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hi, me again because I need a kandreil one (obvs) so plss 75 with these cuties

fic meme 1-100: kandreil + 75. “I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

Happy Kandreil Week, @theperfectcourt ! This one’s for all of you ❤️

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How completely illiterate is Sette? She knows that's not how you spell "dog" -- too many letters? Does that mean she has the notion of one sound more-or-less equals one letter? If she stopped being so scornful and put her mind to it, how hard would it be for her to learn to read?

Sette’s fairly illiterate but I do think she recognises a few letters, has a vague notion of how writing and reading works, and could potentially learn if she really sat down and had someone very patient work with her. She’s got the attention span of a gnat when it comes to such pursuits though so as smart as she is, it probably would be a challenge. Maths are easier; there’s something very practical and intellectually tactile about numbers and sums. They appeal to her in a way that reading really never has.

But Duane’s only going to tolerate her illiteracy for so long before he holds her down and shoves the alphabet into her ear like those glowing parasites from The Beastmaster that create the Death Guards.

Or something.

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Durarara!! Volume 9 Excerpt (contains some Izaya facts you may not know, except Izaya 'stabbing' Shinra)

“Height: 175cm. Weight: 58kg. Heh, looks like you’ve got a pretty good figure. I might like you more if you could add a few inches to your height, though.”
Earthworm chuckled as she saw the man under the linen bag tilted his head sideways powerlessly, looking puzzled.
“Are you wondering how I know even how much you weigh? I know. Didn’t I tell you?
My information broker is the best.”
“Imagining” the man’s even more puzzled face, Earthworm continued to tell him even more about himself.
“Well, it’s probably changed now since that number was for more than half a year ago. Orihara Izaya-san, you signed up for life insurance last year, didn’t you? You entered your height and weight at that time, didn’t you? …My information broker had a way to know even those. Isn’t he good?”
The breathing seemed to suggest that the man had something to say, but he ended up remaining silent.
Earthworm savored the pain coming from deep inside her and kept reading aloud the information from her cell phone as she watched the man’s shoulders move up and down gently.
“There are seven people in your family including you, Mr. Information Broker. Your paternal grandfather’s name is Torakichi, the grandmother’s name is Natsu. Your maternal grandpa and grandma have both passed away. Did you go to their funerals?”
The breathing sound was accompanied by a movement of the head that could have been either a nod or a shake.
He was probably not even thinking anymore.
However, it was clear that he could at least still hear her.
As soon as she confirmed that fact she opened her mouth again.
“Your father is called Shirou, and your mother is called Kyouko…that leaves your two sisters, who should be here at any moment.”
“Raijin Elementary School, Raijin Middle School, Raijin High School and finally Raira University. That’s an escalator*! Cool! Though it looks like Raira is not all that hard to get into.
Rai-Rai-Rai-Rai. It’s a string of Rai’s for you! Sounds like the name of a ramen place.”
((* Escalator: the “escalator” is a Japanese slang term for private schooling systems that allow students to advance from one level to the next without taking entrance exams en route.))
As she finished telling jokes that sounded like only she herself could understand them, she stood up waiting for those around her to react.
Pulling her chair to a spot right next to the man under the linen bag, she simply sat down on the man’s right side.
Her left index finger was on the man’s thigh now, tracing circles.
The man was probably ticklish; the breathing coming from the linen bag became arrhythmic.
“Hey…I heard that you were a model student back at Raira Elementary?”
“Mr. Information Broker, you fought a lot in high school with that Heiwajima I
mentioned earlier, right? But the real shocking part was back when you were in middle school, wasn’t it?”
The man under the linen bag was completely non-responsive this time.
“What happened? Are you not feeling alright?”
She reached for the cake on the table again.
With the cake in her hand, she tried placing it on the man’s head under the linen bag.
It took some time to tame the stiffness of the linen bag and balance the weight, but she succeeded eventually.
“Don’t let it fall, you understand? Try to hold back your sneezes. If you let it fall, it’s going to burn your clothes! Ah, but we still have water, so I’ll pour it on you and there will be nothing to worry about!”
As soon as she saw that the man had now gone as stiff as a rock, Earthworm began to picture what was underneath it again.
As he smelled the sweet scent of the cake, what kind of shame—or fear—or anger would be distorting his handsome features under the linen bag?
She was trembling all over in excitement. She calmed herself in a hypnotic way by staring into the flame.
She continued as if nothing had happened.
“So should we pick up from where we left off?”
“You were the vice president of your elementary school’s student council, weren’t you?
You were the star at sports meetings, too. Independent research awards, poetry awards, slogan awards…you were always getting them. It also says that you were in essay contests. I would love to read an essay you wrote, Orihara Izaya-san. …I’d love to read it out aloud to you right here and now.”
Giggling, she continued.
“And then, the unbelievable part. In high school you were a problem child, the polar opposite of the model student you had been…in fact, you still looked like a model student, but the things you did behind people’s backs! I heard that Raijin High School got in a lot of trouble in the three years of your attendance, Orihara Izaya-san.”
“But people almost never suspected you. There were teachers who kind of figured out, but you were never suspended or expelled.”
Nodding as if impressed, she stood up again and walked around the man under the linen bag, reprimanding him in a saccharine voice.
“How did you become such a bad kid, Orihara Izaya-san?”
“That was something even our Information Broker B didn’t know. But then, he would have been more like an esper than an information broker if he did, which sounds kind of sick. I
wondered how our ‘Owner’ became so bad a person as to create ‘Amphisbaena,’ so I asked him
a short while ago…but I didn’t find out.”
Nodding with an affirmative sound from her mouth, she extended her arms toward the ceiling.
Lit by the flame, the ceiling looked like a shimmering red ocean.
“But we more or less do know around what time you became a bad kid, you know.”
As if swimming her way through the sea of light, Earthworm took slow steps forwards as she muttered the name of a man.
“Kishitani Shinra.”
The waves of light from the flame seemed to pulsate more strongly than before.
She did not turn to face the man. Instead, she continued to speak to the ceiling.
“He was your classmate in middle school, wasn’t he?”
“I have no idea yet how it happened, but…”
“Orihara Izaya-san, back in middle school you stabbed that Kishitani-kun with a knife and got taken into protective custody, didn’t you?“

