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Oho! Their own fears? Could we hear about that? What each of them is most terrified of? (If you've already made a post like this, then nevermind. X'D)

(Ok, so a couple people have asked for this one, so here we go!)


Host–crowds and loud noises

King of the Squirrels–thunderstorms

Google–Warfstache’s void

Doc–failure or disappointing others

Ed–pineapples and hand lotion; especially pineapple scented hand lotion

Silver–the dark

Wilford–Kathryn’s wrath

Dark–being unable to move/breathe and small spaces

I posted Izumo during the aoex week and I had Shiemi on storage, until I decided what to do with both! so here we go~ Also, it’s a practice with the Binary tool in SAI, kinda fun to work with *O*


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For DWC! Will you write dad Solas if I ask really nicely? If not, then Solavellan, no children required! 13. “Shut up, it’s fine, just calm down, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.””

Thank you for the prompt @katalyna-rose! I’m kind of in the mood for papa Solas, so here we go :D

Neria Lavellan x Solas, post-Trespasser? [maybe?]

For @dadrunkwriting!

When he crosses the threshold, he finds her dozing in front of the fireplace, her arms crossed over her swollen belly in a protective fashion. He can’t help but commit the scene to memory; the way the firelight colors her hair golden, her face, so relaxed and at ease; she’s put her feet up on a cushioned stool. She moans softly and stirs, rubbing her belly, yawning as she opens her eyes, her face breaking into a wide, warm smile as her gaze lands on him.

Vhenan,” she greets, raising her arms over her head in a stretch.

He leans down to press a kiss to her forehead. “How are you feeling, ma lath?

“Tired,” she confessed. “This babe isn’t one to rest peacefully.” As if on cue, her belly twitched on cue, and she gave him a rueful smile.

“He takes after his mamae,” Solas chuckled.

Neria laughed; the next moment she was looking up at Solas with wide eyes. “Solas?” she squeaked. “It’s time…”

“What?” his hands fluttered over her stomach in a panic. “Are you sure?”

“Unless you happened to drop a bucketful of water on my pants, yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay, okay, I… what do I do…” he muttered, swinging his head from one direction to another.

“Solas. Ma fen. Calm down,” she shook her head amusedly. 

“Calm? I am calm! It is fine, we are calm, we are fine, I am fine, everything is going to be fine, I am not panicking, not at all, why would I be…” he babbled

Fen’an, call the midwife,” she patiently reminded him. “Help me to the bed, will you?”

“Of course,” he slid his arms beneath her knees and shoulders, and raised her up, placing her on their bed as though she were fine china.

The midwife alerted, he made sure Neria was comfortable, propping her up with pillows and letting her grip his hand as tightly as she wanted when a contraction hit her.

He felt helpless each time she cried out in pain; urging her to breathe in and out only served to have her shoot him a glare.

“It’s time,” the midwife said briskly. “Inquisitor, you need to push now.”

A half an hour of pushing and crying later, his son finally makes his way into the world. The midwife quickly cuts the cord, washing and cleaning the newborn before wrapping him up in a warm, fuzzy blanket. “Papae,” she smiles at Solas, “are you ready to meet your son?”

“Yes,” he was surprised he was able to speak at all, given how choked up his throat was. He gingerly, carefully takes the baby from her, one hand supporting the head, while the other cradled his body. His heart expanded, filled with so much love he thought he would burst with how full it was. Tears prick his eyes; once, he thought he would never have this, never have a family to call his own. But now… now he was whole, complete; now he had all he had ever dreamed of, and more. 

He turns to Neria, whose face was pale and covered in sweat, dark circles under her eyes. “He’s so beautiful,” Solas whispers, a look of wonder and amazement on his face. “Thank you,” he says, voice filled with gratitude and love and more, all the words he does not have words for. He sits next to her before placing his son - their son - on his mother’s chest.

“What do we call him?” she asks softly, her eyes fixed on her baby’s face. Solas ponders the question as though it were the most important in the world; which, to him, it was.

It amazes him, how much he already loves the little bundle with ten perfect fingers, and ten tiny toes, his eyes wide and the same color as that of his mother’s and he knows, from this moment on, his son would forever be in his heart.

