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I would love to hear more about your headcanons about regional art styles in Westeros if you have more thoughts! 💕

Okay. I can do that. My thoughts have been gathered! 

Initially, I covered the North, the Riverlands, the Westerlands, the Stormlands and Dorne. I’ll crap on for a bit about the ones I left out.

The Iron Islands are fascinating for me, because they have such a paucity of materials to work in that visual art would be very difficult. They DO produce it, because almost everyone produces it, but they’re a challenge. If I was going to pick an artform for them to attach importance to, it would be music rather than any visual medium - songs to help oarsmen keep the beat. I could so easily see young Theon realising that tiny Sansa loves music, teaching her a song because he thinks he’s being nice…and getting in trouble, because the song he picked is a reaving song full of blood and thunder and it frightens her.

In terms of materials for visual artforms, I think they use what they can get from the sea. They work in bone and ivory to make scrimshaw or polished carvings. They use shell. They set smoothed and sea-tossed pebbles into the walls and floor or stone buildings to make a kind of ur-mosaic effect - imagine the lord’s chamber or the main hall at Pyke having a huge kraken sprawling on the wall to challenge you as you come in. They do NOT work in wood except for very rare and special pieces - the ocean tosses driftwood up, but that would be too precious to use for art when it could be used to make useful things.

When they weave, it’s dyed in the kind of muted colours you get from the older Harris tweed where they were still using natural dyes. I’ve always put a bit of the Orkneys/Shetlands/Hebrides into my version of the Iron Islands - the island chains of Scotland were heavily influenced by the Norse.

They mine lead and tin as well as iron, so they may have a practice of casting pieces from lead.

I think the ironborn are like the North in that they’re a bit iconophobic. There are so many Cthulhu touches to the mythos of the Drowned God, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a strict rule about not depicting His Tentacular Godhood - seeing the Drowned God too clearly drives men mad (Patchface), and that aversion remains even if the ironborn no longer remember exactly why. They depict ships, in loving detail. They depict animals. But they do not like showing people, and they HATE showing gods. Part of the violent backlash against the Seven on the Islands can be traced to the fact that the Faith of the Seven NEEDS to depict its gods, which made even ironborn who weren’t notably devout hideously uncomfortable.

The Riverlands and their practice of painting literally everything (huge ass murals, lavish illumination in books etc etc) becomes a direct rebellion against their ironborn rulers. Screw you, we know you hate it when there are human faces everywhere…we’re going to paint LOTS! On EVERYTHING!

The Vale…stone carvers. I have a really vague idea of the Vale in general, sorry!

The Reach is in some ways a lot like the Westerlands. They have the wealth to invest into glassmaking and ceramics, and if ANYONE has put stained glass windows into important buildings, it’s them. They do a lot of woodwork too, especially near the border of the Stormlands. They work in things like oak and cherry and applewood - I have a very clear image of little Reach girls having tiny dolls carved from the pits of stone-fruit, to look like a baby in a crib.

Smallfolk weave the stalks of the harvest into mats and hats and dolls too. It sounds simple, but variation in colours can make it quite pretty.

Does that sate your curiosity?

I’ll be away for the weekend...

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So I have a Cthulhu-themed LARP this weekend… Strangely enough, I got a scholar character, university professor and mythologist (that had some harmless encounters with the Mythos) investigating about what I (as player/Cthulhu GM) believe is a Nyarlatotep cult…

He’s going to have a hard time.

Long story short, no Tumblr until Sunday afternoon/evening.

Have a great weekend, my friends!

Quotes from my AP classes
  • “I’m not gonna write ‘chicken butt’ on my paper”
  • “Who was the most famous poet in the 20s?” “dr seuss!!!!” “One fish two fish the red fish is a communism”

  • “Sorry about that. I don’t get to quote The Princess Bride often”

  • “Aren’t you looking forward to next month?” “Like this one isn’t hard enough”

  • “i’m having an existential crisis can i step out”

  • “What’s the message of Green Eggs and Ham?” “Eat stuff.”

  • “Dude, imagine the McDonald’s theme in a minor key”

  • “What was the most famous plane in World War II?” “Jay-Jay the jett plane!!!”

