“He looked more alive in death”
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It’s Randy’s birthday so Howard dragged invited most of their classmates for a birthday surprise. Howard just want Randy to be happy~

That night they went to rooftop for some stargazing and chit chatting until 2am.

Made this just for my lovely adorable younger sister, Tari <3 Happy 18th birthday!!! Love you to the end :) Oh  I made you a second gift too hehehe. Sorry for long post!

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A very Happy Birthday to @mostlikelytofangirl! :D It’s not much, but thank you for always being the most supportive and loving big sis! ♥ You’re a treasure to everyone you’ve graced in your life, and I cherish you so dearly! Have a wonderful birthday! ♥

I read through the entire Journal and oh my god.
I’m not going to post any spoilers for a few days, and I’ll tag them all “journal 3”
If you like this show, get this book.
It’s funny. It finishes so many plot lines you didn’t know needed finishing. It makes nudges at the fans. It is full of heart. The ending will make you cry (it definitely made me cry).
Tomorrow I’m going to go through decoding, but my final review? This book is amazing. I love these characters more than I did before, and that’s saying something. Please, read it.

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Hello! As someone who is relatively new to the Sherlock fandom, I just want to say that your blog has been very informative and helpful. Everything you write inspires my with its cheerful tone, and I just want to say thank you for being such a great help to me and others who find TJLC/the Sherlock fandom a little daunting. So thanks for being so wonderful!!

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Can somebody straight up shoot me please i can’t take it. I just finished the part with the phone call. Bea’s sobs, Maxine’s shaky hands as she moves the phone near Allie, the beeping of the machine, “Just wait for me” and “i love you, beautiful girl.” Fucking shoot me, i can’t take it anymore.