In his heart. Ar. In.

“Inar,” he murmurs, mesmerized by the rise and fall of his son’s chest as he drew in breath.

“Inar,” she echoes, and smiles. “Perfect.”

1920’s AU

I don’t see many AU’s about Mila, so here we go…

It’s sometime in the 1920’s. Mila rolls up to a New York lounge in a black Rolls Royce. She waits for the door to be fully opened by the chauffeur before emerging from the vehicle. She is wearing a white fur coat and white fox stole to accompany it. A string of the finest pearls are graciously draped around her neck, just below the collar bone. The white on her body gives a wonderful contrast to the bright red lipstick she has on. To finish the arrangement, her hands are covered with gloves woven from the finest silk.

Salvete, amici!

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So I couldn’t really find any decent xenogender flags (or at least none that weren’t accompanied by an…. iffy definition) so I decided to blag my own one. Orange and green, as colour opposites of pink and blue, and yellow which is an established colour for NB people. So, here we go - my take on a xenogender Deinocheirus.

[Please do not tag this as ‘kin’ or any related tags, thank you.]

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I’ve been a busy bee lately! Here’s a look at all the things I’ve been working on :D

The 30% unique from my moonbun set for 🎁❄Kaiyo❄⛄ (#489)

A 75% OOAK exotic for Be4 (#23531) (will take off that watermark once the last payment goes through but I just couldn’t wait to show it off)

Design sketch for a 75% OOAK exotic for  SeaCrest (#55939) that’s waiting on a crystal check (the first version came back at only 45% so we just decided to go wild!)

And some design sketches for 🐶Dachs40🦎 (#73610) that will hopefully be lined and shaded later today!

Plus, I’ve been working on my blind date breeding list that I won’t spoil until all of them are finished and submitted.

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okay wild story not that wild but wild for me my friends and i went to the mall and when we were going home like we didnt know how to get to my house bc we're not from there and like we're walking around, no clue how to commute home and then someone calls my name and it's my guy classmate driving this sweet mercedes benz i dont even think he has a license yet like wow rich kid like he's in the middle of a busy road and he stops to ask me hey miggi do you know how to go home? (part 1/?)

i say no bc i really honestly dont know how but he just raises his hand and drives away and im like do we follow him? is he going to give us directions? but like he leaves and im like okay… so how do we go home? and we’re trying to look for a jeep and all of them are full so we just wait. im on the verge of panicking and just calling my mom and be like hey mom listen i dont know how to go home pick me up please when that beautiful ass car of my classmate turns from the corner (part 2/?)

he stops the car and is like hey get in loser im bringing you home… kinda and like im a desperate hoe who wants to go home bc im still in my uniform so i just get in even if we aint close and that dude is the guy who teases me about the dude i friendzoned (omg im the anon who liked this guy who likes me back but studies first so hi again) im desperate. my friends from my former school are like stop wait what do we get in??? and a few mins later we’re all in (part 3/?)

so my dude classmate tells me like he’ll be dropping us off with another dude who’s also my classmate and also this guy who’s my busmate when i go home so he knows my place and im like sure yeah thanks :00 and then he teases me about the dude i yelled about before like he’s like so u guys are just friends?? and im like yeah then suddenly my friends are like yeah she’s a demon and everyone in the car is teasing me like wow thanks guys i feel the love but it’s nice (part 4/?)

then we hear him telling his friend i dont know that he doesnt have a license like okay why the fuck do u have this sweet ass car it’s beautiful dude he really is a rich kid i guess and i start thinking hmmm i wonder if he’s ever done the nasty here with his girlfriend and i stop thinking bc no. then we arrive at the place where we’ll switch cars so i thank my dude classmate and get into my other dude classmate’s also fine ass car like wow rich kids :00 and it’s all fine (part 5/?)


???? ok


Summary: The reader is the captain of an English county team and the sidemen and friends were given tickets to a champion to promote the game on their channels and they are very impressed by the captains skill, but most of all Cal.

