19 years old

R: Don’t worry, it’s all lies
H: They’ll forget about us soon…

21 years old (wedding)

R +H: This should end all nastiness

25 years old

R: Ugh, are you serious? Again?!
H (silently thinking of jinxing a few people): Let them talk, who cares

26 years old

R + H: Forget it, we have better things to do, such as taking care of our baby

28 years old

R + H: Babies

32 years old

H: Are you serious?!!!!??!?!?!
R (silently thinking of convincing Hermione to start a legal prosecution): Let’s promise to never get upset over this again

35 years old

R (silently cursing): Don’t worry, Rose, love, people are stup– I mean, silly, and Mum and I are just as happy together as always

38 years old

H (silently planning revenge): Look at us, Hugo. We’re fine. We love each other. We’re happy. We’re not divorcing. Also, stop reading those horrid magazines, they’re full of lies anyway

42 years old

R (true incredulity in his voice): Can you believe, this, Hermione?
H (truly baffled): These people are bloody relentless! Let’s never ever again worry about this

45 years old

H: You know what, at this point things seem rather ironic
R: They’re bloody ridiculous

50+ years old

R + H: LMAO DMWROFL (Dropping My Wand and Rolling On the Floor Laughing)

the day that cole and nathan finally go to see nathan’s family is an odd one. the door opens, and nathan see his parents for the first time in almost fourteen years. he’s shocked, but he does not go to hug him, nor does he smile. he just stands there, shocked, as does his parents.

then little hector comes running, and hides behind his fathers legs. nathan doesn’t know what to do. he can’t comprehend what is happening. his parents attempt to start some sort of apology, but the look that cole throws at them stops them midsentence. cole hasn’t introduced himself yet.

cole says he would like to talk to them while nathan gets to know his little brother.

a few hours later, they come out of the parlor looking deathly pale. nathan and cole eventually go home, but not before nathan promises to come visit hector again soon.

cole has never said what he talked to his parents about, and nathan has never asked.

When you said,
I wanted to be yours

I’m glad you meant every word
The way you talk to me
about forgetting the details
that were important,
I’m listening

When you said,
I needed to be yours

The past few months of slipping
into a coma composed of
my can’t get up mornings
and fucked up withdrawals…
they just suddenly disappeared

When you said,
I’ll write with you

The last few years when I clung
onto empty promises of words
I’ll never get, they flew away
with a pair of hummingbird wings
I’ll never hold again, but that’s fine.

When you said,
I’m here

I’d like to return my fragments
into your chiseled smile and find
a way to make you feel like
being a boiled egg didn’t mean
you needed to be cracked.
It just meant Easter is everyday
and you’re waiting for someone
to find your excuses and reasons
to not fall in love
and still love you for them.

When you said,
I love you

I love you too

arzani92 asked:

When the door bell ringed, Benn wasn't thinking long, but stood up to open it. Shanks wasn't home anyway, doing ... well whatever Shanks was doing, when she was out. But he had promised to be there at the night, knowing that day was coming closer again and she was haunted by nightmares. She would never get over Roger fully. He sighed, putting his book on the couch and walked to the door, shouting a "Coming" even though the person outside wasn't able to hear it. (Benn)

Marco stared at the man in front of him. This must have been the Benn, Shanks always talked about. He couldn’t help but stutter “Is, um….Shanks around?”


anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you could do #18 with Nate please and thank you

“Just leave, please. Just go.”

“Baby, let me in.” You breathe from outside your locked bathroom, the stifled cries of your boyfriend spilling out from under the door. “Nate, come on. Open up.”

Silence greets you, even after a few seconds. You press your forehead against the door, gripping the handle again. “Just leave, please. Just go. I’m fine, I promise.” Nate sniffles, a broken sob falling from his lips soon after.

“No you’re not Nate. Let me in, we can talk about this. Just tell em what’s wrong.” You plead, wiping your hair from your face. A small shuffle perks your ears up before he opens the door, his face stained with tears.

“I’m not good enough for the fans. I’m never going to be what they want me to be.” He cries, grabbing your small body before pulling you into his chest, ducking his head into your neck.

You rub his shirtless back, soothing him. “You can’t make everyone happy Nate, but let me tell you this. You bring so much joy to so many people, you make so many people proud, every damn day.”

