Um ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 Tumblr has some really fucked up ppl that are guised as educated and woke and u really don’t see it until u look from the outside in lmao some of y'all really need to take a step back log off and reevaluate ….. reassess ….. some of y'all deadass lost ur humanity bc u think it’s cool to be as extreme as possible


My friend’s family dog died yesterday so I tried painting her a portrait because sympathy cards never strike the right note with me. The perspective is a little off, and I need to find a smaller tool for applying to masking fluid (those whiskers read more walrus than dog), but I think it turned out okay. I really like the eye on the right side of the painting.

I also learned that I need to take a huge step back every now and then to look at the painting. What doesn’t seem to work at painting distance tends to come together at a viewing distance. No doubt there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Finally, I can still barely write legibly enough for me to read it, even though I already know what it says.

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The way jungkook grabs jimin's hand, the way they smile, surprised to be together, the way they keep smiling all the time like two people who just get married. Can't wait for the next episode, the iconic trio JJJ will surely be extra funny ! And the behind the cam. I'm smiling like an idiot lmao.

I mean, not to look too deeply into it but like. Jungkook entwining his fingers with Jimin and gently guiding him towards him sounds like something from a fanfic yet it happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. 

That was cuuuuuutest. 

But you know what, sometimes I just gotta take a step back, especially after seeing their behaviour like this, that even though in my mind jikook is this ideal,  couple of literature with a classy amount of love-hate and push-pull exchanges etc etc but nowadays they just straight up trash when they around each other. ._.

like look at them. jeon’s gross ass gigantic smile upon simply discovering he on the same team as jimin. how they both had stupid, sketchy ass smiles on their faces for the like entirety of the episode when they were next to each other. and they think they being so slick at being “lowkey” affectionate but….yeah. so grooosss. actually get a room. plz 


I seriously contemplated this week not posting a Tuesday selfie, but then I took a step back and realized something: I’m always going to support the twins, Tuesday will always be my favorite day of the week, Tumblr is still my home. I may be pretty dang sick, and who knows if we’ll hear from the twins tomorrow, but it’s STILL Tuesday. It’ll always mean something to me.

Here’s my favorite photo of these silly boys. I know they have the strength to get back to this, it always takes just a little time and strength. Their positivity, their goodness, it’s still there; it just has to make its way back around to them. The same goes for you. It may take a little time, and it may take some strength, but we’ll get there. I love you guys, it’s a happy Tuesday no matter what.

As usual, thanks @estefra for forcing me to write this; inspiration actually came from this post and you can see one of the characters of this story here eheheheh
As usual, please feel free to send me prompts, otherwise Fra will just make me write fluff for all eternity; let me know what you think!

-You look really good in that suit,- Magnus breathes against Alec’s neck, sending shivers down his spine as Alec tries to tie his tie, task that’s proving to be a lot more difficult than what he’d imagined because of a certain Warlock who keeps kissing his way around his face.

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Ok i never tried permadeath(dont hate me i just prefer to not lose my favorite units due to stupid mistakes on my end) and i didn't know that if an important character dies they still get plot armor and talk in cutscenes?

they still do get time in cutscenes. their death quotes in permadeath just say theyre injured instead of dead so it makes sense theyd come back in the plot later. if xander dies, “ugh i need to step back.” something like that, yknow?

also play however you want elite fe players can suck my gray ocean dick

“High to the fucking five dude!” Wally throws his hand out towards you and you actually had to step back to avoid being hit in the face and you narrow your eyes at your cousin.

“Seriously, Wally? You almost hit my face!” You smacked his hand with a lot of force, causing him to yelp.

“That was unnecessary!” Wally whines before looking at you. He steps closer and you stare up at him – curse your short height! – eyeing him skeptically. “Hey, Y/N.”

You raise one of your eyebrows. “What?” You take a step back and Wally squints his eyes before letting out a gasp, looking at you as if you have just eaten the last of his sandwiches. “You are starting to creep me out – how are we related.”

Wally grabs on to your shoulder, pulling you closer to him and he lets out a gasp again. “Oh my God – you have a freaking hickey!” Wally all but yells, causing you to blush when passerby turn to look at the two of you.

“Nothing to see here!” You wave the curious gazes away before glaring at your cousin. “Wally, you may be the freaking speedster but I swear to God, if you say any one word, I am going to end you.” You threaten though it would have been more effective if you had not been blushing furiously.

Wally cackles before throwing his arm on your shoulder, pulling you towards him. “So long as you’re happy with him you can do whatever you want, Y/N but I call dibs on being the God-father.”

You elbow Wally hard. “We have only just started dating, Wally!” You hiss at your cousin.

one of my fave parts about the main event w/ dean & seth tonight was how dumbfounded seth looked after their win, and dean was hugging him, pounding him on the chest, celebrating their win – the win he got with him, seth. and like. seth got so caught up in it that he did The Shield Thing and i think that’s when dean realized that he was getting too caught up in their afterglow of their win, getting too emotional, caring about seth too much, and he had to step back and away from that. (dean even puts his fist uo a bit before seeming to think on it - like he couldve. maybe he wouldve! but nah. no, seth hasnt earned it yet. they aren’t there yet.)

and boy oh boy did that seem to break seth’s heart which is why i love it because a part of me was watching him too close up until that point, wondering if that dumbfounded, forlorn look was one of betrayal (bc i’m as little over that as dean is apparently) or something else, and it was definitely something else.


