~25k fic rec

for alexis @wildwomanofthewoods

a long way down (to the bottom of the river)

play the odds

follow me down this time

married for a week?!

true love’s gold

a whole new world

let’s savour what we’re falling over


taking tips and getting stoned

with your love we could breathe underwater

come along with me

love is a word (you gave it a name)

led by your beating heart

sweet, where you lay

in dreams

bring out feelings in me i never show

let me make a thing of cream and stars

its 3 in the morning and i went and got some snacks and mom… got up, came and looked in the closet, and when asked what she was looking for, said “i dont know.” then she stole one of my cookies and presumably went back to sleep

IM’s comment about robron fans having to take their counsellors off speed dial is so gross for many reasons including (but not limited to):
- implying that young woman are somehow “crazy” for being angry.
- turning a blind eye to the fact that many robron fans are mentally ill.
- turning a blind eye to the fact that many robron fans are members of the LGBT community, who have higher rates of mental illness than our straight counterparts.
- apprantly forgetting that both Robert and Aaron are mentally ill
- just generally disgusting tbh like why even say that?