SNS head canon - Sasuke

Sasuke is about to die; he was shoot by the enemy and was left to die. As he looks up at the moon he can’t help but remember all the times he spends with Naruto so he decides to call Naruto, unbeknownst to Sasuke Naruto was in a car accident and is slowly dying and before he can call Sasuke he sees Sasuke’s name appear on his screen so with shaky hands he answers it, he tries to sound fine, like he isn’t hurting or that he’s feeling numb from the waist down, tries to keep the pain out of his voice not realizing that Sasuke is trying to do the same.

They spent their final hours talking to each other, reminiscing on the past, their lives together, and they even have the nerve to speak of the future they were planning on having. Adopting two kids, have a dog-or cat or both-a house with a white picket fence hell they even talked about the wedding that was supposed to be coming up in a couple of months all they do is talk and remind each other how much they love one another and how they are their one and only, Sasuke then slowly whispers his final words,

“I love you, usuratonkachi,”

He closes his eyes and slowly welcomes death’s embrace but not before hearing Naruto’s last words,

“I love you too, Teme,”

"I Like 'Em Big Boned" Dean Winchester Smut

((Smut is at the end, just so you know. Sorry it’s so long!))

*Christmas 1999*

“Merry Christmas, Dean.” You told the green eyed hunter as he handed you another beer. You have known Sam, Dean, and John your whole life, being Bobby’s niece and having to stay with him since you were a child. Your parents died a few months after you were born, and with Bobby’s wife being gone, you were a good distraction for him for a few years.

“Merry Christmas to you too, (Y/N).” Dean said with a small smile, holding his beer up for a toast. “To us. Surviving high school as hunters for all these years. And doing it together.” He added and clinked his bottle to yours, taking a long drink from it. John and Bobby were out in a hunt together, a wreath out in the loose over this while holiday season. It was sad seeing all of these people die, especially on Christmas, but your Uncle Bobby and Uncle John (as you would call him) would handle it.

You thought about Dean’s toast for a minute. Yes, you two had made it through high school so far together, always calling every night if you had been away at different schools, you helping Dean with homework if he needed it, and Dean helping with your… Social status when he could. You were, well, a loser. Why sugar coat it? You were. And it’s all because of the one thing you hated the most about yourself; your weight.

You had always struggled with your weight, always bigger and a little slower than the other girls. You made up for it by being strong, but that didn’t help you at all in the standings. All that mattered to these people was if you were skinny and pretty. You will admit, you had a decent face: nice long (Y/H/C) hair, pretty (Y/E/C) eyes and nice complexion. But that didn’t matter if you weren’t skinny. It wasn’t like you were big enough to crush someone; but you did have some spilling over the hem of your jeans and a little in your arms that you wished would go away, and not to mention the fact that you have never had a thigh gap like tons of other girls.

After years of trying to get it away, you finally realized you had lost as much as you could. You’ve tried every diet, exercise, hell, you even went without eating once. Uncle Bobby had found out and made sure you kept eating, so that was a bust. So you decided to stop trying around your Junior year, and now you were still big. But you still had Dean as one of your best friends, and that’s all that mattered. Well, partially. You had always had a crush on Dean, but knew it would never escalate. Dean went for the girls opposite of you; skinny.

*Present Day*

“And it just… Disappeared?” You asked the bartender in a serious tone. He nodded and cleaned the glass thoroughly, placing it back on the counter for your refill. The routine questions had even over with a few minutes ago, now you really wanted to know what the guy saw.

“Listen. I already told the county police my story, what do the Feds want to do with it? I saw a guy get slashed by someone, and then they left. There’s no way someone could just disappear like that, I was in shock. Now please, stop with the questions so I can do my job.” The bartender said with an eye roll. You out on your best fake smile and nodded, putting away your notebook with a sigh.

“Alright. Well if you want to talk, or you remember anything else strange, give me a call at this number.” You said handing him your business card. He took it and nodded, placing it in his pocket. “And I’ll take a cheeseburger, no onion.” You ordered and got comfortable in your seat at the bar.

“Comin right up.” He said and filled up your glass with whiskey before going back to the kitchen.

You looked around the small bar, not many people occupying the area. There were the usual bikers and prostitutes, looking at you in disgust as you had your fed outfit on. You had to admit, the bulk shoes and dress pants weren’t very flattering, but then again, neither were you.

Your burger came a few minutes later and you dug in, not caring if you scared away any chance of a potential romantic partner. You were starved and tired, ready for the day to end.

“I don’t believe it.” You heard someone say right behind you. Slowly you finished your bite before turning around and finding two tall, very handsome men behind you. “(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” The shorter one said with a grin on his face. The one next to him smiled at you too as realization crossed your face.