Characters: Cal Airey X Reader


  • Y/N = Your Name
  • Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name
  • Y/OF/N = Your Other Friend’s Name
  • The Cobras is your team
  • The WildCats is the opposition team from Cambridge who you and your friends always looked up to.

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//Your POV//

I was so nervous, it was England’s national volleyball championships and my team were playing against some of the most impressive players I’ve ever seen, but I was confident me and my girls were going to do our county proud. 

“Mate, I’m so nervous, we’re going against the WildCats,” My teammate, Y/F/N, mumbled to you. It’s true, it was nerve-wracking to go against the WildCats, a very professional women volleyball team from Cambridge. Y/F/N and I have known each other ever since we were 11 when we joined the volleyball team at our secondary school and we stuck together ever since, and now were here playing for a county in a national championship and playing alongside our childhood heroes. 

“I know, but we’re going to win, I know we will.” I grinned at my friend, to bring her confidence back, even though I felt exactly the same as her, we needed positive thinking to good competition for our heroes.

“Right girls, huddle!” I commanded as captain. My teammates gathered around me and I told them to think clearly and positively and try their best. That’s all we can do, try our best.

We did our little chant to bring our energy up and we broke away and ran onto the courts. I stayed behind, waiting for them to introduce the captains of each team individually. 

I shook my arms as a nervous habit. I spotted the captain of the WildCats and jogged over to her. 

“Hey good luck out there!” I grinned to the brunette girl in front of me. She grinned back and grabbed my hand and shook it.

“Hey you two, see ya out there!” She replied once she realized the two captains had to make an entrance.

We ran onto the courts from our assigned positions and shook hands once again when we meet on the courts to show everyone this will be a civil game.

I heard an eruption of cheers from the front row and saw a group of around 12 men standing there, all with their own camera in hand. I smiled, knowing they were the Youtubers who were promoting our game on their channels and were interviewing us after the game. 

— (Le time skip)

It came to the last minutes of the game and my team, The Cobras, and the WildCats were tied. The ball was coming over the net and coming straight to me. I jumped as high as I could and whacked the ball straight down to the floor where no one from the opposite side was standing. My team screamed and cheered with the crowd once the final whistle blew and the Cobras were announced the winners and the new champions of the national volleyball championships!

My team gathered around me and lifted me off my feet and held me above their head as gratitude of us winning. I was handed the trophy and I hovered it over my head. I looked over at the WildCats who also crowded around my team, cheering along with everyone. 

My eyes wandered the audience again, and they landed on the group of Youtubers I noticed at the start. I examined them more closely and found myself slightly attracted to a tall and lanky dirty blonde boy with large lips who was cheering and shouting along with the rest of his friends. 


It was time for our interview, with the Youtubers and I was being interviewed by Cal Airey and Tobi Brown. We all sat down, me in the middle and Y/F/N to my left, leaving Y/OF/N to my right.

I noticed these two boys from the crowd, one had dark skin and a large nose wearing a neat white button-up shirt. In the crowd, he was wearing a black hoodie with a matching black snapback. The other was a tall and lanky dirty blonde boy with a large grin plastered on his pale face. He too was also wearing a neat white button-up shirt, opposed to his football jersey and black joggers from earlier.

“Good afternoon ladies, I’m Cal and this is my friend, Tobi, and we’re gonna ask you some questions about your rise to victory in volleyball.” The taller boy, Cal, stated rather overly-enthusiastically and throwing his long arm above his head almost knocking his friend over, which I snorted at.

Cal gave me a cheeky grin whilst Tobi asked me, “So, Y/N, you’re the captain, I believe, how does it feel to know you’ve led your team to victory?” 

“Well, Tobi, it feels absolutely amazing, but I can’t take all the credit, it’s really goes to my girls, without they’re dedication and time and effort, we wouldn’t be here, it honestly doesn’t feel real that we beat our favourite team, but I’m so glad I can say that we have, and I’m so thrilled it was with my best friends.” I concluded my long answer whilst throwing my arms around my arms around my two friends and bring them closer, trying my best at a two-way side hug.

The interview drag on for a while, until out time was almost up, but then Cal asked the question while looking at me , “Do you girls have any love interests in your lives at the minute, anyone waiting at home for you?” 