Send me a number and a name!

anonymous asked:

Lore I miss those days where you used to talk so much and in depth about DL. Like post chara metas and liveblog and translate stuff. With the revival of Lost Eden, are you gonna be more active in this fandom again?

This is a really sweet ask, haha. ;w; It’s really humbling to me that there are people on Tumblr who followed me during my big Diabolik Lovers days and who still follow my blog now.

My interest in Diabolik Lovers has been revived (well, it never really went away but I have stuff to talk about now) but I don’t want to make promises about being more active. :c Who knows when I might just wander off again? It’s not that there’s other games I’m more interested in… I’m just a lot busier now with work and other stuff compared to when I was super active in the fandom and…well, sometimes fandom can be rather draining and demanding and I’m not sure I want to go back to those days.

Also just depends on whether Lost Eden is any good. I actually picked up Dark Fate again last night and finally finished Reiji’s route which was pretty good until…?!?!?!?!? THE END?????? WHAT HAPPENED??????? At least I’m finally starting on Laito’s route so people will get that Dark Fate Laito post I always said I’d do. |D But beyond that, I’m not sure what I’ll have the time, interest, and stamina for.

Oh yeah I liveblog otoge on this Twitter! I think it takes too much time to prep liveblog posts for Tumblr whereas I can tweet screenshots really easily.

*clears throat*

@plltheorygang … please please please


you guys, what is it Taylor and Taylor right? are one of the most annoying blogs i have ever come across in life.. you guys are those annoying kids that cant wait to get home from school because nobody talks to you and the only friends you have are on tumblr… (it shows btw lol) you are 21 years old who complains about what another person post on THEIR tumblr…lmao. you are so bothered by what someone else does…. lmao. like please. i promise on life never in your life speak on @addictedtoprettylittleliars again…the next time you speak on her, i will speak on you….and trust me… i can get mean. i don’t care if you don’t want to see nothing but pretty little liars lmao. its a fucking show which doesnt need to be talked about 24/7. get a life bitch.

btw “block me back” lmao

day 14: All the things you ever said

Almost halfway through the Kale & Cigarettes writing experiment

I jotted these words down in my notebook while my kids were at recess today with the intention of developing them into something more coherent later. However, I’m feeling quite ill, so no editing occurred. This is pretty strange and conceptual and likely makes no sense… but then again, things tend to get weird when you’ve been talking to your ex about the woman you’re currently into

Lately I’ve been piecing together our timeline, trying to remember all the things you ever said. I promised myself lists were off limit for this challenge, but you love lists and I loved you, and I know that if you read this, you’ll smile at the bullets. You never did like my disorganized soul.

-Things you said with too many miles between us:
Remember when we said we were going to drain the ocean?
I could start fires with how I feel for you
Everything felt larger. Possible. You always liked making plans; I always liked breaking them.

-Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were:
We talked about Italy and our imaginary dog. I remember the day we sat and wrote out our impossible bucket lists. I always thought we’d check them off together.
Laying on a blanket while The Lumineers played, you told me I was like the Dead Sea. Remember the paper snowflakes?

-Things you said when you were drunk:
Come here now, I want to fuck you. Misspelled probably. Drunk texts were your speciality. And I never was quite able to resist you.

-Things you didn’t say at all:
I moved closer to you on the mattress. You readjusted yourself, putting more space between us. I didn’t pay attention to the rest of the movie, angry that you didn’t love me anymore.

We laid on the floor of the museum under the whale. I wanted to hold your hand. You stormed away to look at the fish, angry that I didn’t love you anymore.

I tried to take you to the park. I wanted to look at the stars. You were silent, so I got lost, angry that you didn’t love me anymore.

-Things you said after it was over:
I told you I could never give you the simplicity you craved, that I always knew I wasn’t good for you. Why did I say that? Why did you let me?
Anger and silence and regret. Was it ever really over?

-Things you said last week:
You told me she was lucky to have my love. Oh but she doesn’t love me back, I said. How could anyone not love you? Your words still make me cry and they’re not even about me anymore.

But today they are. 500 of them. I think of you often and list the what-if’s. The beach. The silence in my living room. The movie theater. There are so many ways things could have been different. You still write me letters. You tell me to tell her everything. I never thought I could love someone more than I loved you. But I did, and I do.  And it scares me.

