• Sora: hey, why does that guy look like me?
  • Riku: which one? the one that joined Xehanort or the other one?
  • Sora: the one that joined Xehanort
  • Riku: yes but which one? the one with spiky hair or the the other one?
  • Sora: the one with the spiky hair
  • Riku: okay but the one with the sad backstory or the other one?
  • Sora: sad backstory for sure
  • Riku: that narrows it down to both of them
  • Ventus: me?
  • Vanitas: he's talking about me, idiot
  • Roxas: guys you've got it all wrong he's talking about me
  • Sora: *facepalm*

[ Here are some of my coherent thoughts on Shoushitsu + Tri overall, hopefully more organized than the string of upper-case letters I splattered across everyone’s dashboards a few days ago. This is INCREDIBLY long and all based on my personal speculation and the limited knowledge of mythology + themes outside of the adventure-verse, so I hope that dividing it into sections is helpful if anyone actually wants to read this and everything should be taken with a grain of salt. ]

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@kinglets eheheh… here’s the soriku fic i’ve been blabbing about… i’m sorry it came out so late, and it’s kind of really rushed at the end. ._. also i’m like the corniest writer ever so sorry about that too

the prompt involved sora going back in time to that scene with riku in the end of kh1. but i kind of changed things up a little haha

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Sora seemed depressed and sad throughout Kh1 would you agree?

Sure. Dude’s home literally broke apart beneath his feet.

This is what separates Kingdom Hearts 1 from pretty much any other game in the series: Our hero had actually lost something. Something huge.

Later games settle on this image of Sora as this perpetually happy, clueless goofball, but the fact is, he didn’t do shit like this…

…because he was actually happy.

He was actually devastatingly sad, but he was consciously trying to (a) keep his own spirit up, and (b) make the people around him laugh. He tried to make people laugh to keep himself from crying.

- Mod A.

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I'm still thinking about that sad scenario where sora and natsume like the same person so could I have something happy (headcanons/scenario either is fine) for sora and natsume dating the same person + each other (so all three being together)?

cough it’s been quite a while since that scenario, so even if you didn’t get it off your mind here’s some happy hcs for a happy ot3

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Sora: Hey, can you hear me?

Ventus: I heard your voice. It cut through the darkness around me. All alone, I followed the sound into a sea of light and found myself here, with you. You gave me back something when I needed it the most. A second chance.

Sora: I did?

Ventus: But… now I have to go back to sleep again.

Sora: Are you sad?

Ventus: Would you mind if I stayed here, with you?

Sora: Sure, if it’ll make you feel better.

Ventus: Thank you.

30 Days of Voltage love! ~ 1! How MC reacts to the bodyguards getting emotional at a movie - MSB Head Canon!

Hello, hello, hello! *whew!* It has been such a hectic week and a half >.< I don’t mind when things get so busy, but when it holds me back from writing, that’s when it’s too much.. 

Anyway! I’m back and catching up posting on Tumblr. As October signifies my year anniversary on Tumblr I wanted to do some special things for it, including 30 Days of Voltage love, featuring head-canons and one shots every day throughout October <3 this is to celebrate, not only a year on Tumblr, but a year of being completely back to myself in regards to my writing habits. I’m so proud of all I’ve achieved and while I’m still only just getting my new novel off the ground, I have accomplished so much and met so many wonderful diamonds that I call friends and followers on here, so I wanted to do something awesome to celebrate!  

Starting on that note I’m beginning with a head canon of my own. Enjoy! 

This is actually one of my own ideas and has been sitting in my to do list/request list for months now. So I decided to write it today. It just felt applicable for the things I’ve been thinking about today.

How the MSB boys react to watching an emotional movie with MC. A couple of movies featured are ones that undeniably broke my heart to watch and made my boyfriend at the time cry a lot too, so they seemed applicable for this.

Fluff, sadness, love, it’s all here!

***Warning!*** Some spoilers for the movies listed below!! I tried to keep them minor, but I thought I’d best add this in! 


