WE FIGHT TOGETHER | listen here

                                                     2o tracks:
                                                 { instrumental }

o1. Solomon Vandy James Newton Howard
o2. Gettysburg Ratatat
o3. Polish Girl (ThePhoz remix) Neon Indian
o4. マカロニ (instrumental) Perfume
o5. Violent Youth Crystal Castles
o6. Theme of Rebecca 500ml
o7. HEX Lorn
o8. Battle without honor or humanity Tomoyasu Hotei
o9. Warrior (R.Simeon Bowring) Gargantuan Music
1o. 最後の抗い Shiro Hamaguchi, Keiji Inai
11. 悲城 Kenji Kawai
12. Beyond Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe
13. Imperatrix Mundi Position Music 
14. James Bond Theme John Barry & Monty Norman 
15. Iron man 3 (Main theme) Bryan Tyler
16. Intro The xx
17. The bird and the worm (instrumental) The Used
18. Walhalla awaits Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)
19. Reconciliation The Track Team
2o. Chandelier (instrumental) Sia

if you can’t tell
there’s going merry
and thousand sunny
in the background

Writing Sunday

1. I’m a little more than halfway through with putting my book down on paper. It feels like a race to get it all out of my head. “Get it out!” my brain says to me. “Get it the fuck out!”

2. Sundays my friend (Hi Adrienne!! :D) and I meet at this one particular coffee shop to write. The counter is manned by two women. The cook is a woman. Basically, I throw on my most comfortable pants, some flip flops, and a T-shirt and go. I don’t even have to brush my hair. It’s awesome. I mean, I would do this even if it was all men working there, but since it’s all women it makes it all GRRRL POWER!!

3. I got 54,553 words into my book and then stalled out. So I went back to the beginning to reread and edit and my count is now down to 53,337 words. I know I shouldn’t get hung up on word count. But it’s hard not to measure progress that way. Grrrr!

4. I should be writing now.

5. I sat and worked for two hours then got up to go use the bathroom and WHOA! It was like a drunk person trying to look sober. I guess I’m at the age where I need to stretch before walking 20 feet?


I finished my For So Bare Is My Heart re-reading!

I suppose I would edit the beginning a bit, to take the edge off Dean’s harshness (more than I already did, he was terrible in the first draft. Haha) but I’m not sure if I will or if I’ll just let it stand as it is.

I’ll have to think about it some more.


This is a great Stydia edit 😍 “okay so I’ve been here since the beginning of this acc and a lot of people have left the acc that made excellent edits. I’m sorry if yall…”

Hello Tributes!

I hope you all enjoyed the trailer, and all the terrifying mutt, Everlark kiss, meadow implication, explosion filled glory it had to offer.

Reacting Tributes, please don’t hesitate to send your reactions in; we need the videos asap so editing on the final product can begin! Send your videos to starsmahogany via email the first chance you get.


FINALLY. I just completed my second full length play!!!

Who knows if it’s any good, but STILL. I started this sucker September last year, and just now finished it. 11 months later, 113 pages & a fucking mammoth of a script, but shit. I can’t believe I’m finally through. That was, the most difficult thing I’ve ever written, it was so hard to write. BUT YAS NOT ANYMORE.

Time to begin editing!! and drafting!

this is so surreal

In the process of filming my next video edit for all my summer adventures in California. This is a little sneak peak of where I shot a few clips from and is one of my favorite places I’ve been. Edit is set to release beginning of September so be on the look out! Hope you are all enjoying your break! - @vialido #summer #paradise #videoedit #ViaLido #mylife #photographer #bythebeach #California #thecove #sand #water #beach (at Neverland, NVRLND)

-whispers- half the art for episode 3 has been received! :’D I’m so excited!

Deadline 1 for art for the flag is tomorrow! then we can get the VAs recording and the editing will begin!! :’D

completely not so unrelated note, but does anyone have a nice instrumental version of ‘oh canada’ i can use…? >> << or anyone play an instrument and would be willing to play and record it in good quality? …definitely nothing to do with the ep nahh -sweats-


ship aesthetic ; begin again | 1 out of ( ? )
infearofoblivion. i did a thing out of boredom.

Remember those walls I built? Well, baby they’re tumbling down, 
and they didn’t even put up a fight; they didn’t even make a sound
I found a way to let you in but, I never really had a doubt——
standing in the light of your HALO,                   I got my angel now.