they were alone

“Should we?” Abby Griffin asked, as Marcus Kane had happened on her when he had got her alone. Their time was short as everyone knew and the couple while busy with the exodus and keeping tabs on everyone either coming ( those joining the ever growing numbers) or going (namely Clarke, Bellamy and a few of their friends to scout out the territory) they had had to steal moments alone for each other.
 He kissed her, as they had been kissing rather passionately in Abby’s tent. “I’m game if you are?” He replied with a look in his eyes that Abby found irresistibly sexy. She gave into her feelings for him and the two hastily removed clothing while kissing with a hunger known only to lovers whose only desire is to become one.

Abby had fallen asleep in Marcus’ arms, he raised himself on one elbow and gazed at her face. So peaceful, he thought. Life was rarely peaceful these days he knew and who knew when they could find the 4% that was safe enough to make a home? The nuclear radiation had kept them all on the run and they had managed to stay ahead of it for now.

Playing with her slim fingers his eyes fell on the scars on his wrists; wounds that had reminded him of the price for salvation of his own sins and the love he bore for the woman laying beside him. How he loved Abby, and she loved him dearly in return.

A contented sigh escaped her and she opened her eyes and smiled at Marcus’ rugged handsome features. The warmth in his brown eyes and the softness of his hair and kindness in his nature she never got tired of seeing him even tho it was peppered with grey and his skin somewhat weathered by hardship and sun, he was beautiful to her.

The couple didn’t say anything as they could talk without words now. Marcus tenderly brushed away a lock of hair from Abbys face as she stroked his arm and pressed his wrist to her lips the softness of their movement and expressions would be achingly tender to witness but they were alone, and all they wanted was to be together.