“Oh my god!” You said wiping your mouth of grease from your burger. “Sam and Dean Winchester. What the hell?!” You exclaimed happily and jumped off your seat, enveloping Sam in the first hug. He hugged you tight and picked you up, damn that boy has grown since you last saw him when he was sixteen. “Wow Sammy, you’ve changed.” You giggled against his chest and sighed as you pulled away. He was a man now, as was his brother. Dean had grown up beautifully.

“(Y/N).” Dean greeted with a head nod and a toothy grin. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him tightly, his scent filling your nose. He still smelled like old leather and mint soap, and it was amazing.

Dean pulled away after a moment and looked you up and down, taking in your new features that you had grown since high school. “Well well well, look at you.” He smiled. You looked down with a blush. Yeah, you had changed a bit since high school. You grew into your body more, losing about twenty pounds, but you were still bigger than most women your age. Aside from that, your face had lost the most weight, your high cheekbones showing and your old double chin going away a bit. “You’ve grown up on me!” He laughed.

You couldn’t help but laugh and smile with him, his face contagious. It had always been like that, and now that he was a perfect (literally perfect) grown man in front of you, all your memories of him as a teen were washed away.

“Me? Have you looked in the mirror lately?” You giggled and nudged him playfully, “You aren’t the same goofy looking eight year old anymore, Dean.” You winked at him and then looked at Sam. “And as for you, what the hell is up with that hair? Seriously!” You laughed, causing Dean to laugh beside you. ‘God damn he is perfect.’ You thought to yourself.

After a moment of small talk, they both get to business, “So, you’re here for the job right?” Dean asked as he and Sam took place on either side of you at the bar.

You nod and eat some fries, offering some to Sam, but obviously he shakes his head. Dean, however, takes some and stuffs them in his mouth. “I just talked to the witness, I’m thinking vengeful spirit.” You nod and pop another fry in your mouth, leaving a twenty on the counter for your food and drink. “Where are you guys staying? I’d love for you to help, for old times sake.” You smiled at the two and shrugged your jacket back on.

“Red Inn. You?” Sam asked standing and getting his jacket on.

“Same. Guess I’ll meet you guys there huh?”

Dean nodded and stood, grabbing his keys and facing you. “See you there, hot stuff.” He said with his signature smirk. You laughed and shook your head, missing the banter between you two.

“You too, sexy.” You winked and he smiled again, leaning down to kiss your cheek. You blushed deep red. Dean had never done that before when you were kids, except for when you left Bobby’s for good. The last time you saw him.

You all left and made your way to the motel, the boys finding your room home for the night. It wasn’t really spent working on the case, just reminiscing about your lives together. Getting to know what you had been up to these years.

“So, enough about us.” Sam said after finishing his story about how him and Dean stopped the apocalypse, “What have you been up to?”

“Me? Hah, not much. Hunting really.” You shrugged and got another beer out of your fridge.

“Oh come on.” Dean said shaking his head, “That’s not the (Y/N) we know. You were a daredevil in high school! My partner in crime!”

“If by partner in crime you mean a distraction while you stole donuts from the Gas N’ Sip, then yeah.” You laughed and shook your head, “I mean, I don’t really have anything to do but hunt.”

Dean sighed and took a seat next to you on your bed, wrapping an arm over your shoulders, causing you to come into his chest. “So sad. Well, you can hang with us.” He smiled.

Sam nodded in agreement and laughed a little, “Yeah, just like old times. I really miss those free donuts.”

You all laughed a little and a small yawn escaped your lips. You covered your mouth, a little more embarrassed of your double chin now that you were in the presence of these two men, and stretched out your limbs.

“Tired?” Dean asked patting your back. You nod and sigh looking over at him, his green eyes looking over your body slowly. Was… Was Dean Winchester checking you out? No. No no no no, there is no way in hell.

“I uh- I think I’m going to go to bed.” You manage to stutter out looking at the two. Sam nods and yawns himself, agreeing. You could see his tired he was.

“Yeah, I am too. I’ll see you tomorrow, (Y/N).” Sam said giving you a hug and a kiss on the forehead before walking out the door. Now it was just you and Dean.

You look over at Dean and smile shyly, he seemed much closer than before now that you two were alone. Dean sent you that flirtatious smile of his, the one that could make any girl go weak in the knees. Why was he being like this with you? You were nothing compared to some of the girls he’d been with.

“I missed you.” Dean spoke after a few minutes of silence. “Like really. I uh… I looked for you for a couple years but uh, I found nothing.” He said quietly and looked down. A small blush formed on his cheeks and he chuckled, “I haven’t thought about you in these last few years though to be honest. Sam and I, we’ve had a rough few years. But I want you to know that I wanted to see you.” His voice was serious and he looked at you with soft eyes.

