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okay, 1. i am not a strong person but i will literally punch your mom in the face for you (unless you don't want me to. i dont know how you feel about that) 2. who is your favorite overwatch character? or your favorites to write for?

(@my followers: Only this first paragraph has me talking about personal stuff, then it’s strictly headcanons and rambling about all our faves.)
Hun, I know you’re not supposed to speak ill of your parents but I would literally pay you real actual money if you punched my mom in the face. I dislike getting messages along the lines of “never say you hate your mother who brought you into this world uwu” so I usually don’t speak like that, but the thought of literally anyone just straight up punching her pleases me so much.

On my favourite character: FINALLY SOMEONE ASKED ME. I’ve been waiting for this ask literally all my life because it allows me to talk about my faves at length. And I mean, at length.
Which is also quite funny, because it partly relates to the issues I’m having at the moment, so get ready for a very personal rant and several headcanons.

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So I saw how Google displays a little banner when you search up LGBTQIA terms and one thing I saw moved me to tears.

I googled homosexual, bisexual…etc and was happy to see some of my fellow LQBTQIA brethren get recognized….. And the I googled “asexual”

The fact that the little banner came up, acknowledging me and my sexuality as a part Of the LGBTIA community nearly moved me to tears quite suddenly.

Guess what - It feels like we’re finally becoming a community.
And everyone in the LGBTQIA community can celebrate #LoveWins together.

I was just so touched to finally be accepted, to finally here someone speak up for ME - saying that “you’re not abnormal, we accept you”.

And that means everything to me.

And as a proud member of the LGBTQIA community I just want to say…
We finally have victory!

Keep in mind that victory and equality are two different things, and discrimination is far from over - but, as of June 26, 2015 it just became a little bit closer.

So here’s to all my fellow Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queers, Intersexes and Asexuals…
I have the feeling that this is the beginning of something beautiful.

I had been given few chances to speak that night, so...

I wrote a letter to my boyfriend:

You were pretty drunk last night, so you might not remember this. We came upstairs at the end of the night. You asked me if I was upset with you and I said no, but that it made me really sad that everything has always seemed to go more smoothly and everyone was happier when I would just say “I’m sorry, you’re right. I’ll shut up.”

I ended up speaking to you about what are essentially feminist issues. Things like the fact that I have to be afraid for my life and wellbeing if I am out by myself after sunset, or how I (all women) am seen as weak in all cases except for instances in which something someone does is so intolerable that I finally find the courage to stand up for myself. Then I’m a ‘psycho bitch’, or I get beaten down (one way or another; i.e. physical/emotional violence, “I’m sorry, you’re right. I’ll shut up.” etc). Nothing anywhere has ever been fair to women. Ok, we get to vote and we have equal wage. Wow. Impressive. And those basic human rights aren’t even everywhere. Many, many countries are so oppressive to these ‘inferior’ [same race/religion/ethnicity/class, different gender] humans and give these women so few rights that if you read some stories or articles or laws, it would make you sick. But we’re also raped in the streets and beaten in front of our children just because our bodies are not as big as yours.

Please understand that I’m not telling you these things to make you feel sad or guilty. I’m telling you these things because they are an every day reality for me and all women, all over the world, literally. Every woman in your family, every woman you’ve ever met, seen on the street, seen a picture of, heard of, or seen in the background of a movie from 15 years ago, has had to deal with these issues directly at some point in their life. Everyone. Male superiority has directly affected every single woman ever.
So when I ask you to not interrupt me, or to not raise your hand to me (even as a joke), it’s not because I’m angry at or upset with or afraid of you specifically. It’s because my gender has been seen as less (insert adjective) than yours since the human discovery of physical strength, and I’m not okay with it.

Women are important. Women are also important enough to deserve the chance to tell you why we feel like we’re not treated as such.

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Sharing Space

in which Claire struggles with having another person in her bed

When Claire shifts for the fourth time in under two minutes, Owen finally speaks up.


"I’m sorry,” she says, almost before he can even finish her name. She flips over so that she’s facing him and he looks at her inquisitively, waiting for her to talk again. “I’m sorry,” is all she says.

“Don’t be sorry. Are you uncomfortable?”