Women Behind Wonder WomanRamona Fradon

Ramona Fradon got her first job illustrating comics in 1951, at a time when few women were in the industry. Her first regular assignment was drawing an Aquaman feature in Adventure Comics, and for the next decade she was one of the principal artists for the character. She co-created a number of DC characters, most notably Aqualad and Metamorpho, and worked on many titles for both Marvel and DC, including House of Mystery, Plastic Man, Super Friends, Fantastic Four and The Cat.

In 1980 she made the jump to newspaper comics, and for the next fifteen years she illustrated the daily strip Brenda Starr, Reporter.

Wonder Woman was a main cast member of the 1976-81 Super Friends comic, for which Fradon was the principal artist. Fradon also contributed to the 1989 Wonder Woman Annual #2, which highlighted women in the industry with an all-female team of artists, inkers, colourists and letterers.

Ramona Fradon was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1986, and today at age 89 she continues to take commissions and appear at conventions.

Overwatch: Everything We Know About Sombra (We Think)

Ever since the launch of Overwatch, many in this community have been asking themselves the same question: “Who is Sombra?” Sombra is a character in the game that has never been seen, only alluded to, and many of us believe that she’ll end up one of the new heroes that Blizzard promised would show up post-launch.

True to her name, Sombra is a shadowy figure. We know almost nothing of her history or her motivations. But, with Blizzard starting to unveil new heroes, it’s only a matter of time until Sombra’s number is up. For all I know, I won’t have the chance to speculate at all in a couple days.

So, without further ado, here’s everything we’ve got on Sombra, and a few of the mad theories about her I’ve concocted about our mysterious quarry.

Her Hometown

Most of these clues (including that newspaper at the beginning) were found on one map in particular: Dorado. Why that is, we don’t know - she could be local, she could be working with the Los Muertos gang, or she could’ve been drawn there by the Lumerico Corporation (more on that later). Regardless of the reason, though, Dorado is clearly meant to be her home map.

In fact, it seems like Sombra has been particularly active in Mexico. That’s where she got the name, at least – “sombra” is the Spanish word for “shadow”. It seems like Blizzard might be setting Sombra up to be Mexico’s representative in the game’s cast, like Tracer is for England and Widowmaker is for France. She may not be the only one, either. They’ve already doubled up for Japan, Egypt, Australia and the United States, leaving the possibility open that Sombra may not be revealed alone.

Her Enemies

The final portion of the Dorado map takes players into a power plant run by the Lumerico Corporation, a shady international megacorp with a dark secret… because apparently there just aren’t enough of those in the Overwatch universe. Defending players spawn in what appears to be a boardroom, and if those players look closely, they can find something interesting.

Sitting on the table in the middle of the room are three open files. One is labelled “Soldier: 76” (who came to Dorado in the first place to investigate their shady dealings), one is labelled “Jack Morrison” (apparently Lumerico hasn’t figured out that they’re the same person – cute, right?), and one is labelled… Sombra.

And that’s not all. Glance over at a nearby computer terminal and you’ll see…

“ACCESS NOT AUTHORIZED - Protocol Sombra.” It looks like some kind of security measure that locks down the Lumerico facility if you poke your nose somewhere you shouldn’t, and it’s named after the woman of the hour. They built these security measures specifically to keep her out.

Why is Lumerico looking into both Sombra and 76, and why are they worried about Sombra attacking their facility? Well, if 76 is sticking his nose into their business, it stands to reason that Sombra may be doing the same. Based on the Sombra Protocol, we can infer that she’s already made at least one pass at infiltrating the facility… or hit other Lumerico facilities before moving on to this one. They clearly have something to hide, and they’re clearly worried that Sombra is trying to find out what.

Her Friends

A masked figure with a mysterious past and shadow motifs – am I describing Sombra, or am I describing Reaper? The two are so alike, it shouldn’t surprise you at all that they’re acquainted. And acquainted they are. Whenever Reaper spawns in Dorado at the beginning of a match, he’ll say this: “Where’s Sombra when you need her?”

