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i have a crush on one of my friends and ever since she told me she was bi my crush has gotten bigger lmao.her laugh is sOcute and i love to make her smile and laugh. she likes my personality and isnt weirded out by me or anythin and were being these two characters who r rly gay and in love for halloween!i just think shes so cute and funny and great and SMART AS F U CK!i love being friends with her and if we were more than that it would be wonderful but i dont care as long as i have her company!

This is so pure ask her out!!

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if ur still doin these then im a 5'1" nb ive got short brown hair n greenish eyes n kinda freckles if u squint... i like to look at stars and listen to gay music rly loudly and sing badly and i hate hamilton and love cats n dogs and going to almost empty movie theaters is 1 thing i rly love 2 do,, idk y,, also i love 2 go ghost hunting and visit haunted places!! man sry this is so long... another thing i love 2 do is overshare

no offence but ur literally perfect and the minute i read ‘i hate hamilton’ i felt like a john green novel protag @fishingboatproceeds this is what its like to be in love

pre-scratch tav looks like looks like a self indulgence opportunity my guy
and also a lone forest hermit that is a disney princess and is friends to alien birbs

been thinking more about the sokovia accords and how… impractical they are? time for a random history lesson, but thinking back to the league of nations and how they, despite having no regulated army, had to decide unanimously whether or not they could even just send a country’s army/forces to go and help another country in need, and of course this led to decisions and crises being prolonged and left out to dry for way way longer than was necessary or helpful – basically bc nobody could decide whether or not it was a good idea to send x to y, it meant that shit just got worse and worse whilst all these powers wasted time deliberating, and the actual problem got worse. so. y’know. #teamcap

WHAT A GAL! - 20s & 30s girls singing about girls.

i. liza lee - the boswell sisters  / ii. sweet jennie lee - grace johnston / iii. mary - annette hanshaw / iv. dinah - ethel waters / v. when i take my sugar to tea - the boswell sisters / vi. ramona - ruth etting / vii. hard to get gertie - esther walker / viii. red hot mama - the brox sisters /

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please give me draco and harry who r notoriously terrible at being vocally affectionate with one another give me harry and draco who trade back handed compliments with fond smiles on their faces give me draco rolling over in the morning and kissing harry sleepily and murmuring ‘i hate u’ with so little venom in his tone that harry just hums into the kiss and says ‘hate u too draco’ give me my idiot sons who have forgotten what hate actually means when it comes to each other im dying