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(Closed Asylum rp for littlechubbyamerica) -Princess-

A man was barking and growling in his cage. Making a whole lot of noises and causing most of the doctors to stay away from the door this man is in. His name is Princess. Or at least that’s what everybody else calls him. He was taken in the asylum for not only his barking and growling in a dog like manner, but also he was taken in for cannibalism. “Princess please stop barking and speak like a human being. Your not a dog”. The man growled and snarled at the doctor who was trying to shut him up. After a while Princess finally became silent and he coward to a corner. He never really speaks actual words, yet when he does, it’s only because he have something important to say, or if someone is literally trying to engage into a conversation with him. His cell door opened and he let his tongue out and crawled over to whoever opened the door.


Phil casually suggests to Dan that they should see if they could last 24 hours with out contacting eachother as Phil was going to visit his family and he wanted to see who needed who the most. Phil leaves and Dan says goodbye for the next 24 hours. Dan distracts himself and decides to play some video games that him and Phil would usually play together. It was a Tuesday so he did his usual 9pm liveshow and everytime someone mentioned Phil in the chat he feels a sadness. That night Dan goes to bed knowing tomorrow he can speak to Phil again. When he wakes up  he waits a couple of hours, he has to eat his breakfast and watch an anime on his own this time. When it’s finally been 24 hours he calls Phil’s parents home because that’s where he was staying. Phil’s mum answers and tells Dan to get there straight away. Dan gets the first train he can. When he gets to Phil’s parents house they take him to the hospital. There in a bed is Phil, dead. He had been ill for a long time and knew he would die but didn’t want to upset Dan. The only thing Phil has with him in the hospital bed is a note for Dan. Dan takes the note and it reads “You did it Dan, now just try and do it every day for me. Please explain what happened on AmazingPhil. Please try and remember me, but live another life. Have children, a partner and a happy ending, you deserve it. Never forget the skype calls, the whiskers, the 3 hour breakfasts, the Manchester Eye and everything else, I will love you forever, bear”

Imagine Loki getting belittled by Thor and the others over how he fights using magic with them, saying that those who battle as warriors do are more skilled and truer fighters, that sword fighting and such takes more patience and control.

After hearing them slight him over and over for so long you finally get fed up and speak up saying, “You know what? Let me see if I can clarify for you all the error in your thinking. If one of you should accidentally lose control or patience with your weapon sure, you or someone innocent could get maimed or even killed. However, if Loki loses patience and control over his magic the whole universe could collapse in upon itself. So, perhaps the whole lot of you should stop and think about that before speaking to him like that again.” The conversation dies and a look of shocked realization appears on the faces of Loki’s tormentors.

You gather your things and leave before you can see the small genuine smile of thanks and look of admiration on Loki’s face.

Closet Endeavours - Outlaw Queen OneShot

So mademoiselle-arel​ dared me to write something with cheesy prompts… I chose “Friends locking them up in a closet” and this is what I came up with. I revisited it and beta-ed it and now it’s new and improved and also on and AO3, enjoy!

While searching the farm house for anything that might help bring down the Wicked Witch, Robin and Regina seem to be getting along well, until she sees destiny marked on his wrist, but something prevents her from running away. 


“Well, in the last few days we’ve survived a curse,” 

Was he really so openly hitting on her or was Regina finally going completely insane? 

“-woken up in an entirely new realm,” 

Why did he have to be so darn attractive? She could not help but smile while hearing him speak, his tone, his accent seemed to soothe her but also made her jumpy and nervous. Regina quickly smoothed her hands about her hair to make sure it was not as crazy as the Wicked Witch. 

“-and forgot a year of our lives,” 

He turned back to face her, he was smirking, damn those endearing dimples

“I’d say we’ve earned it, wouldn’t you?” he extended a glass to her and Regina already had her lips set in the word ‘Yes’ so she could accept the drink and everything that came with it – after all, she could blame it all on the alcohol if she did regret anything later – when she saw it

The shape of a lion imprinted in black ink on his left wrist, a mere mark for anyone else whose eyes happened by it, but a frightening symbol to Regina. 

The guy with the lion tattoo, her soulmate

A million thoughts raced through Regina’s head in the exact three seconds that she stood looking at the mark on his wrist dumbfounded. 

Fear kicked in, the very same type that made her run away from him all those years ago, and Regina could barely hear his concerned question of, “Is something wrong?” before she began moving towards the door. 