Everything feels perfect until it’s not. The what-ifs haunt me. I don’t need them again. But maybe if I never say anything, I’ll never have to hear her say no. You tell me, no my dear, then you’ll never get to hear her say yes

-Things you’ll say after you read this:
How do you always reel me back to you?

Kanye West Says That Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian Selfie Was Taken at Kris Jenner's House

Oh, how the plot thickens….

During a new radio interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3 on Thursday, Kanye West revealed a key detail about that Internet-breaking selfie between his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his ex, Amber Rose – it was taken in Kris Jenner’s home!

“That is a real picture,” he confirmed of the photo, which was taken after the rapper’s highly publicized tweetstorm at Wiz Khalifa prompted Amber’s NSFW response. “They were at Kris’ house.”

WATCH: Kanye West Slams Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose – But NOT Skinny Jeans – in Epic Twitter Rant

You can listen to Kanye’s interview below, the selfie talk starts at about 7:30.

Kanye, who deleted most of his inflammatory tweets and promised to “never speak on kids again,” clarified during the interview that he “didn’t mean it in a harmful way.”

WATCH: Amber Rose Shares Details About Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Relationship

“I don’t wanna act like I’m the toughest n***a and sh*t,” West explained. “I’m a family man.”

Most importantly, after Ye’s phone call with Wiz, the rapper says the beef is totally squashed.

“It was great to have closure,” Kanye said of putting the whole situation behind him. “To just talk and build.”

Side note: In case you were following this smaller dilemma, Kanye did address Drake calling out the size of his pool in a recent song, saying simply: “I have three pools.”

Glad we have that cleared up!

MORE: Amber Rose Says She Was Never in Love With Kanye West: ‘I Could Give Two F**ks What He Said’

In the meantime, Kanye’s newest record – which he says in the interview is a “gospel album with a lot of cursing on it” – does NOT have a confirmed title yet (what happened to Waves??), and is set to premiere during Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 11. Kanye posted tickets to the event on Twitter, and then celebrated ten minutes later, writing, “THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS WE SOLD MADISON SQUARE GARDEN OUT IN 10 MINUTES!!!”


— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest)

February 4, 2016

If you didn’t get tickets, there’s a small chance more will become available, as Kanye followed up by saying: “I held a few seats for stage design that may open up depending on Vanessa’s final layout.”

I held a few seats for stage design that may open up depending on Vanessa’s final layout.

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest)

February 4, 2016

The promotion for the upcoming album has been, if a little all over the place, undeniably entertaining. On Feb. 2, Kanye couched his previous claims that we should be expecting the “best album of all time,” clarifying, “This new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of.”

this new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of …

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest)

February 3, 2016

MUSIC: Kanye West to Debut New Album at Madison Square Garden, Promises 'the Album of the Life’

The following day, Kanye tweeted an “unauthorized” Rolling Stone cover, which was shot by Tyler the Creator, and featured the caption: “Kanye: Does He Like Mustard?”


— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest)

February 3, 2016

It came to light that the rapper was, as he put it, “#trollingstone,” when afterward, the publication tweeted: “While we love Kanye, and have many mustard-related questions for him, this is not an actual cover of Rolling Stone.”

While we love Kanye, and have many mustard-related questions for him, this is not an actual cover of Rolling Stone

— Rolling Stone (@RollingStone)

February 4, 2016

Every moment of this has been beautiful.

For more on that Amber-Kim selfie, watch the video below.

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Getting to Know Rose - Part Three

“Ok… If you promise not to tell mom and dad, I’ll tell you something…”

“Why is that? You’re a big girl now.”

“Ok Mr. I Didn’t Tell Them About My Wedding to a Guy They’d Never Met….”

“Fine, fine. I get it. I won’t say anything to them.”

“Good, cuz if you do, I’ll tell them about that time I snuck out of the house to pick your drunk ass up from that party at Austin’s… The Austin they told you to never talk to again. Mom would probably still kill you for that one. You would never hear the end of it.”

“I know which Austin he was, thank you. I suppose that’s a fair deal. Give me the details!”

“I’ve been with Cameron since a little before Christmas… He’s living with Renee and me.”

“THAT LONG?! HE’S LIVING WITH YOU? I want to meet him, c’mon!”

