I think if there turns out to be an episode four we have to accept that Moffatiss not only underestimated the amount Sherlock and queer representation means to us but also how many disappointments that we, as a mostly young, queer community, have faced. Like they assumed that we would get it right away with the references to John’s blog and the clues in the episode because we have always Gotten It in the past (ie TAB). They underestimated that our optimism is easy to counteract because of how often we are overlooked and denigrated as a young queer community.

Chef the whale shark loves to cook and specialises in seafood. Chef is a little clumsy with the knife, but with every dish she gets a little better.

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you know what I think would be a better system for the channel+ thing on vlive, a system like spotify. Anyone who doesn’t pay money will have to watch advertisements before and during a video, or in between uploaded photos. And people who get a subscription won’t have to deal with the advertisements, and can get higher quality. This way they’ll still earn money, will not have as many annoyed or upset users, and can even raise the price for a subscription (as people who are willing to pay for it will also be willing to pay more).

But then again this isn’t a system used much in Korea, so I doubt vlive would ever go for something like that.