[NDU] Mullioned Pains - Snapshots

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As a way to deal with my own literally blinding headaches, I present a tale of NDU Pitch Black and his migraines, each snapshot from the POV of one of the rest of the Nightmare Dork University cast, at different points in Pitch’s college career and beyond.  I want to expand each of these snapshots into separate stories / chapters at some point; however…  They’ve been stewing on the back burner for months, time to let’em out.


PIKI - two years after graduating NDU

He couldn’t help but flinch when he heard the key in the lock of the front door of his flat, rather than the expected buzzer from the foyer below.  Piki’s momentary resentment of Pitch’s presumption disappeared when he saw his twin’s face.

A still face.  A composed face.  Not a flicker of animation, not a hint of pursed lips or clenched jaw.

But Pitch’s right hand kept opening and closing spasmodically.  Piki knew that sign.

It had been more than a decade since his brother had come to him for comfort for one of his headaches.  Without letting himself think about why Pitch was coming to him for comfort, Piki swung instantly and instinctively into the routine he and his brother had established in childhood.  He led Pitch to the couch, sat next to him. and guided Pitch’s head to his shoulder with his right hand while keeping his left arm loosely clasped around his twin’s waist.

He could feel Pitch’s breath hitching as he tried to cope with the pain.  “Ssssh, close your eyes,” Piki murmured, closed his own in sympathy, and began to hum the “Promenade” theme from Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition.  

JACK - November of Pitch’s senior year at NDU

Was he overstepping his bounds?  Would he just be adding to Pitch’s headache?  Would Pitch appreciate the little trinket that was just like the one Jack’s sister had given him when she thought Jack was afraid of the dark?  

Since the beginning of the semester, Jack had quietly filed away in his memory everything he had observed about the older student who’d taken him on as a stagehand, even if Pitch had done it under protest.  He knew how Pitch liked his coffee.  He’d learned when Pitch was trying to rile Koz up in a lighthearted manner and when they were poised to do one another unmitigated damage.  He was unsurprised that Pitch genuinely feared his cousin Proto, his fear an equal measure to his disgust at their being related.

He did not understand what it was about Piki that made Pitch unleash real venom instead of the clever drawling sarcasm he used on everyone else.

After yet another screaming match backstage at the NDU theatre, where Piki stormed out slamming the stage door behind him and Pitch sank down on a rickety chair behind the curtain and put his face in his hands, Jack was prepared, despite his self-doubts.

When Pitch returned to the apartment he shared with Pitchiner and Proto, exhausted, hungry, and bleary-eyed after combatting his stress-induced migraine in private, he found a bright blue rabbit’s-foot keychain on his desk, along with a note in Jack’s neat handwriting.

It’s not magic, but it helps me to calm down.  I hope it will help you too.

Pitch rubbed the soft fur between his fingers and closed his eyes. 

PITCHINER - Sometime after their tenth wedding anniversary

He was not the most sentimental of men on the planet, but then again, neither was Pitch.

Koz had congratulated himself on finding what he thought was the perfect getaway spot for Pitch to finish his newest screenplay.  Spooky inspiration was all right in its way, at least for Pitch, and chopping wood for the massive fireplace in the cabin helped Koz flex muscles he hadn’t used since NDU and the Army, muscles he’d forgotten he had.

But now he wasn’t so sure that a wooded mountain retreat, far from the highway and civilization, was all that great an idea.  His husband was now huddled in a rocker near the kitchen stove, face screwed up in misery, in too much pain to snark or to make a sound beyond an occasional hiss.  A combination of unexpectedly cold temperatures for May and altitude sickness from the increased elevation had conspired to give Pitch one doozy of a physical headache and Koz one doozy of an emotional one.

To distract himself and Pitch from the worrisome thoughts of seizures and blood clots and strokes and aneurysms while being two hours away from the nearest hospital, Koz gave his husband a cheeky grin and blurted out, “Do you remember when I stuffed sweat socks into that old radiator back at our dorm to stop it from clanking?”

Pitch looked back at him blankly, his eyes ringed with darker shadows than normal.  The silence stretched for countless minutes and Koz mentally kicked himself   Then, surprisingly and gratifyingly, the corners of Pitch’s thin lips quirked upwards in subdued mirth.  “Ah, the stench of true love.”

PROTO - Two months after move-in at NDU

A four-afghan migraine.  Oh dear, this WAS serious.

Proto dispassionately viewed the sleeping form of his cousin stretched out on the couch under multiple blankets, face buried in cushions so that only his distinctive crest of black hair could be seen.

Oh dear, indeed.

This called for drastic measures.

One quick and completely justifiable break-in, one cupboard rummage-by-feel, and one gently-muted whisking later, Proto placed a mug of hot gingered wheatgrass-and-chard tea and a snifter of brandy on the coffee table within Pitch’s reach.  He tenderly positioned Mister Pickles between his roommate’s drawn-up knees and the back of the couch so that the ferret’s winsome grin would be the first sight to cheer Pitch when he awoke.

Proto ghosted away to his own room with a self-satisfied smile.

