrows shot up and she rolled her eyes.

He buried his face in her hair. “Thank you for forgiving me.”

“We do stupid things when we’re in love,” she told him, shaking her head and looking up at him. “But you only get one free pass. Next time, they’ll never find your body and your disappearance will be blamed on a bookie.”

“There won’t be a next time,” he said with a laugh, only slight alarm in his eyes.

“There better not be.” When he acknowledged that, she kissed him again. Toby wasn’t the only one thrilled to have his best friend back as the something more everyone knew was there.

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(Cruella De Vil) Cruella drove her car down the street swerving and driving around recklessly as she always did, though she never really cared.

Nick stared at the car before stepping back some, before yelling out to the car to be careful.

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*you hear a strange whooshy noise as a faint blue box shape seems to pulse into existence* ((I may have sent this twice on accident))

Wirt turned towards the sound and blinked in confusion, holding his lantern tight and taking a step back. “What on earth?”

A couple things I think people should keep in mind when talking about Steven Universe:

First: IT’S NOT A GIRLS’ SHOW. Now, I’m not at all saying that girls can’t or shouldn’t watch or enjoy the show, I just mean that the show isn’t marketed specifically at girls the way, say, My Little Pony is.

Marketing for kids’ series is usually dependent on the gender of the main character, so since Steven is a joy the show is actually targeted at boys. It’s maybe gender neutral at best. But it’s not in any way specifically for girls.

Which frankly makes the whole Gemtlemen thing even more ridiculous because it’s not even a girls’ show in the first place.

Second: IT’S A KIDS’ SHOW. I really wish people would keep that in mind when it comes to their critiques/fan works/etc. Which isn’t to say that kids’ shoes should be held to a lesser standard, just to a DIFFERENT standard.

Like when people complain about the gems not being the main focus: This is a show for children, therefore, the children are the main focus. Steven and Connie are the main characters because they’re the ones kids can relate to, and get are such good, realistic child characters. I know so many kids who are like Steven and Connie who so rarely get to be main characters (usually they’d be side comic relief characters).

Also, don’t freaking draw porn and maybe scale it back on the shipping a bit in general. Respect that this is a children’s show. Respect the children who watch it.

In conclusion: The next time you’re tempted to complain about how the main character is a hyperactive boy, maybe take a second to think about the hyperactive, overweight, kind of weird little boys out there who for the first time are able to see themselves reflected on a show—not as comic relief, but someone who is loved and respected.

Take a moment to be glad that those little boys WHO THIS SHOW IS FOR is for have someone as fantastic as Steven for a role model.

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I was 100% down with the coming out shortly after the 5th album but now I feel like Zayn leaving is a huge step back in the Coming Out. 2/5 members gay & together not so bad. but 1/2 of the BOY band, and 1/5 leaving...I feel like people will look at One Direction and just laugh at what a mess they are.

There is nothing “messy” about half the band being non-straight.

i just thought of peter falling victim to some curse or the resurrection messing him up a bit and he can’t become an Alpha anymore. like, he cornered this stray Alpha or whatever, sliced his neck, but the rush of power trickles out as soon as it came and he’s still a beta that’s practically an omega, probably even more of an omega because he’s so angry and devastated because becoming an alpha, getting all that power, was his reason and what pushed him going after he came back, got his revenge

and he’s not exactly feral, but he’s a bit uninhibited and maybe spends a lot of his time drunk on expensive liquor infused with wolfsbane

that’s how stiles finds him one day, pounding on his door because he needs some information from him, but by the time peter staggers to the door he knows he won’t get anything from him at all. the stench of alcohol, the unkempt stubble and unstyled hair, the dirty clothes, it has him taking a step back and gaping at peter. he’d honestly suspect a trickster at work if he couldn’t smell how drunk peter was.

and, idk exactly what makes him do it, maybe stiled doesn’t really know it himself, but he pushes peter back into the apartment, frog-marches him into the bathroom and dumps him into a cold shower. he leaves him there to curse and splutter, and surveys the mess of fast food containers and bottles littering the place and just gets to work. he starts with the bedroom so he can order peter to sleep the alcohol off, because he doubts peter would be that much more sober after a simple shower, and then gets the rest of the place in order.

peter is not at all amused by stiles bossing him around like that and the moment he’s lucid enough to realize what’s going on he tries to get rid of him, but as furious as he is he can’t really make himself hurt stiles, so he just pushed him out the door and slams it in his face.

only, it’s stiles, okay? he won’t give up just like that. he keeps going back to peter’s, stages intervention after intervention. learns a tracking spell just to be able to find all the alcohol in peter’s apartment. he brings research to peter and annoys him until peter throws him out or helps him to get rid of him. then he starts bringing peter to research, practices magic on him, makes peter help him buy new clothes because he knows peter likes doing that. gets him to help him cook.

just, them getting closer and stiles getting stronger, and peter getting over himself and realizing there are other ways to be strong and other sources of power, and inevitably feeling stronger with stiles strong arming him into being pack

and maybe they figure how to make peter an alpha again, and maybe it’ll mean sacrificing what he has with stiles, but stiles doesn’t begrudge him that, hiding the hurt in his scent, putting on a mask for peter, but peter ends up not wanting it anymore because he’s been feeling whole with stiles and he doesn’t anything more

im a waitress and my conclusion of this workday has been that im terrified of drunk/tipsy men who invade my personal space when ordering their next beer.

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(stars-shine-brightly-forlove, sideblog) Hiro was in his lab coat fixing something in his own office, he noticed Tadashi, "Tadashi? Is that really you?" He took off his safety goggles and moved his fringe slightly. Hiro was the same height as Tadashi now and it seemed like he hadn't had a haircut for years.

“You can see me?” Tadashi took a step back to further the distance between them. “Oh dear, that’s not good….um….sorry.” He became nearly invisible from lack of concentrating on staying visible.