Wear what you wanna wear! Who cares what other people think?! If they’re judging you for how you appear on the outside, then they’re not too great of a person on the inside. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Don’t choose to stay with people who degrade you. You know you deserve better than that!


Philadelphia’s queer people of color have fought racism for years. Now the city is paying attention.

  • When you’ve been shut down, you get loud,“ Amber Hikes, executive director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs, said to raucous applause at a crowded town hall meeting in the William Way LGBT Center in May. "I am here for kicking down the door if the door needs to be kicked down.”
  • “Civil disobedience is in our blood,” she added.
  • Hikes was only two months into her new job, and her very first conversation with the city’s LGBTQ community about inclusiveness in LGBTQ spaces was standing room only. 
  • Attendees represented a vast swath of Philadelphia’s LGBTQ residents: Queer and trans people of color were present; some people were in wheelchairs; others had canes.
  • The meeting was more than a simple introduction between Hikes and the community she serves. After a series of racist incidents in Philadelphia’s LGBTQ spaces, Hikes assured those present that her administration would hear their concerns and work to make the queer community’s spaces inclusive.
  • Queer Philadelphians of color had been trying for some time to bring attention to racism in LGBTQ spaces, particularly in the historical Gayborhood. 
  • The area, by some accounts the first official gay enclave in America, is small — only about six blocks by seven blocks — and abuts downtown Philadelphia and its City Hall. Rainbow street signs are mounted at its intersections. Read more (6/28/17)

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YOGA BOOK:  Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body, by Jessamyn Stanley

I read Every Body Yoga recently and wanted to share my thoughts! 


Jessamyn Stanley tells you about her yoga journey! As a broke, overweight, black female, her encounters with yoga were different than most people’s. 

I laughed out loud a lot. One of the stories that I liked:
She started off in a hot yoga class, planted in the back of the room (Hey, me too!). NO ONE set up their mat near her. She found out why soon after - turns out; she was at the back of the class next to the heater that blasts out the heat. 

Hearing her story in her words was the best part of this book for me. She was funny AND realistic. 

The book also contains your typical pose breakdowns and a little bit of flow suggestions. She uses non-traditional yoga models, which is lovely to see. 

She also answers a lot of questions about yoga. What is it? Who is it for? Is it a cult? 

Lastly, she does really sell an at-home practice. I have always stressed that people GO to a yoga studio, but Jessamyn definitely changed my mind. 

She does talk about racism and cultural appropriation, but the book was funny and sad and informative and not preachy. But your mileage may vary. 

GREAT FOR: people who are too nervous to start yoga, people who think they can’t do yoga, people who don’t have access to yoga, yoga instructors who teach beginners, etc. 

So Wonder Woman was great and I just wanted to tack on another little bit of greatness it had that probably went unnoticed by people. When Diana and Steve are heading out towards the front (on the station just before Diana has her icecream) do you know who we see walking nearby?


I’m not sure how many people know, but the Undivided Indian Territories (under british rule) sent over one and a half million men to fight at the front. It’s not something that I hear very often, even less so in connection to this film.

God bless Patty Jenkins, this movie was great in so many ways and each time I watch it I find new ways to love it more.

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Damn I love this shot. The grayscale really works. Funny thing about this cosplay. It should be the easiest to put on and the most comfortable. It’s neither of those. The boots hurt, the knee pads hurt, sometimes the vest makes my back hurt it’s just a pain but I do enjoy suiting up with these guys. That being said I’m giving this cosplay a break until I find better boots.
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still star crossed is honestly just good clean fun it’s a goofy, tropey, humor-filled romance and i can’t believe that some people look at it so critically. it isn’t “defacing shakespeare’s legacy” or any other bullshit, it’s just a show you can watch without having to think super deeply about while still caring about the characters. i can’t believe so many people go out of their way to criticize this show to hell and back when it’s just supposed to be fun!

Its really weird to me how

Yall will drag white people on post after post & say how much yall dgaf about their ‘fake ass apology’ time and time again
But the second an intracommunity issue comes up with a subsection of margernalized people yall turn your noses up at them and tell them they need to be more forgiving.
“Oh but suchandsuch ~apologized~ i dont see what the big deal is”
Yall love to pull the everybody so over sensitive cuz its tumblr card when the issue isnt directly related to YOU. When it isn’t a direct attack on YOU.