  • “Welcome to APUSH, where you’ll meet the world’s dumbest smart people”

  • “I would die for Carrie Underwood”

  • “I’m glad we can’t swear in essays because I would just add ‘and shit’ to the end of every other sentence”

  • “If you mention Macklemore one more time I’m going to kick your ass”

  • “This class’ morale is increasingly decreasing”

  • “We want to save the whales but do the whales want to save us?”

  • “We need an AP conspiracy theory class” “The NSA would be up our asses so fast”

  • “Veggietales was hardcore.”

  • “Please keep track of how many times I say ‘like’ in my speech”

  • “French is a ridiculous language. Beau. Three vowels. None of them are O.”

  • “Do you have a boat? I don’t have a boat. I just look at the water and think ‘hm, must be nice’.”

  • “I don’t like water. It’s just so meh.”

  • “Like Pokemon only Cthulhu”

  • “I don’t think Jesus had anything to do with abolition” 

  • “*singing* I want to cry but I don’t have time”

  • “Do you hate this?” “*collectively* yes.” “Good, then we’re right where we need to be.”

  • “What is it with you guys and communism?”

  • “Education is stupid.” (-a teacher who has a phd)

  • “Do puns count as speaking points?”

  • “What’d you get on the stats test?” “49. It brought my grade up.”

  • “Hemingway committed suicide towards the end of his life.” “yeah i’d say it was towards the end of his life”

  • “Calling John Adams ‘ratchet’ will not get you the point.”

  • “I’m the only redhead in my family I’m convinced I’m adopted” “Hey same” “Maybe you two were adopted from the same place” “What, is there just an orphanage for gingers?” “Yeah it’s called Ireland”

  • “We take tie-dying very seriously in this class.”

  • “The eyes in the Great Gatsby actually represent Santa Claus”

  • “My grade in this class has been 89 all year I’m going to shit”

  • “I can’t tell if me sticking myself in ravenclaw is suitable or a product of internalized narcissism” “You just said ‘internalized narcissism’ I think that’s your answer”

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If you haven't already gotten a ton of requests for it, can you write more for the AU where the Skywalkers are part eldritch abomination? I know you don't really write about Kylo Ren, but I'm morbidly curious to see this interpretation of him and Rey, Finn, and Poe's interactions with him.

hahaha yes I love this:

  • you need a teacher, it says, and it takes all of Rey’s strength not to vomit then and there, because she has never seen anything more awful-beautiful in her entire life. It is – it is like the desert in the high heat of mid-day, when the air shimmers and wafts and thickens, somehow, and that thing on the horizon could be a parade of krayt dragons, or an oasis, or an oncoming sandstorm. It itches at her eyes, and inside her mind things yammer-clammer, say yes you will obey and her spine skitters and this thing, this thing pretending to be a boy, it thinks she is so power-hungry and lonely that she will take its hand. It thinks she is so blind that she thinks that it offers a hand and not a claw-wing-diamond-blood-star-appendage. It is beautiful, yes, but Rey has seen beauty in fires and the ocean and she knows that both will swallow you up, if you let them. Rey shows her teeth. She is human and whole and unharmed, and she does not slam her Force-eyes shut but opens them wide, wide, wide, until the thing cannot hide from her. Until it is laid bare before her. And she sees what Kylo Ren truly is, and the you will obey becomes what are you doing and she snarls, “I see you,” and she slams forwards, unafraid and bright-burning. 
  • You don’t have to tell Finn that Kylo Ren is a monster: he knows that all too well. He knows that when Kylo Ren gives the order – the offhand order! – to slaughter the villagers. He knows that even before then: when he hears tales of what happens to Stormtroopers when they fail in their duty. He knows. But it is still a heart-stopper of a shock when Kylo Ren turns and looks at him and Finn doesn’t see a humanoid figure in a mask but a great ripped blackness, like someone has reached into the skin of reality and torn it aside, revealing the darkness beyond, spangling with things that could be stars, but are more likely to be eyes. He sees – wings, perhaps, or claws, or fire. Teeth, maybe. Perhaps those are teeth. Perhaps those are screaming faces. He closes his eyes, sweat congealing on the inside of his helmet, his heart shuddering against his ribs and –
    • the moment is gone. Kylo Ren is gone. When Finn faces him again, there is no escaping it: Kylo Ren snarls, and his shadow ripples and changes behind him, and his lightsabre is one moment seperate from him and the next a tooth in a forest of identical teeth; the next it is a feather in a shining blood-drenched wing. Finn is reminded of a story baby troopers are told, of a trooper who ventured out to save her captain from a strange and terrible enemy, and this enemy bid her cling to her captain no matter what form he might take; and so she hung on as he became a krayt dragon and a terranterror and the smallest atom and a kyber crystal too hot to grasp. And she held on as her skin blackened and peeled away, and no matter what form he was changed to she clung on, and so in the end she was victorious. There was a motto in there somewhere: about sticking with your unit. Something like that. The point is: Finn does not let go and does not stop fighting, because Kylo Ren may be a monster but there are worse things in the galaxy than him (namely, abandoning Rey to his tender mercies. Finn would die before he did that. He almost does.)
  • Poe has not looked General Organa in the face since he returned from captivity. He looks at her feet, or the space just over her left shoulder. Once, he eyed her face greedily, keen to catch some momentary flicker of approval. After one meeting, she calls him over. They are alone. They have not been alone since before – 
    • Poe’s throat closes up. He tries very hard not to shut his eyes against the white-gold glare blazing from Leia’s skin.

