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Rejection Pose- My First Pose Set!

Here is my first attempt at making poses! This pose set is called the Rejection Pose set, and it’s supposed to be for those times when you’re in a relationship and you get in a fight with your partner, and both of you are being dramatic as hell. Haha. Anyway, I had a lot of fun makin this pose, and I honestly think making poses is going to be my new favorite thing! This pose is FAR from perfect, but I hope you enjoy!

You will need:

Andrew’s Pose Player

Teleporter Mod 

Pose placement for this pose set is simple. For Pose ONE where the two Sims are hugging, put two teleporter statues one behind the other, and use the ALT KEY to have  the back statue stand close to the first one, as close as you can with no overlap.  For Pose Two and Three, place two teleporter statues in the same spot.

Download here.


Soooo.I’ve been making some poses here and there. So far so good w/ these ones lls. Only problem is that i’m having troubles with the teleporters smh..but i’ll figure that out :)


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Thanks to the Creators for the CC :)