However, Regina was only able to take a couple of steps before a sound made her stop dead on her tracks and look ahead. Her survival instinct told her not to move while her heart screamed for her to run. 

She remained motionless – as did the outlaw – as her ears picked out the sound of steps. Footsteps coming from outside, she could identify the owner almost immediately for there was a clear limp in the sound. 

Rumpelstiltskin, the most powerful sorcerer she knew, the man, thing, who had taught her almost everything she knew about magic. On normal circumstances, she could handle the imp just fine, but being that he just happened to be at the mercy of the green lady who inhabited the house she happened to have broken into with- Gods, her soulmate, Regina was not taking her chances. 

“Come on-” she heard him half whisper behind her while his fingers encircled her upper-arm and pulled her back towards him.

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fucking, “standing up for yourself”. that fucking gets me.

like that just sums up the mentality of people who refuse to learn about this shit. like someone says something like “hey can you please not say that, it’s really mean” and they hear:


and they think they’re doing some great bravery by standing up against these heinous requests. like, finally thanks to you, straight white male, the tyranny is over!!!! the sjws have been exiled!!!! you are free. because of your bravery, because you stood up for yourself. how dare anyone tell you that you shouldn’t say “re***ded”. you should be fucking proud

as someone who was among a number of people who were targeted online and slayed back when ouat first started, for daring to speak up about how shows like ouat were damaging movements for LGBT representation, I have to say that I’m relieved that the conversation has finally caught on. however, I’m not impressed with anybody trying to piggyback, if ever they told me or anybody else to ‘play nice’ and ‘honey draws bees not vinegar’ or whatever other nonsense. 

I’m proud of the Clexa-spawned movement and I consider it to be comparable to the Buffy boycott and Xena boycotts (those were different days, different strategies). OUaT fans had a chance for something similar, but internal policing, egos, the desire for writing fame, and false positivity planted by people who were likely trolls planted by the network or production team (oh I’m sorry wasn’t I REPEATEDLY lectured that that ‘never happens’ and ‘they don’t care about us THAT much’ when in fact we have receipts now that The 100′s production team and network DID in fact plant trolls online oh gosh doesn’t that start to sound suspicious, maybe I should be looking more closely at the ‘insiders’ who threw us off our boycott-ouat movement huh?) all threw shade at us and let this disaster of a show go on for yet another season (bc advertiser dollars and Disney=golden oh but no, the Disney interns who TOLD ME THEY WORKED FOR DISNEY promoting the show were just in it for the love of fucking Frozen?) aaaanyway LOL. 

The Clexa (and related Swan Queen, Shoot, etc) fans get all credit for this awesome movement. @afterellen has lost all legitimacy now. mainstream media gets points for actually calling this shit out. And the ‘play nice ‘gang was wrong all along–and suspiciously absent right now. 

Because we’d rather ship Clarke with a piece of plastic than Bellamy. And fans are connecting anti-colonial thought with queer solidarity. It’s kind of really exciting times right now. 

AU where you wake up in a strange place and you don’t remember anything. As you go out and talk to people you once knew, you start to regain your memories piece by piece Once you remember someone’s name and say it in their presence, their visage starts to pixelate and the blocks fade in the breeze. Soon you are left all alone. As you reflect on the previous weeks you start to remember your own childhood and eventually your own name. At first you are fearful to speak it (since everyone else disappeared) but finally you say your own name and you start to disappear as well. The next thing you see is everyone you’ve ever known. They’ve been waiting for you. in a room together. Now that you’ve arrived you can all move forward. 

I think that if Kenma and Hinata get together, they won’t say anything, not because they’re hiding their relationship, no, it’s just that they don’t feel the need to say it aloud.
But everyone just immediately knows. Everybody except Kageyama because he’s so dense. And because no one bothered to inform him, Kageyama notices how much time Hinata’s spending with Kenma and gets really jealous - though not romantically speaking, more like as his best friend who feels neglected - and feels that his position as Hinata’s best friend is being threatened. But because Kageyama isn’t the best in expressing himself, he walks up to Kenma one day and says something like: “I’m Hinata’s only setter!”, and Kenma is just: “Uhm.. okay?” And then there’s this really awkward silence between them until Kenma really reacts and thinks that Kageyama has feelings for Hinata and wants to take him away from him. So there is this whole misunderstanding between them until finally Sugawara or someone else explains to poor, confused Kageyama that Kenma and Hinata are together.
So our little crow gets totally embarassed while Tsukishima and Kuroo are laughing their ass off.