      “You see it,” she says. “You see me.”

      “I – I saw him,” Poe says. He stares at the floor. He feels her presence gnawing at the edge of his mind. “I saw him, he made me see him, he thought it would burn my eyes out, he –”

      “It didn’t, did it?”


      “I don’t blame you for not wanting to look at me,” says Leia, gently. “I just want you to know that we’re not the same. Not at all.”

      yes you are Poe wants to say. They are: both too bright to bear, or a hungering darkness, alternating between the two; both are children of the Force, as inhuman as the stars.

      “Poe,” says Leia. “I am sorry for what happened to you. Truly.”

      And it is this, perhaps, that convinces him; for even as shadows dance and twist over his feet (cast by her strange luminous skin) her voice is the same. Durasteel hard, and gentling, and he lifts his eyes. 

      She is beautiful. She is endless. But he blinks, and the light vanishes, and she is Leia Organa once more. 
  • Hux wears sunglasses around Kylo Ren. He looks absurd, but the last thing he wants is for Snoke’s pet monster to burn out his corneas in some petty tantrum. They lose twenty good men that way every time the scavenger girl’s name is mentioned. 
Two Sides 10 (Ezekiel x reader)

Chapter 10 – Revelation

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A/N: Longer chapter again, I’m back in full swing. xD And I’ve been waiting to use these gifs, he looks so good in them.

@cthulhu-bun , @facebokurlbok

Words: 1,756

Warnings: spoilers for season 7, mentions of death, a bit of angst

(Masterlist) - (Story Masterlist)

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What would the plot have been for Fakemon Horror and Terror had you continued doing it?

The region of the “game” would have been recently discovered and colonized, thus requiring more pokemon researchers.  The Player Character would be an intern who applied to one of three pokemon professors, each of which is themed around a different paranormal study: a cryptozoologist, a UFOlogist, and a demonologist/ghostbuster.  Which professor you chose to apply to would determine your starter and maybe some other things.

You’d do the normal pokemon thing of traveling to different towns and exploring caves, forests, and other dungeons looking for different pokemon.  There would be a fledgling set of gyms and an Elite Four.  There’d be some fun variants on theme, like an abandoned town with different pokemon in different buildings.

The main plot would deal with some Men in Black style spooks, who turn out to be trying to resurrect an ancient alien pokemon that was basically Cthulhu so it can bring chaos to the world.  The Player would have to catch one of five kaiju-themed legendaries to fight it (you’d get a choice of which you go after), and the day would be saved.

