Show respect to every person you meet in your life, even when they did nothing to receive it. It’s a reflection of good character.

‘you have to respect your president’ is an absolutely terrifying statement and i never want to hear it again. no. you don’t have to respect a man that is racist, islamophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, intolerant, disrespectful (and the list goes on). the idea that you have to respect someone just because they’re in a position of power is fundamentally wrong, it’s how dictatorships work, it’s how oppression thrives, it’s saying that lives of minorities are somehow worth less. are you hearing yourselves?


2016 was a hell of a year

Fuck politics and jobs and apocalyptic internet uprising
I did a couple big feature films, a couple wonderful indies, a couple small roles in projects I believed in… I fell back in love with the thing that made all the bullshit worth it

I lived outside of contract

I got the back of my head shaved for $5 in Albuquerque.
I fell in the kind of love that made you realize you sometimes never fell out of it
I realized the importance of my emotional health
I realized the sensitivity of my mental health
I watched my favourite person write her living will and made peace with the inevitability of death
I gained more respect for life

Can I give you some advice? I earned it myself.

Don’t smoke. Everyone that smokes cigarettes will tell you not to start.
Stop biting your nails.
Stretch everyday.
Call your grandma. Whomever you have now that’s not conveniently close but still contactable, contact them
Shout. Just do it. Whenever.
Trust yourself.
Be alone. It’s really uncomfortable sometimes and that’s when it’s important.
Celebrate the people that inspire you.
Study the ones who intimidate you.
Write love letters.
To yourself, to God, to your dad or mom or best friend or someone whose heart you hurt. Tell people how you feel.
Don’t drive if you think you’ll have ONE drink.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been up and running around since 6am. Drop your car off before your 4pm coffee because maybe you want a glass of wine and to take a walk, and police are hungry
Thank people for their service. Maybe you hate the military, but an elderly man in a veteran hat spent months with no communication in a ditch writing a monthly letter to the woman he loved, and she spent months waiting by the mailbox. He probably had to burn leaches off his body with cigars he never smoked just to return to her lips alive and scared and damaged but free
Say thanks.
Pray. There’s no way to do it wrong.
Write. The more you do, the better you get
It’s not about getting better
It’s about being genuine
What else?
Oh yeah.

Love them. It’s scary. You feel bitter. You’ve been hurt. Love. Love hard and brave and choose every day to fight for freedom, redemption and celebration
Every day should be the holidays it you do it right

If you ever feel like you aren’t being treated right, you can walk away. 

  • No.
  • Questions. 
  • Asked.

I can’t believe I have to say this once a month but please for the love of god whenever you see a gay Asian couple do NOT under any circumstances feel the need to say or think “wow this is just like *insert idol/anime ship here*” Bc one: odds are they’re not even the same ethnicity and two: gay Asian men (namely e/se Asians) do not solely exist for your “hot sinful yaoi ships” we are not you’re boyxboy live action ship.
We are real people and our identities should be respected outside of your ships.

(Ps: if you ship real life idols then that’s even worse Bc those are real people. And ur going to hell if u compare real life gay Asians to ur fake queerbaity idol ships so have fun)

Also non e/se Asians can reblog this but I don’t want ur opinion on the matter

some things i, a twenty-something, am still learning and hope y’all teenagers can learn way faster than me:

nobody gets to dictate to you what you like and why

other people’s opinions are theirs, not gospel that you should accept no matter how loud they are

being critical of something doesn’t mean you can’t love it, and loving something doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it

make your own judgement calls and decisions, based on your own set of criteria. be courteous and respectful, but not a doormat, not a wibbly wimp whose decisions and interests change with whatever everyone else says

two people can disagree and still have the highest respect for each other

you are allowed to cut people out of your life if their opinions and beliefs are harmful to you

you are allowed to be angry and sad and feel negative emotions. you’re allowed. they’re normal and you aren’t broken or rebellious or ungrateful for feeling those things

you can’t control your emotions, but you CAN control your behavior, and how you behave informs people around you how to treat you

no person, no movie, no tv show, no book, no ANYTHING is perfect. don’t let the imperfections spoil the experience for you if you enjoy the thing. be mindful, be critical, walk away if you have to, but expecting perfection and getting violently upset when it lets you down is unhealthy and you’ll spend your entire life miserable

self-care and recovery go hand in hand. recovery isn’t easy. recovery isn’t pretty. recovery is necessary and tiring and so, so worth it

you set your own pace. compare yourself only with your former self, not with anyone else, because you don’t know other people’s limitations and privileges as well as you know your own and comparison is worthless

loving yourself is an everyday journey, not a destination

If you think you deserve better, you probably do…

Here’s a reminder that Snape referred to Lily as “Lily Potter” after her marriage to James.

Snape might not have liked James, but Snape respected Lily’s decision to marry James – even after the two had passed.

If your gender isn’t well known, this post is for you

If no-one else has heard of your gender because it’s very specific, then you are fantastic and so is your gender people in your life, online or not, should respect you.

If no-one else has heard of your gender because you coined it, then I’m so proud of you for coming up with a word when there wasn’t one, you and your gender and both so amazing and people had better respect you.

No matter why your gender is unknown, you are fantastic and your gender is valid. Even if people don’t respect that, those are the people in the wrong and you will always be valid.

-Mod Waver

You deserve flowers on your doorstep and coffee in the morning. You deserve notes left on your dashboard and ice cream at 3am. You deserve honesty everyday and to be kissed every hour. You deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are.
—  Unknown

what happened with yugyeom made me really angry cause even with exo there were photos of them in the bathroom (not in the stall thankfully) and now the members literally stand outside the bathroom door to block anyone from entering and invading the privacy of the other members. even at mama there was a photo of jungkook in the bathroom circulating. and not to mention the story of those fans who shaved their heads just so that they can get to enter into the male’s bathroom when idols are in there. it’s disgusting. stop doing that, just stop. what do you get out of that? idols are humans, they have feelings and they have boundaries just like you and i, them being an idol does not dismiss the fact that they should be treated with respect like every other human being you encounter in your life. 

mlm are good.

mlm that aren’t pretty or handsome to society,
mlm that have illnesses that prevent them from being “perfect” or “normal”,
mlm who don’t have any self confidence,
mlm who still struggle with their identity,
mlm who are dealing with trauma so deep that it seems to swallow everything else,
all of us are good.

you do not have to be soft or gentle or fit anyone’s expectations of how you should act. you deserve life and respect as you truly are, even if that person is rough around the edges and may need help with some things.