freshmen in highschool please dont date seniors of any gender, i know it seems like such a good idea and like it isnt that big of a deal, but they will turn 18 and then your relationship to a point will be very much so illegal. Even if they dont realize it, they will always be looking down on you because of your age, sometimes theres a gap you just cant stretch and im sorry but you will get hurt. if theyre a sophomore its so much different, or if youre a junior dating a senior its so much different in ways that matter so so much. not to mention there are plenty of seniors who will use underclassmen because theyre impressionable and theyll force you to do things you arent ready for, whether that be socially or physically. please ive watched it happen to to many of my friends and i dont want that for anyone else

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does bayonetta have any good male characters? i haven't played it yet, i love bayo and jeanne but i tend to like male characters the most, i'm just wondering if it focuses mostly on the lady characters or what


well in bayo1 mostly the main 3 male characters you’ll see are luka, rodin, and balder, and honestly they all are really good characters who, although people do dislike them for various reasons, do have pretty clear motivations and goals of their own in the game (and no forced romance (im not counting luka’s jokingly failed seduction scenes))

and in bayo2 you have loptr, loki, and young balder in addition to the others and man i just…..i love…..all of them are magic users in some sense and give another taste of the magic world outside of the umbran circle

i know i dont really talk about male bayo characters all that much but they really are still good characters and i do love them still i just….dont bring them up as much probably because ….im really about that demoness lifestyle…… you feel me….

also enzo is there

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Hi! I just saw your animation post and loved it! I was wondering if you had any advice for someone wanting to go into animation (like portfolio, experience in school, etc.). Im still looking for a school to transfer to (bc theyr so expensive!) but animation is something i really want to do and am excited for, so i loved reading about a bit of your experience with it! Good luck with your final film~ ^-^

hi! sorry for my late reply. just woke up. 

i would say that absolutely number one most important thing is to research the schools you want to go to. animation career review has a list (that updates every year) for the top 100 schools (here). every school will have different requirements to get in but it is very important to make sure you don’t get scammed. art schools are incredibly expensive and any good school worth its salt will always ask for a portfolio. i would not trust any art school that does not. these are likely to just take your money. 

portfolios can vary depending on what the school wants but all will require drawing from observation. so life drawing classes would be pretty useful if you can attend them. i was lucky to go to some before school and it helped boost my portfolio a lot. 

in terms of experience, it’s a bit more tricky because every student will feel different. what i can say is that despite this being the toughest and most exhausting year of my life, it has also been incredibly satisfying and i’ve learnt so much about the animation industry and the amazingly talented people that work in it. 

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lmao it was lancia working at a cafe as the cook and their coworkers thought they were scary at first but since lan is too good too pure they really love lan now and like sometimes lan leaves the kitchen to refill pastry trays or bread baskets and

“ the regulars are like :-) lancia san :-) hello :-) becos lan is really sweet and nice and lancia gets embarrassed and happy cries over the dirty dishes in the sink or something bc theyre finally being treated right :’-) “

 this is so good era… and all the coworkers vote for lan as employee of the month and when lan finds out they start 2 cry because people finally appreciate them and just (!!!)
and on lan’s bday all the kids and employees come in n sing him a song and they have a big cake and it looks kinda ugly but lan doesn’t mind and they deserve so much and i love lancia

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im sorry but im absolutely living for this j/t/b stuff!!! ty and blurry are both being soooo bratty and disrespectful to josh and so finally he just reaches his breaking point, throws blurry on the bed and gives him a round of spankins and a time out and tyler gets his next. They're both very quiet for the next couple days and both sit kinda funny, bottoms sore from the spankins

awww babeys!!!! but theyre so good they learn their lesson so about a week later josh fucks ty real nice n slow but jus as hes abt to cum josh stops “d'you wanna fuck b?” so tyler shakily fucks blurry into the mattress josh fingering his ass from behind praising them both so much

can people stop trying to give me advice with the mindset that theyre some small little problem. this problem is not the result of some little quarrel that i had. positive thinking cant change shit.

i have a disorder that literally stops me from being able to see the good things in this particular person, so much that i’ve had very violent episodes and intrusive thoughts directed towards them. i cant just “look at the brighter side of things” and focus on other people. sorry man.

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I just wanted to say you look sort of like a drawing or bjd? I know you probably get it a lot,, but you're also very attractive !! (If any of this makes you uncomfortable,, please tell me and I'm sorry)

i dont get that a lot but thank you! BJD fascinate me so much… i really want one.. LMAO but anyways thank u times two omg!!

also almost no compliments on my appearance make me uncomfy as long as theyre in good taste!!

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for the shipping meme: tftbl

lowkey otp: lunchmoney!!

highkey notp: rh-yi-ona i think :/ im sorry….

[softly] don’t notp: rh-ac-k ? like theyre rlly gay but i dont really feel good actually shipping it u feel,,,,,

highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: i mean…rhysha…

highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: HONESTLY i think ive cried about gayperion more than rhysha (but theyre probably tied sO)

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My fp has been busy lately so i started going out more to distract myself but all I do is think of them the whole time and hat e the people im with just cause theyre not her and end up drinking myself blind and being miserable 24/7 meanwhile fp is thinking im getting over them and getting more distant it is driving me nuts wtf am i doing

i understand this a lot and im very sorry friend ,, im sorry i couldnt answer this message earlier but i hope ur doing okay. good vibes to you <33

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im p sure i jsut sent u one but ill send you more to make up for the other ppl!!! i also like that you like volcanoes!!! i dont kno a lot about them but its a very uncommon interest and idk theyre just so cool!! so its cool that u like them i also like that your selfies are so good! like ya and yo u always seem so confident and stuff! and ya! sorry!!

aah dont be sorry!!! and volcanoes are my childhood special interest and it makes me really happ y that pp l dont think im weird!!

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im just gonna list all the bands i like and why!! the doors are really great, they have a lot of calming softerish music (at least for me) and. theyre just really really good. the cure has a lot of catchy songs i love them. avenged sevenfold has a lot of good stuff theyve been a fav band of mine since i was like 12, they have hard rock lowkey metal type of stuff, very energetic. and placebo's pretty good! i think thats abt it for my main bands i like

i’ve never liked the doors i’m sorry! the cure are super hit and miss to me, i like some avenged songs, brings me back to being 14?? and man i lov placebo, thanks v much!!! 

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it's not very good I'm sorry but I have to go now :(

noo i love ur poems i think theyre nice!! i hope i have a nice day 💗💗