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“… I saw a video of my husband in Guernsey yesterday cycling on a bike for all of 30 seconds. Call that a bike ride?! He has a long way to go before he can join our peleton!”- Countess of Wessex

do u guys ever read fanfic and like something really major happens and u just gotta take a break from reading the fanfic for a few minutes cuz ur just like “woah that just happened” 

carowren  asked:

Thought I would conduct a little research to see what celeb had children the public knew nothing about. The interesting list includes singer Joni Mitchell, a daughter in 1964; Kate Mulgrew, a daughter in 1997; Clark Gable and Loretta Young, a daughter in 1935; David Crosby, a son in 1992; Roseanne Barr, a daughter at 17 yrs; Zachary Roerig of Vampire Diaries, a two yr old daughter; Alexis Knapp, a daughter in 2011 with R. Phillipe; Heather Morris & Taylor Hubbell, a son; Pauly D, continued

Continued: a daughter in 5-13; Bow Wow…a girl 2 yrs; Ludacris, a daughter in 2001; Tom Hardy, son, age 6; Jeremy Renner, a daughter < 1 yr.. Also included are Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys, Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Leighton Meester & Adam Brody; Jeffrey Morgan and Hilarie Burton, Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher with 3 and only confirmed during the 3rd pregnancy. All of these found in less than 30 minutes of research. These children have never been publicly discussed and many acknowledged much later.

Wait just one second!!! I was just “schooled” by an anon who assured me that celebrities were REQUIRED to reveal all private information about their lives to the public/media.

How is it that these celebrities/actors were allowed to get past the fandom police?

OMG! Could this mean that I might actually be right? That is IS possible to have a child(ren) in Hollywood and keep them out of the media?

But in all seriousness I’m curious in some of these situations how long the information did remain private? Because for this info to be public now means that eventually these children were discovered.

But I figure Rob and Kristen probably have a few more years of they choose to take it!

Selfishly, I’d love to be proven right tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of this to share:

But for the sake of Rob and Kristen and their children, I hope they can keep this quiet as long as possible!

And on a final note:

@carowren you made my day!!!

Honestly though werewolves Jack, Nisha, Tim and Wilhelm all taking turns with their squishy new human Rhys, getting all into a hormonal rut and trying all new positions and by the end of it Rhys is splatter with the cum and saliva of everyone present and feeling absolutely content and exhausted