If you think bi women talking about monosexism is vile and on par with lesbians engaged in biphobia then I’m sorry, but you need to do some reading and research before you decide to write cute positivity posts. 

That or you’re actively trying to crap on a term that bisexuals came up with the describe specific issues they face by pretending it’s akin to hate and dressing it up in Positivity™.  

Just be sceptical of those posts people. There’s nothing positive about trying to vilify (monosexism, allosexual) or appropriate (cishet) the language of groups that are marginalized within the lgbtai+ community. They need space and grace to sort out their language. Step back and give it to them. 

havent heard other peoples opinions yet on the ep but !!!!!!!!!! alec is the head and magnus isnt in any position to be gaining delicate information, even if they are together. which is where i think magnus needs to kinda step back and realize personal vs professional? but also magnus is right like it impacts him personally. but x 2 alec is constantly being torn between love and duty and hes doing whatever he believes is right and i really think this is a time where magnus can grow, not just alec

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Re: Harry joining the fold. Zayn was mentioned to Harry on Grimmy's show this week with the heartrate monitor thingy. His heartrate remained stable when shown a pic of Z, and later it did the same when shown a pic of Christopher Nolan. Nick's comment to that was 'I think we're seeing a pattern, if you know then and you trust them...' Slowly but surely...

Yes, I saw that, nonnie but unfortunately the narrative also included Louis saying that Harry was the one who pushed for the hiatus so he could pursue his solo ambitions and is now holding up the reunion (and how the Larry “conspiracy” ruined their friendship).

That’s what I was referring to when I said that about Harry. We’ve made progress now with Zayn being talked about in a positive manner by the boys including Harry (sorta), but now it’s Harry who’s being cast in a negative light.

It’s always like that it seems. Two steps forward, one step back. We’ll get there though. Gotta work through some more BS and allow the boys to do their solo stuff but I’m more confident than ever that we’ll get our reunion. It’s just gonna take a bit longer than we’d originally thought. I’d love it if all the manufactured drama between them was resolved in the meantime though. It’d make the stunts a little more tolerable at least.

For now, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy our boys slaying the world as solo artists, comfortable in the knowledge that all 5 of our boys love and support each other like many of us believed all along.

Hey fam, I just want to let everyone know that I will not be very active with my blog today. I’m currently dealing with some health issues and feel like it’s wise for me to step back for at least a day and allow myself some time to recover. 

With that being said, I do see the asks and messages and I promise to get to all of you when I am able. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the content I have set up in the queue and I look forward to talking and actively posting for you all soon. Thanks for being patient with me 💗 

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How do you deal with all this ship discourse and just in general around this fandom? I mean as a voltron fan I try to be as platonic as possible but when people start hating and accusing me of shipping things when I'm only casually reblogging every now and again it sucks! I try to stay out of it as well, but when I get hated for something so minor I regret it so much! Can't everyone just get along and stop the discourse! I can't even relax when I browse the things I like, in fear of this reason.

I’m really sorry that’s been happening to you, anon. I know liking vld can be really stressful at times ;; 

Ok so,, here’s what helps me:

  • Remember that this is supposed to be fun. If interacting with the fandom feels draining or negative, don’t be afraid to take some time off. tumblr can be kinda trying sometimes so just step back and take a break if you need
  • If you’re looking for a safe environment and want to stay out of discourse, I promise you’ll find likeminded people in this fandom. There’s some very vocal people who attack others, but there are also many other fans that just want to enjoy vld and have a good time. Find people you’re comfortable with and it really makes a difference 
  • And being nice and welcoming to others does matter, and I do promise you’ll find other positive people who are v supportive and want nothing to do with this trend of attacking others 
  • Block and blacklist as needed. If someone’s trying to harass you, you’ll feel a lot better after blocking them
  • Remind yourself why you like this stuff. Do something that makes you happy ^-^ Draw fanart or write–or look at fanart and read stuff–or even just rewatch some episodes. If I’m feeling down about the fandom, that usually cheers me up
  • If someone sends hateful messages to you or makes rude posts about you: Remember that you don’t owe them an answer, so just don’t respond. It’s better if you don’t react because that’s exactly what they want and there’s a good chance they’ll try and bother you again

I hope that helps anon?? I do hope things get better for you, and just know that a lot of us are in the same boat. I’ve met lots of great people through vld and for me, drawing fanart and writing stuff has just been like, a very good stress relief. I was in a bad place and vld really cheered me up, was just something nice to take my mind off things. I had also accepted that my interest in an animation career would never go anywhere, but vld got me motivated again. The show came around right at the time when I needed it and I was immensely grateful for it. So for me, I try to remember that the good outweighs the bad

I realize for most people it isn’t that personal or deep of a thing lmao. But at the same time, it doesn’t have to be. If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters anon 

Good morning! Today we consider Introspection, Wisdom, Destiny
Tarot of the Day: The Hanged Man

This card usually appears when you feel like you need to take action but can’t see which path to take; you are at a crossroads. The options at hand are likely to be opposites to each other; black or white, up or down, left or right, etc. This is why you are feeling stuck or hung up. The time has come for you to search deeply within yourself, and decide how you want your journey to continue.