Sora - PS. I love you. Looking over the cover of the film you had borrowed from Midori, you were perched on the sofa, leaning back into the cushions at Sora’s apartment as he joined you with a bowl of popcorn and drinks.
‘Ready to watch it?’ he asked with a warm smile, regarding you kindly as you nodded and handed him the case.
‘I heard this movie is a real tearjerker,’ you remarked as you took out some tissues from your handbag, just in case.
‘Aww, it’s okay, you’ve got me to cuddle if you get sad,’ Sora responded with a wink as he put the blu-ray disc in the tray and let it load up.
Settling himself beside you, you had willingly settled against Sora’s chest, allowing yourself to be wrapped up in his arms.
As the movie started, you spent the first few minutes laughing at the silly argument as certain aspects reminded you of moments you’d had with Sora.
Though it was as the movie progressed that tears began to surface in your eyes as the heartbreaking storyline unfolded.
You hadn’t realised it at first. You could feel Sora’s grip tightening on you, though you had initially thought it was because you were crying.
It was only when you looked up to Sora after wiping away your tears that you saw him looking down at you with wide eyes, filled with tears that slipped down his cheeks as he pulled you close to him and rested a hand in your hair.
Two hours. Every time you had both begun to calm and the tears ceased, something else would start one of you crying again. By the end of it, you were both wrapped up completely in each others embrace, with Sora kissing the top of your head.
‘I’m so sorry, I never realised just how emotional that was going to be,’ you remarked, clutching on a tissue as Sora cradled you in his arms.
‘You are so precious to me, I’m never letting you go,’ he breathed, wiping your tears away as you smiled weakly.
‘You better not go anywhere, ever. Okay? I can’t ever lose you,’ you responded, leaning your forehead against his as you expressed your love for him.
Sora was even more protective than usual for weeks after you’d watched that movie…

Mizuki - Marley and Me. It seemed like such a great movie for you both to watch. You couldn’t help but giggle and laugh at the various antics Marley caused for his owners as you cuddled with Mizuki on the sofa.
Given that Mizuki was so in tune with animals, plus his own experiences with owning a dog, you had thought it would be the perfect film to watch together.
Having gone over to Mizuki’s apartment to watch it one evening; you had been greeted with a warm kiss as Mizuki took your bag and coat.
By the time you had settled, you spent the majority of the movie laughing at Marley’s antics.
Though as the film drew to a close, you could feel Mizuki’s grip tighten on you.
Nuzzling against his chest in a comforting manner, you hadn’t expected such a heartbreaking ending to a wonderful film.
Though as you wiped the tears from your eyes, you realised that Mizuki was trembling slightly.
Shifting in your position to look up at him, you found Mizuki barely containing the emotions that had risen to the surface.
‘Mizuki…?’ you breathed, your voice laced with concern as you gently brushed back a lock of his hair.
‘I miss him…I didn’t even get to say goodbye…’
‘Oh Mizuki…’
You had never seen Mizuki look so hurt before, the tears that streamed down his cheeks broke your heart as you gently enveloped him in your arms.
You knew it had been hard on Mizuki to have his dog taken away, back when he was Mizuki’s only true friend in the world. But you had never seen him like this.
‘I don’t want you to ever get taken away like he was…I don’t know what I’d do,’ Mizuki admitted, taking you by surprise as you felt his grip on you tighten.
Ending up in Mizuki’s lap, you made him look at you as you gently cupped his face in your hands.
‘No one will ever take me away Mizuki…I promise.’
Seeing the earnest look in your eyes, Mizuki raised a hand to touch your cheek with such tenderness as you leaned your head into his hand.
‘See…I’m right here…’
Kissing him softly, you could taste the saltiness of his tears on your lips, though it didn’t matter to you.
Mizuki didn’t let you leave the comfort of his arms for the rest of the night.

