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Foggy lungs dan

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Honestly growing another head on my chin

Culture: Not a Black artist, just an artist

But imagine how Happy felt when Toby didn’t show up for their first date. Like she finally gave up on the ‘People only let you down’ thing, and gave them a chance for something real. She’s finally admitted that she likes him more than friends, and he’s been going on for months now about his affection toward her. Only for him not to show or call.

Like obviously Toby didn’t mean it and he couldn’t have predicted that he wouldn’t wake up until the next morning. But Happy would have been feeling the absolute worst the entire night.

THING I NEVER NOTICED, after the whole Sharon/Adama gun thing happens, Kara gives Helo this tap on the chest like “k, everything’s good, your girlfriend didn’t shoot anybody.”

BFFs forever.

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