“Maybe we can do that…”

unsent text messages

b: I will never again wait too long to apologize
d: I dreamed about us
e: I’m sorry that I don’t appreciate you enough, I’m so lucky to have you
g: you are so patient with me, even when I push you away
i: I used to lose sleep wondering why I wasn’t important to you
j: you made a mistake not getting to know me
m: we never talked about what happened
r: I’m not confident I can keep our promise
t: did we miss each other’s signals? 

1. You’ll find yourself buying that necklace with a teardrop charm, to remind yourself to never cry about him again but that promise will be broken six hours later when you’re laying on the bathroom floor cursing every night you spend believing him. Pick yourself up, nobody is gonna come and do it for you. Get up, get out and listen to songs he doesn’t know and make more promises to forget him even though you still miss him. One day you won’t.
2. There will be people who don’t like you. There will be people who complain about the way you dress or talk or think and that’s okay. Just make sure what they think of you never interferes with what you think about yourself.
3. Some friends won’t stick around. Get used to people leaving, but make sure you stay with the ones who make you feel the most lovable and make memories with the. Climb onto rooftops, kiss the cute guy who bought you lunch, go to aquariums and take a bunch of pictures. It’s okay to want to feel alive.
4. Effort won’t betray you. Do the best you can do, even if it feels like you can never be good enough. You might not reach your goal yet, but at least you’re one step closer.
5. You’ll fall in love more than once even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.
—  Things to remember

It came to the point where you hate me. I always thought that no matter what situation we’re ever in, you’ll never hate me because that’s what you said and promised. You gave me your word for it but I guess people lie but then again I understand where you’re coming from. I guess I’m just upset because I really did give my 110% for this guy for how many years and now seeing how he talks badly of me…it just hurts. I never once said anything bad about him no matter how bad he treated me because I always saw the good in him in the end.

I guess this is how life is supposed to be. You shouldn’t expect anything from people. Promises are always meant to be broken and not everything last forever.

Hate—Joe Hart

Maybe it was the cliche stereotypical teen movies or the amount of breakup stories her friends told her, Jane had always promised herself that she would never in a million years fall for the airheaded, conceited, popular, type of guy.

Especially not the airheaded, conceited, popular, scum of the earth, Joe hart.  

Because of his high status, people couldn’t stop talking about him, and her friends would ask her what she thought about him all the time, to which she would say the same thing again and again without even blinking an eye. “I hate him.”

With his boisterous laughter at things that weren’t even that funny or how he has flings with every other girl in school or how he thinks he’s the best thing that ever graced the field.

(Plus, his hands were awkwardly too large for a teenager.)

Not to mention his feelings towards her were mutual, he knew she was nerdy–not the cute and innocent kind (the stuck-up intellectual, the ‘I’m better than you because I read Shakespeare’ kind) and was always waiting to prove a point whilst trying too hard not to be like everyone else.

(Kind of like when debates were filled with her constant interruptions on how wrong he was instead of actual rebuttals.)

Cue the endless arguments inclusive of fists and swear words nobody has even heard of, with famous one-liners which had the whole school gasping and using them the next day like a trend.

They also said 'trendy’ things like 'Can’t wait 'til the both of them get married. ’or 'This is too predictable, it’s like in the movies!’

(Which got the both of them scoffing and rolling their eyes at the sheer nonsense of it all.)

And just like in the movies, there was always a climax–a cringe worthy scene where he stood in front of her with him scratching the back of his neck and his head hanging low, asking her sheepishly for the biggest favor.

A favor she gets asked way too often.

“Could you…maybe tutor me?”

As if he was embarrassed about it, because here he was asking the last person he wanted help from, the person he couldn’t stand–not even for a second–and it made him look and feel like a pauper instead of a prince.

(Hah, Prince Charles.)

Honestly, Jane would have rather done anything else, wash the dishes, get stuck queuing for hours, or listen to YouTube ads and never be able to skip them for an eternity.

(Knowing this plot very well–she was obviously skeptical, first she teaches him then they end up falling in love and then she meets him at the altar.)

(Or she gets thrown aside and ignored in front of his friends because of good ol’ peer pressure.)

But as he sat in front of her with concentration in every move, him reading the the same passage over and over again because he didn’t get it the first time (and stopping her when she wanted to help because it ruins the sense of achievement), it gave her time to think.