D.O - 160126 Piki Ent’s twitter update: “드디어 #피키 에 #엑소 가 떴습니다(경건) #경수 가 수줍게 눈썹을 긁적긁적, #에리 들 심장도 긁적긁적_(:3」∠)_ #EXO #디오 #순정 #오늘밤_22시”

Translation: “Finally #EXO has arrived to #Piki(respect) #Kyungsoo scratches his eyebrows shyly and it scratches #Erie’s hearts, too_(:3」∠)_ #EXO #D.O. #Pure Love #Tonight_at22“

Credit: 핔예능촌.

Part 3 and 4 of Pikicast 

Piki: We’ve prepared photos where the two of you look most like you belong to a comic. Now enough of being a comic character, please rip through this picture and become real!

PSG: He’s coming out! Wow, what a relief! He’s a person now. 

DKS: You have to (poke through) with one hand in the middle.

KSH: Oh, look at how considerate. That’s right, good start! How refreshing!

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NDU, accost?

This was fun to write. Set in my Fix You universe, because it was also on my mind. :)

Piki rushed back to his apartment as fast as he could without breaking into an literal run. He had already been in a hurry to get home knowing that Jack was waiting for him, but the brief text his fair-haired lover had sent about Proto stopping by–

Well, he couldn’t get back fast enough. Poor, darling, Jack left by himself to deal with Proto’s peculiarities. No, no, that wouldn’t do at all!

He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when he burst through the door like a detective on one of those insipid crime shows that Pitchiner loved to watch, but to his surprise, his boyfriend and his cousin were merely sitting on the couch, drinking tea.

“Oh, h-hi, Piki.” Jack smiled, as if nothing was wrong. “H-how was rehearsal?”

“Dreadful without you,” Piki answered honestly, sitting on the other side of Jack and wrapping an arm around him possessively. He kissed the younger man on the cheek. “The stage is noticeably dimmer without you shining on it.”

Jack rolled his eyes fondly. “Y-you always s-say that.” He wiggled out of Piki’s embrace and stood up. “L-let me g-get you s-some tea. B-be right b-back.”

“Oh you don’t need to–” But Jack was already in the kitchen.

Proto watched him unblinkingly, a small, insufferable smile on his face. “Hello, cousin.”

“What are you doing here?” Piki asked, unable to hide his annoyance.

Proto shrugged fluidly. “I was in the neighborhood and I thought I’d say hello. Needless to say, I was surprised to find Jack alone. I decided to keep him company.”

“Well, I’m back now, so that will no longer be necessary.” Piki stood up and hoped that Proto would take a hint. “Have a good night.”

Proto set down his mug and stood up as well – standing uncomfortably close to Piki. “Don’t you think that should be Jack’s decision? He’s the one who invited me in, after all.”

“Very reluctantly, I imagine,” Piki scoffed, but he had little faith in his own words. Jack and Proto had looked quite chummy on the couch – Piki had been proud of how Jack had gained some confidence over the years, but that didn’t mean he had to be so friendly with his weird, socially deviant cousin. Proto might misinterpret Jack’s kindness for flirting, and then who knows what would happen. “Regardless, it’s time for you to go.”

Proto frowned a bit. “I had hoped to catch up with you, too, Piki. We are family, aren’t we? Being in a relationship doesn’t preclude you or Jack from socializing with others.”

“Proto, you are absolutely the last person I would take relationship advice from, and I certainly don’t appreciate you accosting me in my own apartment about my private affairs. Can you please leave?”

Proto got in Piki’s face, quickly, like a snake darting towards its prey. “Trust me, cousin,” he said with a humorless smile, “If I were to accost you, you’d know it.”

And then, before Piki could catch his breath, let alone say anything, Proto was already out the door.

Piki stood there, heart hammering in his chest. This… this couldn’t happen again. He’d insist that Jack come to all rehearsals, whether he was needed or not. He always gave Jack the biggest part, after all. What was a few more nights out of the week. Jack wouldn’t say no. And then Jack would never be alone again.

His heart calming, he sat down on the couch and waited for Jack to return with the tea.

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Not part of the otp meme, but Joe and Cisco talking through the ramifications of his relationship with Wellsobard? (Can be s1 or s2, i'm not piky)

Reversevibe + Concerned Joe is quickly becoming my new favorite thing. Thanks anon!

Cisco doesn’t get mad when Joe questions him about Eobard. But then again, Joe’s pretty sure the kid doesn’t have an angry bone in his body. He doesn’t get defensive either or try to excuse the fact that he basically told Eobard how to find him once he creates STAR Labs.

“Barry needed me in the past.” Cisco says with a shrug. “If telling Eobard who I am means that I get to be there, then I’m not going to question it.”

But Joe is. Joe’s going to question a whole lot of things when it comes to whatever the odd effect that Eobard has on Cisco is, he has been for a while and, “What you said before, about being nothing before Wells hired you, does that still apply?”

He isn’t harsh when he asks it, but Cisco’s entire body seems to waver between going rigid and curling in on itself as if to shield against the words. “I wasn’t.”

Oh kid.