Six words. Six wonderfully juicy words. Think of the implications. It implies that Reaper and Sombra are friends, or at the very least allies. It implies that their working relationship still exists, even after Reaper became a kill-crazy psychopath. It implies that Reaper knows Sombra is based in Dorado. If you want to read a bit farther into it (and I know I do!), it implies that Sombra might be a stealth character when she’s added to the game. I mean, you really wouldn’t know where she is if she uses a cloaking device, right?

And juiciest of all, it connects Sombra to the main villain of the Overwatch story – the terrorist group known as COBRA HYDRA SPECTRE TALON. Composed of former Blackwatch agents (the covert ops arm of the organization, which destroyed their headquarters in an attempted coup), TALON has had a hand in most of the conflicts we’ve seen in the story so far. They’re the ones that tried to steal Doomfist’s gauntlet, that attacked Winston in Gibraltar, that assassinated Tekhartha Mondatta and stole that glowy thing from McCree’s webcomic. So far, we know very little about them. Almost as little as Sombra, in fact.

Reaper, being the leader of Blackwatch back in his Overwatch days, is of course working with TALON, helping them hunt down former Overwatch agents. If Sombra is working with Reaper, that makes her an ally of TALON. This begs the question: is Sombra acting on her own in Dorado, or did TALON send her there?

Her Appearance, Maybe?

Your mileage may vary on this one. It’s pretty flimsy evidence, if it’s evidence at all. But with everything in the above entry, I think we should at least consider it.

That picture comes from a video Blizzard published when they revealed Ana Amari as the latest character. It depicts Ana and her daughter standing with a bunch of Overwatch agents… including two characters we’ve never seen before. The stranger on the left is most likely Liao, a member of the original strike team that’s been name-dropped a few times. But the one on the right? No idea.

Then it hit me. What we have here is an ethnically non-white woman that we know nothing about, who would have been acquainted with Reaper in his Overwatch days, standing next to the former Blackwatch agent we know as Jesse McCree. Even if we don’t have any direct connection between her and Sombra, she seems to fit the role easily enough.

The lack of a name might be off-putting to some, but remember - if Sombra was affiliated with Blackwatch and assisting Reaper in his coup, she wouldn’t exactly want her name to be common knowledge.

Putting the Pieces Together

Okay, mad theory time. Let’s cobble this information together and see what crazy ideas we end up with. To start: her in-game abilities.

As I’ve mentioned already, I really like the idea that Sombra is some kind of stealth hero, using Reaper’s trippy shadow-powers to sneak up behind people and take them out covertly. It would mesh so well with the way they’ve been teasing her so far: no direct encounters or characterization, just subtle clues to her presence. It also fits the “former Blackwatch agent” theory like a glove, as well as her unwillingness to attack Lumerico guns a-blazin’.

If that’s indeed the case, she’ll probably end up with some kind of cloaking device, something akin to Active Camouflage in the Halo games (as in, it makes you pretty much invisible, but you can still be spotted if you’re not very careful). Her weapons would be close-range and high-damage, like Reaper’s shotguns, geared toward catching enemies by surprise. Her Ultimate… no ideas as of yet, but probably something that meshes with this sort of playstyle.

As for her place in the story… I’m convinced Sombra is a TALON agent, sent to mess with Lumerico installations in Central America. I have a few theories as to why:

  • Lumerico has something TALON wants. Most of TALON’s operations so far seem to revolve around grand larceny. They invaded the Numbani Museum so they could steal Doomfist’s Power Glove. They attacked a train filled with civilians over that glowy cube thing. Whatever TALON’s ultimate goal is, getting there involves adopting the criminal mindset of a magpie. Perhaps Lumerico has the next shiny thing on their shopping list, and Sombra’s trying to take it?
  • Lumerico was in league with TALON, but betrayed them. One thing I’ve noticed about TALON is that they seem conspicuously well-armed for a terrorist organization. Where did they get all those fancy attack helicopters and color-coordinated uniforms? If this theory holds any water, they may have received them from Lumerico, the megacorp with bottomless pockets and shady dealings. But megacorps are capricious and Lumerico would have had some dirt on TALON in this scenario - some idiot executive may have tried to double-cross them for more profit. Enter Sombra, sent to intimidate them into silence and kill them if they ever try to make a move.
  • Lumerico didn’t betray TALON, but TALON betrayed Lumerico. So let’s say TALON has everything they want from Lumerico. What if they realized that their deal had left a paper trail? TALON is a very covert organization - they don’t want some nosy bureaucrat stumbling into the conspiracy and spoiling everything. Because they have no true loyalty to Lumerico, they sent Sombra to destroy any evidence of their dealings with them… with extreme prejudice.
  • TALON is working with Lumerico’s rivals. Remember, Lumerico isn’t the only giant corporation in this story, and at least one has already proven how far it’s willing to go to get ahead. As I said, TALON has to get its gear somewhere, and who has more fancy gadgets to spare than the Vishkar Corporation? Unlike TALON, Vishkar seems to care about its public image - sending Symmetra or someone similar to sabotage Lumerico might attract suspicion. So TALON does it for them, to pay Vishkar back for the weapons.

It is possible that Sombra isn’t affiliated with TALON at all, and is simply a local thief/mercenary/assassin/who knows, really? But with her ties to Reaper (and potentially Blackwatch), I find that unlikely. The connection just fits too well.

So… did I miss anything? Do you have your own delicious theories to add? Do you think any of my theories are really, really stupid? Feel free to send me an ask or tack your thoughts onto a reblog, and see you all in Dorado!

I know people probably won’t see this but I’m taking a break from voting for a minute because I just saw someone say that Oliver and Felicity are toxic and one of the reasons they gave was because Felicity wanted Oliver to leave town and his sister when they needed him the most and then made him come back when she got bored, so I would like to remind you of a few things. One is that the city was just saved from being destroyed so this was not really a time when the city needed them. Number two is that it was Oliver’s idea to leave town, not Felicity’s. Three is that she stayed in Ivy Town despite being bored, until Thea and Laurel came and asked for help, only then did she go back. She didn’t just randomly turn to Oliver one day and go “I’m bored, let’s go back to Starling, I don’t care if you are happy here”. They also said other things that made no sense but this post is already long enough and if you read all that then thanks. Bottom line is if you are going to criticize their relationship at least do proper research first.

@trohmosexual reblogged your post: “Goyim (with the obvious exception of the Rromani people) seem incapable of grasping the holocaust for what it truly was…”#//antisemitism#i had a white af teacher who was a RACIST ASS BITCH ((i dunno if ive talked about her before???))#and she turned our holocaust unit into this huge ass white savior thing and i was so uncomfortable#at one point she fucking went around the room and was like#oh you have brown eyes youd get killed#bitch he comes from a white ass mormon family no he fucking wouldnt#and then she had the AUDACITY to use me as like some prime example of what a Jewish person looks like?????#she did this for everything because it was a white class with a few number of poc kids#and she never got in trouble even after i cried in front of the counselor

I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

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imagine where reader and her husband Barba go to a concert and reader has a few drinks (which she never really does) and just has a good time and tipsy? (Fluff?)

It wasn’t often the two of you got a chance to go out together. So when he’d bought you concert tickets for your anniversary, you were thrilled.

It was your favorite band, their hit song was the song you danced to at your wedding, and the moment you arrived, you were so giddy with excitement hat you had to grab a drink to calm your nerves.

One drink turned into four pretty fast. You rarely drank so by drink number for you were definitely tipsy, clinging tight to Rafael as you kissed his neck and hummed along to the song currently playing.

He chuckled swaying back and forth with you to the music, “you want a glass of water honey?” He whispers and nibbles just a bit on your earlobe making you moan loud enough for people around you to turn and look.

