Let me tell you a stupid story…

I suddenly remember two years ago when my closeted bisexual friend celebrated her eighteenth birthday (the equivalent of a sixteenth birthday in the US) by throwing this charity function in an orphanage handled by the church. There were about forty kids there. We, the oldies (and by that I mean, her friends) were there to help handle the proceedings and the program. And for some damn reason someone let me hold a microphone.

When it came to the part of the birthday wishes, one of the kids told her, “I wish you have a good life, miss, and also that you get a boyfriend.”

Her response: “Nah, I kinda want a girlfriend.”

I can still remember the shock in the faces of those nuns. I can still remember my laughter amplified by the stupid microphone in my hand. Or that I swore. A bit. Just a tiny bit–oh who am I kidding I have the mouth of a sailor.

Or how we scarred so many lives that day, god bless us.

i watched the fireworks and all i could think was that next year someone better be watching this with me and holding my hand and taking pictures of me watching it and falling in love with me bc i feel like i deserve that

umma-jr replied to your post:so i caught up on this week’s real GOT7 episode…

I was like staring at the white parts of the jacket like “LET ME SEE IT ALL PARK JINYOUNG LET ME SEE”…. XD

oh my gah YES did he do that on purpose??? there was a lot of white on that jacket and when white gets wet it’s SHEER AND???? i think he was also wearing a black tank under and we could see the fullness of his shoulders and delts and biceps i’m shaking in my chair

Do y’all ever think about the beginning of mine and deantulip‘s friendship and cry because I do

  • Me:America isn't that great tbh look at our poorly structure school system and failure to actually treat everyone equal
  • Me the next day:yeah but america is eh
High Society 5

I’m so itchy about how the writer chose to build Yoon-Ha and Joong-Gi’s relationship after she revealed she was a chaebol’s daughter. It really bothers me that we already know that he’s gold digging her. I don’t feel anything for their relationship because it was just given to us without any work.

It’s like the scenes are all out of order.

But as I watched Ji-Yi and Chang-Soo try to figure out their situation I was hit hard in the chest with the absolute wasted potential that was Eun-Sang and Tan in Heirs. Ji-Yi and Chang-Soo are such awkward ducklings but they are communicating and listening to each other. Ji-Yi wants to touch Chang-Soo and enjoy being with him even if her mind is calculating all the different ways this could go wrong because of money. And for the most part, I think Chang-Soo takes her seriously.

This is literally what I wanted for Heirs. Not a triangle. Not a complete disrespect for Eun-Sang and her dreams. But two people of wildly different backgrounds falling in love and deciding that love was worth fighting for. 

Ji-Yi has a huge battle if she makes that decision, however, at this point, I think Chang-Soo would be reasonable if horrible stuff started happening to her because of him. Ji-Yi wouldn’t feel so smothered she would run away.

The are the second leads so maybe this will change. I have no idea. But I love them. This might be a rich man/poor woman I can handle.

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m!a: everyone holds an island wide festival

With our limited supplies, it would be a stretch to call it a festival, but a celebration is called for…

Ibuki, set up the stage at once!

Waaaaay ahead of you!

ok it should be law for hotels to send you up a big strong attractive hot-blooded dude to snuggle ur ass if you attempt to put up with the bullshit blankets they give you for the pullout beds in hotels

full body blusher pre-serum steve kissin tws!bucky is like ,, my favourite thing