Dating Harley Quinn Would Include:

-Harley being super protective over you whenever you go out together

-Trying to shoot anyone that so much as glancing at you

-Hand holding

-Harley always touching you in some way

-Lots of PDA

-Surprise hugs and kisses

-Her trying to dye your hair bright colours all the time

-You letting her

-Cute dates that nearly always end in a shoot out

-Her talking about her life with the Joker

-You being mad about the way he treated her, and vouching to kill him if he ever tries to find her again

-When you’re upset she tells lots of (really bad) jokes until you crack a smile

-”Hey, Hey Y/N. Why does Waldo wear stripes?… Because he doesn’t want to be spotted!!”

-Spending hours in bed together, your hands playing with her hair as you talk about the next crime spree you’re planning

-LOTS of sex. All the time.

         ~Super kinky sex

         ~Slow, romantic sex

         ~Experimenting in the bedroom

         ~Impromptu lap dances

         ~Cute & Cuddly aftercare

-Watching TV and seeing that she’s been caught again

-”Damn it, Harley.”

-You having to break her out of Arkham whenever Batman catches up with her

-Once you were in the middle of a robbery you got caught and thrown into Iron Heights Penitentiary. Harley goes insane without you and breaks into prison to find you

-”I love you so much, Puddin”

“I love you too Harls.”


Prompt: Jason is hired to kill harlequins (& Mr.J’s unknown ) secret daughter because she is developing the ability to make illusions, but instead he decides to protect the 13 year old girl Reader sees Jason as an older brother in the end because he takes care of her and he is there for her after it’s all over .

Words: 791

“Do you have your lunch?”

          You try and bite back your grin, “Yes.”

          “And your paperwork?”



          “Yep.” You turn to face him, as you slide your backpack fully on. “I am fully ready to go.”

          Jason leans back against the counter and says, “So sure, are you kiddo?”

          You nod, “I’ve got this.”

          He sighs, “All right, let’s go.”

          You follow him out the door. The two of you make your way down the sidewalk and toward the middle school. The two of you walk in silence, for a little while, and you glance down the alley ways as you go.

          “See something interesting?” Jason asks.

          You shake your head and grin, “Nope, just remembering.”

          He smiles, “I don’t know why, it’s not that great of a memory.”

          You turn and start walking backwards, “I think that it’s a great memory. It’s the night everything changed.”

          He scoffs, “It was nearly the night you died.”

          You shrug, “But I didn’t, you chose not to pull the trigger.”

          He suddenly stops, but you walk a few more steps before you do too. He looks at you for a moment before he says, “You were too tiny, too underfed. You were about as dangerous as a wet kitten. You didn’t deserve to die, any more than I did.”

          You hmm before glancing down another alley way. You had been living with your aunt when Jason had found you. You had been a burden to her, she had told you that more than once. But that wasn’t her favorite thing to tell you. Her favorite thing to say was that you were just as evil as your parents were. That it wouldn’t be long before your mind snapped like theirs did. So why waste food on you? Why waste anything on you?

          That was how Jason had found you. You had been ready for death at that point, believing everything that woman had told you. You had smiled when Jason had pushed the barrel of the gun against your head. You had even said thank you; “thank you for killing me before I turn out like them.”

          He hadn’t pulled the trigger though, instead he had picked you up and carried you off to a new life. The two of you lived together in a nicer apartment. He was the older brother you never wanted but always needed, and you were the sister he didn’t realize he wanted.

          You knew exactly what your father had done to him. You knew all about his family. You knew exactly what he did those nights he left you home alone. You know everything. And you don’t really care, because it’s all a part of who he is.

          The two of you start walking again before you ask, “You saw them again last night, right?”

          Jason rolls his eyes, “Yep.”

          “Were you finally able to kill him?”

          You can hear the growl in his voice, “No.” You sigh and he places a hand on you shoulder, “I’ll get him eventually.”

          You look him in the eye, “Everyone is better off with my father dead Jason. Your entire family, and half the body count in Gotham is part of that.”

          Jason wraps an arm around your much smaller shoulders and begins guiding you forward again. “He knows nothing about you, and with me around you aren’t in any danger. And despite her many, many flaws your mother cares something for you.”

          You look up at him, “She placed me with her abusive sister who literally left me out in the rain. And there’s the small fact that she hasn’t seen me since I was an infant.”

          He just shrugs, “Hell, what do I know about a mother, mine got me killed.”

          You nod, “Admitting it is the first step on the road to acceptance.”

          He just laughs, “Come on kiddo. Time for school.”