You nod and he smiles leading you to the nearest food stand getting you a large glass of water.

“Little sips,” he instructs, stroking your hair while you drank the water.

“Baby I’m okay, not drunk just a little tipsy.” You wrap your arms around his neck again and kiss him full on the mouth, wet and a little bit sloppy

“I love you Rafi, this is the best.” You grin and cheer as the next song begins to play, your wedding song.

“May I have this dance?” He whispers to you and pulls you close against him as the two of you begin to side step back and forth, just the way you did on your wedding night. He gave you a twirl and finally dipped you down, kissing you with all the love he possessed.

“Happy anniversary, Cariño.”

While on vacation in the U.S. they meet a really cute girl who happens to be a fan (Hoya)

The person who requested I believe she said her favorite was Hoya (hopefully that’s right. I read it a while back and deleted the request xc sorry if I got it wrong. If it’s wrong let me know and I’ll write it for who it really is!)

Hoya: -he was more than surprised to come across a a fan but one that he found extremely attractive was another thing. He found her interesting sure language may have a few bumps here and there but they could communicate at least. He was sad to have to leave her though. But he made sure to get your number and other contact information so someday you guys could meet again- “I really enjoy my time with you Y/N. I hope we can spend more time together in the future”

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1. meeting face-to-face for the first time

I got a second request to do number 1 in the selfshipping prompt list!!!

This time I did Moonstone and Pearl. Moonstone like falls out of a gem ship and crash lands into earth I think????? Or she’s forced out, actually… like she proves herself useless on the ship more than a few times, and eventually someone throws her overboard out of spite. …I think. I haven’t thought this through can you tell hahaha….

She’s easily stressed out and gets really nervous. I think she gets some kind of lowkey loss of memory over what happened. I think Steven ends up finding her gem??? And they wait for her to reform, and the first one who really talks to her is Pearl. 



      new beginnings were usually compared to better experiences
      that would overcoat the past a number of people were either
      ashamed or afraid of (pause) USUALLY.

upon approaching the nineteenth birthday of hers with several shots of vodka dancing through her organism, she indeed felt wiser, stronger and more capable of understanding her skills and desires, but not everything was going according to the plan she had nicely imagined a few years ago. korra could see herself laughing with friends, their gleaming orbs torpidly examining the frames of guy friends collapsing into their sights, provocative chuckles capturing the attention of the same. daydreaming about college always brought satisfaction to the adult, her lips parting with an impish grin curving and overplaying the raucous sigh. 

PARTIES, BOYFRIENDS, LOUD MUSIC, SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. she could go on. she could continue naming the very first words washing her mind whenever her future was brought into a conversation, her friends grinning while her parents frowned upon her immature respond. they would  momentarily shout out loud, her name often mentioned at the very end with an emphasized exclamation mark following. she’d had enough.

  ❛ let’s do this — ❜
   mischievous manner coated her features with
   a great amount of dedication and confidence 
   reflected in her glinting, cyan hues, increased 
   beating of her heart embracing the reality she
   immediately grew fond of.   

no sooner had she heard her own footsteps echo through the hallways than the awareness of her forgotten obligations crossed her mind, lateness being the very first impression she sealed upon the future. great. oh how she wished the thought weren’t as sarcastic, her fingers crawling up her frame before tightly wrapping around the shoulder strap of the bag she carried, her feet allowing the urgent, rapid movement. 

korra was known to be clumsy and reckless and despite the best efforts to conceal the shameful habits, she has always failed to succeed. heavy breathing flourished with each step she took intentionally, previously tied loose ponytail caressing her tanned features. stupid. stupid. the youthful figure slid her eyelids shut with the thought of the embarrassment she’d face upon entering the room, flushed cheeks redirecting her gaze. could this day get any worse— 