Think of how he’s actually not that airheaded and is really smart (not just in keeping a ball away from the goal) when he tries, and how he’s not conceited at all but a little insecure sometimes.

Even when she secretly sneaked a few peaks of him behind her books. How the natural light hits his face and makes his features ten times more defined, or how she catches little things like the scar above his eyebrow and the fresh bruises on his knuckles.

(He would never admit it to her that he always caught her staring.)

(As if wasn’t doing the same thing when he had the chance.)

So when one tutoring session became two and three, then turned into coffee dates, movies, and dinners, to which he eventually stopped because he wanted to save up–just so he had enough money for match tickets. Match tickets–She knew she was fucked.

(It didn’t matter if he proposed to her under the Eiffel tower, nothing could have stolen her heart more than two tickets to be surrounded by her fellow fans whilst watching eleven men run around in short shorts.)

Fucked because as her feelings of dread turned into excitement over tutoring sessions or when her insides started to churn every time he looks at her–she had fallen for Joe Hart.

Airheaded, conceited, popular, scum of the Earth, Joe hart.

The same guy who looked at her and thought that she was the most intelligent person, someone who knew how to put up a fight with her own spontaneous outbursts of passion. Even when she couldn’t help but to be different, he was glad she did.

Nowadays her friends would still ask her what she thought about him.

It only made her smile fondly at the old reflex, how she almost let out the H-word before stopping herself. “I love him.” She said. In a breathy voice like she couldn’t believe it herself. Just like how everyone couldn’t believe it either.

She loves him.

He loves her.

(And even though he was a little too loud at times, she had never heard a brighter form of laughter.)

(And as much as she questions it–she wasn’t just another fling to him.) 

(And he was–and still is the best player she’s ever seen graced the field, giving herself the title of being his number one fan. Y'know, before the fame and money.) 

(Plus, his awkward large hands didn’t seem much of bad thing anymore once it’s wrapped around hers.) 

Author’s Note: Happy Chinese New Year! Managed to post this one at the end of a super long day filled with food and red packets. Been having a huge obsession with goalies atm and wanted to write something about that. 

Let me know what you think and leave a note if you liked it, also feel free to fangirl and share your love for Joe! 

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TL;DR: Because of a growing stress problem, I’ll be on here periodically.  Apologies to everyone who cannot access my mod blog, however you are not missing anything besides pictures of celestial bodies.

If you’re fine talking to me, please leave me a message; any kind of message, ask or otherwise.  I really need it right now and I can’t stress it enough because I’m so very, very lonely and scared and I need to be notified.  If you don’t leave me a message, I’ll never bother you again, I promise.

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I want this again

You were my best friend we would laugh for hours and days (you can’t be depressed with this giggle feat) we would watch the most random movie weird shit. We would txt non stop from sun up to sun down. We just sit outside and talk about anything and everything. We opened our selfs up more then we ever did for anyone we told our deepest darkest secrets and moments. We never judge each other we could break down and one of us was always there to pick them back up or patch them back together. You showed me a side of you no one but me will ever see. I never wanted to lose that. I told you that from the start. We made a promise we wouldn’t and this is our moment to get that back. And I’ll find away to be that again. If you let me. And when your ready. I won’t lie and say I’m scared that you walk off into to moonlight and be with a new moon. And all I can do is hope that I can still light the spark in your heart like I did that first day. I hate how things changed, we both put our hands in to this and both made our mistakes along the way but together we can come back I know we can. My heart my mind will never stop for you it never did. From the first time I met you to the day that I still think about over and over when we sat outside till 7am talking as if we known each other for years no holding back no censorship just two people poring then self out and put them self out there for the taking. Not matter how much you pushed me away I never moved I promised I wouldn’t.i will always be there until you make me move.

So I have two fitzsimmons requests/ficlets that I need to write still and I got a brilliant idea for one (hint: it’s for your suggestion @superirishbreakfasttea lol) while I was in the shower, and I was going to write it tonight but then I got side-tracked while talking to a girl I’m rooming with tonight! I’m bummed that I never got to write it but on the plus side, she’s super nice and I feel so much better about things now. Plus I may have just made a new friend so that’s always good :). Again, not going to make any promises but if the wifi is good tomorrow and/or Wednesday, I’ll try to write the other requests I received last week!