You nodded and hugged him, so tight that you thought you would fall away and never see him again. Dean hugged back just as tight, you thought you couldn’t breathe. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I just had to leave.” You whispered shaking your head. It was hard for you after high school, being in the real world. You stayed with Dean for a few months, and people would stare at you. It made you uncomfortable. But when you weren’t out with Dean, it was okay. You just wanted people to stop staring.

“Hey, it’s okay. I get to see my favorite girl now, right? That’s all that matters.” Dean said with a big smile. He pulled away and sighed happily. “I have to say, you’ve grown up a lot in these past, what, fifteen years?” He chuckled and looked you up and down again, this time his eyes darker than they had been. Was that lust in his eyes?

“As you have also. You’ve grown up in all the good places.” You winked and pinched his chest, just to come into contact with pure muscle. These years of hunting have certainly been good to him.

“And you haven’t?” Dean smirked and rested a hand on your hip. Tingles ran up your spine, leaving goosebumps everywhere on your body.

You shook your head and scrunched your nose. “Not like you.”

Dean raised an eyebrow and shook his head, “I swear. You were always oblivious huh?” He laughed a little, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. “You look beautiful.” He said leaning in just a little. “Absolutely stunning.” He whispered in your ear before kissing the spot behind it. Electricity went through your body, that was your weak spot. You let out a tiny whimper and covered your mouth with your hand. “Sexy.” He whispered with another kiss down a little more. Dean took the hand that was on your mouth and held it in his gently, interlocking your fingers together.

“Dean.” You whispered, reluctantly pulling away from him. He had a flash of confusion and pain on his face. “We can’t do this. As much as I want to… We can’t.”

“And why not?” Dean asked looking down at your lips. “Don’t you… Like me?”

You scoffed as nodded fast, “Hell yeah. I’ve liked you since I was ten, Dean.” You admitted and closed your eyes tight. Fuck, you didn’t want to say that. Well, at least you didn’t admit you loved him. “We can’t do this because… I-I don’t want you to see me.” You said quietly.

Dean looked at you with soft eyes and leaned in quickly, placing a soft kiss on your lips. You’ve met some of Dean’s old girlfriends, and they always told you to stay away from him, making their point by a kiss. Dean would always kiss back roughly, hard and dirty. This was different. This kiss had feeling and the feeling went right down to your pooling center. “Shut up. I don’t want to hear you say anything like that again.” He said seriously looking in your eyes.

You looked at him confused and he sighed before laying you back on the bed. “You, Miss (Y/L/N, are one of the sexiest women I’ve ever been near. And I’ve had the biggest crush on you since I was twelve.” He smirked down at you and giggled a little, taking his position on top of you. Your heart picked up speed as you looked over his eyes while they were staring at your lips. “I think you need to know just how much I do like my women.” He whispered and kissed you again. This time it was just how you expected, a full on passionate, teeth and tongue, kind of kiss. “See, I have always known how you see yourself. I know that I’ve been with more women of a… Smaller manner. But the best sex I’ve ever had was with a woman twice my size.” Dean admitted with a slight blush. “I don’t know what it was, but damn it felt good.”

“So you’re saying I’m twice your size?” You joked and raised an eyebrow.

“What? No no no, not at a-” You cut him off with another kiss. He was taken aback a little, but soon kissed back and put his hands on your teeth. “Well, to get to the point, I like my women big boned.” Dean whispered against your lips with a smirk. That’s all you needed to hear.

You shrugged off Dean’s jacket and threw it across the room as he unbuttoned your flannel (a little too slowly for your likely). “Dean, I’ve been waiting years for this. Hurry up.” You giggling and kissed down to his neck.

Dean laughed and shrugged at your request, ripping your shirt the res of the way open, making buttons fly everywhere. You laughed and covered your mouth, “Hey, you asked.” Dean smirked and moved your hand, placing a hot kiss on your lips. You kissed back hard and licked his bottom lip, Dean opening his mouth and licking over your tongue slowly. You moaned and took your flannel off, along with Dean’s. Dean pulled away and sat up as he straddled his hips to get a look at you. Suddenly you felt a little too vulnerable. You covered your stomach with your hands a little and blushed.

Dean took your hand and pinned them to your sides before shaking his head. “Nope. That’s not gonna fly, beautiful.” He smiled and let your hands go, lifting up your tank top. He placed a small kiss right above your navel and looked up in your eyes lovingly. He nipped at your skin and lifted the tank top up as he made his way up, you arching your back to help him. Dean let out a small groan when your shirt was all the way off, taking in the sight of your bare upper half. The only thing covering you was your bra. “My god…” He whispered and put his hands on your stomach, “I’d like to have something to grab on to while I’m fucking you, (Y/N).” Dean said with a smirk.