  ❛ ah shit — ❜
   before she knew it, the god has planted yet
   another obstacle, her hand springing across
   her head before coming to the realization that
   she had bumped into a man, a rather handsome
   one, their frames exchanging tensions whereas
   their tongues shoved curses the other’s way.
   ❛ watch where you’re going ! ❜


Medusa makes her way to her first ever modeling shoot. Shes never done it before, but her photographer Alberto makes her feel super comfortable and is quite encouraging. He gets all the required clothed shots, plus a few extra super spicy nudes. This shoot turned out to be a great success! Plus, Alberto promises to give Medusas number to some of the best agency contacts he has. Theres gotta be a catch right? Right. Alberto asks Medusa to thank him in advance, which is usually risky since sometimes people never follow through on their word, but she decided to do it anyway. She got right down on her knees to chupa that chorizo. Then she pulled a full split while she bounced on his cock. At the end of the day, Medusa was left with a mouth full of cum, a digital copy of her photos, and high hopes that Alberto did the right and gave her contact out to all the right people. Will she become famous? Sólo el tiempo dirá.

She doesn’t like to get all fancy-like or something.

 Work continues to be busy. The only thing to note of today is that we had a great client in to pick up some medication for one of her number of dogs, then after she left in a fantastic mood she called in a panic a few minutes later when she got home (lives less than a mile away) and one of her dogs threw up which had a lot of blood in it. Not a good thing. She arrived back at the hospital within a few minutes and one of our vets quickly saw her.

 She had to be referred to emergency a few minutes later when we found that she needed some very specific blood work that we could not run in-house (and likely blood transfusion), I’m betting as of this post, she’s likely still there. Poor thing. It doesn’t look very good for her dog per the doctor (and he is very good at what he does). He spoke with one of the vets at emergency within a minute of them leaving to prepare them for what he thought was wrong. I pray her dog will be okay.

 As for the rest of the day, I’m doing nothing. It was another long day, and tomorrow we are very short handed and are missing half our support staff for the day due to vacation. It will be a long day no matter what we do as Saturdays are busy enough with a full staff, let alone who we will be missing.

 I hope you’ve all had a nice Friday!

 - Lana


                                             It had been a while since he’d checked up on Dreamer, or even bothered to call, but it was mostly down to a hectic schedule that prevented him from being able to talk to friends. Which, as much as he loved making videos, could be a total pain. Maybe a few texts, just to see how she was doing, or maybe they could arrange something. A smile had already graced his lips as he pulled up Dreamer’s number && began writing up a few texts, mostly to explain everything.

[TEXT]: hey! it’s been a long time && i’m really sorry D:
[TEXT]: things got crazy!! but i was just thinking that maybe we could hang out? 
[TEXT]: i’ve missed your face!!


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6, 14

6. my favorite book

my favorite BOOKS. i read all the way through the series with Kid 3 this winter/spring, and the books are a bit worse for the wear. (the puppy got hold of the last one; i guess she HAS torn up a few important things). but well-loved is how books are supposed to be.

14. something white

i planted some flowers this summer! like the good stay-at-home mom i wanna be. here’s a few white ones peeking out.

send me a number and i’ll take pictures!

So I matched with this girl on tinder. We had a nice conversation about movies/excitement to see suicide squad. I asked her to get coffee and she said she wasn’t free until the weekend. Then I asked for her number, she gave it to me (smiley face included), I texted it… and the text back I got said I had the wrong number. So I went back to tinder and asked her to see if she mistyped, and a few hours later instead of an answer, she unmatched me.

Like what the actual fuck. It’s like I’ve been rejected for so long that the universe has to come up with new ways to do it and at this point they don’t even make sense.

anonymous asked:

My twin sister & my bf sister got handcuffed a few days ago for starting a fight at my football game. The fight was started because a group of girls were bashing me for playing a guys sport and they were plotting to get my boyfriends number. During halftime I ran to my sister cause she's my good luck charm and not even two seconds later she's beating some girls ass. When she got handcuffed she started crying bc Im the bad child & shes a good girl & she thought she'd be someone's bitch in jail.