Daichi - Brief encounter. You had always wanted to watch that movie with Daichi. It had seemed so perfect to do so when you discovered he was getting an unexpected night off.
Having gone to his apartment to make dinner for him coming home, you had brought Brief Encounter with you in the hopes of watching it.
You had watched it several times with your grandmother when you were younger and while you knew it was a relatively sad film, it still held a warm memory for you in the time you’d spent with your Grandmother.
You had just finished putting dinner out when you heard the front door open and Daichi’s deep voice call out.
‘I’m home,’
‘Welcome home,’ you smiled warmly, walking out into the living room to greet him and finding Daichi with a light blush on his cheeks at your greeting.
‘I’m happy you were able to come over this evening,’ Daichi smiled, showing a bag of drinks he had purchased for the evening.
‘Me too, how about we let the drinks chill a little first? I made dinner and brought over that movie I was telling you about.’
By the time you sat down to watch it together; after hearing a lengthy explanation about the quality of movies and how much they had changed since the days of black and white movies, you couldn’t help but giggle as Daichi stopped abruptly.
‘I did it again didn’t I?’ he asked, seemingly embarrassed by his fascination with technology as you shook your head.
‘I like hearing you talk so passionately,’ you admitted, though you were about to see a very rare side to Daichi that you didn’t know existed.
Putting on the movie, you hadn’t told him much about it, not wanting to spoil the story for him. As the familiar story played itself out and the main character watched her love walk away for the last time, it was still as heartbreaking as ever to see her hoping for him to return.
As you cuddled closer to Daichi, feeling emotional as the film drew to a close, you thought you felt a difference in Daichi’s breathing with your head against his chest.
Glancing up, you had been unable to see Daichi’s face as he suddenly pulled you against his chest.
‘Don’t look at me…’
Surprised by his request, you had tried to move but his hold only tightened.
‘I don’t…I don’t want you to see me like this…’
Was he upset?
‘I never want to lose you…not to anyone. I know it’s selfish of me, but I can’t…’
Feeling something warm drop onto your cheek, you realised Daichi was crying as you reached out to wrap your arms around his back and embrace him.
‘I’m not going anywhere Daichi…you’re the only man for me,’ you promised him. ‘I love you,’
Finally managing to shift in his arms, you looked up to Daichi and wiped away the single tear rolling down his cheek and kissed him softly.
‘I love you too. More than you could ever imagine,’ Daichi responded, his voice warm as he rested his forehead against yours.

Kaiji - The Notebook.
‘Really? The Notebook?’ Kaiji sighed as he looked over the dvd case you handed him.
‘Yep, it’s supposed to be a really good movie,’ you responded, looking at him with a bright smile as he frowned.
‘Looks like something my sisters would rope me into watching with them,’ he responded, ‘though I guess it won’t be so bad if it’s with you.’
‘I’m touched,’ you replied, rolling your eyes as Kaiji grinned at you and pulled you onto the sofa with him.
‘Okay, okay, let’s just get this over with,’ he remarked, putting the film on as you cuddled down with a throw, making Kaiji smile at you.
Wrapping his arms around you from behind, you couldn’t help but blush a little as Kaiji rested his head in the crook of your neck.
While the movie made you laugh a lot in the similarities you saw between your own relationship with Kaiji, you found it so moving how after all that time Noah and Ally had come together regardless of all the obstacles in their way.
Feeling a warmth in your heart as you understood their journey, watching their last scenes together, you couldn’t help but be moved to tears by their honest, raw love for one another.
Though it was only when you heard a choked sound from behind you that you realised Kaiji was crying.
‘Don’t say it,’ he responded, roughly wiping his eyes with his sleeve as he pulled you closer and refused to meet your gaze.
Shifting your position so that you were in his lap, you cuddled into Kaiji’s arms as he cried onto your shoulder.
‘Don’t you ever go anywhere…cause I’m not letting you go.’
Feeling the tears well in your eyes as Kaiji held you close, you shook your head as you leaned against his shoulder.
‘I feel the same way,’ you whispered, making him smile as he kissed you softly.

Subaru - The Time Travellers Wife. You had been surprised when Subaru suggested that you watched The Time Travellers Wife together. It wasn’t that you minded, but it seemed like something uncommon for a guy to pick out.
‘Really? This one?’ you asked as you looked over the dvd case.
‘Yeah, why not? Do you not like the look of it?’ Subaru responded as he made you both some tea in his kitchen.
‘No, I do. I just didn’t expect you to pick this kind of movie…’
‘Well I do have impeccable taste,’ he grinned, looking over to you with such confidence that you couldn’t help but giggle.
‘Okay, okay. I’ll go and put it on.’
You had heard good things about the movie, but had never watched it yourself. So as you cuddled up with Subaru on the sofa to watch it, you had been quite eager by the time the film was opening.
The film was an emotional rollercoaster for the two lovers who never seemed to be together long enough before they were torn away again.
It seemed like such a cruel fate and one that touched your heart as you began to tear up over it.
Reaching for a tissue, you were wiping your eyes when Subaru nestled his face in your hair.
At his silence, you tried to turn and face him, though you still couldn’t see his face as you felt a dampness on your shoulder.
Was he crying?
‘Are you okay?’
‘I love you,’ he stated finally, his voice husky.
Blushing at this sudden declaration, you were suddenly met with his gaze as he rested his forehead against yours.
‘I love you too…’
‘Nothing could ever keep me apart from you,’ he assured you, taking your hands and kissing the back of them tenderly as you felt a warmth in your heart.
Capturing your lips with his, Subaru’s hands gently traced through your hair as he continued to express his love for you.