Sometimes, we need to accept a situation as it is; submit to destiny, and the Hanged Man can be a sign that this is what’s needed now. Step back and consider ways that you might let go of attempts to control people or situations in your life, or to release an assumption or wish that you are holding tightly. Know that any sacrifice that you make will open your life to receiving energy even more positive and beneficial.

At work, you may be feeling frustrated by a lack of change or movement. Assess whether there is any action you can take to affect change. If there is, act, but if not, step back and don’t take the lack of change, personally. If you can’t find peace, then this is a good time to look elsewhere.

Single or not, this is a good time to let go of things you can’t control. An unattainable love, an unrealistic view, a need to be ‘right’, etc. Holding onto things like this can stop growth and deepen the feeling of being in limbo. Let them go.

Overall, today is a good day for rest, contemplation, and the release of habits and energy that are not for your highest good. You can do this.
Peace out, Lovelies…

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Rosso and Ventus prank Solace in the middle of the night and scare him out of his mind. Bonus: Ebalon happened to be around too. Your choice what he does c:

“You know the thing they never tell you about being a Master?” Rosso says conversationally as he and Ventus pour water down the stairs.  Ventus grins.

“Oh?  Do tell.”

“You have almost complete control over your element… and its negatives.”  Rosso stretches out his hand and gestures.  All the heat in the water rises and flows to him, leaving a solid sheen of ice on the stairs.  Ventus high-fives him.

“Sweet.  Now just to see who’ll fall for it.”

Chuckling, the two step back into the shadows of a doorway just as a sleepy Solace walks down the hall.  He doesn’t seem to notice the ice.

Well, he definitely notices when he steps on it.  He slips and falls down the stairs with a blood-curdling shriek.

Rosso cracks up.  Ventus, also laughing, stretches out his hand at the last moment so the air will cushion Solace’s final fall.  Rosso lets heat slip back into the ice, and they both dart away, leaving Solace to be soaked in the water running down the stairs and absolutely freaked out.

Ebalon hums at the drenched Solace.  He’s been reading, perched on the kitchen table, this entire time.

“Congratulations,” he says drily.  “Denif is now the only one who’s never fallen for that prank.”

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I used to watch South Park, but then started to get turned off when I began to reach adulthood and started reading more and meeting more people. Stepping back from it, I also realized that a lot of dreadful people (the ones that crack racist, sexist, homophobic, etc jokes all the time with no sensitivity whatsoever) liked the show too, because they felt in on the jokes, and they liked using shows as South Park as back up. "It's just a joke guys, chill!"

Yeah it’s the same reason people grew out of liking Family Guy. It’s basically just saying offensive shit and then acting like it’s not a big deal because you’re ‘’only joking’’, usually while portraying anyone who gets offended at what you have said or done as overly sensitive. 

I’ve seen people say the reason They don’t like it is because the show is powered by an aggressive sense of apathy. In Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s mind, giving a shit about anything is some awful sin.

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Hesitant kiss If you haven't done that one yet and have time :)

Oh boy. You get mshoker. Because I need this…

There are so many reasons not to do this. Regs, for one. Goddamn feelings, for another. And for all his bravado about porn and sex, Joker’s real life experience in the department of kissing is very limited. Because who the fuck wants to kiss someone when they could break him in half while doing so?

So why doesn’t he move away? Step back and just leave Shepard where he found him: hunched over his desk, scanning maps of Virmire with his head in his hands.

Because of the look in Shepard’s eyes, that’s why the hell not.

Yearning. Pleading. Asking for something he can’t ask for.

Shepard’s words hang in the air between them: I could never say no to you, Joker… And he wonders how long this has been happening for the other man. If he’s been thinking about this for as long as Joker has. His mind races through the last few months, tries to trace it back. But there’s no one thing that clues Joker in on what’s been going on in the Commander’s mind.

His legs ache and he leans forward, hand on the edge of Shepard’s desk and that just brings him closer. But Shepard doesn’t move away. He doesn’t move in either direction. Instead his eyes widen and darken with desire. His knuckles turn white where his hand grips the back of his chair, his entire body taut with restraint.

Joker removes his hat and moves forward again, his eyes on Shepard’s lips, full and red. He leans, his back twinging with the movement, so close now the only thing he sees is that Shepard’s jaw has a fine dusting of shadow from the day’s growth, that his lips are chapped, that his nose flares for a brief moment. Joker looks up and his heart nearly breaks from the need he sees in Shepard’s eyes. He swallows hard and moves to within a hair’s breadth of Shepard’s lips. He can feel the warm puffs of air as he breathes.

A strangled sort of moan.

The creak of the chair under Shepard’s hand.

The hum of the engine, deep within the ship.

Joker closes his eyes and kisses Shepard.