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25."Can I tell you a secret?" Hopelight ;)

Over the past year or so, Serah had gotten used to finding Hope over at her sister’s house. Honestly, even at the beginning, she hadn’t been all that surprised. Those two just seemed made for each other.

Even they were both way too dense to realize it.

There were definitely times when Serah wanted to just lock them in a room together and wait until they talked out their feelings. Sometimes she was convinced that some girl would swoon all over poor Hope and drag him away from Lightning.

Now she was wondering if that would happen the other way around.

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Hello Elise. I'm feeling really ill and gross today. I wondered if you had any Jehanparnasse headcannons?

Les Amis + beauty and the beast? Like enjoltaire or jehanparnasse?

I hope  it’s okay to combine these two ♥

  • Montparnasse was a very vain and very arrogant prince. He treated each and every single one of his subjects as inferiors and, though it was true in title, he wasn’t better than any of them. Even worse, in some regard
  • A witch cast a spell on the arrogant prince, to teach him humility and compassion, and changed him into a horrid beast.
  • He wouldn’t age, which was his dearest wish, but he would have to find someone who loved him before a century had passed, otherwise he would age and decay, with the rest of his castle.
  • Let’s say the deal wasn’t easy because his outward appearence now reflected the inward flaws of his soul
  • A century had almost come to pass and nothing had happened. Until the day a man cam to Montparnasse’s gates to steal a rose from the magnificent red rose bushes. Apparently, the man had wished to offer than to the woman he loved, but was captured for his audacity because he had the chance to do so
  • Hearing of Marius’ capture, his friend Jean Prouvaire came to his rescue, offering themself instead. As Marius’ heart was already haunted by someone else, the opportunity to seduce Jehan instead to lift the curse arose.
  • Except seducing your captive was easier said than done. Jehan stayed locked up in their room, not talking to Montparnasse ever. 
  • Desperate to be loved (and very clumsy to achieve that), Montparnasse started showering Jehan with all the riches he had, but nothing worked. Jehan wasn’t a material person, they wouldn’t be swayed by them.
  • But then they discovered the gardens and the library and bloomed, reading for hours on end. Montparnasse softened at the sight, but had very little hope that Jehan would soften back, given how revulsing his beast form was
  • Jehan, however, understood the problem very quickly. Maybe, by pushing the right buttons, they could help Parnasse to open up and be a lot less sullen and arrogant.
  • Jehan discovered there was more under there than the rough exterior, even though the prince had a hard time showing it. And their heart softened in return
  • In the end, it wasn’t Jehan’s love who lifted the curse. It was Montparnasse accepting his beast form and learning that appearances aren’t everything. Loving himself did count at “being loved by someone”
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Mejhiren’s Overly Ambitious Fic Writing Goals for 2014 ;D

Character lexicon, just in case:

  • Jack = Mr. Everdeen, Katniss’s father
  • Alys/Alyssum Ebberfeld = Mrs. Everdeen, Katniss’s mother
  • Janek = Mr. Mellark, Peeta’s father
  • Raisa = Mrs. Mellark, Peeta’s mother


When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun. This one is front and center, of course, and at the very least, I want to finish Act Two this year. I’m estimating it will be another seven chapters, and it’ll bring readers up to the big twist/conflict (you think you know, but you don’t - unless you’ve read “East of the Sun and West of the Moon,” and even then I might manage to hoodwink you a little ;D) and launch them headlong into a third act that just might cause some whiplash after the relatively sedate pace of Acts One and Two. ;D

The Sleep of Paradise (The Blue Lagoon; Peeta/Katniss) For real this time! DandelionSunset and I got to talking about this after that wonderful ask from ijustwriteshungergames and we both miss and really want to continue that premise. (If anyone wasn’t here last winter when we were first tossing around the idea, this will be a co-written fic and here is the official teaser. :D)

More Fairy Tales of Panem. (If that’s all right with you guys, of course? ;D) Last spring I helped Everlarkrecs with the THG Fairy Tale Challenge, and my written contribution ended up being four oneshots and the beginning of a WIP. As I looked at the plot bunnies I want to tackle this year, I realized that several are fairy tale retellings and thought, “Why not just set aside a month somewhere and do another run of fairy tales?” I’d love to expand Fairy Tales of Panem into an anthology of sorts – the sort of thing one reads to tide them over after When the Moon is finished (or, more likely, while waiting for an update ;D). So here are the tales I’m thinking on/dabbling with:

  • The Crane Wife (Peeta/Katniss).ALLOB asked for this a hundred years ago, and I need to finish it before she sends eagles to eat my liver. :/ (P.S. Katniss is a swan, and a happy ending is assured.)
  • Snow White (Jack/Raisa, Peeta/Katniss). I posted the opening of this back in September and am kind of embarrassingly besotted with it. Jack is a grieving king and Raisa a baker’s widow; she serves as wet nurse to baby Katniss in a moment of need and becomes the new queen/stepmother – and of course, brings her three little blond boys to the palace with her…
  • Sapsorrow/Donkeyskin/Thousandfurs (Peeta/Katniss). I’ve had this kicking around my brain for a while and am aching to write a version myself. (I’m most familiar with/fond of “Sapsorrow” from the Jim Henson Storyteller series, which can be viewed here.) Think of it: Katniss and her beloved father facing the prospect of a forced marriage…gowns like the sun and moon and stars…a disguise made of all the furs to be found in the forest – and Peeta falling in love with every incarnation of Katniss. *sighs*
  • Cruel Sisters (Janek/Alys, Jack/Alys). The inspiring story is best known as “Cruel Sisters,” but you might also know it as Loreena McKennitt’s “The Bonny Swans.” Long story short: two young women (say, Raisa and Alys) are walking by a river and one pushes the other in, with the intent to drown her and steal her man. The drowning girl in the ballad meets a macabre end (as a harp of singing bones) while achieving a twisted sort of justice/revenge, but Mejhiren has much more fascinating plans for Alyssum Ebberfeld. (Which may or may not involve a village downriver and a black-haired boy…)
  • Continuation/Completion of A Many-Petaled Rose (Snow White and Rose Red; multi-Everlark). Because apparently people want this, for some silly reason. *grins like an idiot*

Further Tales of Panem. These might get added to Fairy Tales of Panem or become their own category (Myths of Panem?) or just sit on my hard drive as notes for a year or two. We’ll see how it goes. :D

  • The Huntress and the Honey-God (Cupid and Psyche; Peeta/Katniss with slight Janek/Alys) I posted a partial prologue for this last summer and would really love to continue/complete it. Raisa is a harvest goddess spin on Venus, Peeta is her youngest son with a gift for honey, and Katniss is his half-mortal playmate who steals his heart, with and without arrows. :D
  • Untitled Hades and Demeter fic (yes, Demeter, not Persephone - Jack/Alys, Janek/Alys). This came to me immediately after my car accident (so there’s one good thing about that day!), courtesy of that one throwaway line in WtM about “the king of the earth and the queen of its bounty.” Picture this: Jack is the immortal son of the earth itself and a gorgeous shapeshifting Titan (Ashpet as a sometimes-cougar or doe). He lives underground, has silver eyes, weeps diamonds, and can pluck ores from the earth at will. His father makes him companions (Seam folk) but he falls in love with Alys, who’s an aboveground goddess with powers of planting, etc., and they literally share the soil, which is important and angsty and sweet in turns. But of course, she’d be meant for Janek, but something about Jack would call to her, and exquisite complications would ensue.

Whew! That’s everything that comes to mind at present. We’ll see how far I get! ;D