Micheala gets treated like shit by the narrative repeatedly and im over it. 

Her engagement was half written and anti-climatic. We got one good scene out of the entire debacle the rest of it was an old lady talking to her like trash and Connor picking on her. 

Find out she’s never had an orgasm (which is actually something lots of women say, but she was teased and made uncomfortable about it)

Hooks up with someone just to find out he was using her to find information (say whatever you want, thats all it amounted to)

Hits on a guy and lol its a joke because he’s gay and Micheala is attracted to gay men????

Finally finds someone and theres chemistry but he might be screwing his sister?? Hooks up with him and he eventually calls her a whore and says he never wants to speak to her again. 

then she randomly hooks up with the show’s “ass” and even that was really just another big joke. 

That’s just romantic entanglements, I have not even touched the rest of the writing for Micheala 

Okay but this: Fitz and Simmons starting off their work on the Monolith in awkward silence. There’s tension. There’s fear of actually voicing their feelings. So they just work. They work, work, work. Sometimes the unspoken tension becomes spoken tension. They get frustrated. They say things they don’t mean. But in the middle of saying things they don’t mean, someone says something different. They say something they do mean. 

And the tension starts to crumble. They start to loosen up around each other again. They laugh with each other. They ramble about science. Somehow they fall in love all over again. There are small touches and looks. Poor attempts at flirting and speaking their minds. A whole new tension, a tension of electricity, starts building between them. 

Till one day, when they have finally figured out how to open the portal, Jemma tells Fitz: he’s it for her. No matter what they find on that planet, he’s it for her. She’s grateful for Will and has a connection to him and it’s confusing, but Fitz is it. They kiss, finally. 

And then Fitz will be captured or some shit when they get on the planet because you know that’s some shit the writers would do. But at least FitzSimmons will be canon. 

“you mean unappreciated genius”

so who finally appreciates leo fitz’s genius?

john garrett.

he tells fitz he’s impressive in 1x16.

he tries to recruit fitz with promises of the world.

and what does fitz do?

he refuses.

he promises to make them all suffer.

instead of accepting that someone appreciates him, he stands up to the bad guy, tears running down his face, and says no because he rather die doing the right thing than not die at all.

if that’s not character development i don’t even know

“Can I just say, I’m so glad that someone has finally raised this vital issue.” said Frederick Ora, noted Men’s Rights Activist, who agreed to take a break from his busy schedule of calling women names on the internet to speak to Pointless Letters. “Because men are, as you know, almost chronically under-represented at every level of government and it’s doing very real damage to men across Britain. I worry for my sons, I really do. They’re going to end up part of a marginalized underclass if this bias in favour of women isn’t immediately stamped out.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a woman on the internet here pointing out that there’s only been one female Prime Minister since 1721, and that even today women hold only 26% of government posts and don’t even make up a third of the total number of MPs in parliament, and she’s not going to call herself a feminazi bitch, is she?”


(( Can someone hook me up with a link to a free download for SAI? I finally got my laptop’s hard drive ovo//

EDIT: Thank you to so many people sending me so many versions. I’ll make sure to check them out! ))

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It is not "overy sensitive" or not understanding male banter. We understand that men talk about things in this way. Saying it's all right to continue to do things the way we've always done them because that's the way we've always done them is wrong.

Yes! So much yes! Justifying the boys-will-be-boys crap as some sort of universally valid reason to act poorly isn’t going to change anything. Every social issue that has seen development in a better direction is because people speak up, because people react and say NO! I’m really not down for people excusing this. If someone doesn’t find this offensive, good (or bad) on you, but to downplay it just isn’t fair.

This isn’t just a dig at neither Niall or James, the issue is so much bigger, but it’s such a shining example of the way men get away with talking absolute rubbish. That it happened is bad enough and that it made the final cut is just appalling. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I adore both Niall and James and that why I’m so damn disappointed. Because I expected better from guys who I really think KNOW better than this.

This *points down* is what its about!

Thank you for your message! Sending you hugs!