Toru - The fault in our stars. You weren’t sure you could have picked more of a tearjerker with this movie, but Toru was okay with watching it.
‘Don’t worry, I’ll be here if you want a cuddle,’ he remarked, offering you a wry smile as you let out a giggle.
‘The bodyguards will probably appear out of nowhere if you do that,’ you joked.
‘Don’t say that! They might hear you,’ Toru responded, looking around him as if he expected to see Sora or Mizuki pop out from somewhere, making you laugh as Toru offered you a bright smile.
You knew it would be emotional film. You knew full well it would make you cry.
Watching such a tragic love story had made you so emotional that you were finding it difficult not to cry.
Feeling grateful for the tissues you had brought, you were trying to hide away from Toru, though you could feel him hugging you from behind all the same, comforting you as you cried.
Though as you turned inward to rest your head into his shoulder, you realised that Toru had tears slipping down his cheeks.
Meeting your eyes with a saddened expression, your hand touching his cheek only seemed to make the tears fall faster as he suddenly embraced you tightly.
‘I never want to lose you. Not ever…’ Toru admitted, his voice breaking as he held you close to him.
You had never expected it to have such an effect on Toru. You knew he was sensitive, but you didn’t think a movie like this would move him to tears.
As you wiped your eyes, you gently ran your hands through Toru’s hair, feeling him lean into you as he let out a small sigh.
‘I’m sorry…you must think this is really pathetic…’
‘Never,’ you responded, your voice soft as you kissed his cheek.
‘I love you Toru,’ you whispered, making Toru’s heart beat faster as his cheeks darkened, though you couldn’t see his face.
‘I love you too, always…’

So there you have it! That was too sweet to write :3 More posts coming up in the next twenty four hours! 

Thank you for reading and to those who like and re-blog! It honestly means the world to me! 

Much love! 


xsnowdrop  asked:

Sora came home from work one day extremely late. She ended up having to stay another three hours on top of her eight she already had. After taking off her shoes, boots and bag, she heads upstairs as the stress showed by how she walked. Going to their bedroom, she gets into a tank top and pajama bottoms before laying down on the bed with a loud sigh. She was extremely tired.

So-yun had watched this entire scene unfold in front of her. She had been at home all day after an accident in her Makai duties. Seeing Sora like this made her sad so she knew what to do. When Sora went to bed, she went in and tucked the other girl in and took off her make up. She then waits for a while before making Sora her favorite meal.

Dear Roxas Haters

This is for those who hate Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. Now I don’t mind if you just don’t really care about him or if he’s just not your favorite character, that’s totally understandable. I know he isn’t the perfect character nor I’m I trying to convince you to love him. But for those people who have this unwarranted hate for Roxas, here’s a big ‘ole rant to counter your numerous and rather repetitive “reasons” or accusations. (SPOILERS!!! Spoilers for KH 2 and KH 358/2 Days)

Accusation 1: Roxas is emotional, annoying, whiny, angsty, emo, mopey, angry, etc.

I’m assuming you’re already acquainted with his sad backstory. He isn’t the only character with a sad story but it’s depressing nonetheless. First he’s born into a strange world with no memories. He’s told that he doesn’t have a heart, therefore shouldn’t feel emotions, but yet he expresses them. He is utterly confused by his existence. The Organization uses him to execute their (or should I say Xemnas’s) evil scheme. Then one of his best friends, Xion, “dies”. After leaving he is kidnapped by Riku and DiZ and his memories are warped into believing he lives in this virtual Twilight town where he has friends, which he later discovers are all fake and that his happy memories with them were all lies. He had spent his entire existence longing to have friends and to lead a normal life. Remember how he’d watch the Twilight Town kids go about their lives? When he finally had that, it was cruelly snatched away from him. He resented bearing the keyblade and being so different. He learns that he’s not supposed to exist and should give up his existence to a boy he doesn’t even know or why he should. Then he gets absorbed into Sora and technically doesn’t exist but only within Sora. He didn’t even get to live a whole year. I know Xion and Namine didn’t either but this is still pretty sad and all those characters deserve appreciation. If this messed up and unfair crap happened to you, you’d be kinda depressed and angry too, just saying.