          He leaves you at the gate of the school. He watches until you go inside, and he’s certain that you’re safe. You’re as much his sister as Dick is his brother, probably even more so. He’d been taking care of you since you were nine years old, which amounted to four years of relative peace, after he took care of the person who had hired him to kill you. But that didn’t mean there still wasn’t someone out there who knew the origins of your birth.

          And he’d be damned if he let someone hurt you, or mess up your life. You were well on your way to normal, and he’d kill anyone who stood in the way of that. You were his sister, and he’d protect you with his life. Even more than that, he’d make sure that you didn’t turn out like your parents.

Imagine - Suicide Squad

Imagine the suicide squad not supporting you and Rick Flag’s relationship because you’re in the Squad.

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“Look at you man, you ain’t got nothing to protect Y/N with.”

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“I mean, you get what I’m saying Harley?” You said before ducking and shooting at the poor person trying to shoot you.

“Nope, can’t say that I do…We’re the bad guys, he’s the stick in the mud babysitting us.” She replied blowing a strand of hair away from her face.

“Like you hadn’t had a slightly peculiar relationship before.” you mumbled.

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“Wow. You’re almost as crazy as me, even I know you’ll end up back in Arkham.”

(A/N: 3/7 Suicide Squad Week Posts, I feel like this one fell a little short.. :( Hope you liked it anyway.)

Carrie’s reaction to the hostage situation

So, I’ve been following spoilers like a woman possessed and had a general sense of what was going to happen tonight. That being said, I was really taken aback by Carrie’s reaction to the whole hostage situation. After her initial mini-meltdown outside her brownstone, Carrie was surprisingly zen about the whole thing. 

Things that surprised me: 

1. Carrie reasoning with Quinn from outside the basement window was so heartening to watch😭 It was a high stress, pressure cooker situation, but Carrie walked the line. She didn’t yell, resort to hysterics or try to out-wit Quinn. It felt like they were back to being partners again, having each-other’s back. 

2. She was just as protective and worried about Quinn as she was about Franny.  It makes sense, right? Quinn being a part of her daily life now, worrying about him is second nature to her. 

3. Carrie’s gut trusts Quinn. She had full faith in his abilities to take down an entire SWAT squad. She knows the old Quinn is still around, buried under there. When she saw those pictures on his phone, she bought into his theory w/o a moment’s hesitation. In her gut, she knew he was onto something. 

4. Carrie taking responsibility for the mess was so unexpected. IDK if she did it to diffuse the situation, but it showed maturity and magnanimity. Not used to seeing too much of that from Carrie! 

The episode was weirdly reassuring on the Quarrie front. When Quinn needed some saving, Carrie really stepped up to the plate. 

Requests So Far

Reader is Harley Quinn and is pushed out of the window by Galavan- Finished

The reader is kidnapped by someone to get back at the Joker and he can’t find them and gets very angry- Finished

Heath!Joker is protective of the reader- Finished

Reader is usually calm but flips when someone talks bad about Joker- Finished

Reader is on the bus with her friend when The Maniax arrive and Reader tries to calm her panicked friend- Finished

Deadpool is sent to kill Reader but she kicks his ass and he follows her around afterwords trying to go on a date with her- Finished

Reader and her friend are on a double date with Spiderman and Deadpool (ReaderxDeadpool)- Finished

Reader finds Jerome’s mothers body and confronts him about it and he tells them about his childhood and the reader later helps him out of Arkham- Finished

Reader is sent to Arkham for being suicidal and is threatened her life but doesn’t care and Jerome notices- Finished

Reader finds out she’s pregnant and is hesitant to tell Jerome- Finished

Being Jim’s daughter and secretly dating Jerome would include- Finished

Reader dyes their hair and Jerome reacts- Finished

Reader introduces Jerome to their music taste- Finished

Reader admires Jerome but he ignores it and she moves on and Jerome doesn’t like it- Finished

Reader is Batman’s sister and sidekick but is secretly with Joker and Batman finds out and sends her out of Gotham- Finished

Jerome corrupts the readers mind but regrets it as the reader is mean- Finished

Reader is depressed after Jerome dies and becomes an escort- Finished

Reader is Wolverine’s daughter and is dating Deadpool- Finished

Reader is Jim’s daughter and dating Jerome but is kidnapped and they work together to get her back- Finished

Reader was friends with Jerome when they were kids and reunite in Arkham- Finished

Song Request- Secret love song- Jerome- Finished

You were with Heath!Joker before he was the Joker and left him because you were a rising villain and meet again- Finished

Reader is small, innocent, and quiet and Jerome finds it cute and tries to flirt with her- Unfinished 

