i don’t understand people who go ham for patrick/kevin when it’s so clear it’s gonna crash and burn?? like kevin is a manipulative asshole i bet ya’ll 100 bucks that jon dumped kevin and thats why he came crawling back to patty


Salutations, I must commence my not too labyrinthine set of words to fully appreciate the character whom we all know by the name of Kaneki Ken.  Such an individual who will never reach his zenith, a tragedy in the form of a college student.  A normal being like both you and me - yet by a certain voracious eater, his life was thrown in a vortex and the outcome of such a cycle was a broken individual!  Yet after all those horrid scarring events, he continued to respire in our merciless world, with his volitive attitude, he carried on as some would say.

With only one purpose in his numb life, to serve to protect those dear to him - a privity shared with the one and only, Ayato Kirshima.  Both being aware of their intentions, however - after their encounter, no attempt was made to voice their evident [at least to each other] thoughts.

He, the pennant of comprehension and generosity, willing to perish for the life of others ; a sacrifice whose life will be but another death - but perhaps this might not be the case.

Haise Sasaki, the man with the forgotten memories, is the new page of this book, the last chapters to lead to the terminal point of the madness of their world.

kaneki-k here it is, I finally did it, now pay me you demon.

The fact that this blog has now reached 50 followers in two days is exactly the reason I made it in the first place. Hugs to all the phenomenal ouat fans showing their support- not just for me and this blog, but for the idea that the fandom can be a happy, fun environment for everyone to enjoy. I wish all of you the most beautiful things for your favourite characters over 4b, and I promise I’ll be here every step of the way to celebrate with everyone, regardless of the way you interpret the show. Thank you so much, Oncers!

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  • Hades fans:Hades should be in Once Upon a Time!
  • me:Yeah, but what would a Greek god be doing in the Enchanted forest?
  • Hades fans:Dude, they already have King Midas, Medusa and Poseidon. Not to mention Lancelot and Cruella de Vil!
  • me:Oh shit, you're right! HADES SHOULD TOTALLY BE IN OUAT!

so I feel like due to anxiety and other things I’ve been a shit about showing my appreciation and love

and so I don’t really deserve/can understand if when it’s my special day I’m not showered in appreciation and love

but it’s my birthday and I still totally want to be showered in appreciation and love dammit