Y/F/N answered first because she loved her partner so much, “I have, I love them so much, and unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the match but once I get back home, I’m sure he/she is gonna be so happy”

Then Y/OF/N answered, “Unfortunately I don’t but I’m content at the minute without any love interests, all I really need is sport and my best friends,” she said while looking at me and Y/F/N.

Me and Y/F/N awed and stretched our arms around her, squishing her in our arms, while the boys laughed.

“What about you, captain?” Cal asked, while wiggling his eyebrows at me. I stiffled a laugh and looked at the ground while blushing. 

“I also don’t have a lover in my life at the minute, but I’m doing alright without one, but it does get terribly lonely, especially when all the girls are out, and I’m stuck in doing my work,”

“Well why don’t we change that, Miss Y/L/N, let me take you out on a date tonight, as a congrats on winning gift, and also because you’re really beautiful and amazing, and plus you’re like the queen of volleyball, who wouldn’t want a girlfriend like you!” Cal exclaimed, smoothly.

“I’d like that very much” I blushed. 

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Okay I was tagged by @sabrina-metallicafan So here we go. My top 10 songs right now: 1. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled ft Rihanna & Bryson Tiller 2. Kissing Strangers by DNCE ft Nicki Minaj 3. Slippery by Migos ft Gucci Mane 4. Unforgettable by French Montana ft Swae Lee 5. Strip That Down by Liam Payne ft Quavo 6. I think of You by Jeremiah ft Chris Brown & Big Sean 7. Bom Bidi Bom by Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj 8. East Coast by A$AP Ferg ft Remy Ma 9. Party Monster by The Weeknd 10. Reminder by The Weeknd I’ll tag: @lavitabella87 @hoodgirl163 @queenreignsempire @cute-face-chubby-waist @thiickreigns @blumisty

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Seeing columbine for the first time

I’ve been to columbine a total of 4 times now. I was interested in columbine for about 5 years before I actually got to see it in person. I’m making this post to describe how I felt and what I saw, what I noticed, what surprised me, for anyone that really wants to visit columbine but may never get the chance.

So, here we go! Littleton is absolutely gorgeous. It almost seems like one big suburban neighborhood. The houses are nice, they all have huge wooden fences in their backyard if it faces the street, so all along the streets are just these really high fences going all the way down. You turn on pierce street for a while before you actually see columbine. I always came from the left of the school, closer by the memorial. Seeing the very front of the school, the first thing I noticed was the entrance, and the big digital sign displaying messages. The first parking lot in front of the school is small, there’s a little lane by the very front for quick pick ups and drop offs. You kind of have to walk a ways to the right to see what most people think about when they see columbine, the windows. The first thing I noticed about this, is that it looks HUGE in pictures, like all these giant ass windows, 2 stories high. But seeing it in person, it actually is very low to the ground and not at all high or tall. I feel like I could throw a small ball up on top of the roof. It is quite long, but not as high as I thought. From this area you can see tennis courts all the way to the left, and mountains behind those. Columbine actually has a very good view of mountains from the senior parking lot. The school feels painfully average, as it is an average high school now. It was so average it was almost hard to picture that everything I knew about columbine happened RIGHT there. It felt like nothing ever happened there, I had to keep picturing what I knew about columbine to feel like I was actually there. At the top of the stairs there’s a ledge to sit on right under the memorial library lettering. It’s incredibly peaceful right there. You can see the entire parking lot from that view, you can see all the activity on the road.

If you would like details on anything I may have not included, shoot me a message and I’d be glad to do it for you!

one of my favorite things about modern technology is the ability to listen to podcasts the way i’ve always wanted to replay my friends talking about the things that they love. i still listen to my friend hillary clinton give her 1969 wellesley speech at least once a week, walking across brooklyn toward home, tearing up a little. last night i drank a mojito in the pouring rain, tucked safely under an umbrella at habana outpost, and i’m still feeling just romantic enough about it that i’m going to listen to mary oliver talk about spirituality on the train to meet lily so that we can go to the beach (!). did you know you can just listen to tim gunn talk about art whenever the hell you’d like? it’s just magic, is all.