And he never whined about his life. He voiced his confusion and frustrations. He was tired and beaten down. He expressed his anger and hatred towards those who tell him his existence is void. This just makes him more realistic of a character. I’m pretty sure we’ve all gotten pissed off before, right? Sure, Sora never seemed to let any of the bad things get him down, but that’s only because he has this extraordinary ability to put the negative things behind him and think of the positives. Sora can bury his sadness in the happiness and comfort of his friends. But guess what? Roxas isn’t Sora. Stop thinking he’s supposed to be like him. He doesn’t really have friends anymore except for Axel. Because the other best friend just frickin died! And when I say died, I really just mean ceased to exist and become absorbed within him. But still. And with Sora, the need to find his friends motivates him. Roxas doesn’t really have a motivation other than finding the truth about himself. Realistically, most of us aren’t as emotionally stable as Sora proves himself to be. Roxas is more realistic in that standpoint. That doesn’t make him emo or whiny, he is just more likely to express his emotions and react more realistically. And to be honest, he held it together more than I would have in his situation.

And people say that he is the dark emo side of Sora. No, he isn’t. They aren’t even the same person. Sure Roxas has a slightly darker personality than Sora, but that doesn’t make him an emo. Do you even know what emo is? Roxas is just more mature and thinks rationally before acting, unlike happy-go-lucky Sora. He is a little more irritable than his Somebody though. For he reacts a little more aggressively when provoked. But that doesn’t make him pissy or hot-tempered. You wanna know a character who’s pissy? Larxene. She’s pretty damn irritable and has a fuse as short as a candle.

Accusation 2: Roxas was mean toward Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Yes I am aware that how Roxas behaved toward Axel seemed pretty cold. But Roxas had been raised to believe that Nobodies are pretty much incapable of bearing emotions of any kind. So feelings of genuine friendship are included. And he even discovered that the Organization was trying to wipe him from the picture, seeing as Xion was made to replicate his powers. With that in mind, it only made it easier for Roxas to believe that no one in the Organization truly cares for him. Also, he really needed learn more about himself. He burrows deeper into this state of confusion and seeing as the Organization could offer little clarity, it was wisest to separate himself from the Organization and set off to find his own answers. And it was made clear to him that he wasn’t needed, except for Axel. But you can’t just wait for others to bring you all the answers in life, and Roxas realized that. Sometimes you just need to find them yourself. And that’s exactly what he did. He was also being used and lied to by the Organization. Though he did leave behind the one person who still cared for him, he found it necessary to take matters into his own hands. This displays independence which is a highly valuable trait to have. Though Roxas really did care for Axel. But with the situation at hand, it was hard to believe what anybody said at that point. With all of the lies he had been told and the vagueness of any answer he could get, made it rather hard to trust anyone.

Yes there are better ways that Roxas could have handled the events including the fights with Axel and Xion, but hey, no one’s perfect. He was impatient while interrogating Axel about Xion’s disappearance but he was confused. He didn’t understand the situation. I’m not the fangirl who idolizes a character and completely ignores their flaws or mistakes. He is slightly impatient, a little on the aggressive side, and kinda stubborn. Buy I actually appreciate the imperfections of each character (sometimes). No one likes a Mary sue or Gary stu. But you can choose to dislike Roxas for these reasons, because it’s understandable. But I still love this character and all his flaws.

Accusation 3: Roxas is selfish, self-centered, egotistical, etc.

