Yoongi x his poc girlfriend :3 once again dedicated to (/inspired by?) @nightskyhoseok

Just wanna remind y'all that you can request moodboards! Requests aren’t limited I’m fine with any race, sexual orientation or theme (even more smutty ones or domestic fluffy stuff idc go nuts hehe everyone is welcome in my request box ;P)

*Dude I know* “Listen, I can't stand Trump either, but I think the left needs a different approach than just sitting around calling people idiots because it's not working out.” *Dude #2 I know* “ Well, they're actually idiots. But you make a fair point.”

*Me* “Ah, the conundrum the Democrat party will always face.”

Trapped in Trust.

Plot: A glimpse into the trials and terror of the toxic relationship between you and your drug lord boyfriend, Baekhyun. 

Requested By: Anonymous

“Baekhyun, I don’t want to do this anymore.” “Are you with them?” “With who, Baekhyun?” “With who, Baekhyun,” Baekhyun slurred after you, too drunk to understand the pain he was causing you. 

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The modern far-right have a lot in common with Jihadis in that their sexual desperation has been used to radicalise them online. The Brexit and Trump campaigns have been their training camps: the equivalent of a few weeks in some desert barracks shooting an AK-47 into an old mattress. Imagine the adrenaline surge of feeling responsible for a huge election upset. And then they have to go back to normal life. A life where during the 10 minutes they had their picture up on Tinder it was left-swiped so many times they got whiplash due to voodoo. Where they look like Joseph Merrick carried a photograph of their face in his wallet as an appetite suppressant. Where their mail-order bride heard who she was being delivered to and chewed off her toes just so she had something to block up the air holes in her crate. And so they channel their energy back into the trenches of hate that now pass for political discourse, to where they feel safe and newly empowered. There’s never been a better time to be wrong.
—  Frankie Boyle

I’m getting very tired of being made out to be “The Angry Black Woman”.

Like in these situations where anyone else would have the right to storm off, or show their negative emotions, but I can’t because then I’m labeled as irrational. The eye rolls, the smirks, the frowns, the “here they go again”. It really fucking does something to a person. It fucks with your mind and makes you think you’re crazy and invalidates so many of your feelings to be stereotyped this way constantly. Look. Yes I’m angry, but I have every fucking right to be. If you even stopped and thought for a moment of the shit that I and others like me deal with on a daily basis, or had to walk a day in our shoes, you would be pissed too. You would be fed up. Especially with the microagressions, you may think they’re small but they have a huge impact. I am sick and tired of being hurt and having the story twisted and turned so that I’M the villain when people are attacking every aspect of my identity. DONT TALK SHIT IF YOU CANT HANDLE THE REPERCUSSIONS OF IT BECAUSE I SURE AS HELL AM GONNA CALL YOU OUT ON YOUR PROBLEMATIC SHIT. Do not sit there and think that because I’m tired of being labeled this way I’m gonna sit silently and lower my voice because it offends your ears. I will not be tone policed. The truth hurts. You feeling uncomfortable does not come before my right to exist. I am black, I am a femme, and I am fucking mad as hell. And that’s something y’all are gonna have to learn to deal with, not me.