Reader is Jim’s daughter and she has the flu so he cares for her- Unfinished

Reader is friends with Deadpool and he doesn’t know they were also in the Weapon X program until they are kidnapped and someone tries to kill the reader and they regenerate- Unfinished

The reader also taking by Joker and joins Jason but can’t kill Batman because he was like a father to them- Unfinished

Song Request- Baby I’m Yours- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Jerome- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Dream- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- I’m Yours- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Hurts Like Hell- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Haunting- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Work Song- Daryl Dixon- Unfinished

Song Request- Set it Off- Jerome- Unfinished

The Fuck? Who Are You?- Deadpool- Unfinished

The Reader feels unwanted by Victor because he is close to one of his hench woman and he reassures her that he loves her- Unfinished

Daddy Jerome, Reader disobeys him- Unfinished

Heath!Joker, you’re a maid at a hotel he’s staying at and things turn dirty- Unfinished

You tell Joker you’re pregnant and he doesn’t believe you until he comes back a few years later from Arkham- Finished 

 Jerome and the reader are having sex when he starts singing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and the reader is laughing so hard that they have to stop and while their recovering Jerome pulls out a engagement ring from the bedside drawer- Finished

The reader and the Maniax do karaoke and Jerome hogs the microphone- Unfinished

Being part of Suicide Squad and Deadshot having a thing for you- Unfinished

Hey :) Could you please write a smutty one where Jared Leto!Joker is angry with you so he fucks you like really really rough? Thanks I’m probably Jared Leto!Joker trash #1 HAHA - Unfinished

Hey can i request rick flag imagine? Where the reader and rick is dating and have an argument while they’re on a mission but fluff make up at the end please?😊😊😊 - Unfinished

Okay! I wanna request where your the Queen Of Crime and crazy af and when you meet Joker and pair up,your so crazy that you scared him xD -Unfinshed

Can you write a part two of reunited with Jerome? This is a very good start and I’d love to see a story./ can you do a part 2 for Reunited please pretty pretty pretty please - Finished

What about one with Deadpool and Harley Quinn? They could both go rob a bank or steal something and accidently they ho int the same time and they meet then escape together from the police? Xoxo thanks -Unfinished

Would you do an imagine were fem reader is the estranged daughter of Alfred and is dating Zsasz, but neither man knows about each other until a fight between them and she has to choose? (if that made any sense) Thanks! -Unfinished

Leto!joker angry rough smut -Unfinished

Reader and Rick Flag are together and argue on a mission but makeup-Unfinished

You are the Queen of Crime and meet Joker and scare him with your insanity-Unfinished

 Part 2 of Reunited-Finished

DeadpoolxHarley they both go to rob a bank and escape the cops together-Unfinished

Reader is estranged daughter of Alfred and is dating  Zsasz, but neither man knows about each other until a fight between them and she has to choose-Unfinished

Cameron Monoghan where the reader plays a similar character to Jerome but on a different show and they have a panel together at a Comic Con together-Unfinished

“Your hair is so soft.” Jerome-Unfinished

Ledger!Joker the reader is kidnapped by him but is as insane and has their own crime organization-Unfinished 

Joker falls for a female black reader, And he’s an ass man-Unfinished

Ledger!Joker is the reader’s first kiss and he is sweet about it because he knows how much this means for the reader and he respects her innocence-Unfinished

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anonymous asked:

I'm wondering if after seeing The Return and how obviously in danger Carrie, Frannie and Quinn are if Sarah feels differently about how "out of control" Quinn was in 6.05 and how she feels about the parallels with Brody. Were they trying to make him scary ? I think they actually made him even more of a hero...

I will attempt to speak for Sara because she’s somewhat misunderstood on this. Plus, she’s so ill at the moment, she can’t even look at a screen…

I watched 6.02 with Sara (and three other fandom friends, including @ascloseasthis and @snqa303), and she had tears streaming down her face by the end. 

No one feels Carrie’s pain as intimately and viscerally as Sara. 

When Sara criticizes Quinn, it comes from a lioness-fierce protectiveness for Carrie, not from an inherent dislike of Quinn. On this she has been consistent. No one speaks with more anger toward Brody, particularly when he humiliated Carrie. 

Personally, I love that Sara is ballsy enough to view the show through her own lens. There is not one single, correct, way to watch Homeland. I believe that’s how the writers wish Homeland to be viewed.

As for heroism,  Quinn’s character is more multi-dimensional this season. I would not call him more heroic. In fact, I think we’re supposed to question the definition of heroism, and to wonder what, exactly, his heroism has cost him.