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P1/2: Agreed Calm Anon. People are overreacting, chill out! Q's trying to protect F. C knows Q wouldn't hurt F (otherwise she wouldn't let her alone with him) but cops don't. She also knows how police reacts on this kind of situation and is worried ab both of them. She knows Q and his condition, so that's why she asks to talk to him bc she's the only one who can stop this without anybody getting hurt. After that, the FBI guy will help her bail Q out of jail, prob right the next day.

P2/2: I wonder if that’s when Franny is sent to Maggie’s (we know she wouldn’t stay forever) bc Carrie has to found out what is happening, I also think there is something more about it. Perhaps that’s when Quinn is back on game too (he can’t be hobo/PTSD forever). I just think guys don’t need to get so anxious ab this or any other spoiler, people tend not to think clearly when too worried, these are small pieces, let’s wait for when the season starts, so that’s we have the whole context.

Thank you, wise and reasonable Anon! We should all remember that we have very little context re. what is happening. Also, we are watching a thriller, so thrilling things will happen that make us wonder how our beloved characters will ever make it through. It’s the nature of the genre. 

Let’s enjoy the spoilers as a little pre-season amuse-bouche, considering Showtime won’t give us a proper teaser 😡. Just focus on how deliciously trashy this season is turning out to be! Dancing Quinn™ and the strippers 🚮 ; Carrie telling Franny about the time Quinn bounced her on his knee as a baby 🚮 ; Quinn living in Carrie’s basement 🚮 ; Quinn protecting Franny 🚮 ; Carrie screaming Quinn’s name 🚮.  This is good shit, you guys!! Have a little fun!

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Hmm I don't like this "Quinn goes crazy and takes hostages (incl. Franny!) in the house" situation... But you said that Carrie may be the target of the protesters because she defends the Muslim guy? So what if Quinn is actually trying to protect her by shooting on the people outside and pushing them away from the house and protecting Franny? He may not be the "bad guy" here!

This is exactly what I think is going on. But Quinn might overreact because of his PTSD, and that can be dangerous.