“Cisco, look at me.” He waits until Cisco meets his eyes, a hand coming up to push his hair out of his face as he turns to face him fully. “Wel– Thawne didn’t make you. Everything you are, all the things that you do, that’s not his doing.” Cisco opens his mouth to speak and Joe knows exactly what he’s going to say, so he cuts him off before he can actually say it. “Even without your powers, you’re still one of most god dam brilliant people that I’ve ever met, kid. The Reverse Flash didn’t do that. The Man In Yellow didn’t do that. You did.”

“I was going to be a singer.” Cisco admits and grins when Joe lets out a sudden laugh. “Growing up in my family, you had to be some kind of musical gift to mankind or you weren’t… You weren’t worth noting. I gave up on it when they started building STAR Labs. My parents didn’t get it, but I could sit on a fire escape downtown for hours watching the Labs being built and dreaming of one day working here.”

“And then your dream came true.” Joe says and Cisco’s smile goes fragile, like spun glass waiting to be shattered.

“I started working for my hero: The Great Harrison Wells.” He lets out a short, humorless laugh. “My life became this amazing thing that I loved. My job, Ronnie, Caitlin… Wells. They became my home, my family and I don’t want to lose that. I saw my chance to keep my life the way I want it to be and I took it.”

“And Eobard?”

“What about him?”

Joe crosses his arms, weight settling on his right foot as he raises an eyebrow at his friend. “Don’t tell me there wasn’t anything going on there, not with how he looked at you in that security feed.”

“Mama never did like liars.” Cisco mutters and it’s not exactly an answer, not a definite one and honestly, Joe is glad for it. It’s all too easy for him to imagine just how well Thawne might’ve had Cisco wrapped up in his little web, starstruck and eager to please after finally meeting his hero.

Caitlin had already had Ronnie, had been more independent, but she had still reacted strongly to the accusations they’d put against Wells last year. Cisco might not have, might have let his curiosity win out in the end, but Joe can still remember the pain in his eyes when Joe had told him of his suspicions concerning Nora’s murder.

No one ever wants to believe that their loved on is a murderer, he thinks and he feels grateful to Cisco for even humoring him in the first place. For risking his job and his small, hard won family and his life.

“You know that if you need someone to talk to, I’m here right?” Joe asks and Cisco nods.

“Well, now that he’s gone, I don’t really have anything to worry about.” He gives him a smile that’s too bright and too quick to be anything but forced and for once, Joe wishes that Cisco hadn’t learned to hide his pain behind a veil of humor.

“You don’t need a reason to talk about your feelings, Cisco.” He tells him softly and Cisco gives him this look, like he doesn’t quite understand what he’s saying. Like he’s so used to needing an excuse to share how he feels, lest he be judged for them and Joe knows that he has his work cut our for him if he’s ever going to get this kid to truly value himself as much as he does other people.

He just hopes that he’ll have enough time to do so before something sends Cisco retreating back behind the wall he’s built around himself in an an effort to keep from getting hurt.

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Pardooon ödevim var müzik dinlemeyi bırakamıyorum lgöglfkf yetiştiremiycem stresi pardon gerdim sizleri ıım ödevlerime dönüyorum😶

Hm piki

I dont give a fuck about the negative opinions people have with cats. All the cats i have ever owned have been amazing to me. Not even an hour ago i was crying on the floor fetus position of my bedroom and my two cats came out of nowhere and stayed with me. Domino layed down against my stomach and started purring and kept looking at me. Piki tiki also came and started meowing next to my face and head budded me. Cats are amazing and if you show them real love they will give it back to you.

ya ben kick boksa başlamak istiyorum babam da hali hazırda anaokulu öğretmenisin o mesleğe yakışmaz kimse sana çocuk emanet etmez dedi

bu yıl başka bölüm kazanınca gidersin dedi

bu nasıl bahane baba diyemedim piki bıbıcım dedim

anamıza atamıza karşı mı gelicez olum

Ye Olde Fic 2/10: An Irresistable Choice (Jack Sickle/Piki Black, NC17)

Title: An Irresistable Choice

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians (specifically, Nightmare Dork University)

Pairing: Jack Sickle/Piki Black

Warnings: Emotional neglect from Jack’s parents, references to past character death (Jack’s sister)

Summary: In which Piki runs away from home and Jack doesn’t object to a surprise visitor.

Why I’m proud of this one: I’m proud of Piki, to be honest! He did it, he stayed the course, he won the points. But no, the real reason I like this one is that after rereading it, I’m actually really pleased with how I pulled off the introduction to Jack’s parents. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted them to be like, and when I first wrote the fic I was sure I’d failed to nail it, but looking back on it, I’m really happy with it. Especially with Jack’s mum. I just wanted to create something where Jack’s house is something that ostensibly looks normal, but feels wrong, and where Piki and Jack’s love for each other, however messed up it might be in some ways, could actually bring something positive to the house for once.

Favourite scenes:

  • Pitch does not like being ditched.
  • Meet the mother.
  • “I would have said goodbye first.”



내가 제일 좋아하는 영화들
- 어바웃타임
- 오만과 편견
배경화면 만들어준 piki 정말 감사합니다😭❤️
(마지막 컷 내가 제일 좋아하는 명장면..💗)