Your breath hitched in your throat when he started kneading your breasts in your large hands, rubbing his thumbs in the center over your erect nipples. A small moan slipped as you closed your eyes. “God Dean…” You whispered. Dean smiled and attacked your neck with his mouth. He left wet kisses everywhere before sucking harshly on your soft spot. You moaned loudly and gripped the erection in his jeans.

“Oh yeah, fuck.” Dean groaned against your neck when you started palming him slowly. “Faster baby. Please, I want you. I need you.” He whispered and ground his hips down against your hand. A small smirk formed on your lips, loving what you could do to him. It made you feel special, something you weren’t used to at all.

You flipped Dean on his back and straddled his hips, grinding on him slowly. Sitting upright, you saw just how much you pleasured Dean. Your center way right on his hard on, causing so much pressure for him. He rolled his head back and moaned your name lowly. His hands found your hips, kneading the flesh as you sighed. One of his hand found itway to the clip of your bra, expertly unclipping it and taking it off. His eyes opened fast as so he could see your full view.

“Holy fuck.” He whispered looking over you. You blushed dark red and smiled a little. Dean grinned up at you and sat up, stopping your hips so he could touch you. His lips found your swollen nub, sucking on it hard. A soft moan left you and Dean started unbuttoning your pants fast, slipping them down in one fast motion. You did the same to him and breathed heavily. There was just one layer between you and him.

“Dammit I need you. I need you to take my cock, (Y/N).” Dean breathed breathlessly against your skin. You nodded and pushed him down against the bed. He smirked and bit his lip watching you. You smirked yourself and kissed down his neck, biting his soft spot that you had found earlier. Dean moaned your name loudly and gripped your hair.

“Mmm. I bet you taste good, huh Dean?” You smirked and pulled his boxers down fast, his erection slapping against his stomach. Your eyes widened at the sight of him. “Holy shit.” You whispered and started jerking him off in your hand, trying to think how he was going to fit in your mouth.

A groan of your name rolled off his tongue as you licked up his slit once. “Yeah, I was right.” You giggled and took his tip in your mouth, swirling the tip of your tongue around fast. Dean hissed and gripped your hair tighter, earning a moan from you.

“Fuck, (Y/N), yes.” He whimpered and bucked his hips up, sending half of him in your mouth suddenly. You choked a little but soon got used to his size. And he wasn’t even all the way in yet!

You bobbed your head up and down fast, your hand jerking what you weren’t getting with your mouth. Dean was a mess of moans and groans as you worked him. This only encouraged you, making your pace pick up more and more.

Dean pulled yo off after a few minutes, panting heavily. “Holy shit.” He whispered pulling you to kiss him hard. Your tongue slipped in his mouth fast, licking all around so he could taste himself. Dean growled and flipped you on your back roughly, his hand going straight down to your panties. His skilled fingers rubbed your wet folds fast, one finger going to your clit. You cried out and arched your back, the pleasure he was giving you was amazing. Dean took your underwear off fast and moved his face between your legs, licking a hot stripe up your folds slowly. “My god you taste fucking amazing.” Dean said lowly against you. His tongue began liking your clit fast, the sound itself making you yell his name. Your hips rolled up against his face, adding to your pleasure. One finger slowly pushed into you, curling in your heat perfectly. Dean shook his head against you, the new sensation making you gasp loudly. You were just about to cum when Dean pulled away.

You whined and looked at his lips as he licked them clean of your juices. “Mmmm. So good.” He smirked as kissed you deeply, slipping inside you slowly. It had been almost a year since you’ve had sex, the feeling seemed almost unbearable to you.

“F-fuck.” You whispered when Dean had filled you up. He groaned lowly and started kissing your neck before thrusting out and into you once. You yelled his name an three your head back in pleasure.

Dean held your hands in his tightly, your fingers wrapped together perfectly. “Oh god, (Y/N), you feel so perfect!” Dean admired and started pounding into you wildly. He licked his thumb and pressed it against your clit, the new found pleasure being too much for you. As his thumb circled fast, you came on his cock with a scream of pleasure.

“That’s it baby, I got you.” Dean whispered. With three more thrusts he came deep inside you. The way he looked when he came made you feel like you were on cloud nine.

“Oh Dean…” You whispered resting against the bed.

Dean smirked above you and nodded, sweat glistening his body. He pulled out and laid next to you out of breath. “I haven’t had sex that good… Ever.” He whispered looking at you. “You give great head.” He laughed and kissed you once before piling away. “My god I love you.” He whispered sweetly, his thumb running over your cheek.

You blushed and smiled widely, “Since I was ten.” You giggled and kissed him again, passion filling it. Dean kissed back deeply, his arm finding the covers and pulling them over you.

“I’m crashing here tonight. Hope you don’t mind.” He said cuddling into you.

You shook your head as you nuzzled your face in his neck, placing small kisses where you could. In that moment, you didn’t care if people would stare at you and Dean. All that mattered was that he was yours, and that you were his.

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