Nothing too complex - just a few twists on the old formula.
Researchers determine origin of mysterious stone columns along Crowley Lake
The strange pillar-like formation emerged after Crowley Lake reservoir was completed in 1941: stone columns up to 20 feet tall connected by high arches, as if part of an ancient Moorish temple.
By Los Angeles Times

okay so who here knew that cthulhu had built a temple at this random lake in california

did you

literally: scientists say these things just formed completely naturally, which makes perfect sense assuming “naturally” means “at the behest of an elder god”

they are ALL OVER this goddamn lake

additionally, there is an enormous cave, not far from the columns, whose contents can’t be seen from the outside. you gotta go right up to the cave. maybe even go in the cave. do it. i dare you. it’s probably fine

anyway, now geologists say they have “discovered the origins” of these columns, which means they have spent the past few years studying them and spending a lot of time around them

which i think is Great 

additionally and completely unrelatedly, i want to state publicly that a) i would totally welcome any potential ancient lake creatures awakened and arising from the deep, if they were, hypothetically, to appear and b) i am a totally unsuitable horrifying sea temple sacrifice. unbelievably unqualified in every way. this obviously has nothing to do with anything just putting it out there

Terraria Thingy

Disclaimer: If you’ve never played Terraria or never watched anybody play it, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about at all in this. In which case, turn back now.

So, I haven’t played Terraria in a really long time, but I never really play on my own worlds that much. I usually play on @ubeor‘s world along with @echo-the-latias. Ubeor’s been doing it for a really long time now, and he’s got a lot of really overpowered items, which he’s shared with us. So now my character is really overpowered, and she’s extremely badass looking.

The thing is, she’s overpowered in Ubeor’s world, which has been pushed the some of the highest levels of difficulty. This means that in MY world, which hasn’t even encountered the Eye of Cthulhu (the first boss) yet, she is practically a GOD.

So now that I’ve gotten back onto my own world after so long, the Eye of Cthulhu should show up, right? The only requirements I could remember for summoning it was that it had to be at night and your health had to be above 200HP (I currently have the maximum of 500HP). However, these requirements popped up over and over again, and I didn’t know why it wasn’t spawning.

I also wasn’t getting any NPC’s for some reason, and the only one I had was the Guide, who you get at the beginning of the game regardless.

So in the last session of Terraria I played (which was just now), I accidentally started a chain reaction.

I was looking at my house, which was just a few rooms dug just below ground level with a lumpy pocket to the right that monsters would always spawn in. I decided that I was going to replace the walls, because they looked kind of ugly when they were dirt, along with all of the holes in them. Plus, I had learned a new trick for placing/breaking walls, and I wanted to try it out.

So I tear down all the dirt walls and start replacing them with wooden walls.

Then, the last room I do is a nice little room with a chandelier, table, chair, and an ice chest. It was mainly for decorative purposes. Once I get done walling off that room I see a message in the bottom left.

“Xavier the Arms Dealer has arrived!”

Ugh, finally I get an NPC. He set up shop in the little decorative room I had. At first I wondered why, then I remembered that  NPC’s can only live in houses that have a table and chair. Silly Jiwe! That must be why NPC’s weren’t spawning!

So, I start making some more rooms with more tables and chairs, and wooden walls to fit with the rest of the house. Once I do, more NPC’s start moving in. Starting with the fisherman, then the merchant, then the nurse!

I check the wiki real quick to see what the requirements are for NPC spawning, just to make sure I don’t mess it up again. Walls, table, chair, light source… okay! got it!

I make a few more rooms for any more NPC’s that might spawn because the requirements for specific NPC’s must be pretty backed up. While I was on the wiki, I checked the requirements for spawning the Eye of Cthulhu, who I needed to beat for some NPC’s to spawn.

1. The Eye of Cthulhu has not yet been defeated in the current world.


2. At least one player has at least 200 life and 10 defense.

Check! (500 life, over 60 defense)

3. At least three Town NPC’s are required.


I have 4…



So now, even though my character is extremely overpowered, I’m scared to ever go on that world ever again, because I’ve never taken on the Eye of Cthulhu on my own before.

Interviews, interviews… Poor Kishou… is what I would say, but he seem to be genuinely enjoying this one so it’s fine! I did this TL in 3 hours because his enthusiasm is so great I got affected as well ahsjdhakd

This was a great interview! Nearly no repeat questions from PASH and Animage and I’m sorry I’m still so excited I’m still shaking why is he so cute god I’m in love

Shout out to @akutagawaprize, who provided the scans (?) (it’s HQ that’s enough for me) and @senren who actually (unintentionally) got me off my ass to ask for the interview. I definitely don’t regret this Kishou is so great help me

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