one-sentence prose: entry #6

i listened to the echo of silence in empty corridors, while reminiscing about the endless fantasies and short-lived dreams we had together, as i slowly took apart pieces of myself that had imprints of you, for it’s time we watch from afar and let each other grow, waiting because who knows, our time might come but it sure isn’t now.

miss--kiwi asked:

OK SO MIRANDA HELP i'm watching the cloudberry let's plays and jacks praising of michael every time he does soemthign good is killing me. he sounds like such a proud dad imma cry

noooooooo don’t talk to me about how jack acts around michael because it hurts my soul hoNESTLY because jack and michael constantly have like really petty arguments where they bicker back and forth and you can tell that michael’s just doing it to annoy jack but then other times they reminisce about when they lived together for those few months and michael and jack work so well together if they need to team up and jack is just super nice and he says “good job michael” so often that i read the words in his happy little voice eveRY TIME FUCK!!!