"Speculating about Real People's Orientations and Relationships"

Can we ARMYs talk about this? Because our fandom is a mess and I have questions.

Where is the line between outing someone (and/or spreading opinions as truths) and discussing the orientation of a public figure from the point of view of either the person’s personal well-being or social issues and politics? Can this kind of discussion ever be justified if the person isn’t out? Are there such things as gradual or partial coming out? When and how does supporting these people begin? Why do some of us think that speculating orientation is fine but speculating relationships is against their morals? Why the hypocrisy?

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I have no idea how I found your blog but I’m so happy I did. Do you have recs for any other blogs that write smut like yours?! So many of them seem so unrealistic or immature

Oh my goodness that means the world!! I’m happy you stumbled upon me though and that you love my writing! I have quite a few blogs  draw my own inspiration from so I think you’ll like them too! (if I missed anyone I am so sorry I’m a piece of shit but I still love you)
@bribe-the-door Hannah is tHE BEST, she has a Christmas series going on but I’ve read her other things and I HIGHLY suggest them. 
@secret-rendezvous1d Emily is very cute and she is currently doing Blogmas right now and the stories are AMAZING, not only is she talented in fluff but her “Red Coat” story especially MESSES ME UP each time. 
@canistay-haz Allie is a m azing, her stories are extremely kinky and have the just right amount of sexy and cute to make her writings amazing.
@hconcepts they are ALWAYS oUT to kill everyone with the blurbs they do, it is perfect smut and fluffy mixed into two and you wont get bored reading their concepts. 
@stylesunchained B is a demon and I mean that in the BEST way possible, her stories are filthy and amazing, my davourites are “Boots”, “Leather” and “Red” 
@aqua-harry Sarah is always the sweetest and cutest, her writing is some of the best and there is no way you could not love it
@jawllines JESUS WHAT TO SAY ABOUT OLIVIA well first she is a very cute human being who deserves the world, her fics are AMAZINGLY written and I could read them over and over again, she is also a demon, but a very cute one
@majorharry Cass and her writing are seriously amazing, especially her Hate!Harry tag going on, just her writing is so good
@permanentcross E and B I feel are both on the same skill of “demons” since they are both friends, E especially killed me with her ‘It’s About Balance’ series and she did an sexy daddy piece called ‘Cup of Tea’ which fucked me up
@trulymadlysydney Sydney is the cutest person I have met on the internet and she is lowkey into tickling but don’t tell her I told you, she wrote a piece on Harry having a praise kink which was amazingly written, she also doing an Alex Au which is in the works so I suggest that too
@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy ANDREA IS OUT TO K I L L I cannot BELIEVE my eyes every time she posts a blurb it just keeps getting better every time, I love every single one of her blurbs she posts and they are utter fllth
@harry-writings lastly but certainly not least, Izzy my mAIN bitch (say that with all the love) her writing is just.. amazing, it’s not smut but her “Mute” series ripped my heart but mended it and it was just a roller-coaster ride, so check her out as well
I THINK I got everyone but if I didn’t I suck and I still love you regardless, these are the blogs I personally love with all my heart and write smut that would kill for days. 
♡You’re insecure about your moles/beauty marks♡

Request:  Hey hey there sweetie! Can you do a BTS reaction to their s/o having tons of beauty marks? I have lotsss and I feel self conscious about them..

A/N: THIS ONE WENT SO MUCH FASTER THAN MY LAST. Still not too used to doing reactions so I apologize if it’s not exactly what you wanted or expected.

You stood in the bathroom, leaning over the sink with your face pressed close to the mirror. An exasperated sigh left you as you counted each mole and mark on your face. Seriously, why were you born with so many? No one found them attractive. It’s why you tried to cover them up so often. What you hadn’t noticed was your boyfriend standing in the doorway with a frown etched on his features.

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A monster with three sets of extremely sharp teeth, and so many of them that when he smiles it seems like his mouth is full of nothing but teeth teeth teeth. He likes to gently nip over your skin, but always so gently you don't feel anything but a slight tickle. When you one day tell him he can bite a little harder if he wants, and he obliges, your breath hitching in your throat at the prickling feeling, and he rumbles in satisfaction, his form heating as his way of blushing

God I love sharp teeth


The second child for Thrilling Thursday’s is the beautiful Marthog!!🎉✨

A staggering negotiator with more control over the tax goats than anyone is comfortable with. He is a man of many words (Jesus so many words) most of them prosy and full of flowery language. Should anyone call him on it he’s not likely to know what the hell you’re talking about.

He may also be a little sorta ever so slightly indecisive when it comes to plans and will half spriong into action a dozen times before actually executing anything. But, after all, Improve is his middle name (or so he says it could also be one of several dozen other things since it changes bi-weekly). Regardless of his shenanigans the kid is someone you want on your team, if only for the soul fact that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get out of the deepest of shit by whatever he manages to pull out of his elbow!

Next weeks child will be Gregor and Zalvetta✨

I just spent 2hrs in a lost sector on IO…

… just shooting fucking cubes. Why are there so many of them? (57 btw) Why is there a dead Goblin next to a sparking wall? Why is there a Vex clock with a opening in the center to jump into leading to a secret room? Why is there a weird “map” thing all the wall of secret room? Why hasn’t anyone figured out this DAMN lost sector so it would stop tormenting me!? WHY!!!

Update: Some of you wanted to explore the Lost Sector I lost my mind in, so here’s a post outlining what you should look for and where to go.

Lost Sector [IO] | Aphix Conduit 

Rumors of HEAVY drug use have surrounded YG Ent for much longer than pretty much any of us have been a fan of kpop to be honest. It goes all the way back to the 1tym and “OG” YG family days. It’s really not new it’s just that YGE people are getting sloppy with it or police are cracking down on it (possibly both). 

I assume back in the days, you had to be YG Elite to even be around them when they were doing it. These days, I feel like all the YG people have so many people around them (even ones who have no real love or reason to be loyal to them) and are stupid enough to be doing something detrimental around them. People WANT to get YGE people caught up (hence, the GD marijuana situation. I TRULY believe he was given something he wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Even though, I do think he maybe knew he shouldn’t have accepted whatever the hell it was), a lot of people can profit from their downfall. But even then, a lot more people don’t give nearly enough shits to NOT snitch on them because they really don’t give a shit about them in the first place.

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I’m saying this with love, but open your damn DMs!

i’ve already addressed this but sometimes i get social anxiety which in turns prevents me from holding conversations/replying back to people (especially when there’s so many of them to look at) so i reply to them little by little/when i don’t feel as anxious!! so to this i say, i will open them when i’m ready 💘

When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™



Winners’ Entrance & Exit. 

Category is: ALL STARS.


Goth girls you wanted to be in middle school

People who deserved a redemption arc:

  • steve harrington: just kind of an asshole, non violent, is pretty obvious through the first season that he was an okay dude on the inside

People who don’t deserve a redemption arc:

  • billy hargrove: literally tried to murder children and abused his sister to the point she feared being around him