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Somehow, I get really insecure when I'm around my TC. I constantly worry that he judges the way I look? I don't know why, but to me it seems as if I'm not 'good enough' for him. It's probably low self-confidence, but it hurts me more than it should.

I understand you but don’t think he judges you, you don’t have to feel ugly around him or anything because you aren’t. Keep your head up x

Stumbled upon something I wrote a while ago. What other character would think of Gold. Crystal’s voice because convenience.

“Gold really gets on my nerves. He rushes into things without preparing, with a cocky, jerkish attitude, and he’ll WIN. The first time, every time. He’s the kind of guy you shake your head at watch without responding, just waiting for him to get his butt whipped for being so impulsive and rude. But he doesn’t. He never has. I don’t know if he’s incredibly lucky or if there’s someone on his side… But somehow he can’t be taken down, even by people who have been training their entire lives. Gold has never had to work for anything in his life, and he still gets everything he tries right and looks good while doing it.

“But me? Everything I have, I’ve had to work for. I have five younger siblings, two of which are adopted. My parents rely on me to help out while they work their own jobs. They couldn’t afford to support my dream of becoming a biologist, so I had to figure out my own way to get to college; I made a deal with Prof. Elm. I told him that if he paid for my studies in the future, I would complete his Pokedex for him. And I’m still working at it. Do you know how difficult it is to capture every Pokemon in two different regions when new species are always being discovered, modern trade is bringing foreign ones in, and some species are so rare that only a handful exist? When many are stronger than all my team put together? When they rarely ever want to be caught? When you know barely anything about their powers, or what they’ll do to defend themselves? Do you know how difficult that is? And all of a sudden somebody like Gold comes along and masters something with no effort at all and rubs it in your face at the same time. It’s infuriating.”