Roxas is not selfish. At least not from what I’ve seen. I already stated my reasoning for his departure from Organization XIII and the tension between him and Axel due to fighting with Xion, which you can agree or disagree with. Roxas is actually a caring person. Remember when Xion forgot how to summon her keyblade? He, with the help of his buddy Axel, decided to work double duty so Xion could go on missions with him and practice using his keyblade in order to help her regain knowledge of summoning her keyblade. Wanna know what he used since he gave up his keyblade for Xion? A friggin stick. A STICK!! And I’m pretty sure everyone hated using that cursed stick to whack enemies with. That weapon was a piece of garbage! But he did it because he cared about Xion and somewhat revered friendship.

Remember the emotions he displayed when he witnessed her “death”? Remember the “winner” stick Roxas saved for Axel? Remember how a tear slips down Sora’s cheek in Kingdom Hearts 2 while saying farewell to Hayner, Pence and Olette? That was Roxas crying from within Sora. That does not sound like a selfish person to me. He wished days spent with his friends on the clock tower would never end because he truly loves his friends.

A lot of people say that he only thought about himself. Perhaps they mean when he questioned his existence so many times. His thoughts seemed to turn to himself. But considering his situation, and the lack of answers to his questions, it seems only reasonable that he constantly questions himself. Is it really such a crime to want answers about yourself? I know most of us question ourselves. We as humans question our very existence on this Earth and our purpose in life. We wonder where we’ll go in life and who we’ll ultimately be. We always have questions about ourselves. So does this make us bad people? No! So don’t keep on talking about how Roxas only thinks of himself and that he’s self-centered. He hardly knew who he was and just wanted some answers. Questioning yourself doesn’t make you selfish.

Accusation 4: Roxas is a blond.

Okay, seriously? This one can explain itself. Everyone knows that not all blondes are the stereotypical clueless idiots society has made them out to be. I know plenty of awesome, badass, and rather intelligent characters who are blonde/blond. This is just another stupid reason haters find to hate on characters and actual people.

Accusation 5: Roxas’s fangirls.

This is also quite understandable. Fangirls can be quite annoying: shoving their otp in your face, constantly blabbing about their fandoms, and fawning over fictional characters. Well I’m a fangirl and I have been guilty of these things at times, but I do not constantly rub it in others’ faces. It gets old and just makes those around you hold a resentment toward your fandoms and stuff. But guys, everyone freaks out about something. Whether it be One Direction, Justin Bieber (but no one really likes him anymore), or Doctor Who, whatever. Almost everyone fangirls/fanboy about something. So just try to tolerate whatever others fangirl/fanboy about, even if you don’t necessarily care for it. But if it gets to the point where this topic is brought up on a daily basis, then you can tell that person to tone it down and try to be considerate of others.

Okay so that wraps up my rather long rant. I do not intend to offend anyone. I just really needed to say this to get it off my chest. It’s not healthy for things like this to fester within me. If you disagree with me, then that’s your opinion. I’m just getting my own opinion out there. If you really feel the need to, you can discuss your thoughts on this topic with me. Just don’t kill me or cuss me out please :) And I thank those of you who actually read through the entirety of my rant. I’m not even sure if I would have if I didn’t write it haha. But anyways, thanks!

I honestly never questioned the crests everyone was assigned to in Adventure as a youth but after growing up and recently rewatching the series again, I have to say that I think I found all of the attributes to be powerful and true except Yolei and Cody. That is I agree with Sincerity for Yolei and Reliability for Cody and I think Davis works well with the crests of Courage and Friendship and proves so, but Yolei and Cody just show up in the Digital World and are handed Digimentals and I never agreed they were good fits.

Of course, I like Digmon and Halsemon just fine but the problem is that while Cody is certainly smart and Yolei has a good heart, it just seems like the opposite would have been a better fit if they’d had a chance to prove themselves because Yolei was always so intelligent and proved so many times over while working with Izzy (whereas Cody was just like, “Yo I’m a genius. Peace.” and hardly helped with all the D3 research and such) and Cody was such a strong kid with a strong heart and he was caring and compassionate and it really showed throughout the series, especially in the final arc when he talked about his dad and when he cared enough to go back for Oikawa to rescue him because he didn’t want him to die, no matter what he had done in the past. It’s not that I don’t like the characters, I just think their crests were mixed up.

Of course, my own theory is that they just wanted to associate a boy with the “boy’s crest” (Joe and Izzy) and a girl with “girls crest” (Mimi and Sora) but that makes me sad that they would go to such lengths to separate the crests with gender distinctions that reinforce stereotypical notions within the gender binary.